February 1st, 2017

Secretary of State visits Glencoe

Another successful Blizzard Blast

Girls cagers hitting their stride

Gymnasts win over Saints

The cost of deferred maintenance

When the economy tanked in the years 2008-09, the brakes went on most public facility and infrastructure improvement projects.
It’s been close to a decade since we went into a major recession — nearly an economic depression — and while the economy is starting to stir back to life, we’re still feeling its ill effects.

Despite differences, good work is being done

To the Editor:
In serving as your state senator, I have learned that most Minnesotans do not particularly care for partisan politics, the nuances of legislative processes, or who takes credit. Despite all the negative attention being paid to national politics, I believe good work reflective of our state’s values is being done in St. Paul.

Annual food shelf report: needs continue to grow

To the Editor:
The McLeod Emergency Food Shelf completed its annual usage report for 2016 and the distribution of food at the Glencoe and Hutchinson sites totaled 537,366 pounds. The number served was 5,101 individuals in McLeod County, or about 14.6 percent of the county population.
Again this year, the number of people in the age group of 65 and over showed the largest increase of people using the food shelf, up 6 percent more than last year.

County trails committee to be appointed Feb. 7

To the Editor:
As McLeod County ramps up county spending for trail development, it is important to ensure that regular county residents be given a chance for participation so that the interests for the overall county are considered. One avenue for greater participation is to actually be a member on the McLeod County Trails Committee.
According to attendees at the commissioner workshop on Friday, Jan. 27, the commissioners agreed to select 2017 members for the county trail committee at their next board meeting on Feb. 7.

It’s the weight that really counts

I collect coins. No, I’m not a coin collector, but one who empties his pocket each night and dumps the loose change in a large container. When the container is full, I run to my bank and cash them in. Call it mad money.
That was until recently when I went to the bank and cashed in the coins. Now I’m just mad.
I went to the bank with a sack full of coins. I counted out the quarters, dimes and nickels, which came up to over $80. I didn’t bother to count the hundreds of pennies, but I had a good idea of what the bag contained.

City looking at $20 million to upgrade WWTP

The city of Glencoe is looking at close to $20 million to upgrade its wastewater treatment plant, the city’s finance and strategic planning committee heard at a Wednesday, Jan. 25, meeting.
It is hoped that city will qualify for at least $5 million in grant funding, which will bring the cost to the city down to about $15 million, according to staff from Short Elliott Hendrickson (SEH), the city’s engineering consulting firm.
Jessica Hedin of SEH ran through a slide presentation of the needed repairs and upgrades.