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October 15th

Daughter born to Moses family

Patrick and Melissa Moses of Gaylord announce the birth of their daughter, Zoey Nichole, on Monday, Sept. 29, 2014, at Glencoe Regional Health Services. Zoey weighed 6 pounds, 13 ounces, and was 201⁄2 inches in length. She is welcomed home by big brother Isiah. Grandparents are Pat and Robyn Moses of New Auburn and Juanita Ramos of Gaylord.

Brownton Council discusses projects, says no to chickens within city limits

Although the city of Brownton is not considering any major infrastructure improvements until 2016 — after paying off one of its bonds — it needs to get them “on the shelf so they’ll be ready for funding,” the City Council heard at its Oct. 7 meeting.
John Rodeberg of Short Elliott Hendrickson (SEH), the city’s engineering firm, said the Council needs to start planning now if it wants to qualify for funding from Minnesota Rural Development.
“It’s a reasonably complicated process,” said Rodeberg.

County Board tables ordinance revisions

Although they didn’t say much, McLeod County Commissioners seemed hesitant to adopt changes to its tobacco ordinance to include e-cigarettes, nicotine and other tobacco-delivery devices.
In fact, the County Board tabled the issue until its Nov. 18 meeting as a 30-day commentary period.
We wish all governmental units would be so hestitant to impose further regulations on businesses.

Oct. 22 will be last edition for letters on candidates, issues

Unlike most election years, 2014 has been a light one for election and campaign letters to the editor. It’s hard to believe the general election is a scant three weeks away.
As in the past, we will put on a moratorium on letters regarding candidates or other ballot issues, ending election letters in the second-to-last edition before the date of the general election, which this year is Nov. 4.

Oh, for the love of the Jeep (and its tires)

I wasn’t going to write a column this week as I didn’t have much to say.
But then on my way to the school board meeting Monday night, I heard an obnoxious “clunk galunk crunk” when I pulled out of the alley behind work and on a prayer, I made it to Casey’s General Store on 13th Street and Hennepin, where I was left stranded with my 1989 Jeep and a deflated rear passenger tire.
OK, it was more than deflated. It was like a rubbery, deformed pancake, draped over the tarnished rim.

This is what I understand, know

To the Editor:
In response to the letter from Earl Dammann in last week’s Chronicle, I would be happy to comment and answer the three questions proposed to me:
1. Does she understand or is she knowledgeable about how our waste treatment plant functions?  
2. Does she understand or is she knowledgeable about knowing where, why and how our underground sewer and water lines function?
3. Does she understand or is she knowledgeable about how our water treatment plant functions?

Foreclosure - Vansickle

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that default has occurred in the conditions of the following described mortgage:
DATE OF MORTGAGE: April 22, 2004

Are Lincoln Park and Armstrong projects viable?

To the Editor:
After witnessing the Oct. 6 City Council hearing, I feel compelled to alert the taxpayers of what Marie Thurn and Allen Robeck (who are running for council positions) and others brought to the engineers’ and Council’s attention.
One: The tax information facing all of us taxpayers is being withheld, including those being assessed for the proposed Lincoln Park and Armstrong projects.

Get informed, then get out to vote Nov. 4

To the Editor:
Voting is a right. Wars have been fought over this, revolutions have been waged over this, people have died for this right.

Attack ads on Peterson are unwarranted

To the Editor:
I have seen enough of the negative political ads to make up my mind, especially about 7th District U.S. Congressman Collin Peterson, D-Minn. He had my vote even before the recent barrage of nasty political ads surfaced, because I got to know him over the past years during newspaper interviews and occasional stopovers in the Glencoe area. He is a man of good common sense.
The latest batch of TV attack ads go after his vehicle rental leases and mileage for his airplane. Pretty feeble attempts at slinging mud.