October 8th, 2014

3 questions for council candidate

To the Editor:
By now, we should all be aware that our city, in 2015, is entering into a major reconstruction to our streets, water lines, sewer lines, sidewalks, storm sewers and walking paths. This could be an ongoing project.
Homeowners are located in the multi-million dollar project. It will cause a massive financial hardship. Some may need to file for bankruptcy.
Questions for our present councilor-at-large:
1. Does she understand or is she knowledgeable about how our waste treatment plant functions? You need to ask her.

Re-elect Glenn Gruenhagen

To the Editor:
As a gun lobbyist for the past several years, I have appreciated the support and guidance of state Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen to protect our Second Amendment rights.
With the DFL in control of the Legislature for the past two years, there has been a threat to our Second Amendment rights as bills have been introduced that would restrict law-abiding citizen’s right to bear arms. Glenn has been a strong opponent of these bills.

Hats off to mothers at BMX track

To the Editor:
Pedal, pedal, pedal.
Hats off to the mothers who raced at the BMX races.
That’s sportsmanship. What a great way to the finish the year!
Beverly Janke

Already tired of the negative campaigning

To the Editor:
Another election day is coming in a month — and, of course, here come all the negative ads.
How can a person decide who is the best candidate if all you hear is the worst accusations about the opposite party?
I am looking for someone who will let me know what their plans are if they win. It would be nice to hear a candidate say, “this is what I will do — about the economy, about immigration, about the dangers we face from terrorists.”

Take a stand against domestic violence

To the Editor:
We invite readers to take a stand against domestic violence.
October has been designated National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we invite readers to learn more about services and help available at www.mcleodal

Candidates forum set for Oct. 14

The Glencoe Area Chamber of Commerce will host its annual candidates forum Tuesday, Oct. 14 — but this year’s event will have an added attraction.
The forum will be broadcast live over the cable access channel, Channel 10, and home viewers will have an opportunity to call in their questions.
As in the past, the forum will be moderated by Karen Benson, one of the original organizers of the forum when it was sponsored by the now-defunct Glencoe Business and Professional Women.

Residents concerned about affordability of project assessments

The Glencoe City Council held a pair of public hearings Monday night at the Glencoe City Center on the proposed 2015 street improvement projects, which could cost a combined $11 million.

County to lease space during recycling retrofit

The McLeod County Board of Commissioners is considering leasing space to process some of its recyclable materials during its Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) expansion project.
The County Board met in a workshop session Wednesday, Oct. 1, at the Solid Waste building in Hutchinson to consider the pros and cons of leasing space to sort and bale recyclables while the retrofit of the current facility to accommodate a conversion to single-sort recycling from five-sort is under way.

Glencoe City Council updated on drainage projects

Amid Monday night’s lengthy public hearings, the Glencoe City Council received brief updates on discussions on the Marsh (west) ditch project as well as a north diversion project aimed to getting flood waters moved from the central section of Glencoe to the east ditch system.

County seeks help in identifying ditches damaged by flooding

By Lori Copler
McLeod County is hoping area farmers will report any damage to ditches they come across while they’re out in their fields during harvest.
If the damage occurred because of the heavy June rains and subsequent flooding, repairs may be eligible for reimbursement through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
At Tuesday’s County Board meeting, county environmentalist Roger Berggren said he is having a tough time finding someone who is available to inspect the ditch system.