September 17th, 2014

No consistency in pro sports sanctions

Like a moth to flame, me to thermostat

The moon pulls at the tide. A magnet attracts steel. An open flame draws a moth.
I know how that feels.
Last Friday, when I awoke to 35 degrees outdoors and 60 degrees indoors, I was attracted to my thermostat like a moth to a flame. The same thermostat I walk past 50 times a day without ever even noticing it hanging on the wall.
But Friday morning, I was tempted to turn the little wheel up to 65 degrees for “just a few minutes to get the chill out.”

Need diet advice? I’ve tried them all

It’s no secret I enjoy food. I’ve professed my love for all things edible many times in this column, but my eating habits have gotten out of hand lately, and to avoid gaining back the 35 pounds I lost, I’ve been working on structuring my diet. Again.

A lost opportunity to set a good example

To the Editor:
On Friday, Sept. 12, while I was at work, someone hit my car in the high school parking lot and, knowing that they had hit my vehicle, still left without leaving a note or telling anyone.
It was around 5:40 to 5:45 and was a mother picking up her student from sports practice. Yes, there were witnesses, but I don’t know if that will help or not.

Checkbook returned by anonymous person

To the Editor:
Nearly eight weeks ago, I lost my checkbook, possibly in the Gaylord area.
Last Thursday, I received a letter which contained my checkbook. It was dirty and damp — it had been in the weather for a long time.

Observations on my morning walk

From a half a block away, I could tell from the look on her face she was going to do it. The look was fear.
Stopped at the intersection of 10th Street and Pryor Avenue, the woman anxiously looked left then right several times in rapid succession as she slowly inched her car forward. Traffic was heavy on 10th Street as I got closer. We made eye contact. She inched farther into the crosswalk the closer I walked. Then it happened, she bolted in front of a Waste Management garbage truck onto 10th Street and sped away.
Her fear? That I would get to the crosswalk first.

County Board approves $10 million in bonding

McLeod County will go ahead with issuing $10 million in bonds to assist with capital improvement projects.
The County Board approved three separate areas of bonding at its Tuesday morning meeting — $3.7 million for its newly adopted capital improvement plan (CIP), $1.3 million in capital equipment notes, and $5 million solid waste bonds.
County Board members stressed that payment for the bonds can be absorbed into the current levy amount.

Full house attends city of Glencoe assessment hearing

There was a full house at the final assesment public hearing for the 2014 street improvement projects.
The hearing took place during the Glencoe City Council meeting on Monday, Sept. 15.
Property owners who will be assessed were recently sent a letter informing them of the amount of the assessment.
A final public hearing is required by law after the letter is sent to give those affected to question of the process.

Driveway damage claims denied

A small agenda led to a lively Glencoe City Finance Committee on Thursday, Sept. 11.
One item on the agenda was how the city should handle the claims of driveway damage on 17th Street following the large rain events in mid-June.
At the Sept. 2 City Council meeting, Mayor Randy Wilson asked that the issue be taken to the finance committee for further review. The committee moved the date of the meeting to handle the issue before Monday’s council meeting.
Five claims of damage of driveway damage have been made to the city.

Glencoe City Council donates house to Habitat for Humanity

The Glencoe City Council approved the donation of a house in the Creekside subdivision near Miller Manufacturing to Habitat for Humanity.
The city purchased the house earlier in the year for $182,500 as part of the development of the Creekside industrial park development.
Habitat for Humanity plans on moving the house in spring 2015. Habitat asked the city if it would heat the house during the winter to keep it in good shape. Habitat will reimburse the city for the expenses.