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12-20-12 Silver Lake Leader

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Vol. 112 No. 1 • Thursday, December 20, 2012 • Silver Lake, MN 55381
Single copy
Silver Lake Leader photos
by Alyssa Schauer
Santa’s Visit
Last Saturday, Santa and
Mrs. Claus stopped by the
Silver Lake Amercian Le-
gion and Winter Fest cele-
bration to greet children
and listen to Christmas
wishes. Above, Josh
Fiecke listens to Santa’s
advice about “being good”
and to the left, little Olivia
Grams gazes up at Santa
with intent. Children from
all over the area visited
Santa, and many brought
their Christmas lists to
share. All children visiting
received a goodie bag and
Santa’s reminder to “be
By Alyssa Schauer
Staff Writer
At the Truth in Taxation
hearing during its regular
meeting Monday evening, the
Silver Lake City Council set
the 2013 tax levy for
$481,973, down 1.67 percent
from the 2012 tax levy of
The preliminary tax levy
was set at $505,898 and a total
of three residents attended the
hearing and voiced concerns
about the hike in taxes.
Expenses for the 2013
budget total $662,472, down
from the $682,231 in 2012,
and revenues for 2013 are pro-
jected at $658,472, down from
the $682,231 in 2012.
“The biggest things we’ve
seen as a city are the cuts in
state aid,” said City Clerk
Kerry Venier. “Local govern-
ment aid was meant to redis-
tribute sales tax money going
to St. Paul to smaller cities,
but that is not happening any-
more. We are seeing cuts in
aid, but no decrease in sales
“Elected officials will not
give a straight answer as to
why that is happening,” Coun-
cilor Eric Nelson added.
Venier said the loss of the
water tower rent also is a
cause to the decrease in rev-
enues. “And we are not seeing
any new revenue coming into
the picture,” he added.
“I know quite a few proper-
ties in town that have seen
double tax values, and this is
due to that change in home-
stead credit,” Venier said.
He explained that because
Silver Lake does not really
have a lot of commercial in-
come, the few businesses that
are in town “had to take that
“Unless we cut 25 percent
off of the budget, you won’t
see a big difference in tax val-
ues,” Venier explained to the
residents in attendance.
He went on to explain that
Silver Lake is the only ambu-
lance service in the county op-
erated by the municipality,
which costs about $15,000 a
year to operate.
“Also, we are one of two
small towns in the county to
operate our own police depart-
ment,” Venier said. He added
that Brownton is the other.
Duane Yurek, one of the
three residents present, asked
how Silver Lake’s tax rate
compares to the tax rates of
other small towns in the
“We’re one of the lowest.
We’re lower than Stewart, but
if we jump up to Lester
Prairie, they have lower tax
rates, but I don’t really com-
pare Silver Lake to them as
they are double the size of the
“Our biggest struggle is that
we just don’t have the com-
mercial base that would signif-
icantly lower our tax rate,”
Venier said.
“As a council, you guys are
doing a good job, and I don’t
want to take away from any-
thing you’re doing for the city,
but remember we don’t have a
commercial base, and we’re a
bedroom community,” Yurek
said. “If you start taxing those
bedrooms so much, people
start to move, and we become
a ghost town. Just keep that in
Mayor Bruce Bebo said Sil-
ver Lake is a city that offers
services most don’t, such as
the fire department and ambu-
lance service, as well as a po-
lice department.
“In order to keep that tax
levy down, the only thing to
change in the future would be
to cut these services. I hate to
say it, and I don’t want to do
that. We don’t ever want to do
that, but those are our op-
tions,” Bebo said.
Nelson proposed lowering
the budget by roughly $20,000
due to the “nearly absent”
snow year last year. “Last
year, we budgeted $37,000 for
the snow and ice fund, and
used very little. Take the
$20,000 we didn’t use and roll
it over to the 2013 fund,” Nel-
son said.
The Council extensively
discussed this option, and
Bebo said, “I understand
Eric’s way of thinking on this,
and you can do it, but you
need to remember to look at
the big picture. You’ve got to
look at what’s going to happen
in the future.”
Bebo added that snow and
ice are “something we can’t
“I’m going to be very frank.
When I first got on Council, it
was that kind of thinking that
got us into a big hole. You’re
looking at the small picture,
not the big picture,” Bebo
“I disagree. I think opposite.
I am looking at the big picture
for our taxpayers. I’m trying to
find a way to stop this habitual
tax hike each year,” Nelson
“We haven’t seen a habitual
tax hike. We’re lowering it,”
Venier interjected.
“It has been habitual until
this round,” Nelson re-
Bebo added that the “extra”
money each year from the
funds builds up the reserves.
“Eric, you weren’t on Council
that year the pay loader blew
up,” Bebo said.
“Isn’t that what the contin-
gency is for?” Nelson asked.
“Six thousand dollars won’t
cover that,” Bebo said.
Council cuts contingency
funds from 2012 budget
Silver Lake Leader photo by Matt Kaczmarek
Smoking water tower
The Silver Lake water tower caught on fire Wednesday
afternoon this week. Initial reports stated that the water
tower was undergoing maintenance and insulation was
being replaced inside the tower when it caught on fire.
The Silver Lake Fire Department responded to the
scene, and the Hutchinson Fire Department was also
on scene to help control the fire. The details about how
the fire started were not yet released at the time of
press. Look to a future Silver Lake Leader for more in-
On 4-1 vote, City Council dedicates
$10,000 to Luce Line trail paving project
By Alyssa Schauer
Staff Writer
On a 4-1 vote, the Silver
Lake City Council on Monday
night dedicated $10,000 to-
ward the development of the
Luce Line Trail into a paved
recreational trail.
City Clerk Kerry Venier ex-
plained to councilors that the
neighboring communities and
the county were putting forth
money to “bump” the project
up on the state’s priority list.
He told councilors that the
city of Hutchinson dedicated
$750,000 toward the project.
the city of Winsted, $100,000,
and McLeod County,
“The DNR (Department of
Natural Resoruces) committee
is also putting local money
into it to bump the project
higher on the priority list to get
it done.
“Basically, the county and
the communities are putting up
money so that paving the trail
is a priority on the state’s
agenda next year,” Venier said.
Mayor Bruce Bebo asked
about getting reimbursed if the
state doesn’t go through with
the project. He also questioned
if the money would be used to
“prep” the trail, and if the
Legacy money would be used
for paving.
Venier said the money put
forth by the communities and
the county is “solely for
Questions about the project
getting completed and the city
getting reimbursed also were
Venier pointed out that in
the agreement, it states: “Re-
imbursement will be due
within 30 days of the state’s
presentation of invoices for
services performed.”
“So it looks like we’ll get re-
imbursed later,” Councilor
Eric Nelson pointed out.
Venier said the City Council
could put forth $10,000 toward
the project. “The Council
could utilize some economic
development money that has
been put away. The money has
been in that fund for about six
years,” he said.
He added that there is
$7,300 in the economic devel-
opment fund.
“I don’t think anyone would
argue that this project isn’t part
of economic development. If it
brings people to the city, that’s
growth,” Venier said.
“If there’s $7,300 in the
EDA (economic development
authority) fund, where is the
$2,700 coming from then?”
Nelson asked.
Venier said that money
would come from the general
fund reserves.
“I wouldn’t have a problem
using the $7,300 from the
EDA fund, but I have a hard
time adding new money to
that,” Nelson said.
“In lieu of what everyone
else is putting in, our addition
looks insignificant. I hope we
have the trail, so I feel putting
the money in from the EDA
fund plus some to make
$10,000 is appropriate,” Bebo
Councilor Carol Roquette
agreed that $10,000 should be
dedicated, “being that we
don’t spend that money until
the work gets done. I don’t
want to see that money just sit
somewhere,” she said.
Councilor Pat Fogarty
agreed and on a 4-1 vote, the
Council approved to dedicate
$10,000 with $7,300 coming
from the economic develop-
ment fund and $2,700 from the
general reserves fund. Nelson
opposed the motion.
In other matters, the Coun-
• Heard an update about the
Grove Avenue project and
learned that engineers were
still preparing the final report
and specifications.
Venier informed councilors
that the engineers had to file
for a variance from the state
regarding the radius of the cor-
ner on Gehlen Drive and
Grove Avenue.
“The radius of the corner is
not up to state aid standards.
We would have to purchase the
home on that corner and re-
move it.
“We didn’t budget to pur-
chase a home, and so we’re ap-
plying for a variance,” Venier
Bebo asked about the possi-
bility of not getting the vari-
ance, and Venier said it would
be an “issue” for both the city
and the county, as it is a joint
powers agreement.
• Approved a 2 percent cost
of living adjustment for the
city’s full-time employees.
• Approved the on-sale li-
cense application for the Silver
Lake Legion.
• Reviewed the Municipal
Liquor Store (MLS) report to
find that the net profit was a
negative 1.10 percent for the
month of November.
Fogarty reported that rev-
enues for the month were
$22,950.67 and expenses were
$23,473.38. He said the ex-
penses were up due to the three
pay-period weeks in Novem-
Luce Line
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Page 2 — Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, December 20, 2012
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Christmas Day
7 am-3 pm
11 am-3 pm
In Loving Memory
M el vi n M i l l er
who passed away
4 years ago.
God called you
home and we will
always have you
in our hearts.
W i th L ove,
T h e f ami l i es of
M el vi n M i l l er *
Happy 90
Help us celebrate
Sun., Dec. 30
1-4 p.m.
300 Millard Ave., Cokato
In Loving Memory of
George (Papa)
who passed on Jan. 3, 1986.
Gone is the one
we loved so dear.
Silent is the voice we
loved to hear.
Too far away for
sight or speech;
But not too far for our
thoughts to reach.
Sweet to remember
him once here,
And though absent
he is just as dear.
Memories don’t fade,
they grow more deep
For the one we loved
and could not keep.
Sadly missed by
Larry & JoAnn,
Kay & Gary, and families
Thank You
Thank you to the Silver Lake
Knights of Columbus for the
donation to our Activity fund from
the recent paper drive.
Hats off to all YOU dedicated
volunteers who work at making this
project so successful.
We want to especially recognize the
extra work put into this effort by
LeRoy and Judy Penas, Don and
Margaret Benz and Bernie and
Laura Kaczmarek. THANK YOU!
Pictured: JoLen Bentz, Activity Director;
Ray Ewald, CC resident and KC member;
and LeRoy Penas, KC member.
Thank You
The family of Marvin Neumann
would like to extend their thanks to
everyone for all the flowers, sup-
port, phone calls, visits, kind deeds,
food donations, monetary dona-
tions, and flowers. We would also
like to thank the sheriff ’s Dept.,
Winsted Police Depts., Winsted
First Responders, and the Ridgeview
Ambulance at the time of the death
of my husband, and our father. Spe-
cial thanks to Father Schumacher
and the Chilson Funeral Home for
their kind words and support at this
difficult time. Also thanks to Alice
Nowak for the music, and Ladies of
the CCW for the luncheon after
the funeral. I would also like to ex-
press a very special thank you to all
of my children and their families for
their love, support and care.
Marietta Neumann, James (Jackie)
Neumann, Linda Dworshak,
Victoria (Phil) Marketon, Carol
(Rick) Dangers, JoAnn (John) Klein,
Jerome Neumann, Marvin (Sherrie)
Neumann, Joseph (Layla)
Neumann, Philip (Stacie) Neumann,
and Donna (Joseph) Morang.
Silver Lake Leader photos
by Alyssa Schauer
Winter Fest
Last Saturday, Silver Lake
held the annual Winter
Fest at the Silver Lake Au-
ditorium. Hundreds of peo-
ple, joined in on the fun.
Above, Mayor Bruce Bebo
joined GFWC Silver Lake
members Margaret Benz
(left) and Laura Kaczmarek
(right). To the left, Santa,
Mrs. Claus and one of their
reindeer posed with
Rachel Wagner and little
Hadley for a Christmas
photo. The event was
bustling, with a coloring
contest, horse-drawn
wagon rides, free food, live
entertainment, a reindeer
station and, of course,
Santa’s visit.
Dining site Christmas party
The Silver Lake senior dining site is hosting its Christ-
mas party on Thursday, Dec. 20, at the auditorium. The
menu includes glazed ham, augratin potatoes, vegetable
blend, dinner roll with margarine and cheesecake. There
will be music and bingo. Call Pearl Branden at 320-327-
2621 or 320-327-2536 to order a meal.
Business Expo set Jan. 19
Save the date! The Silver Lake Business Association is
hosting the annual Silver Lake Business Expo on Satur-
day, Jan. 19, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. All businesses and or-
ganizations interested participating should contact Chris
Kaczmarek at 320-510-1567 or Alyssa Schauer at 715-
Upcoming Events
January is National Blood
Donor Month, a time when the
American Red Cross recog-
nizes and thanks the millions
of dedicated blood donors
across the country for helping
ensure a stable blood supply
for patients in need.
The upcoming blood drives
for McLeod County are set for
Jan. 8, from noon to 6 p.m., at
Peace Lutheran Church, 400
Franklin St. SW, Hutchinson,
and Jan. 10, from 2 p.m. to 7
p.m., at Cactus Jacks II in
Since 1970, National Blood
Donor Month has been cele-
brated in an effort to educate
Americans about the impor-
tance of regular blood dona-
tion and the impact it can
Every day, around 44,000
pints of blood are needed in
hospitals to help treat trauma
victims, surgery patients,
organ transplant recipients,
premature babies, cancer pa-
tients and more.
January can be an especially
challenging month to collect
blood donations because of in-
clement weather and seasonal
Throughout the month, the
Red Cross is honoring the con-
tributions of those who roll up
their sleeves to help save lives,
one donation at a time.
Upcoming blood drives
set in McLeod County
Grace Bible
Church plans
Members and friends of
Grace Bible Church in Silver
Lake will be hosting a special
Christmas Eve program on
Monday, Dec. 24, at 4 p.m.
The program is “Questions
of Christmas Are Answered,”
an original play written by
Bessie Pessek.
There also will be a Christ-
mas morning worship service
on Tuesday, Dec. 25, at 9:30
The public is invited to at-
tend and there is no charge.
Grace Bible Church is located
on Cleveland Avenue in Silver
Lake, next to the city water
Last week, in the spirit of
preparing for Christmas and
holiday celebrations, I started
to share one of the most frus-
trating (and memorable)
Schauer family Christmas ex-
periences, where everything
that could go wrong did.
As I said, it was the day be-
fore Christmas Eve in 2008,
and we were home in Wiscon-
sin, getting ready to head to
Minnesota for the holidays.
It was Mom’s goal to leave
by 2 p.m., and I left off at
about 5:30 p.m., with Alex’s
spare key not working.
So there we were, in the
Shopko parking lot, with
Alex’s locked car and no key
to get in.
Because he was already run-
ning late for work, Mom and I
decided to bring him into
work, and I would try to find
the key when we got back
The goal was then to get on
the road by 7 p.m. Of course,
we never did find that spare
key, but the plan was that
Mom and Dad would drop me
off at Alex’s car before they hit
the road, and we would
“break” into the car with a
wire hanger.
Then, I would take the car
home, wait for Alex to get off
work and pick him up at 10:30
p.m. so he and I could head to
It wasn’t until about 7:30
p.m. that we got everything
packed and loaded into the van
and we finally left the drive-
But first we had to go to Joe
and Carol’s house, our neigh-
bors, a mile down the road, to
drop off the house key as they
were house-sitting for us that
whole week we were gone.
We got to Joe and Carol’s,
and realized we forgot the
extra house key on the table,
so Nick (who was driving sep-
arately), drove back home
with Mitchell to grab it
quickly while Mom and Dad
chatted up the neighbors and I
sat in the warm van.
After about 10 minutes, we
started to wonder where Nick
was, so I called him.
No answer. So I called him
again. And again. And again.
After about 20 minutes and
17 calls to Nick, he pulls into
Joe and Carol’s driveway, with
the key, looking a little fraz-
We learned that he was held
up so long at home because an
Eau Claire sheriff’s deputy
was there waiting for him at
home to deliver a $324 ticket
for failing to stop during a
school bus drop off earlier that
Nick went to deposit his
check in Eau Claire that after-
noon because I had forgotten
to do for him in the morning.
So before heading into town,
he cleaned the snow off his ve-
hicle and his license plates.
On his way home, traveling
in the far right lane south-
bound of a four-lane highway,
he met an Eau Claire school
bus (who was in the far right
lane of the north bound traffic)
dropping kids off.
Nick was the third vehicle
in a long string of cars in that
far left lane that kept driving
through when the bus stopped,
but he didn’t realize he needed
to stop being that he was three
lanes over.
Unfortunately, the bus
driver couldn’t identify the
other vehicles in that string of
cars because of their snow-
filled license plates, and
Nick’s red Blazer was the only
one he could pick out.
So finally, at 8 p.m., we
headed to the Shopko parking
lot, ready to break into Alex’s
car. We spent a good hour
using a wire hanger and break-
ing a couple of ice scrapers
trying to get into Alex’s car.
The temperature was drop-
ping and Dad’s hands and my
hands were numb trying to pry
open the door, and some
choice words were said before
we realized we could probably
find better tools inside Shopko
to get into the car.
Sure thing, we found a
campfire hot dog fork and a
small screwdriver. Dad man-
aged to use the screwdiver to
pry open the top of the driver’s
door enough so I could slide
the campfire fork through to
push the “unlock” button on
the door handle. Success!
By this point, it was 9:30
p.m. and Mom and Dad de-
cided to wait with me for Alex
to finish his shift.
In the meantime, we were
starving, and didn’t have any
supper, so we headed to Mc-
Donald’s across the street, and
just our luck, we pulled in to
the restaurant behind a bus full
of hockey team players. As
over 20 players stood in line
ordering meals, we looked at
each other and laughed. We
gave into the day’s trouble, got
in the back of the line and got
our food, 25 minutes later.
At 10:20 p.m, I headed to
the grocery store to pick Alex
up from work, when he real-
ized he left his suitcase at
home. So we headed home to
grab it, and by 11:30 p.m., we
were finally on the interstate,
and made it to Grandma’s at
2:15 a.m. Christmas Eve
I crawled right into bed to
forget the nightmare that was
that day.
May all of you be blessed
with a Merry Christmas! And
of course, some memorable
family mishaps you can share
for years and years.
Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, December 20, 2012 — Page 3
“Pets are Braggin’ and
Tails are Waggin’ at...”
Dog Grooming
• Over 15 Years Experience
• Handled with TLC
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217 Summit Ave., Silver Lake
Deb Bebo
Monday, December 31
Meal: 5 p.m.-6:30 p.m.
Smoked Pork Chop Dinner
or Roast Beef Dinner
(includes scalloped potatoes, vegetable, dinner roll)
Reservation Deadline: December 26
Call 320-327-2404 - leave message
with JIM’S BREWERS 7 p.m.
Come and enjoy the night with us!
Silver Lake
American Legion Club
241 Main St. W.
Silver Lake, MN
Silver Lake Liquors
On and Off Sale
200 W. Main St. • 320-327-2777
with Gray Dog Karaoke
Fri., Dec. 21
8:30 pm-Close
or End of the World
(whichever comes first)
Survival items will be handed out,
to help you through the apocalypse!
Mon., Dec. 24 • Open 8 am-5 pm
Jam Jar Sw.
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Dec. 20-Mon., Dec. 24
New Year’s Eve Party
Saturday, Dec. 29, 2012
for all former and future Royalty
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Hosted by current Silver Lake Royalty
Dress in Crown & Gown
(or just dress up)
for a Night of Many Events!
6:30 p.m. Social Hour
7:30 p.m. Karaoke & Dance
Games & Prizes throughout the night.
at door ($3
w/food shelf donation)
Funds raised will be donated to the
Red Cross for victims of Sandy.
Call Joan Paulson
at 320-327-2800
The 12-hour journey home: part 2
The Travel Section
By Alyssa Schauer
Hale Township
Hale Township
Notice of Filing
Filing for the following of the Hale
Township board opens on Tuesday,
December 25, 2012, and will remain
open until Tuesday, January 8, 2013
at 5 p.m.
One (1) three-year term supervisor
(Roger Pokornowski) expired
One (1) two-year term treasurer
(Colleen Kaczmarek) expired.
Affidavits may be obtained at the
home of the clerk.
Tammy Stifter Clerk
Hale Township
10255 225
Silver Lake
(320) 327-2538
(Published in The Silver Lake
Leader December 20 & 27, 2012)
Legal Notices
Silver Lake Leader photos
Alyssa Schauer
Puppet Pals
Last Sunday, the Living
Water Puppets performed
“The Plane Truth About
Christmas” at Grace Bible
Church in Silver Lake.
Puppet masters pictured,
in the front, from left to
right, are Mercy Rakow,
Madeline Mills, Camille
Bondhus, Melody Nikkel,
and Kennedy Wraspir. In
the second row, from left
to right are Faith Rakow,
Melody Nikkel, Abbie Mills,
Julianna Henderson, and
Dini Schweikert. In the
back row are Brianna
Wraspir, Kaiman Bondhus,
and Josiah Aldrich. To the
right, Kennedy Wraspir
flashes a smile with her
GSL has emergency crisis plan in place
To the Editor:
Last Friday, our nation was
saddened as we learned about
what happened at Sandy Hook
Elementary School. Our
thoughts and prayers go out to
the families that are involved
in this senseless act.
The coverage of this event
has been extensive and with
that, I would like to take this
opportunity to remind district
members that we have a plan
in place in each of our schools
to handle emergency situa-
We are required to have sev-
eral practice lockdown and
fire drills throughout the year.
With these drills and having a
crisis plan in place, we feel
confident in our preparation.
While no amount of plan-
ning can guarantee that a
tragedy such as this will not
occur, we are doing what we
can to keep children safe while
at school.
We are grateful to have
quality service people that are
here for us on a moment’s no-
tice and with their leadership,
we will handle crisis situations
as best as possible.
What happened in Con-
necticut is unthinkable, yet in
today’s world, seems to be
happening far too frequently.
With that said, please join
me in sending our heartfelt
condolences from all of us at
GSL to the many people and
families who were affected by
this tragedy.
Christopher Sonju
GSL Superintendent
Letters to Editor
Dec. 24-28
Silver Lake
Senior Nutrition Site
Monday — Closed.
Tuesday — Closed. Merry
Wednesday — Beef tips with
gravy, mashed potatoes, broccoli,
bread, margarine, peaches, low-fat
Thursday — Roast turkey,
mashed potatoes with gravy,
green beans, stuffing, cranberries,
garnish, pumpkin dessert, low-fat
Friday — Sloppy joe, oven-
browned potatoes, country-blend
vegetables, bun, margarine, or-
ange, low-fat milk.
No school, Christmas break.
We’ll have a mostly quiet weather week as a storm
passes to our south and cold air filters into the area. Last
week, a storm started out being forecast by computers to
hit Iowa, and I fell for it. In reality, it came into our area
and actually gave us a decent amount of rain (in Decem-
A similar situation is building this week as a fairly strong
storm is forecast to slide through the Upper Midwest. I feel
more confident thinking this one will stay south as it’s a
couple days closer to when I’m forecasting.
Some locations in Iowa could be in line for up to a foot
of snow from this one, but we might be just far enough
away to see little or nothing. Timing should bring it in
around Wednesday and Thursday. It still bears watching as
any movement north could put us into the snow band, but
as I write this it looks like we’ll be spared.
The other thing this storm will do is drag in a cold pool
of air, knocking highs down to the teens and lows around
0. The cold weather will linger into the weekend with no
big storms. There could be a passing snow shower Sunday,
but it’s a long shot at this point.
Taking a peek at the extended shows a slight warming
to start next week with another large storm taking aim at
the Upper Midwest mid-week.
Have a great week, all!
Ma dobry weekendem Mit dobry vikend
Wednesday night — Lows 9-15; clouds.
Thursday — Highs 14-20; lows -3 to 3; partly cloudy.
Friday — Highs 14-20; lows 0-6; clear.
Saturday — Highs 15-22; lows -2 to 4; clear.
Sunday — Highs 13-22; mostly clear.
Weather Quiz: What kind of weather do we typically see
on Christmas Day?
Answer to last week’s question: As I said last week, a
few areas in the main snow band saw records for most
snowfall from a December storm (St. Cloud), and with all
reports in, it looks like areas around Montevideo won the
snowfall game with 20 inches. This one storm brought us
back to normal and even slightly above-normal snowfall
for the season, but we’re still in a severe drought due to the
lack of fall rain.
Remember: I make the forecast, not the weather!
Weather Corner
By Jake Yurek
Page 4 — Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, December 20, 2012
The McLeod County Chronicle
& Silver Lake Leader have
early deadlines
Thank you for
your cooperation.
Due to the holidays, ads for
the Dec. 27 Silver Lake Leader
are needed by Noon on
THURS., DEC. 20. Ads for the
Dec. 26 McLeod County
Chronicle are needed by
Noon on FRI., DEC. 21.
Ads for the Jan. 3 Silver Lake
Leader are needed by Noon on
THURS., DEC. 27. Ads for the
Jan. 2 McLeod County
Chronicle are needed by
Noon on FRI., DEC. 28.
Our Silver Lake Office will be
CLOSED Dec. 24 & 31.
Our Glencoe office will be closing at 2
p.m. on Dec. 24 and will be closed
Dec. 25 and Jan. 1.
Hope it all adds up to a
truly winning holiday for
you! We appreciate
your loyal support.
Silver Lake
Lions Club
Lincoln Junior High names honor rolls
Lincoln Junior High re-
cently announced its first-
trimester honor rolls. The
following students were hon-
ored for their academic
A Honor Roll
Seventh grade: Uilleam
Armstrong, Jacob Blahowski,
Gregory Boyum, Jessica
Brelje, Aaron Castillo, Kyle
Christensen, Zoe Christensen,
Joseph Lawver-Cullen,
Mackenzie Davis, Ashley
Dreier, Madeline Dressel,
Alexa Dubuc, Dallas Durbin,
Jaecub Fondurulia, Audrey
Forcier, Peter Gepson, Alexan-
dra Hansch, Allie Harpel, Za-
ckary Herout, Karsen Howard,
Emmi Jerabek, Connor Kan-
tack, Mariah Koester, Jamie
Koski, Nicholas Lange, Re-
becca Lieser, Paige Litzau,
Mckenna Monahan, Kylie
Ness, Austin Pinske, Laura
Popelka, Cody Raduenz,
Taryn Reichow, Dylan
Richter, Jakob Rusten, Ellie
Schmidt, Abigail Schmieg,
Nicole Seevers, Theresa Siers,
Carsen Streich and Sierra
Eighth grade: Ashley Ban-
demer, Jordan Briedenbach,
Cameron Chap, Jacob Fehren-
bach, Devin Fleck, Brandon
Fronk, Shawna Goettl, Erica
Hecksel, Amanda Husted, Jor-
dan Kaczmarek, Hannah
Kunkel, Cora Kuras, Jayden
Lachermeier, Marisa
Luchsinger, Brittney Medina,
Madison Monahan, Maggie
Petersen, Kole Polzin, Rachael
Popp, Rachel Reichow,
Matthew Sanchez, Nicholas
Schmidt, Dini Schweikert,
Joseph Torgerson, Katherine
Twiss, Jacob Vasek and
Teanna Vorlicek.
B Honor Roll
Seventh grade: Abisai
Sanchez Anderson, Dakotah
Beckmann, Eduardo Blanco,
Ashley Brandt, Cadi Brooks,
Grace Draeger, Alyssa Ebert,
John Eiden, Nicholas Fenner,
Tony Fischer, Evan Foley,
Mickalyn Frahm, Alex Ide,
Madelynn Kjenstad, Colbie
Kuras, Spencer Lepel, Militza
Medina, Will Micholichek,
Regina Moosbrugger, Ben-
jamin Olson, Blake Ortloff,
Cassondra Perschau, Joseph
Richards, Alexis Sanchez,
Rylie Schafer, Cassandra She-
manek, Tyler Siewert, Adam
Thalmann, Mackenzie Wen-
dolek and Ethan Wraspir.
Eighth grade: Kelli Bailey,
Sarah Bandas, Mitchell
Boesche, Deanna Bondhus,
Kenzie Bulau, Molli Cacka,
Marlaina Chelman, Tanner
Chmielewski, Justin Dose,
Tatum Engelke, Daria Fegley,
Luke Frahm, Hunter Glaeser,
Miranda Grack, Matthew
Heineman, Connor Heuer,
Catherine Holtz, Justin
Jimenez, Marissa Kirchoff,
Dalton Kosek, Ashley
Lawrence, Jacob Litzau, Leah
Litzau, Nicole Llovera, Isabell
Mallak, Grayson Maresh,
Michael Meyer, Jacob Mohr,
Michaela Neyers, Brandi
Pikal, Jenaya Posusta, Faith
Rakow, Macy Rhodes,
Mitchell Rolf, Roxanna
Sanchez, Sarah Schmieg,
Austin Schroepfer, Nathan
Schuch, Jacob Simons, Han-
nah Stifter, Hanna Stuede-
mann, Destiny Senn-Talbot,
Eric Villnow, Samantha Voigt,
Kyle Wanous, Alexis Wildey
and Chance Wildey.
By Lori Copler
Staff Writer
In a statement by Commis-
sioner Kermit Terlinden, a
brief report on a Material Re-
cycling Facility (MRF) meet-
ing, and in an answer to a
question posed by a Glencoe
resident, the McLeod County
Board on Tuesday continued
to discuss issues with the city
of Glencoe’s decision to begin
a one-sort recycling program
outside of the county’s offered
First, Terlinden attempted to
clarify why he voted “no” at
an earlier meeting on explor-
ing with County Attorney
Mike Junge as to whether
Glencoe’s decision was in vi-
olation of the county’s recy-
cling ordinance or policy.
“I think it should have prob-
ably been tabled,” said Terlin-
den of the issue.
Tabling the vote, he added,
would have given the county
time to let the “public know
what’s happening and get
some input,” as well as allow
Terlinden to gather more infor-
mation on the issue.
Commissioner Sheldon
Nies, a member of the MRF
committee, said the committee
met with Junge and is still “on
a fact-finding mission” as to
whether there is any legal ac-
tion the county can take.
And, Nies reminded his fel-
low commissioners, any plans
to pursue legal action needs to
be approved by the County
Board, not just the MRF com-
Marie Thurn, a resident of
Glencoe, asked during the
public forum part of the meet-
ing if it is true, as had appar-
ently been asserted at a
Glencoe City Council meet-
ing, that the city and the
county were unable to come
together for a meeting on the
Nies said that he, Terlinden
(whose district includes the
city of Glencoe) and Solid
Waste Director Ed Homan had
met Nov. 29 with the Glencoe
mayor, two council members
and City Administrator Mark
Larson regarding the city’s
proposal to begin a one-sort
recycling program. Nies also
said that meeting was “put to-
gether by Kermit and Shel-
And, at that meeting, the
county explained that the
change would cost the county
up to $100,000.
First, Nies said, the county
had approved a contract with
West Central Sanitation for
curbside recycling in McLeod
County communities, includ-
ing Glencoe. That contract will
cost the county $70,000 a year,
whether the county provides
recycling service in Glencoe
or not.
“We have to honor that con-
tract, even without offering the
service,” said Nies.
Second, Nies added, the
county will no longer be get-
ting recycled products from
Glencoe, which also will cost
the county lost revenue be-
cause the county sells the recy-
cled products it collects to
other markets.
Nies also pointed out that
the county’s five-sort recy-
cling service is free to city res-
idents, while the single-sort
system will cost Glencoe resi-
dents an additional $2.90 per
Nies did acknowledge that
there have been no “follow-
up” meetings between the
county and the city, primarily,
he indicated, because of
scheduling conflicts.
County Board continues
to discuss recycling issue
Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, December 20, 2012 — Page 5
GSL Panther
07....at Watertown-May.. W,80-63
11....at Bl. Jefferson.....L,64-57
13....Hutchinson .........W,65-64
15....New Ulm.............W,77-67
18....at Waconia...........L,91-69
21....Rocori .......................7:30
28....GSL tourney: vs.
29....GSL tourney ......6 or 7:30
08....at Dassel-Cokato......7:30
11....at Mound-Wtka. ........6:30
12....NYA Central ..............7:30
19....at Faribault................7:30
22....at Litchfield ...............7:30
25....at Hutchinson............7:30
29....at Annandale.............7:30
01....HF Catholic...............7:30
09....Mound-Wtka. ............7:30
11....at Sibley East............7:30
14....at N.London-Sp. .......7:30
19....Litchfield ...................7:30
22....Delano ......................7:30
26....Annandale ................7:30
Section 5(AA) Tourney
07....1st Round
27....at St.Peter............L,69-48
29....at Jordan .............L,69-35
04....at Belle Plaine .....L,58-54
06....Marshall ...............L,68-38
11....New Prague.........L,59-45
14....at Annandale .......L,55-42
20....Mayer Lutheran ........7:30
28....vs. Luverne...............7:30
05....at New Ulm...............3:00
11....at Mound-Wtka. ........7:45
12....NYA Central ..............6:00
15....at N.London-Spicer...7:30
18....at Orono....................7:30
22....Litchfield ...................7:30
29....Annandale ................7:30
01....at HF Catholic...........7:30
07....at Dassel-Cokato......7:30
09....Mound-Wtka. ............6:00
12....N.London-Sp. ...........7:30
19....at Litchfield ...............7:30
22....at Delano ..................7:30
Section 2(AAA) Tourney
26....1st Round
Section 2(AAA) Tourney
02....2nd Round
01....at Becker Inv. ...........noon
08....at Northfield Inv.......10:30
13....at WM triangular .......6:00
15....at St. Peter................1:00
08....at Litchfield ...............6:00
19....GSL Invite................noon
24....Delano ......................6:00
26....at Northfield Inv.......10:30
01....Mound-Wtka. ............6:00
06....at NL-Spicer..............6:00
Section 2(A) Meet
15....at Watertown.............TBA
01....GSL-Don Hall Inv. .......4th
08 ...at Andover Inv. ...........2nd
13....at Litchfield ........W,53-14
........vs.DC .................W,42-30
15....at Richfield Inv. ....2nd,2-1
20....at Hutch 2D...............6:00
03....GSL 2D (with Waconia,
05....at Ogilvie Inv...........10:00
08....at WM 2D..................6:30
10....GSL 2D (with Delano,
12....at Zimmerman Inv.. ...9:00
19....at LCWM Invie........10:00
22....St.Peter (at LP).........6:00
24....GSL 2D (with Mound-
Wtka., Hutch) ....................6:00
25....at N.Prague 2D.........5:00
31....at HLWW...................6:30
01....WCC. at Delano........3:30
08....at MW Invite..............5:00
09....at DC Invite.............10:00
Section 2(AA) Tourney
14....Teams, 1st rounds ....TBA
22-23..Indys, at Waconia..TBA
Glencoe-Silver Lake’s 2012-13 dance team supplied the halftime en-
tertainment at last Thursday’s boys’ basketball game with Hutchinson.
The four members pictured, from left, are: Ariel Simmons, Tara Tanker-
sley, Brooke Noeldner, and Kailey Yurek.
Synergy performs
Silver Lake Leader photo by Lee Ostrom
Boys edge Hutch in OT
Silver Lake Leader photo by Lee Ostrom
Panthers sophomore Keaton Anderson attacks
Hutchinson’s defense during a 65-64 GSL victory last
Thursday in Glencoe. Anderson contributed 18 points
(on 8-for-10 firing from the field) and nine rebounds to
the overtime decision.
By Lee Ostrom
Sports Editor
he Glencoe-Silver
Lake boys’ basketball
team opened its home
court schedule with a show of
fun entertainment last week.
Thursday evening, the Panthers
edged Hutchinson, 65-64, in an
overtime thriller. Saturday af-
ternoon, they dazzled New
Ulm with a 31-6 run of points,
and ultimately a 77-67 deci-
As a result, GSL is off to a 3-
1 start — its lone loss being by
a 64-57 score at traditional
Class AAAA power Blooming-
ton Jefferson last Tuesday, Dec.
Last week’s main attraction
was supposed to be the Hutch
game, and the two teams did
not disappoint.
After GSL opened on a 14-3
run, the Tigers responded with
a run of their own — high-
lighted by three straight triples
from reserve guard Riley
Steenhoek. Hutch led by five,
when GSL sophomore Keaton
Anderson drained a three-
pointer that narrowed the
Tigers lead to 36-34 at half-
The second half, including
the 4-minute overtime stanza,
was remarkably tight. Hutchin-
son’s largest lead was a single
four-pointer, at 40-36. Four
points was GSL’s longest mar-
gin, too — at 52-48 and 60-56.
Hutch guard Alec Nas-
sirzadeh’s trey tied the score at
56-all with 1:21 of regulation
time remaining. Each side had
two empty possessions after
that; thus, sending the game to
GSL struck first on deuces
by seniors Reed Dunbar and
Travis Rothstein. But Nas-
sirzadeh knocked down an-
other trey, before Dunbar
answered from the shooting
team’s left corner.
A deuce by Steenhoek, a
GSL turnover, and a steal-and-
solo layup by Rothstein gave
the Panthers a 64-61 lead with
34 seconds to go. But nine sec-
onds later, Steenhoek pulled
the trigger on a tying three. It
was good.
With 12.9 seconds left, Pan-
thers guard Ethan Maass
knocked down the first of two
bonus-situation free throws.
Plenty of time for Hutchinson
— which had worked over
Panther rebounders on the GSL
defensive board throughout the
second half — to get up four at-
temps at a go-head basket. Not
one was on target. Finally,
Maass — a much decorated
football safety — knocked the
ball off the board to himself.
The defensive board being the
final play in GSL’s victory.
“It was pretty much like
football out there,” Maass said.
Maass, who led the Panthers
in points (20) and assists (6),
also took down nine boards.
“Ethan really ... prides him-
self on being a tough re-
bounder,” head coach Robb
DeCorsey said.
Despite the game’s physical
play and high intensity, Ander-
son (18 points) shot with touch.
The lefty was 8-for-10 from the
field, including 2-for-3 from
beyond the arc. He also took
down nine boards. Senior big
Trenton Draeger was 3-for-3
before leaving the game with a
lower thigh bruise. Dunbar,
who DeCorsey lauded for hold-
ing the Panthers together at
crunch time, was 5-for-10 with
eight boards.
“It’s a big-time win for us,”
Dunbar said. “We battled the
entire game.”
DeCorsey agreed.
“We just fought!” he said.
— After a WCC game at
mighty Waconia Dec. 18, the
Panthers play host to Rocori on
Friday evening.
Then, DeCorsey’s boys
begin preparations for the GSL
Panther Booster Club Holiday
Tournament, Dec. 28-29.
Photo by Kevin Simonson
En route to a (20-4) win by technical fall,
GSL/LP 106-pounder Jacob Jewett
works over Lakeville North’s Seth Ander-
son last Saturday at Richfield.
Aaron Donnay (10-4 decision
at 113) and Nick Brejle (10-7
decision at 160) defeated oppo-
nents who had pinned them last
Each was aggressive from
the start and tallied an initial
The Panthers’ overall record
in duals is 4-1, following their
second-place showing at last
Saturday’s tourney in Rich-
Seventh a year ago, GSL/LP
advanced to this year’s cham-
pionship match with victories
over Roseville Area, 66-15,
and Eastview, 50-27. The team
title, however, went to
Lakeville North, 47-24.
Unbeaten Panthers were the
following: Jewett, who won
twice by fall and once by tech-
nical fall at 106 pounds;
Richter, who won twice by fall
at 130 and once by fall at 126;
Aaron Donnay, who won once
by fall, once by major decision
and once by decision at 113;
Michael Donnay, who won
twice by fall and once by major
decision at 120; and Hartwig,
who wrestled in only two duals
at Richfield, winning once by
fall and once by major decision
at 152.
Wins over DC,
Litchfield are
1st since 2007
By Lee Ostrom
Sports Editor
Alex Jenson, Nick Larson,
Brandon Barth and Ryan Kri-
esch were members of the
2006-07 Glencoe-Silver Lake/
Lester Prairie wrestling squad.
So were state qualifiers Chip
Maresh and Chris Dahlke; as
were Stephen Delwiche,
Kenny Filbrandt, Essex
Koester, Jeremy Chaplin and
James Carlson. To name 11.
Until last Thursday (Dec. 13,
2012), the 2006-07 Panthers
were head coach Lance
Wurm’s only GSL/LP team to
defeat Dassel-Cokato in a dual
meet; and his lone team to de-
feat Litchfield in a dual.
The 2006-07 Panthers de-
feated DC, 30-25, on Feb. 9 in
Glencoe. Four nights later in
Litchfield, they upset the Drag-
ons, 25-22, in a quarterfinal of
the Section 5 (Class AA) team
Now, Wurm’s seventh squad
of Panthers has scored a Charg-
ers/Dragons double.
Indeed, Wurm’s 2012-13
team opened its Wright County
Conference dual schedule with
victories of 42-30 over Dassel-
Cokato and 53-14 over Litch-
GSL/LP won eight of the 14
individual matches with DC,
including six-point falls by
Jacob Jewett at 106, Aaron
Donnay at 113, Nate Tesch at
145, Mitchell Hartwig at 160
and Dalton Clouse at 195, plus
a six-point win by forfeit from
Brandon Richter at 132.
Against Litchfield, 11 Pan-
ther individuals notched wins,
including Jewett, 120-pounder
Michael Donnay, Tesch and
Clouse by fall, plus upper-
weights Peyton Sell and
Christopher Lemke by forfeit.
Wurm said he figured things
would be closer than they actu-
ally were. Afterward, he
saluted all his boys.
“They’re pretty dang tough,”
he said.
He noted that in the Litch-
field match, ninth-graders
300 Cleveland Ave.,
Silver Lake
Dr. Tom Rakow, Pastor
Sun., Dec. 23 — “First Light”
radio broadcast on KARP 106.9
FM, 7:30 a.m.; pre-service prayer
time, 9:15 a.m.; worship service
with guest speaker Tom Mc-
Craken, 9:30 a.m.; Sunday school
and Christmas program practice,
10:35 a.m.
Mon., Dec. 24 — Christmas
Eve program, 4 p.m.
Tues., Dec. 25 — Christmas
morning service with offering for
general missions fund, 9:30 a.m.
Wed., Dec. 26 — No services.
Dial-A-Bible Story, 320-327-
108 W. Main St.,
Silver Lake
Fax 320-327-6562
E-mail: faithfriends
Mark Ford, Pastor
Carol Chmielewski, CLP
Office hours: Tuesdays and
Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 5
p.m. and Sundays
from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Sun., Dec. 23 — Worship, 10
a.m.; coffee fellowship after wor-
Mon., Dec. 24 — Christmas
Eve communion service, 5 p.m.
Tues., Dec. 25 — Christmas
Day worship service, 10 a.m.;
Christmas potluck dinner, 11:30
Sun., Dec. 30 — Worship with
coffee fellowship to follow, 10
Wed., Jan. 2 — Presbyterian
Women meeting, 1:30 p.m.; light
supper, 5:30 p.m.; WOW classes,
6 p.m.; choir practice, 7 p.m.
700 W. Main St.,
Silver Lake
Anthony Stubeda, Pastor
Fri., Dec. 21 — Mass, 8 a.m.
Sat., Dec. 22 — Reconciliation,
5 p.m.; Mass, 6:30 p.m.
Sun., Dec. 23 — Mass, 8 a.m.
and 8 p.m.
Mon., Dec. 24 — Parish offices
closed; Christmas vigil Mass, 4
p.m.; midnight Christmas Mass,
Tues., Dec. 25 — Christmas
Mass, 8 a.m.
Wed., Dec. 26 — Rosary fol-
lowed by communion service at
Cokato Manor, 9:30 a.m.
Thurs., Dec. 27 — Rosary at
Cedar Crest, 10:10 a.m.; Mass at
Cedar Crest, 10:30 a.m.
Fri., Dec. 28 — Meet and greet
at Prairie Senior Cottages in
Hutchinson, 1:30 p.m.
950 School Rd. S.W.
E-mail: infor@
Jim Hall, Pastor
Sun., Dec. 23 — Worship, 9:30
a.m. and 6 p.m.
770 School Rd.,
Kenneth Rand,
Branch President
Sun., Dec. 23 — Sunday
school, 10:50 a.m.-11:30 a.m.;
priesthood, relief society and pri-
mary, 11:40 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
20924 State Hwy. 7 W.
E-mail: assembly@
Dr. Lee Allison, pastor
Sun., Dec. 23 — Worship, 8:30
a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
Wed., Dec. 26 — Family night
activities, 6:30 p.m.
31 Fourth Ave. S.W.,
E-mail: jmm@hutchtel.net
Sun., Dec. 23 — Sunday
school, 9 a.m.; worship, 10:15
1014 Knight Ave.,
Anthony Stubeda, Pastor
Thurs., Dec. 20 — Morning
prayer, 7 a.m.; Mass, 7:20 a.m.
Fri., Dec. 21 — Morning
prayer, 8 a.m.; school Mass, 8:20
a.m.; school reconcilation, 11
a.m.; reconciliation, 4 p.m.-5 p.m.;
Spanish Mass, 5:30 p.m..
Sat., Dec. 22 — Reconciliation,
3:30 p.m.; Mass, 5 p.m.
Sun., Dec. 23 — Fourth Sunday
of Advent; Mass, 9:30 a.m.; Span-
ish Mass, 11:30 a.m.; religious ed-
ucation posada; decorate church
for Christmas, 1:30 p.m.; Mass at
Holy Family, Silver Lake, 8 p.m.
Mon., Dec. 24 — School break
begins; parish offices closed;
Mass, 4 p.m.; Spanish Mass, 6
Tues., Dec. 25 — Mass, 10 a.m.
Wed., Dec. 26 — No Mass,
7:20 a.m.; no school; parish offices
closed; no religious education
1215 Roberts Rd. S.W.
Rick Stapleton,
Senior pastor
Adam Krumrie,
worship pastor
Tait Hoglund,
Student ministries
Thurs., Dec. 20 — Senior high
lunch, 11 a.m.; worship team, 6
Sun., Dec. 23 — Worship, 9
a.m. and 10:30 a.m.; Griefshare, 2
Mon., Dec. 24 — Christmas
Eve worship, 4:30 p.m. and 6:30
Thurs., Dec. 27 — Worship
team, 6 p.m.
77 Lincoln Ave.,
Lester Prairie
Bethany Nelson, pastor
Sun., Dec. 23 — Holy worship,
9 a.m.
Mon., Dec. 24 — Christmas
Eve worship, 5:30 p.m.
Page 6 — Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, December 20, 2012
PO Box 99 • 170 Shady Ridge Rd
Hutchinson, MN 55350
320-587-2062 / 320-587-8567 fax
Filled With
Best Wishes
– And stuffed with
our gratitude!
Folks like you
make it all
We’d like to join all of
you in giving thanks for
the Miracle of Christmas
and the many blessings
we share including your
Merry Christmas!
Our Savior
Schauer & Sons
Steve, Patsy, Bill,
Joe & Jason
peace on earth.
Goodwill towards all mankind–
and heartfelt thanks to our neighbors & friends!
Merry Christmas!
Phone: (320) 587-3361 or (800) 578-5636
35 Adams Street SE, Hutchinson, MN 55350
Brian, Craig, Paul, Taylor, Eric and Fritz
It’s because we get to thank
you for your stopping by!
Merry Christmas!
It’s The Most
Wonderful Time
Of The Year
...And do you know why?
Clarence, Melinda, Travis, Jared, Justin & Jimmy
Glencoe, MN Dir. Lic. #21692 A
Auto Sa
At The Holidays
Without your support, we wouldn’t be here... without
your friendship, it just wouldn’t be Christmas!
Merry Christmas and many thanks from
9522 Hwy. 22, Glencoe
HOURS: Mon.-Thurs. 8-7, Fri. 8-5:30, Sat. 8-4
Al’s Car Wash & Detail Center
- Hutchinson
Full Inventory at www.AlsAutoSales.com
At This Blessed Season
For your friendship and support I feel truly blessed, and wish you
and your family all the very best at this joyous time of year.
Shimanski Orchard
Ron Shimanski, Genny & Jane
Have Yourself A Merry
Little Christmas!
No matter where you’re headed this
Christmas, we’re hoping your holiday
leaves you laughing all the way!
Harlan’s Auto Repair
211 N. Lake Ave., Silver Lake • 320-327-2255
Harlan, Barb & Marc; Scott, Bri, Kennedy &
Brayden; Kristi, Brian, Kayley & Carson; Kevin
–And wish you all
the trimmings of
a very merry and
festive season.
to say,
K & K Storage,LLC
Hwy 7, Silver Lake• 320-327-0123
Gerald & Shirley Kasella
Frank & Lori Kaczmarek
Church News
By Lori Copler
Staff Writer
To no one’s surprise, tax re-
form will be the hot topic of
the 2013 State Legislature, the
McLeod County Board heard
Jeff Spartz, executive direc-
tor of the Association of Min-
nesota Counties (AMC)
visited the County Board to
provide an update on the asso-
ciation’s activities and goals
for the coming year.
Spartz said association
members have made it clear
that “property tax reform is a
big issue.”
Spartz said Minnesota has a
very complex property tax
system, with 55 or 56 different
classifications of property for
taxing purposes.
“There is a huge cloud of
confusion around the property
tax system,” said Spartz.
Spartz also noted that tax re-
form is one of Gov. Mark Day-
ton’s main goals for 2013, but
that Dayton’s plan will proba-
bly call for reform of not just
the property tax system, but
also for changes in income and
sales taxes, as well.
Spartz expects that the state
Senate and the House also will
put forth tax reform proposals,
and reform also will be di-
vided along party lines.
“I think it will be a real dog
fight,” said Spartz of tax re-
Spartz also said that with tax
reform will come the redesign
of local governments and their
services, and that the associa-
tion is prepared to be a leader
in that redesign, being an ini-
tiator for change, rather than
reacting to changes made at
the state level.
Another goal for the associ-
ation is to urge the state to
“modernize its data systems”
for its department of human
services. Out-of-date comput-
ers, Spartz said, “puts an extra
burden on your (the county’s)
Spartz also encouraged
commissioner participation on
the association’s various pol-
icy committees, which include
committees on the environ-
ment and natural resources,
general government, health
and humans services, public
safety and transportation.
In other business Tuesday
morning, the County Board
approved several requests
from the Solid Waste Depart-
ment, including:
• A recommendation to buy
several recycling baskets, bins
and containers for Maplewood
Academy in Hutchinson at a
total cost of $7,289.46.
• Approved spending $9,800
for signs for its recycling
semi-trailers that are used by
various organizations for
paper drives.
• Approved the annual re-
bate to schools participating in
recycling at a total of $4,588
for the 2011-12 school year.
• Agreed to spend up to
$6,000 for security cameras at
the Silver Lake brush collec-
tion and recycling site to mon-
itor illegal dumping activities.
Solid Waste Coordinator
Sarah Young said that while
sites also have illegal dump-
ing, the Silver Lake site seems
to be a particular favorite for
that type of activity.
The County Board also:
• Decided to “stagger” the
terms of its newly formed
ditch committee, by giving
two-year terms to the repre-
sentatives of Districts 2 and 5
and three-year terms to repre-
sentatives of Districts 1, 3 and
4, starting Jan. 1. After the ro-
tation is started, all of the
terms will be for three years
• Approved a pay increase of
40 cents per hour for non-
union employees, starting in
2013. The county also will
contribute another $10 per
month toward single health
coverage and $60 for family
coverage, as well as $500 per
single person and $1,500 per
family for employees who
transition into a health savings
account (HSA) during 2013.
• Approved a 70-cents-per-
hour increase for part-time
county employees, also start-
ing in 2013, which also will
take care of a raise which
should have been offered in
County Board hears update
on AMC activities, 2013 goals
display set
for museum
The Cokato Museum
announces the opening of
its latest display, “That
Kind of Itches: Outerwear
and Otherwear Worn Dur-
ing the Winter Months.”
Featured in this display
are all sorts of items worn
to help keep people warm
over the winter months,
including coats, sweaters,
scarves, gloves and mit-
tens, muffs and union
With many of those
items being made from
wool, it was understand-
able why folks found
them scratch-inducing.
Complementing the
clothing are a number of
decorations that formerly
adorned the streets of
downtown Cokato, where
they hung from light
poles and wires stretched
between buildings. The
remainder of the mu-
seum’s gallery will be fes-
tively decorated for the
holiday season.
“That Kind of Itches”
will be open until Jan. 31.
For more information,
please contact the mu-
seum at 320-286-2427, on
the web at www.cokato.
mn.us, or check out its
Facebook page.
The Cokato Museum is
a cooperative effort of the
city of Cokato and the
Cokato Historical Soci-
GFWC Silver Lake had
its Christmas party and
meeting on Tuesday, Dec.
4, at the Legion Club
The evening began with
a potluck supper and
games. Following the meal,
President Margaret Benz
opened the meeting. The
Pledge of Allegiance and
the Club Collect were re-
The members served re-
freshments at the Silver
Lake Winter Festival held
Saturday, Dec. 15.
The Silver Lake Busi-
ness Expo will be held on
Saturday, Jan. 19, from 10
a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Silver
Lake Auditorium. The club
will be serving lunch.
Donations of $50 each
were given to the Silver
Lake Senior Citizens Club,
Silver Lake dining site, and
Silver Lake Winter Festi-
The next meeting will be
Monday, Jan. 28, at 6:30
p.m. The club will be enter-
taining the residents of
Cedar Crest.
Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, December 20, 2012 — Page 7
We thank you for your valued
business, and wish you and your
loved ones a bounty of glad
tidings this holiday season.
Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
2110 9
St. E. • Glencoe
We’re carrying a message of gratitude to all of the people who have
helped make this past year a joyful one for us, and hope the coming
holiday season brings lots of glad tidings your way. Merry Christmas!
Joy To The World
Stritesky Trucking
Silver Lake
Kyle, JoAnna & family
Celebrate the
Celebrate the
We DO believe in
Christmas–and in the goodness
of people like you!
Merry Christmas
& many thanks
from your friends at
the legion.
Thanks for your support.
Silver Lake
American Legion
Post 141
P.O. Box 339 – 102 Main St. S, Hutchinson, MN 55350
320-587-2674 www.ciahutch.com Fax: (320) 587-1174
Merry Christmas and thank you
for your support this year!
216 Grove Ave NE, Silver Lake • 320-327-2742
Duane, Chris & Jacob Wawrzyniak
With Tidings of
Comfort & Joy
Wishing you and the ones you love,
the blessings of peace, love, and
contentment at this special time of
year. We’ve enjoyed the time we’ve
spent with you, and look forward to
your continued friendship!
Professional Dog Grooming
217 Summit Ave., Silver Lake
Deb & Bruce Bebo
Sweet It Is–
To know folks
like you!
Merry Christmas
to you and yours.
Lakeside Manor
127 Park Ave.
Al & Pearl
and Residents
Silver Lake Leader photos
by Rich Glennie
Winter fun
The five sections of GSL
kindergarten classes got
together last week for the
annual winter concert in
the high school audito-
rium. Above, Ava Ranzau,
Aden Fering and Haley Ko-
rson performed “Head &
Shoulders, Knees and
Toes,” which stressed
body awareness and
tempo changes. At right,
Isaiah Vega beamed as he
danced to “Jump Jim
Joe,” which featured danc-
ing with a partner. The
music was directed by
Carrie Knott, and the ac-
companying art show was
coordinated by Andrea
Christmas Brown Sugar Drops
Submitted by Eileen Pulkrabek
1 cup soft shortening
2 cups brown sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup soured milk or buttermilk
3-1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups candied cherries, chopped
2 cups dates, chopped
1-1/2 cup pecans, chopped
Mix shortening, brown sugar and eggs thor-
oughly. Stir in milk. Blend flour, baking soda
and salt and stir in brown sugar mixture. Add
fruits and nuts. Chill at least 1 hour. Drop
rounded teaspoonful of dough 2 inches apart on
greased cooke sheet. Bake 8 to 10 minutes at
350 degrees to 375 degrees or until no imprint
remains when touched with a finger. Makes
about six dozen cookies.
Eggnog Thumbprints
3/4 cup butter
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/4 cup butter
1 cup sifted powdered sugar
1 tablespoon rum*
In a large mixer bowl, beat 3/4 cup butter until
softened. Add sugar and brown sugar and beat
until fluffy. Add egg, vanilla, and salt and beat
well. Add flour and beat until well mixed.
Cover and chill one hour. Shape dough into 1-
inch balls. Place two inches apart on an un-
greased cookie sheet. Press down centers with
thumb. Bake in a 350-degree oven about 12
minutes or until done. Remove and cool. For
filling, beat 1/4 cup butter until softened. Add
powdered sugar and beat until fluffy. Add rum
and beat well. Spoon about 1/2 teaspoon filling
into center of each cookie. Sprinkle with nut-
meg. Chill until filling is firm. Makes about 50.
*You can substitute 1 tablespoon milk and 1/4
teaspoon rum extract for the rum.
Salted Whiskey Caramels
5 tablespoons butter
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup whiskey
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
1-1/2 cups sugar
1/4 cup light corn syrup
1/4 cup water
1 tablespoon kosher salt, for sprinkling
Line a nine-inch square pan with wax paper, al-
lowing paper to drape over two sides; spray
lightly with cooking spray. In a one-quart
saucepan, heat butter, heavy whipping cream,
whiskey, vanilla, and 1/4 teaspoon salt to boil-
ing, stirring frequently. Remove from heat; set
aside. In a three-quart saucepan, mix sugar, corn
syrup, and water. Heat to boiling over medium-
high heat. Do not stir. Boil until sugar turns a
warm golden brown. When sugar mixture is
done, turn off heat and slowly add cream mix-
ture to sugar mixture. Be careful — it will bub-
ble violently. Cook over medium-low heat for
10 minutes, until mixture reaches 248 degrees
on a candy thermometer. Pour caramel into pan;
cool 10 minutes. Sprinkle with 1 tablespoon
salt; cool completely. Cut into squares.
Submit a recipe to be used for print in this section.
Recipes will be printed at the discretion of the editor
Submitted Recipe Winner for
Kitchen Delights & Other Things:
Stacy Miska, Watertown
Thank you to our recipe submission participants.
GFWC Silver Lake
makes donations
The McLeod Social Service
Center is seeking nominations
for the “Professional Family
Child Care Provider of the
Year.” Parents and community
members are encouraged to
nominate licensed family child
care professionals who have
had a positive impact on chil-
dren and the community.
Nominated individuals must
have been licensed for a mini-
mum of three years, promote
in-home licensed child care in
the community, exhibit special
competency and professional-
ism in the child care field, and
have plans to continue to en-
hance their skills in child care.
If you know a family day
care provider who deserves
special recognition for the
positive impact he or she has
made in the lives of young
children, please contact the
McLeod Social Service Center
at 320-864-3144, 320-484-
4330 (Hutchinson) or 1-800-
247-1756 (toll free) to request
a nomination form.
The deadline for nomination
is Jan. 18, 2013.
Nominations sought for
‘Provider of the Year’
Editor’s Note: The follow-
ing letters to Santa Claus
were written by first-grade
students at GSL’s Helen
Baker Elementary School.
All the letters were written
on Dec. 7.
Dear Santa,
I hope you have a good
Christmas. I will have a good
Christmas too. I want a Barbie
that has different colored hair
and a Monster High toy and a
Poppet that has music.
Katheryn Arguijo-Amaya
Dear Santa,
What is your favorite
cookie? I would like a blue
Dolan Jaster
Dear Santa,
How are you? I am being
good. I would like a DS.
Travis Lueck
Dear Santa
How is Mrs. Claus? I am
being good. I would like a
new Barbie.
Katrina Robeck
Dear Santa,
How is Mrs. Claus? How
are the elves? I want a Barbie.
Sabina Arzate
Dear Santa,
I hope that Rudolph is ok. I
am being good. I want a DS.
I want an iPod. I want a race
care that comes with a semi, 2
of them a blue one and a red
Aden Carrigan
Dear Santa,
How is Rudolph? I would
like a toy copy of Rudolph.
Claire would like a new
puppy. How are the elves? I
would also like a flag please.
Claire would also like a new
toy. How is Mrs. Claus? I
would like a new baby doll.
My mom would like a new
pair of cleaning gloves and my
dad would like a new scissors
to cut his hair.
Audrey Schultz
Dear Santa,
How are you? How are the
elves doing? How is Mrs.
Claus? I want American girl
doll clothes. I want a purple
digit friend. I will leave you
cookies. What kind of cookies
do you like? My brother
would like a big bumblebee.
Halle Becker
Dear Santa,
How are you? How are
your elves? I would like a re-
mote control car.
Chase Schaefer
Dear Santa,
Are you being good? For
Christmas I want a football,
candy, beef jerky, iPad, a pet
snake, computer, a new pool,
puzzles, a toy robot, Xbox
360, jelly beans, Wiiu, Legos,
a guitar, a pet lizard, a hot dog,
a corn dog, mini corn dogs,
football cards, baseball cards
and Pokeman cards.
Josh Fiecke
Dear Santa,
How old are you? Can you
bring me presents for Christ-
mas? I want Lego Ningo Mas-
ters of Sin. Do you like the
Alex Calderon
Dear Santa,
How are you? I am good! I
want a Barbie doll.
Karla Rodriguez
Dear Santa,
How are you? I am being
really good! How is Rudolph?
I would like a new Barbie. My
mom would like a new cam-
era. My dad would like a new
TV. Isaias would like a new
car. Gaby would like a new
Barbie too. Genesis would
like a new Barbie too.
Sarahi Vega
Dear Santa,
How are the elves? Santa, I
have been very, very good to
my brother. Santa I want a
Wiiu and a Wiiu game the Bat-
man one. Santa, I will leave
you cookies and milk.
Luis Villarreal
Dear Santa,
How is Dasher? I am being
really, really good. I would
like a bb gun. I would like a
computer. I will leave you
Joe Urban
Dear Santa,
How are you? I want a
water proof camera. I will
leave you some cookies.
Miguel Arandia
Dear Santa,
How is Mrs. Claus? I would
like a EDS and an Xbox 360
and a new Xbox and a new
DS, and a new TV, and a new
TV, and a new dog and cat.
What is your favorite cookie.
Joaquin Orozco-Anderson
Dear Santa,
How are you? I am being
really good! How is Rudolph?
I want a water gun. I want a
Levi Silfverston
Dear Santa,
How are you? I am being
really good! How is Rudolph?
I would like you to have a
good Christmas. I would like
a baby doll. I will leave you
Jaeleigh Fern
Dear Santa,
How are you? How are the
elves? How is Mrs. Claus?
How are the reindeer? I would
like a necklace. I would like
everyone to have a good
Christmas. I have been really
good! I am happy!
Lola Strey
Dear Santa,
How are you? How are the
elves? Can I please have a
Nook? What are your favorite
Addy Graupmann
Dear Santa,
How old are you? How are
the elves doing? I want a
SMARTBoard just like Mrs.
Grams. I want everyone to
have a good Christmas.
Brooklyn Christianson
Dear Santa,
How are the elves? I would
like a new Xbox. I would like
a new remote control car. I
would like a new trampoline.
Cole Karg
Page 8 — Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, December 20, 2012
As another holiday season gets into full swing, we’d
like to display our best wishes, and deliver our
gratitude to all of those who have visited us this
year. For your friendship, we feel truly blessed.
Michele’s Day Care
108 Century Lane, Silver Lake • 327-2834
Michele Joey, Ryan, Brandon
& Alyssa Ebert
As another holiday season comes our way,
We’d like to seize the chance to say,
That one thing that we know is true,
Is we owe our success to each one of you!
Greetings Of The Season
With sincere gratitude from us this holiday season.
Dale’s Appliance &
Refrigeration, Inc.
6978 190th St., Lester Prairie
(320) 395-2719
Dale & Cindy Klaustermeier
For the joy your friendship has brought us we
are sincerely grateful, and wish you a very
memorable holiday season.
Laurie Mickolichek Ins.
Progressive Insurance
19176 Falcon Ave. • 320-327-3173
Makes It All Worthwhile!
With our deepest
gratitude for your
kind patronage.
Have a
Sumter Mutual
Insurance Company
117 W. Main St.
Silver Lake
We know it gives us a
lift to serve you.
Many thanks
for your
loyal support.
Silver Lake, MN
Highway 7
(320) 327-2516
Main Street
(320) 327-2445
Joe, Dori & family
& Crew, Mark & Josh
With heartfelt thanks from
all of us. We really appreciate
the gift of your friendship.
Silver Lake
Dear Santa,
I want a Barbie doll with
pretty clothes. Have a great
Love, Elizabeth Hilerio
Dear Santa,
I would like a 3 DS, Taylor
Swift CD, phone, my own
house, remote control helicop-
ter, robot, and a Smart board
From, Thomas Drew
Dear Santa,
I want a lego train and re-
mote control train.
From, Dylan Mathews
Dear Santa,
You are the best Santa ever!
Can you bring me a DS and
games. I trust you Santa.
Love, Nathaniel Schnabel
Dear Santa,
I want an x-box 360 and lap-
top and PSP and battle ship
games and a Wii.
From, Zachary Templin
Dear Santa,
I want a DS3, and an I Pod,
I like Santa. I want a doll
please. I love Santa.
Love, Kayleen Montes
Dear Santa,
You are the best Santa ever.
I like you. How are you doing?
I want nail polish, an I pad,
and glitter.
Love, Leah Lemmers
Dear Santa,
This year I want some trad-
ing cards, a sports necklace,
and a trading book.
Hunter Schmitt
Dear Santa,
This year I want a nurf gun,
an I pod, DS, 3D DS, electric
nurf gun, and hand sanitizer.
Joe Mattson
Dear Santa,
Please leave a remote con-
trol spider, a remote control
snake, and a 3D DS
From, Tanner Rosenlund
Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas
is… legos, a 3D DS, my two
front teeth, remote control car,
and lots of dollars.
Kody Leske
Dear Santa,
I want an I pod, phone, little
Christmas tree, little hand san-
itizers, stickers, tattoos, 50
notebooks, my own white
board, and headbands.
Adriana Lipe
Dear Santa,
I would like an x-box, 3D
DS, a big dog, and a car.
From, Andrew Bandas
Dear Santa,
You are the best! I would
like an Under Armour sweat-
shirt, remote control spy jet,
3D DS, PSP, nurf gun, back-
pack, bow and arrow, and a
Stuart Rosenlund
Dear Santa,
I would like an I pod, a little
double stroller, a DSI, a book,
and a camper.
Hannah Graf
Dear Santa,
How are you doing? For
Christmas I want Littlest Pet
Shop and Leap pad games. I
also want books.
Marissa Brinkmann
Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is a
3D DS and a DSi and lots of
money, more chapter books, a
Wii, and lots of presents for
Caleb Lindeman
Dear Santa,
I want art stuff, monkey
stuffed animals and a good
Logan Hanson
Dear Santa,
This year I want some trad-
ing cards and a picture frame
to hold my trading card. I also
want a wood flat that I want
you to nail the trading cards to
the wood. I would also like a
trading card book, sports neck-
lace of the Lions, and a 22.
From, Eli Ehrke
Dear Santa,
I want an I Pod, car, cat, DS,
four-wheeler, an easel, Christ-
mas songs, Spiderman suit,
Alvin and the Chipmunk, CD,
a motorcycle, and a toy car.
Natosha Fisher
Dear Santa,
I want a Wii, a PS3, DS,
Xbox 360, phone, computer.
Eliel Escalante
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would like
a fortune cookie maker, Amer-
ican girl doll, color splashes,
Barbie life in a dream house,
DS charger, DS games, toy
unicorn, Barbies, a limo for
Barbies, and to my mommy
and daddy, love for Christmas.
Riley Spears
Dear Santa,
I want a DS, a bike, and a
skateboard. I love skate-
From, Gabriel Jewell
Santa letters: Mrs. Farrell’s class
Editor’s note: This Santa
letter was written by an 8-
year-old student at Helen
Baker after the Sandy Hook
massacre in Connecticut.
Dear Santa,
Just please give me what I
deserve. And please make sure
that all the little angels get
what they want in heaven. Oh
and one girl that died, she
wanted cowgirl hat and boots
so please make sure she gets
Love, Shawn McHugh
Santa letters: Mrs. Grams’ class
Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, December 20, 2012 — Page 9
Glad tidings to you
and your kin this
holiday season.
For your
support, we
are eternally
Silver Lake City Council
Mayor Bruce Bebo; Council members Carol Roquette,
Nolan Johnson, Eric Nelson and Pat Fogarty
No matter how you get your news, we hope the holiday season delivers an abundance of glad tidings to
your doorstep. We appreciate your loyal support and look forward to your continued readership.
Silver Lake Leader
Good Tidings
Knock on
Your Door
This Holiday.
Best wishes to you and your family, as you
welcome the peace and joy of the Christmas
season into your home.We hope your
holiday is filled with comfort and joy and the
warmth of good friends.
We look forward to serving you in
the new year.
Brian & Jan
Though it’s cold outside,
it’s cozy in here,
As we gather with friends
from far and near.
No matter where you may travel
or what people may say,
There’s no place like home for
the holiday!
Priority 1
Metrowest Realty
806 10th St., Suite 101
Glencoe • 320-864-4877
,...¸ ç/..·i»+· ×
,+¿¿¸ ,-/.++¸·
ATM · 24/7 TeIephone Banking - (320) 395-8300
Member FDÌC
Quality Financial Products · Friendly, Local Service · Convenient Location · Great People
C|rlstmas |ºe-C|eslaq at 1pm
C|rlstmas 0a, C|ese4
New \ears |ºe 0a, (0ecem|er 11) -
|aslaess 4a, ls ea4laq at 1ìaeea(4ae
te merqer) |at |aa| wl|| remala epea
aerma| |aslaess |ears.
New \ears 0a, -C|ese4
Holiday Hours:
Christmas Eve, Dec. 24
Closed at Noon
Christmas Day, Dec. 25
New Years Eve, Dec. 31
Closed at 3 p.m.
New Years Day, Jan. 1
All other days we will be open
normal business hours.
Medical Center
Toll-free 800-944-2690
www. Hut chi nsonMedi cal Cent er . com
Wishing you a healthy
holiday season!
We’re really grateful
to have friends and
neighbors like you!
Gene & Burnett Wawrzyniak
With WarmRegards
We may provide the heat for your
home, but nothing warms our hearts
more than thoughts of the many
good folks we’ve had the privilege to
serve this past year. Happy Holidays!
Glencoe, MN | 320-864-6435
Dear Santa,
I wish for a 3DS for Christ-
mas. How are you Santa and
Mrs. Claus?
Jose Alvarado
Dear Santa,
I want to know how the
elves are. How are the rein-
deers? How is Mrs. Claus? I
want a farm set, bow and
arrow, fishing set, and a clock
like Mrs. Peirce’s. Have a
Merry Christmas. I will put
some cookies out for you!
Profidio Gonzalez
Dear Santa,
How are the reindeer? How
is Mrs. Claus? How are the
elves? For Christmas I want a
Hanna Schroeder
Dear Santa,
How are you doing? For
Christmas I want 3DS XL. I
am 7 years old.
Wyatt Follestad
Dear Santa,
How are you today Santa? I
want a DSi XL and Angry
Birds. I am being good today.
I love you Santa. How are
your reindeer? I want a Wii U.
Owen Schmieg
Dear Santa,
I want for Christmas an
Xbox and a Wii U. I want a
Mario game 2 for the 3DS.
How old are you?
Daniel Hernandez
Dear Santa,
What are you doing in the
North Pole? I wish for a PS3
for Christmas and I wish for a
Mario Sticker land for a 3DS.
My brother wishes for Call
Duty Black Ops 2.
Sincerely, Brayden Gildea
Dear Santa,
How are you? I want a
3DSi XL and bring my sister
some mittens. You can take
my brother. I’ve been good.
Written by, Lacie Black-
Dear Santa,
How old are you? I wish for
a big doll. I have been good.
I love you. I want you to bring
a toy for my brother. I just
want to hug you so much.
Maybe bring me some cook-
ies. My family is good. I am
so happy!
Love, Nubia Medina
Dear Santa,
How old are you? I was
good this year. I want a big
dog named Lilly and a little
golden retriever.
Love, Hunter Fearing
Dear Santa,
What are the elves doing? I
want a DSi and an Xbox. Take
my brother with you. Why do
you have to wear red at Christ-
mas? I love to have toys be-
cause I get to have fun.
Love, Braxton Streich
Dear Santa,
How are you Santa? Or
Christmas I want a real baby
Hailey Carrillo
Dear Santa,
What are your favorite
cookies? I have been good
this year. For Christmas I
want a 3DS. For Christmas I
want the new Tinkerbell
movie. For Christmas I want
a diary. For Christmas my
brother Garrett wants cars.
My brother Brenden wants a
Love, Aleisha Teubert
Dear Santa,
How old are you? I wish for
a toy dragon. My brother
wants a dragon too.
Love, Jasmine Lewis
Dear Santa,
I want Angry Birds Space,
Angry Birds Star Wars, and I
want a Wii U.
Aaron Rodriguez
Dear Santa,
How are your elves? I want
a snowplow for Christmas!
By Chase Duenow
Ho! Ho!
Dear Santa,
Santa, how are the elves? I
want some Lego Friends. I
want some farming toys. I
want a DS XL. I want some
Barbies. I know that Natalie
likes Dora.
Love, Brianna Matheny
Dear Santa,
How are you? For Christ-
mas I want a Play Station 360.
How are you Mrs. Claus?
How are the reindeer? Why
do you like cookies?
Love, Skyler Askerud
Dear Santa,
I am wondering how the
reindeer are? I am being good
so I want everything on my
note. I want a Cotton Candy
Machine and an Easy Bake
Oven. I want a Barbie Cam-
era, a map, a Wii U. So this is
what I want, so bring it here by
Christmas Eve.
Rachel Anderson
Dear Santa,
How do your reindeer fly?
How old are you? I want an
iPad and a phone for Christ-
mas. I love Santa.
Evelynne Raddatz
Dear Santa,
Are you getting ready for
Christmas? I want for Christ-
mas is a guitar and an iPod
Touch. I want for Christmas a
Lego Girl Vet Set. What is
your favorite cookie Santa?
What does your reindeer like
to eat? For Christmas I want a
baby cat.
Love, Allison Willcox
Dear Santa,
I would like to get toys with
flashing lights. The brighter
the lights, the better for me. I
also like to listen to music, so
if you have something that I
can touch and it will play a va-
riety of songs or melodies that
would be super! Thank you of
thinking of me and all your
Love, Trace Otto
Santa letters: Mrs. Peirce’s class
Page 10 — Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, December 20, 2012
As another year hits the road, we’d like
to acknowledge all the people who have
been key to our success and wish you
all a very, very merry season.
Thanks for your valued business.
TOLL PPLL 888-485-4807 · (320) 286-244l
METRO (612) 332-0803
HOURS: Sales: Mon.-Fri. 8:30-6, Sat. 8:30-2
Service: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-5, Sat. 7:30-noon
GMAC Financing
Make It Merry!
In this joyful season, we wanted to let you
know how much we’ve enjoyed getting to
know you and your family this year.
Thanks, friends!
AdventureCare Daycare
Jen Venier & Family
605 Main St., Silver Lake • 327-8445
With best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year to one and all.
Silver Lake Sportsmen’s Club
from our entire team
With highest praise to the Lord at the
birth of our Savior, and many thanks
to you, our friends and neighbors for
your goodwill during this past year.
With exceeding great joy we bid you
and yours a very joyous Yuletide season,
followed by a most memorable
New Year.
Silver Lake
Knights of Columbus
There’s no place like home to spend the holiday
season, especially when one is surrounded by
friends and neighbors like you! Happy Holidays!
Jeanne Ray
rayjea@mchsi.com • Cell 320-583-7184
904 Hwy 15 S., Hutchinson
http://jeanneray.edinarealty.com Your Real Estate Resource
“And the
became flesh,
dwelt among
John 1:14
Merry Christmas
from the
Maresh Funeral Home
Silver Lake, MN
Hometown People with
a Common Concern
Leon Kaczmarek
Funeral Assistant
Jimmy Jurek
Funeral Assistant
Season’s Greetings
May your season be aglow with
inspiration, enlightenment and joy.
For your kind patronage
we are sincerely thankful.
Silver Lake Liquor
On and Off Sale
200 W. Main St.
75 YEARS AGO - DEC. 25, 1937 — A new
butcher shop, located in the Felix Slanga build-
ing on Main Street and formerly occupied by
George Ruppert, is now operated by George
Marek and Paul Schultz from Hutchinson. They
are now open and ready for business and will
give you first-class service in curing, smoking,
butchering, grinding meat and sausage making
and will also handle a complete line of fresh
The Silver Lake High School Alumni will
host its annual Midwater Party on Tuesday,
Dec. 28, with a pair of basketball games and fol-
low up by a big dance with music by Henry
Klima’s Orchestra. The basketball game will be
between the high school team and the alumni
with the first game starting at 7:30 p.m. Admis-
sion is 10¢ and 25¢ for the doubleheader bas-
ketball game. Dance admission is 25¢ and 10¢
for the lunch.
Nearly 600 bags of candy and nuts were dis-
tributed by Santa on Tuesday, Dec. 21.
Starting Thursday afternoon, December 30,
Sherman Station will celebrate the opening of
George Peterson’s big new store and amuse-
ment place. Mr. Peterson has secured radio
stars, orchestras and entertainment to make the
grand opening the biggest event ever to be held
at Sherman. The grand opening continues Fri-
day, Saturday, and Sunday, Dec. 31-Jan. 2, with
dancing and entertainment in the “Archway,”
the new air-conditioned dance floor, a part of
the new building.
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Born
on Dec. 23.
50 YEARS AGO - DEC. 20, 1962 — Ruz-
icka’s Super Market will be giving away free
prizes on Monday, Dec. 24; just stop in and reg-
ister and you might be a lucky winner.
Silver Lake High School FFA members
Duane Yurek and Tom Metkowski placed third
and seventh, respectively, at a Cow Clipping
Contest held at Brownton on Saturday, Dec. 1.
Maresh Furniture Store has a Christmas spe-
cial of a stereo console for $149.95 and a high
speed GE dryer for only $168.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Stibal are residing on
the John Marvan farm near Komensky.
Mrs. Ben Trutna, 56, died Monday, Dec. 17,
at the Hutchinson Hospital. Funeral services
were held on Thursday, Dec. 20, at Bethlehem
Evanglical United Brethren Church in Hutchin-
Frank Gutzman died at his apartment in Sil-
ver Lake on Thursday, Dec. 13. Funeral services
were held on Monday morning at the Church of
St. Adalbert.
Mrs. Max Fisher (Magdalen Svoboda), 55,
died at her home in Hutchinson on Tuesday,
Dec. 18. Funeral services were held on Satur-
day, Dec. 22, at the St. Anastasia School Chapel
at Hutchinson.
25 YEARS AGO - DEC. 24, 1987 —Silver
Lake Knights of Columbus Cabrini Council
1841 received the Knights of Columbus
Columbian Award.
Tickets are still available for the New Year’s
Eve party to be held at the Silver Lake Ameri-
can Legion Club. Admission includes dinner,
noise makers, live music and a chance to win
one of the three $25 cash prizes.
Mike Holm, son of Wes and Donna Holm,
graduated from St. Cloud State University on
Wednesday, Nov. 25, with a bachelor of science
degree with magna cum laude honors.
Ben Graczyk of Foley passed away on Mon-
day, Dec. 21. Funeral services were held in
Down Memory Lane
Compiled by Margaret Benz
Registration open for February ACT test
Registration is now open for
the Feb. 9 administration of
the ACT college and career
readiness exam. Students who
want to take the exam must
register by Jan. 11.
Students can register online
at www.actstudent.org or by
mail. Paper registration forms
can be obtained from school
counselor offices or by re-
questing a registration packet
from ACT.
The ACT is a curriculum-
based achievement exam. It
measures what students have
learned in school and what
they need to know to be ready
for first-year college courses.
The ACT comprises four
multiple choice subject tests-
English, mathematics, reading
and science and takes about
three hours, plus breaks, to
An optional essay writing
test, which takes an additional
30 minutes, also is available.
Students who want to take the
writing portion should register
for the ACT Plus Writing.
The cost to take the ACT
(with no writing test) is $35.
The cost to take the ACT Plus
Writing is $50.50. Fee waivers
are available to qualified stu-
dents who can’t afford the reg-
istration fee. Students should
apply for a fee waiver through
their school counselor’s office.
During registration, students
may select up to four colleges
or universities to receive their
score reports at no additional
charge. All four-year colleges
and universities across the
United States accept ACT
scores for admission purposes.
ACT sends score reports only
when authorized to do so by
the student.
Each test taker receives an
ACT score report that includes
a wide variety of information
to assist with course planning,
college readiness, career plan-
ning and college admissions.
The ACT student website,
www.actstudent.org, offers
helpful information, free sam-
ple questions and complete
practice tests, and inexpensive
test prep materials to help stu-
dents prepare for the exam.
However, the best preparation
is to take challenging courses
in school, study hard and learn
the material.
The Minnesota FFA Foun-
dation announced the 2012
Legacy Club Grant recipients,
including the Glencoe-Silver
Lake FFA chapter.
“We were honored to re-
ceive this grant,” said Becky
Haddad, GSL FFA adviser,
“and the money will be used
for obtaining technology to
ramp up our Supervised Agri-
culture Experience program
and FFA.”
Established in 2012, the
Legacy Club is comprised of
individuals who desire to see
strong FFA programs.
“FFA works to develop its
member’s premier leadership,
personal growth and career
success through agricultural
education and the FFA.
Strong FFA programs begin at
the chapter level and we de-
sire to support that growth,”
said executive director, Val
In its first year, the Min-
nesota FFA Foundation
awarded grants totaling
$25,000 to 23 chapters across
the state. Chapters will utilize
these funds to improve tech-
nology for their program, hold
leadership training, purchase
chapter FFA jackets, conduct
community outreach efforts
and obtain materials to pre-
pare their members for career
development events.
“It takes the involvement of
many to support strong agri-
cultural education programs.
We encourage more people to
join us in this important ef-
fort. FFA and agricultural ed-
ucation programs help train
young people for the many
careers in agriculture,” said
Michael Dove, past chair,
Minnesota FFA Foundation.
Interested individuals are
asked to donate $1,000 to-
wards the Legacy Club. This
donation can be made in one
to four years. For more infor-
mation about the Minnesota
FFA Foundation’s Legacy
Club, contact Aarsvold at
507-534-0188 or visit its web-
site at www.mnffafounda-
Lester Prairie/Silver Lake
(320) 395-2587 • (800) 723-0181
Dean L. Aldrich
Agency Manager
Doreen Vacek
Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, December 20, 2012 — Page 11
Want ed: Your OLD TRAC TORS,
any con di tion, make or mod el. We
also spe cial ize in new and used
Call Kyle. Lo cat ed west of Hen der -
son. (612) 203-9256.
500 Cow dairy farm in Pla to, MN is
search ing for an as sis tant herds -
per son to work in tran si tion facil i ty
with an empha sis on spe cial needs
and calf care. Please call (320)
238-2341 bet ween 7 a.m.- 5 p.m.
Mon day through Fri day. En gel -
mann Dairy, Pla to, MN.
Life time ca reer in mar ket ing, man -
age ment and ap ply ing “Green” pro -
ducts made in Amer i ca. Full time/
part time. For a free cat a log, call
Franke’s Con klin Serv ice now at
(320) 238-2370. www.frank e mar -
ket ing.com.
HAND Y MAN: Will do re mo del ing of
kitch ens, bath rooms, hang ing
doors and wind ows, paint ing, sheet
rock ing, tex tur iz ing or any minor re -
pairs in side or out side. Will also do
clean ing of base ments/ga rag es.
Call (320) 848-2722 or (320) 583-
Fire wood for sale. 100% Ash, split
and dry. Any quant i ty. De liv ery is
avail able. Call (320) 583-1597.
Fros ty’s Ma gic comes alive at This
Old House Gift Shop, High way 5
SW, Ar ling ton, with beau ti ful hand -
made gifts, felt ed purs es, wool mit -
tens, pot tery, fur San tas pock et
scarves, Christ mas and gar den
decor and more! Or na ments per -
son al ized FREE start ing at 3/$5.99.
Open 7 days a week. (507) 964-
Oak TV stand. 48.5” tall x 38.5”
wide x 21” deep. Holds up to 35”
TV, with shelf and draw er. Sol id.
$50. (320) 327-2541.
Scrap iron or metal? Will pick up
and dis pose of at no charge. (763)
Min ne so ta Twins sea son tick ets for
2013 sea son. Sec tion 121 seats.
Pack age in cludes 2 seats. 5, 10 or
15 game pack ag es avail able. Con -
tact Rick at (952) 224-6331 for
more in for ma tion.
We buy used bat ter ies and lead
weights. Pay ing top dol lar for junk
bat ter ies. Pay ing $8 to $24/bat tery.
We pick up. Call 800-777-2243. Ask
for Dana.
Busi ness op por tun i ty. 2,160 Square
foot block struc ture, con struct ed in
1983. Served as an auto re pair
shop on lot along State High way 25
in Green Isle. Ap prox imate ly 9,516
sq. ft. Brian O’Don nell (320) 864-
You must see it to ap pre ci ate it!
11798 155th St., Glen coe. Hob by
farm for sale. 6 +/- acr es, beau ti ful
4BR home. Very new out build ings.
MLS# 4177963, $300,000. Con tact
me for a pri vate show ing. Paul Krueg -
er, Edi na Re al ty, (612) 328-4506,
Paul Krueg er@edi nare al ty.com.
5BR Farm house. Spa cious kitch en
with lots of cab i nets. Wood burn ing
stove, new er sep tic, shin gles, cen -
tral air, main floor laun dry. Large
ga rage with heat ed shop. Brian
O’Don nell, Pri or i ty One Met ro west
Re al ty, (320) 864-4877.
Newly remodeled apartments for
rent in Renville. Water, heat,
garbage included. New appliances,
air conditioners. (320) 564-3351.
For rent: Large 2BR apart ment in
Sil ver Lake and 1BR home bet -
ween Sil ver Lake and Hutchin son.
Call Michael at (615) 935-1046.
Apart ments, 2BR with at tached ga -
rage, pri vate en trance and on-site
laun dry. Quiet and com fort able
build ing. $620/mo. Call (952) 955-
One lev el, 2BR town home on Sil ver
Lake. Open floor plan, 1BA with
show er/grab bars. Wash er/dry er in -
clud ed in unit. Sin gle car at tached
heat ed ga rage. in-floor heat ing/ air
con di tion ing. $725/mo. (763) 639-
FARM LAND WANT ED to rent for
2013 and beyond. Con tact Jay
Gass, (320) 522-0273 or (320) 523-
Want to rent farm land for 2013 and
beyond. (320) 510-1604.
Want ed to rent: Farm land. Call Paul
Schultz at (320) 327-2763.
Young farm er look ing for pro duc tive
farm land for 2013 and beyond.
Com peti tive rates and ref er enc es.
Call Aus tin Blad at (320) 221-3517.
place or ours. Give Vir gil a call.
Schau er Con struc tion, Inc. (320)
www.theur ba nex press.com or call
Dina (612) 940-2184 to re serve bus
to day. Two bus es avail able for wed -
ding, busi ness, bachelor(ette)’s,
sport ing, etc. Glen coe busi ness,
DOT 375227.
Plas tic re pair. Don’t throw it. Let me
weld it. Call Mike, Bird Is land, an y -
time (320) 579-0418.
Misc. Farm Items
Help Wanted
Work Wanted
Household Goods
Wanted To Buy
Hobby Farm
Want To Rent
Misc. Service
(based on first week pricing)
The McLeod
County Chronicle
Silver Lake Leader
The Glencoe
The Sibley Shopper
Arlington Enterprise
The Galaxy
Week 1/2 Price
All Six Papers Reach Over 50,000 Readers Weekly in over 33 Communities
For 20 words, one time in
ANY TWO PAPERS and on the internet.
30¢ per word after first 20 words.
All ads appear online
at GlencoeNews.com
Silver Lake Leader
To place an ad: Call: 320-327-2216; Fax: 320-327-2530; E-Mail: slleader@embarqmail.com; Mail: P.O. Box 343, Silver Lake, MN 55381
The McLeod County Chronicle Mondays at Noon
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Silver Lake
104B Lake Ave.
(320) 327-2216
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a Photo Plus Classified.
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The McLeod County Chronicle
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$0.01 increase per mile after 6 months
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advertisement here!
15% OFF
Page 12 — Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, December 20, 2012
Commerclal use vehlcles do not quallfy. vehlcles
cannot have over l00,000 mlles on odometer at
tlme of sale. Lxcludes certaln vehlcles. Pequlres
all Manufacturer Pecommended Malntenance to
be performed at deñned servlce lntervals through
authorlzed servlce provlders. Other restrlctlons
apply. See dealer for complete detalls.
A Lifetime Powertrain
Warranty is incIuded
on £V£RY quaIifying
vehicIe at no cost to
the customer.
Congratulatlons Steve
Kelth on your upcomlng
retlrement after 35 years of
servlce to your customers.
Silver Lake Leader photos
by Alyssa Schauer
Just horsing
At the annual Silver Lake
Winter Fest celebration
held last Saturday, hun-
dreds of people visited the
Silver Lake Auditorium and
the Silver Lake Legion to
see Santa, catch a ride on
the horse-drawn wagon,
pet Santa’s reindeer, enjoy
live music and hope for a
chance to win a door prize.
Above, buddies Brittin Po-
susta and Katelyn Fiecke
catch a ride on the wagon
and to the left, Pola-Czesky
Queen Kayla Schermann
poses for a quick smile
while taking the reins.
The year-to-date reports
show a net profit of 5.69 per-
cent, up from the 4.64 percent
in 2011. Operating revenues
totaled $230,656.29 and oper-
ating expenses totaled
• Approved a request to re-
place the door gaskets on the
walk-in cooler in the MLS for
a total cost of $3,997.41. The
money will be used from the
capital improvement fund for
the MLS, which budgeted
• Hired Kelley Roach and
Kari Eischens as part-time bar-
• Heard the public safety re-
port from Police Chief Forrest
Henriksen and learned that the
hiring process for John
Reigstad is almost complete.
Henriksen said Reigstad can
begin the field training process
after the results of the drug test
are received.
• Discussed liaison assign-
ments for 2013.
“Everything is moving re-
ally smoothly between liaisons
and department heads. I feel
there is good, open communi-
cation, so I am proposing that
we keep liaisons as they are
for this next year,” Bebo said.
“I have felt one year has
been too short, and I’ve said
that in past years, too,” Coun-
cilor Nolan Johnson said.
Nelson agreed and the
Council decided to keep liai-
son assignments the same for
Luce Line Continued from page 1
Nelson said the Council
could just think about it this
year, and build up the reserves
again next year.
“I’m trying to find a differ-
ent way of doing business that
works. I just want us to think
about it,” Nelson said.
“It is good to bring to the
table for something to think
about,” Councilor Carol
Roquette added.
“I appreciate your ideas, but
I don’t like the word habitual.
We’ve done our due diligence
to take care of the budget as
best as we can,” Venier added.
“Truthfully, I appreciate
what you’re doing, Eric, but
we have got to look at the av-
erage data over the years.
Looking at snow and ice,
we’ve had one year of excess
out of 10,” Bebo said. “You
have to be careful what you
take out, because you have to
put it back in.”
Bebo said that decreasing
the levy by 2 percent this year
could produce a 5 percent in-
crease the next if something
were to happen.
Nelson said he felt there was
no support, so he did not make
a motion on the issue.
Councilor Pat Fogarty made
a motion to take the $6,000
contingency out of the budget
this year.
“Why?” Roquette asked.
“I see what Eric is saying.
We have roughly $300,000 in
reserves,” Fogarty said.
On a 4-1 vote, Council re-
moved the $6,000 contingency
from the budget. Bebo op-
posed the motion.
After removing the contin-
gency and making cuts to
other transfer funds and health
insurance expenses, Council
voted 5-0 on a 2013 total tax
levy of $481,973, down from
the 2012 levy of $490,137.
Budget Continued from page 1
Swan Lake aeration to begin in January
An aeration system, creating
open water and thin ice, is ten-
tatively set to begin in January
2013, weather permitting.
The system will be on Swan
Lake in McLeod County, 117
township, Range 28, Section
Weather conditions may
cause the area of thin ice and
open water to fluctuate greatly.
Stay clear of marked areas,
and watch for future notices.
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