February 25th, 2015

Sewer main problems persist in Silver Lake

Dan and Sue Keiser are at a loss.

Silver Lake City Council decides to pursue cable access channel

Some new numbers have surfaced in the discussion of a potential cable access channel in Silver Lake. Duane Wawrzyniak had volunteered to take a look at the equipment that Lester Prairie has offered to sell to Silver Lake, and he came back with an evaluation and estimate for the City Council at its Tuesday, Feb. 17, meeting.

Transportation needs better means of funding

One doesn’t need to attend a transportation forum or a highway coalition meeting to learn that roads in our state are in a deplorable condition and rapidly declining, especially in outstate Minnesota.
One only needs to travel Highway 15 between Brownton and Winthrop, or Highway 212 east of Glencoe, to get a jaw-rattling reality check of just how much work our highways and roads really need.

Dog got a new bed so I can sleep better

I bought an orthopedic bed for my dog this week.
My 15-year-old German Shepherd/Yellow Lab mix was once a sprightly pup who could snatch a frisbee out of mid-air, climb my evergreen bushes to get his ball and fly up and down my stairs just to burn off some extra energy. He was so agile that he once followed me up a ladder to the flat roof over my breakfast nook, just to see what I was doing (I was painting). I had to pry open a second-story window to get him in the house. Apparently, his agility didn’t include backing down a  ladder.

Light rail also chafes hide, Sunday liquor does not

To the Editor:
Thank you, Rich. This push for taxpayer-subsidized light rail has been chafing my hide as well. If there truly was a viable market for this type of mass transit, there would be no need for large and perpetual taxpayer subsidies.  

Grateful for kindness of a stranger

To the Editor:
On Sunday, Feb. 22, Jim and I went to Bump’s for breakfast. When it came time for our bill, we were told that it had been paid and it was “anonymous.”
A big “thank you” to the person who treated us.
Jim and Melba Carlson

Fuel tax not keeping up with needs

By John Welle
If you’ve been following the topic of transportation funding recently, you’ll notice that it has once again become a politically charged debate, as both political parties attempt to blame the other for failing to address the transportation funding crisis while claiming themselves to be supporters of our highway system. In this article I’d like to take the discussion beyond the rhetoric and provide some factual insight on the topic.   

Helen Baker’s future addressed; tours set

To the Editor:
I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people who stopped by the Glencoe-Silver Lake (GSL) booth at the Glencoe Expo this past Sunday.

A multi-cultural, gross-out contest

It’s not exactly a coffee group. It’s more like when all the planets are aligned, and we inadvertently stumbled into Gert & Erma’s for a cup of coffee at the same time.
There is my Norwegian-American friend, who wears pride of that fact like lutefisk around his neck. Then there’s my Swedish-American friend who says little, but laughs a lot. Then there is me, and my Finnish-American heritage. It’s like a Scandinavian smorgasbord.

Seeks support for Grief Connection

To the Editor:
My name is Rachael Templin. I am writing you this letter today asking for donations.
I am going to be taking a polar plunge for Children’s Grief Connection. Children’s Grief Connection is a camp for people who have experienced the loss of a parent, friend or someone close to them. I have attended camp two times. It has helped me a lot through my grieving process. My dad passed away  in April 2009 from lung cancer.
This will be my second year plunging. Last year, I raised $1,500! This year, my goal is $2,000.