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October 8th

Helen Maria Huser, 99, of Waconia

Helen Maria (Kramer) Huser, 99, of Waconia, formerly of Lester Prairie, died Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014, at Good Samaritan Bethany Society in Waconia.
Memorial services were held Wednesday, Oct. 1, at Bethel Lutheran Church in Lester Prairie with the Rev. Bethany Nelson officiating.
Nancy Buckentine was the organist. Soloist Tim Smith sang “In the Garden” and “Borning Cry.” Congregational hymns were “Amazing Grace” and “Abide With Me.”

Rolland John McGraw, 83, of Franklin

Rolland “Rollie” McGraw, 83, of Franklin, died peacefully on the Feast of St. Michael, Monday, Sept. 29, 2014.
A Mass of Christian Burial was held Thursday, Oct. 2, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Franklin.
Military honors followed the service at the church. Burial was held Thursday at Credit River Cemetery, rural Prior Lake.

Plenty of opportunities to research candidates

Local voters will have ample opportunity to research the positions of candidates for office prior to the Nov. 4 general election.
First, we need to express our appreciation to the Glencoe Area Chamber of Commerce for once again hosting a candidates’ forum.
This forum is set for Tuesday, Oct. 14, from 6:30 p.m. to about 9 p.m., in the South Ballroom of the Glencoe City Center.
The wonderful thing about this forum is that it allows you, the voter, the opportunity to ask your specific questions about the issues that are important to you.

World Dairy Expo is always enjoyable

I’ve just returned home from my third stint at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis., with Bonnie Mohr and staff, and as with every year, the experience was incredible and very enjoyable.
At the World Dairy Expo, which is the largest international event for the dairy industry, there are daily cow shows for the seven breeds (Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, Red and White and Milking Shorthorn) and a “supreme champion” show for the best cow of all breeds, which is held the final evening of the Expo.

New wardrobe? Look in the laundry pile

I was propped up on pillows in bed, scanning through a clothing catalog, thinking that the last time I updated my wardrobe was about 10 years ago.
First, I’ve always said that I will buy new clothes after I reach my target weight, which is probably never going to happen if it hasn’t happened since 1993, when I started my diet.
Second, I hate shopping for clothes. What looks good at the store never looks that good when I get home. I’m convinced that department stores put trick mirrors in their dressing rooms to fool us into thinking we look good.

Trains, car trips and mind games

From my house I could hear the train moving. By the time I got to Pryor Avenue, I could see it was parked, and it was a long one. But I figured by the time I walked another four blocks to Union Avenue, it would be through the stop signals and all would be open.

3 questions for council candidate

To the Editor:
By now, we should all be aware that our city, in 2015, is entering into a major reconstruction to our streets, water lines, sewer lines, sidewalks, storm sewers and walking paths. This could be an ongoing project.
Homeowners are located in the multi-million dollar project. It will cause a massive financial hardship. Some may need to file for bankruptcy.
Questions for our present councilor-at-large:
1. Does she understand or is she knowledgeable about how our waste treatment plant functions? You need to ask her.

Re-elect Glenn Gruenhagen

To the Editor:
As a gun lobbyist for the past several years, I have appreciated the support and guidance of state Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen to protect our Second Amendment rights.
With the DFL in control of the Legislature for the past two years, there has been a threat to our Second Amendment rights as bills have been introduced that would restrict law-abiding citizen’s right to bear arms. Glenn has been a strong opponent of these bills.

Hats off to mothers at BMX track

To the Editor:
Pedal, pedal, pedal.
Hats off to the mothers who raced at the BMX races.
That’s sportsmanship. What a great way to the finish the year!
Beverly Janke

Already tired of the negative campaigning

To the Editor:
Another election day is coming in a month — and, of course, here come all the negative ads.
How can a person decide who is the best candidate if all you hear is the worst accusations about the opposite party?
I am looking for someone who will let me know what their plans are if they win. It would be nice to hear a candidate say, “this is what I will do — about the economy, about immigration, about the dangers we face from terrorists.”