July 8th, 2015

I’m turning into my Mom, in a good way

As we begin to hit middle age, we start to realize that we are more like our parents than we ever would have dreamed when we were teenagers.
I suspect that is true of those who have become parents themselves — who find themselves using the same admonishing phrases with their own children that they heard from their parents a generation ago.
As for me, I noticed I was starting to become more and more like mother when I began the transition from a slob to a neat freak.

Good news recently from the U.S. Supreme Court

To the Editor:
Which way is the crowd running? For I am their leader and I must lead! Some good things happened a couple of weeks ago that points to hope about the way the crowd is running. People of the same sex who have been denied the dignity and security of marriage now have been given equality. Their commitment to each other is recognized by the law of the land. As always, there will be those who protest, but the crowd has said this is a right that should exist and the Supreme Court of the United States has agreed.

We’ve lost our collective marbles

Not sure when we lost our collective marbles as a country, but it has accelerated greatly in the past several years as the social engineers have gained the upper hand.
The latest mind-shaping has come in the form of historical amnesia, the reinterpretation of marriage and the constant attempts to change the faces on the paper money in this country. Oh, by the way, you can’t have any transfat in your food anymore, either.
So, where to start.

Goal of 130 units set for next blood drive

To the Editor:
It’s that time of year — those “hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer,” as penned by Nat King Cole in 1963. School is out and students are enjoying vacations, as are the rest of us.  Going to the beach, the lake, the pool, ballgames, picnics, outdoor concerts, parades, fairs, reunions, vacation destinations …  the choices in Minnesota are endless in the summer!

Council denies extension for Lincoln Park construction

The Glencoe City Council heard updates on the Lincoln Park construction project and considered an extension request from Duininck Brothers, the main contractor for the project.
The contractors have requested an extension to the interim completion date of Nov. 16. The project is already behind on phase one of construction, which was supposed to be completed this week. City Engineer John Rodeberg recommended that the council deny the extension. He said he did not think the company had a good reason for the extension and was not properly prioritizing the project.

County Board to seek construction manager for proposed jail work

McLeod County will be seeking a construction manager for its proposal jail expansion and courthouse security project.
The Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to send out a request for bids on proposals for construction management services.
County Administrator Pat Melvin said he was directed to prepare a request for proposals after a County Board workshop on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 30. The board had heard about the benefits of a construction manager at a previous workshop on June 23.

Plato woman’s songwriting published on compact disc

When she lost her stepfather in 2010, Diane Kohn of Plato turned to writing as a way to grieve. Just a few years later, what started as therapy has transformed into published songwriting.

Returning veterans to be honored at McLeod County Fair Aug. 23

Military personnel returning from deployment will receive special recognition at the 2015 McLeod County Fair.
Cassandra Carrigan, assistant McLeod County Veterans Services officer, gave the County Board an update on the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon program at its meeting Tuesday morning.
Carrigan reviewed the program’s activities since it was inaugurated by official proclamation at the 2014 county fair. The program is designed to provide veterans with access to services after they return from active service.

4th of July in New Auburn

Silver Lake Music in the Park