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Archive - 2016

January 13th

Daughter born to Berg family

Spencer and Mackenzie Berg of Thief River Falls announce the birth of their daughter, Lily McKenna, born Sept. 5, 2015, at the Douglas County Hospital. She weighed 9 pounds, 5 ounces, and was 211⁄2 inches long at birth. Grandparents are Randy and Connie Reuss of Barrett and Eric and Lori Berg of Cyrus. Great-grandmothers are Carol Reuss of Barrett and Marian Frauendienst of Glencoe.

Brownton wants more ‘teeth’ in blight ordinance

The city of Brownton will be referring its blight ordinance to its attorney for help in giving it more “teeth.”
The Brownton City Council reviewed its existing ordinance, which was adopted in 1982 and last amended in 2011, at its Tuesday, Jan. 5, meeting.
The City Council has become concerned about several blight issues in the city; in particular one on First Avenue South that recently was heard in court.

Stewart Council orders plans, specs for $3.75 million project

The Stewart City Council ordered plans and specifications for an estimated $3.76 million in street and utility improvements after a public hearing Monday night.
Residents who spoke at the hearing were mostly concerned about the anticipated cost and impact on property taxes and assessments.
Engineer Andy Kehren said that the final impact won’t be known until bids are received, but residents can get an idea on their potential assessments by providing their frontage footage and other information to the city.

Cities are each unique, with common issues

The McLeod County Chronicle covers four city councils on a regular basis, and drops in occasionally on others when there is a hot-button issue.
It is more than obvious that each community in McLeod County is unique, with their own charms, histories and indiosyncracies.
But they are also very much the same. There are some issues each community faces, primarily because the federal and state governments like to stick their fingers in the local pot and stir things around.

King Obama rules without congress’ approval

To the Editor:
Hear ye, hear ye. King Obama is again trying to change laws in this country without Congress’ approval.
No other president in the history of our country has tried to push more of “his” ideas and ideals on the U.S. citizens by executive order as this clown. It’s true. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

Despite what he says, Obama trying to grab guns

To the Editor:
Since the American people do not support politicians subverting the Constitution, it appears Obama has resorted to attempting to do it through the back door via executive orders.
Even after myriad health care lies such as, “If you like the plan you have, you can keep it,” he expects citizens to believe that his goal isn’t gun grabbing.
Even after praising other countries where rights and weapons were removed and opining that we should emulate such tyranny, he expects citizens to believe that his goal isn’t gun grabbing.

Math on jail proposal just doesn’t make sense

To the Editor:
So far, our county commissioners are not giving up on spending about $7,990,000 to do some remodeling on our present jail.
This was not the intentions of the Tudhope estate of nearly $4 million for “new structure.”

MFT helps Yellow Ribbon Ribbon efforts

To the Editor:
Happy New Year to all of you in McLeod County! My name is Chris Sonju. Some of you may recognize me from my work as the superintendent of schools from the Glencoe-Silver Lake School District. While this takes up much of my day-to-day world, today I am writing to you as a member of the steering committee from McLeod For Tomorrow (MFT). McLeod For Tomorrow is a countywide leadership program that helps connect, empower, and teach members of a yearly cohort from McLeod County about leadership, networking and the many different assets our county has available.

Earth got a gift in Paris, and it’s about time

To the Editor:
Earth got a gift in Paris — it’s about doggone time, too! The scientific community has been telling the world that burning fossil fuels and their production of carbon dioxide (CO2) is having dire effects on the world as a whole. Weather patterns go out of whack: above freezing at the North Pole, rising sea levels, persistent repeat weather patterns that cause flooding, droughts on the west coast, forest fires that produce air pollution. Minnesotans, remember the polar vortex? Maybe it is trying to tell us something.

Can’t say enough good about hospice

Bob Allison of Glencoe cannot say enough about the care his family received from Allina Health Hospice when his father-in-law, John Allison, was diagnosed with Stage III cancer.
From bringing John jelly beans for his birthday and Christmas to providing care for the family after John’s death, the hospice program was outstanding, said Bob Allison.
“You will never, ever, hear me say anything bad about them,” said Bob Allison. “They were tremendous.”