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March 18th, 2015

Frustrations mount with apartment building

Mountains of garbage and life safety concerns at a local apartment complex were the hot topic at the Silver Lake City Council meeting Monday, March 16.
City officials have been receiving complaints about the mounting garbage at The Villager Apartments on Grove Avenue.
This is not the first time garbage has been an issue at the Villager. The last reported garbage and blight issue was Aug. 29, 2014, according to a report from Police Chief Forrest Henriksen.

Brownton facing up to $12.5 million in improvements over next 25 years

Addressing Brownton’s most critical infrastructure needs could take several years and cost up to $12.5 million, the Brownton City Council heard at a special meeting Tuesday, March 10.
John Rodeberg of Short Elliott Hendrickson (SEH), the city’s engineering firm, presented the City Council with a preliminary engineering report. SEH is preparing the report so the city can qualify for funding from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development program.

‘Right to Try’ proposal draws support, criticism

We have all become familiar with “right to die” legislative efforts, in which the dying are allowed to authorize the cessastion of resuscitative efforts as their lives come to a close.
Now, according to the Star Tribune, there is a legislative effort for a “right to try.” Right to try legislation allows those diagnosed with terminal illness a chance to try unapproved, experimental drugs and devices as a last-chance effort to save their lives.

Brilliance? Or just odd social behavior?

I tried a scientific experiment recently. I head-butted an engine block to test out the hardness of my head. I now have a scrape on my forehead, but the headache has subsided.

No plans to close Lakeside Elementary School

To the Editor:
As we move closer and closer to the May 12 vote, I want to take this time to address a question that has been brought to my attention. It has to deal with Lakeside Elementary School.
Over the years, I have had many people tell me that “they have heard” that Lakeside will be closed if the building bond passes. I’m not sure where they heard this, or where it has been coming from, but it has never come from the district.

Blizzard Blast exceeded fundraising goal

To the Editor:
On behalf of hospice patients and their families, we would like to thank the Glencoe and Hutchinson communities for their support of 2015 Blizzard Blast. We raised a total of $30,292, which surpassed our $30,000 goal.  

Stop obstructing the president’s goals

To the Editor:
Throughout President Obama’s presidency, the opposition party has done nothing but obstruct any actions that would benefit the ordinary citizens of the country. They are totally disrespectful of him, call him a foreigner, a Muslim, and assorted other snarky comments. The actions of Congress have ground to a complete halt where anything he proposes is met with no action, and compromise is a foreign concept. They continue to grind away at the Affordable Care Act with the Supreme Court to the detriment of their constituents.

City, other officials ponder storm water options

A plan, called Glencoe northeast drainage improvements, was the topic of a workshop session at the Glencoe City Center Wednesday afternoon, and it included representatives from the city and county as well as state water experts and Buffalo Creek Watershed District board members.
Being looked at was a project that would redirect flood waters from the north and central portions of Glencoe eastward to the east ditch system.

County Board approves permit for Sober Farm

The McLeod County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday granted a conditional use permit for Todd Knapper and Kirstin Jacques to operate a transitional housing facility known as Sober Farm in an existing dwelling in Round Grove Township for overnight lodging and facilities for up to six residents at a time to assist in alcohol and drug addiction recovery.

Glencoe Food Cooperative dissolves, but plans under way for private store

The Glencoe Food Co-op is dissolving before it ever opened its doors, but that doesn’t mean the area will never have a business that offers organic food and other natural products.
One of the co-op’s organizers, Janette Goettl, said Friday that the co-op’s initial members have voted to dissolve the cooperative and discontinue efforts after a market study and consultants showed that there was a slim chance of getting it off the ground.