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July 30th

LaVon L. Buckentin, 81, of Green Isle

Funeral services for LaVon Lena (Schmitz) Buckentin, 81, of Green Isle, were held Wednesday, July 23, at Emanuel Lutheran Church in Hamburg. The Rev. Donald Andrix officiated.
Mrs. Buckentin died Sunday, July 20, 2014, at Glencoe Regional Health Services long-term care facility.
The organist was Cheryl Andrix, and special music by the Emanuel Lutheran Church Ladies Aid was “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.” Congregational hymns were “Jesus Lives; The Victory’s Won” and “I Know That My Redeemer Lives.”

Editorial pages are heart and soul of any community newspaper

The editorial page is the heart and soul of any newspaper. A newspaper without an editorial page is heartless, and minus an editorial, that newspaper has little impact on its readers.
It has often caused wonder as to why so few weekly newspapers in this state take the time to write opinion pieces that express the views of the newspaper.
Personal columns are fine, and fun to write and read. They convey the thoughts of the author, but they are no substitute for a local editorial.

It was an interesting 23 years

It is difficult to capture 23 years of your life in one column. In fact it is impossible, so I won’t even try.
Let’s just say the last 23 years have zoomed by at warp speed.
The Chronicle coverage area has been the most interesting of my career. First, because I was here the longest, but second, there has never been a time where I had to hunt very far for good story ideas. That has not always been the case elsewhere.
Most of the time, there has been a basket full of ideas, and one simply had to pick one. More often than not, there simply was not enough time to do them all.

When all else fails, turn to the Internet

Back in the day, when we were stumped about something, we’d grab a dictionary, encyclopedia or almanac and look it up.
These days, we “Google” or “ask Siri.”
Well, I don’t ask Siri anymore. Not since she told me she found my “frivolous questions” tiresome.
“Frivolous?” She should be so judgmental. I once asked her for the meaning of life, and she told me she wasn’t sure, “but I think it has something to do with chocolate.”

The most wonderful time of the year

As Andy Williams would sing, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”
I have had that song in my head all week and not because I’ve been missing the Christmas season. It’s Pola-Czesky Days this weekend — my favorite time of the year!
Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved this Silver Lake holiday.

Donors needed for today’s blood drive at Glencoe City Center

To the Editor:
If you are reading this on Wednesday, July 30, and do not already have an appointment at the Glencoe community blood drive today (July 30), this letter is for you!
Our appointments are down considerably for this drive, and we may not meet our goal of 122 units.
The first two hours of the drive are booked (1 p.m. through 3 p.m.) But if you can donate, be a “walk in” anytime today from 3 p.m. through 6 p.m. and you will find an opening!
If you are able to donate a double dose, even better; there are many openings available for double-red donations!

Start of another school year right around corner

To the Editor:
Another school year is right around the corner. At Glencoe-Silver Lake we are busy preparing for the upcoming school year and all the success stories that come with it.
It’s hard to believe that August is upon us and school starts in about a month. Right now, a few major projects are finishing up at school.

July 24th

Glencoe Township - Filing Notice

Glencoe Township
Filing Notice
Affidavits of candidacy may be filed with the town clerk of Glencoe Township, at his home at 7214 County Road 2, Glencoe, MN 55336, between 8:00 AM, July 29, 2014, and 5:00 PM, August 12, 2014 for offices of:
One Supervisor – Four (4) year term
One Treasurer – Four (4) year term
Loren Mackenthun 
Town Clerk

Assumed Name - Glencoe Dialysis

Certificate of Assumed Name
1. List the exact assumed name under which the business is or will be conducted: Glencoe Dialysis
2. Principal Place of Business: 1123 Hennepin Avenue, Glencoe, MN 55336
3. List the name and complete street address of all persons conducting business under the above Assumed Name: Hardy Dialysis, LLC, 2000 16th Street, Denver,  CO 80202.

Order of Protection - Inscore

Order of Protection
Garrett Dale Inscore: 
Please take notice that a petition has been filed with the McLeod County District Court seeking to adjudicate your children, S.J.M.A., date of birth 8/18/2001, and K.A.I., date of birth 7/31/2008, as children in need of protection of services.
A hearing has been scheduled for August 19, 2014, at 1:30 p.m. at the McLeod County Courthouse at 830 East 11th Street, Glencoe, MN.  Your presence is required.