August 13th, 2014

Brownton Council: Utility bills must be paid in full by Aug. 25

City of Brownton utility users have until Aug. 25 to bring delinquent bills up to date.
The City Council decided at its Aug. 5 meeting that all bills need to be paid up before the start of the winter heating season and the Cold Weather Rule (CWR) goes into effect Oct. 15. Notification of the CWR to utility users must be done by Sept. 1.
City Clerk Ella Kruse said the city currently has about $24,888 outstanding in overdue utility bills on about 70 properties in town. There are about 310 households in the city.

‘Beyond the Yellow Ribbon’

Programs do not get much better than this: helping those who most need and deserve it, at very little cost to taxpayers.
On Friday at 12:30 p.m., at the McLeod County Fair, the county will be proclaimed a “Beyond the Yellow Ribbon” community.
What does this mean?
Well, for our veterans, reservists and active military people, and their families, a lot.

Thank you, Marietta

Marietta Neumann retired Aug. 1 as executive director of the McLeod Emergency Food Shelf.
She is 85 years old — about 20 years past the age at which most of us hope to retire.
And she put over 30 years into the effort to serve the hungry of McLeod County. That’s dedication.

Human foosball was fun, but took its toll

I woke Sunday morning and gingerly sat on the edge of my bed, doing an inventory of various body parts.
I started with my toes, since I happened to be staring at them. The second toe in from the little toe on my left foot was starting to turn purple under the nail. That’s odd, I thought. I always figured God didn’t have much in mind for those middle toes except a little extra stabilization for standing.
My ankles hurt. Not a sprained-ankle hurt, more like I had used muscles that I don’t use very often kind of hurt.

An August morning on the lake

When I bought my kayak last November, I vowed to spend the majority of my summer mornings paddling on Silver Lake before work and every weekend morning I could.
Every year, I have these wild ambitions to adventure into Minnesota summer mornings, to be able to fully enjoy the few warm days we have in the midwest, but somehow, my snooze button always wins.
Last Thursday, however, I was up by 6:30 a.m. and rolled out of bed and down to the lake.

Chapman truly belonged to ‘Greatest Generation’

To the Editor:
It was with great sadness I heard of the death of the Rev. Donald Chapman. In my role as editor of The Chronicle, I met many people, but the Rev. Chapman was one of the finest gentlemen I ever met. I use the word gentleman with emphasis.

Neighborhood does not want hiking/biking trail

To the Editor:
We would like to thank all the people who came out and voiced their concerns about the hike/bike trail that was proposed for our neighborhood. It’s nice to know we are not alone in this.
We hope to continue the dialogue with the city officials and to come together for a resolution that benefits all parties. We believe the message is loud and clear that the neighborhood does not want a hike/bike path.
Gloria Donnay
Tony Jesme

New school year will get under way soon

To the Editor:
The fall activity season has begun and it is great to see all the kids around school. School will get under way soon and all of us at GSL can’t wait for it to start.
As we begin another school year, it is important for all community members to make sure they are aware of more and more kids walking to school and/or riding bikes. The start of the school year is an exciting time and we want all of our students to have a safe route each and every day.

Movement on to eliminate religion in public

To the Editor:
There is a movement in this country to eliminate religion or any mention of God or religion from our public lives.
I am sorry these people are so misled in their thoughts. I am also sorry for all of us because these people have been making progress in their misguided mission to eliminate God and Godly thinking from our daily public lives. The proof is in the negativity we have witnessed in our society over the past couple decades.

Organizations not always what they seem

To the Editor:
You have all heard the names: “American Crossroads,” “ALEC” (American Legislative Exchange Council),  “Americans for Prosperity.” Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? That is, until you start looking at the underlying purpose of these great-sounding names.