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Archive - 2014

December 10th

MSU names fall graduates

Minnesota State University, Mankato, will present 1,687 degrees during the summer and fall commencement ceremonies Saturday, Dec. 13. Glencoe students who are graduating include Jennia Bartels, bachelor of science (BS), nursing; Alexander Jenson, BS, sport management; Tyler Lang, bachelor of science-mechanical engineering, cum laude; and Courtney Odegaard, master of science, accounting.

City of Stewart implements 3% levy increase for 2015

The Stewart City Council approved will raise its levy 3 percent in 2015, it decided at its Monday night meeting. The city had proposed a 5 percent increase when it adopted its preliminary budget in September.
Mayor Jason Peirce said the levy increase will provide the city with another $11,270 in revenue.
Council Member Kevin Klucas made the motion to increase the levy by the 3 percent, noting that residents had given a favorable review to a mosquito control program the city had initiated this past summer.

Late spring, falling crop prices affect Brownton Ag Center’s bottom line

A tough year for farmers also was a tough year for the Brownton Co-op Ag Center, which had an operating loss of $48,428 for its fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30.
Fortunately, patrons heard at the cooperative’s annual meeting Friday, other income and patronage received from investments boosted the bottom line to a positive $51,568.
General Manager Bruce Loeschen said two major factors contributed to this year’s operating loss — a late, wet spring and falling crop prices.

Brownton City Council finalizes 2015 budget with no levy increase

The Brownton City Council agreed on its 2015 budget at its Dec. 2 meeting — one that does not increase taxes — but did not agree on a salary increase for employees.
City Clerk Ella Kruse said the 2015 budget included a 3 percent wage increase for employees, but that the City Council was free to decide if it wanted to award 3 percent or a lesser amount.

Return decisions to school board level

For many years, Minnesota statute has required school districts to start school after the Labor Day weekend. The legislation was the result of lobbying from the tourism industry, hoping to capture end-of-season revenues from the traveling public. And the Minnesota State Fair wraps up its annual session over the weekend, which draws thousands to St. Paul, including youths who participate in 4-H and FFA.
The statute also requires schools to get special legislation passed to start school earlier than the Tuesday after Labor Day.

I’d shop, if I didn’t have to spend money

I hate shopping.
I already need to take back that statement. I don’t hate shopping. I hate spending money.
I have always been tight-fisted. Whenever I really wanted something as a child, my mother would need only say, “You’ll have to use your own money.” That usually killed my desire to acquire whatever it was that caught my fancy.
While I enjoy browsing — I spend many morning checking out stuff I want online while I have my coffee — I rarely find anything on which I want to spend my money.
And it shows.

Pulp truck, moose: rarities in our area

I saw a pulp truck the other day … near Hutchinson.
It looked as out of place as the moose that took up residence at a New Ulm area farm recently. They both appeared to be lost.
The sight of a pulp truck brought back memories of my college days working in a pulp and paper mill in International Falls and of my early days as the editor of the Fort Frances (Ontario) Times. Pulp trucks, loaded with 10-foot logs, were a common sight coming and going to the Boise Cascade mills on both sides of Rainy River, the divide between Minnesota and Ontario.

Editorial cartoon wasn’t accurate

To the Editor:
One of your recent editorial cartoons attempted to appeal to low-information voters by equating Obama’s current scheme to circumvent our immigration laws with executive orders issued by past presidents. The comparison is simply not accurate.
The Reagan and Bush executive actions, for instance, were obviously different than what Mr. Obama is doing now. They were trying to implement an amnesty procedure that Congress had already passed.

Glenn Gruenhagen not a party ‘clone’?

To the Editor:
Glenn Gruenhagen is a spokesman for right-wing politics, yet he stated in an Oct. 29 letter to the editor (Hutchinson Leader) that he is “not a clone for party politics or special interest groups.”

County adds E-cigs to ordinance on 3-2 vote

On a 3-2 vote, the McLeod County Board of Commissioners approved revisions to its county tobacco-free workplace ordinance to include e-cigarettes on Tuesday evening, Dec. 2.