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Archive - Oct 2014

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October 15th

Are Lincoln Park and Armstrong projects viable?

To the Editor:
After witnessing the Oct. 6 City Council hearing, I feel compelled to alert the taxpayers of what Marie Thurn and Allen Robeck (who are running for council positions) and others brought to the engineers’ and Council’s attention.
One: The tax information facing all of us taxpayers is being withheld, including those being assessed for the proposed Lincoln Park and Armstrong projects.

Get informed, then get out to vote Nov. 4

To the Editor:
Voting is a right. Wars have been fought over this, revolutions have been waged over this, people have died for this right.

Attack ads on Peterson are unwarranted

To the Editor:
I have seen enough of the negative political ads to make up my mind, especially about 7th District U.S. Congressman Collin Peterson, D-Minn. He had my vote even before the recent barrage of nasty political ads surfaced, because I got to know him over the past years during newspaper interviews and occasional stopovers in the Glencoe area. He is a man of good common sense.
The latest batch of TV attack ads go after his vehicle rental leases and mileage for his airplane. Pretty feeble attempts at slinging mud.

Robeck understands city’s infrastructure

To the Editor:
Finally! We have a young man running for the council seat-at-large in the city of Glencoe who is very knowledgeable of the infrastructure in this city. He understands the problems that may occur and will see that they are taken care of correctly.
Do yourself a favor for all of us and vote for Allen Robeck, council person at-large.
R.L. Hatlestad

County tables adding E-cigs to ordinance

The McLeod County Board put on hold proposed changes to its tobacco ordinance and workplace policy to include e-cigarettes and “nicotine and tobacco-related delivery devices and similar products” after a public hearing at its Oct. 7 meeting.
McLeod County Public Health Educator Jean Johnson told the County Board that the proposed ordinance change would require e-cigarette vendors to be subject to the same licensing requirements as for other tobacco products, such as regular cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

GSL ends breakfast in classroom

The “breakfast in the classroom” program at Glencoe-Silver Lake elementary schools will end at the end of October, and breakfast will be served in the cafeteria beginning Nov. 3, the GSL School Board heard Monday night.
Business Manager Michelle Sander said she and elementary principal Bill Butler were “just not seeing things we want to see happen.”
Sander said by serving breakfast in the cafeteria again, a hot breakfast will be available for kids, “and I know some kids really missed that.”

County Board hears request for possible veterans memorial

The McLeod County Board of Commissioners considered, but didn’t act on, a proposal to place a veterans memorial on courthouse property in Glencoe.
Commissioner Kermit Terlinden brought the possibility before the County Board at its Oct. 7 meeting, saying that an effort is under way by Glencoe veterans groups to establish a memorial.
Terlinden said one site suggested for the memorial is the  open space near the courthouse at the intersection of 11th Street and Hennepin Avenue.

Commission: what to do about deteriorating property?

The Glencoe Planning and Industrial Commission debated what to do about deteriorating, foreclosed properties and incomplete repair jobs on other buildings at its monthly meeting Thursday night at the City Center.
It took no action to strengthen its blight ordinance even after hearing horror stories from its building inspector, local fire marshal, city attorney and police chief.
At the end of the hour-long discussion, commission chairman Dewey Klaustermeier said, “I don’t know if we accomplished anything.”

Fire hall fun

Friend of Transit award