February 3rd, 2016

It’s time to stop Morningside extension project

To the Editor:
Because of the timeline of this issue, an effort needs to be made in stopping the Morningside extension project.
Although it has been sitting idle for over 15 years, it is suddenly back on the books and recently passed by our City Council (by one vote). This project will be using about $3.5 million of tax monies. Not only is there not a need, but the expense for approximately 21⁄2 blocks of street that will border a park, cross a vacated dump and run through a wetland is problematic and not necessary.

Where is due process on trail paving?

To the Editor:
What is the agenda?
I was amazed to see the outright lack of due process or common sense when it comes to the process of pushing through the expansion of paved bike trails in District 1.
We have a commissioner from District 4, Sheldon Nies, choosing a committee member who lives in commissioner District 1 for the McLeod County Trails Committee to represent his District 4. Anybody else see a conflict here? Would that not fall to Commissioner Ron Shimanski to select for his own District 1?

Ag plastics becoming a growing ‘tumbleweed’

Farmers want to get rid of it, without burning or burying it. Landfills don’t want it. What do you do with it?
Recycling ag plastic (or “ag bags”) was the topic of a forum hosted by McLeod County Solid Waste Wednesday, Jan. 27, with area officials, including Minnesota Commissioner of Agriculture Dave Frederickson and representatives from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the Recycling Association of Minnesota and neighboring counties’ solid waste departments.

Glencoe City Council raises storm water rates

The Glencoe City Council moved ahead with two items proposed during its Finance and Strategic Planning Committee meeting last week at the regular Council meeting Monday night.
Storm water rate
The Council passed a request from City Administrator Mark Larson to increase the storm water rate from the current $5 to $7.50 in 2016 and $10 in 2017.
The new rates will add an additional $160,000 to the storm water fund. This increase will be used to pay for the Northeast Drainage project and to add a new position to the streets department.

Paul Vincent talks environmental movement at Growers banquet

The line between environmental sensitivity and environmental sanity is a thin one, and it’s one often crossed, Bruce Vincent said at the McLeod County Corn and Soybean Growers Banquet.
Vincent, a third-generation logger and motivational speaker, spoke to the association during its annual meeting and dinner Saturday night.

Watershed, city and school engineers to talk NE drainage

Glencoe city, Glencoe-Silver Lake school district and county officials all attended the Buffalo Creek Watershed meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 26, to hear a presentation from Short Elliot Hendrickson (SEH) Engineer Justin Black on the proposed Northeast Drainage Project and receive an update on the city’s permit for the project.
Black explained the project encompasses the school’s drainage pond on the northeast side of town. Currently. that area experiences flooding because the water is draining backward into the storm system.

Finance committee discusses new storm water rate increase

The Glencoe City Finance and Strategic Planning Committee met at the Glencoe Fire Hall on Wednesday, Jan. 27, and discussed a storm water rate increase, among other topics.
City Administrator Mark Larson introduced a potential storm water rate increase. The rate was last increased in late 2014 from $3.50 to $5 a month, which generates $160,000 in revenue. The new proposed increase would raise the rate to $7.50 in 2016 and to $10 in 2017. This rate would generate an additional $160,000.
This increase is proposed for two reasons:

McLeod County planning commission holds public hearing on solar garden

The McLeod County Planning Advisory Commission held a public hearing during its regular meeting Jan. 27 to discuss a conditional use permit for a community solar garden in Winsted Township.
The permit is being applied for by CleodSun LLC on behalf of SunShare LLC. The garden would be built on property owned by Steinkraus Lester Prairie LLC off Highway 7 and would be 25 acres. The area will have a 6-foot chain-link fence and gravel access for maintenance trucks.
The garden power will be run to the electrical grid of Xcel Energy

Blizzard Blast again a success

Corn, soybean growers banquet