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2-7-13 Silver Lake Leader

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Vol. 112 No. 8 • Thursday, February 7, 2013 • Silver Lake, MN 55381
Single copy
By Alyssa Schauer
Staff Writer
f you are out and about
in Silver Lake, you may
notice a new face pa-
troling the streets of the city.
In December, John
Reigstad was hired for the
full-time police officer posi-
tion, and after completing
two weeks of field training,
Officer Reigstad is “offi-
cially” a member of the Sil-
ver Lake Police Department.
Reigstad, 28, grew up in
the Willmar area, where he
attended high school and col-
“I actually moved to Min-
neapolis for a year after grad-
uating high school to study at
Minneapolis Technical Col-
lege before moving back to
Willmar to finish my degree,”
Reigstad said.
“I wanted to experience
something different, and took
general courses in Minneapo-
lis,” he added.
Reigstad said he was al-
ways curious about law en-
forcement, and when he was
in school, the officer visits to
the classroom “triggered” his
desire to be a police officer.
“I graduated from Ridge-
water in 2006, and then de-
cided to go back to school to
get my four-year degree at St.
Cloud State University. While
there, I got in with the city of
Bird Island as a part-time of-
ficer, and three months later, I
was moved to full-time.
“It was definitely a juggle
trying to finish my academic
career and maintain a full-
time job at the same time. It
got easier after a while. It was
nice having a police chief
who was supportive of my
continuing education,”
Reigstad said.
Reigstad said the city of
Bird Island Police Depart-
ment disbanded, and he
ended up finding jobs work-
ing part time for the cities of
Olivia, Granite Falls and
He also was on the police
roster for surrounding com-
“I saw the job for Silver
Lake on the post board on-
line, and decided to apply,”
Reigstad said.
“Silver Lake is a very
friendly community. I enjoy
the small-town atmosphere,
where you know people by
their first names, participate
in community activities and
build bonds with those in
town,” he said.
Reigstad said his first two
weeks on the job were field
training, where he spent time
getting familiar with the city
of Silver Lake and McLeod
“I have to get used to the
different policies in this city
and county compared to other
departments I worked for.
“The hardest part was
probably learning the street
names. I am used to numbers,
not names. Most of the streets
are named alphabetically, but
there are a few odd ‘Z’ streets
that don’t belong,” he
Currently, Reigstad lives
outside of Silver Lake, but
stays in town when he is on
duty. He and his wife of five
months, Jennifer, are looking
to buy a house in town.
Reigstad new full-time
Silver Lake Police officer
John Reigstad
Submitted photo
On Saturday, the Silver Lake Fire Department is hosting a
public dance featuring “Shirts and Skins,” above. The
band is based out of the Twin Cities and performs a vari-
ety of music from nearly all genres.
Cabin Fever Cure
to feature ‘Shirts &
Skins’ at F.D. dance
By Alyssa Schauer
Staff Writer
Looking to remedy that
“cabin fever” after a week of
sub-zero temperatures and
blustering winds?
The Silver Lake Fire De-
partment may have the cure —
it is hosting a public dance
with live music, dancing and
refreshments Saturday, Feb. 9,
at the Silver Lake Auditorium.
The department hired
“Shirts and Skins,” a metro-
area band who emerged on the
Twin Cities music scene in
The band, consisting of one
female on lead vocals, Jamie
Nelson, and four males, James
Gross, Christian Harger,
Andre Rodriquez and Kyle
Primus, is known to cover
nearly all genres of music, in-
cluding rock, pop, alternative,
and even a few country hits.
“We were looking to do
something different to raise
funds this year. We have had
firemen’s dances in the past,
but we wanted to do some-
thing new this year,” said Tim
Grenke, training officer of the
Silver Lake Fire Department
and coordinator of the event.
“This is a public dance, and
all proceeds will benefit the
fire department. We are look-
ing to purchase and upgrade
“We just found out our turn-
out gear expires after 10 years,
and we bought that with a
grant nine years ago,” Grenke
Grenke said he saw the band
perform a couple of times in
the Twin Cities. “They were
great shows, and I think a lot
of people will enjoy them. It
should be a good time,” he
“They cover a ton of differ-
ent artists, from Guns N Roses
to the Beatles, to Stevie Won-
der to Johnny Cash,” he
The show will be held at the
Silver Lake Auditorium this
Saturday, Feb. 9, from 8 p.m.
to midnight. Doors open at 7
Refreshments and snacks
will be served.
For more information about
the group, visit www.shirtsan
County adopts 5-year highway plan
By Lori Copler
Staff Writer
The McLeod County Board
of Commissioners approved
the five-year highway and
bridge construction plan, span-
ning 2013 to 2017, at its Tues-
day morning meeting.
Highway Engineer John
Brunkhorst noted that while
the 2013 projects are firm,
projects slated in the remain-
ing years may fluctuate with
funding levels or changes in
Among the major projects
for this year, 2013, is County
Road 2 from the Wright
County line to about 4,200 feet
south of Silver Lake.
About 3.2 miles of County
Road 2 from the Wright
County line south to State
Highway 7 will be milled and
overlaid with concrete at a cost
of $666,780.
From Highway 7, the proj-
ect continues through Silver
Lake (where County Road 2 is
also Silver Lake’s Grove Av-
enue) at a cost of $1.6 million,
including $400,000 of city
funding for utility work. An-
other concrete overlay will
continue on Silver Lake’s
Gehlen Avenue, which is still
County Road 2, to 4,200 feet
Another major project in
2013 is the construction of a
roundabout at the intersection
of County Road 115 and High-
way 15 just south of Hutchin-
son, at a total cost of $1.134
million. Of that cost, $540,000
will be funded by the federal
government, $540,000 by city
funds, and $54,000 from
county state aid funding.
A third major project is the
reconstruction of County Road
7, or Bear Lake Road northeast
of Hutchinson, from County
Road 79 north to the Meeker
County line, at a cost of $1.7
Also on tap for 2013 are
safety improvements for the
railroad crossing on County
Road 25, which is also Brown-
ton’s Fifth Avenue, in the city
of Brownton.
Brunkhorst said $171,000
for the funding of the approxi-
mately $190,000 project will
come from the federal govern-
ment, with $19,000 from state
aid funds.
The safety improvements in-
clude the installation of
crossarms, which the intersec-
tion currently does not have.
The largest project slated for
2014 is the Morningside Av-
enue (County Road 15) project
in Glencoe, which includes re-
construction of the roadway
and a new railroad crossing at
a total cost of $1.97 million,
with $1.2 million from county
state aid funds, $500,000 from
the city of Glencoe, and
$270,000 in federal funds.
“I think that $1.9 million is
a little light (for the Morning-
side project),” said Brunk-
Brunkhorst said it may re-
quire more funding, and that
he plans to work with the city
on “different pieces of the
Another option for funding
may be to shift improvements
on County Road 3 between
County Roads 1 and 9, to 2015
from 2014, Brunkhorst said.
Currently, there are no con-
struction projects set for 2015.
The County Road 3 improve-
ments had been budgeted for
Submitted photo
The Glencoe-Silver Lake chapter of Business and Profes-
sionals of America (BPA) had 36 of its students advance
to the state competition set for March 7-9 at the Hyatt Re-
gency Hotel in Minneapolis. The BPA participants in-
cluded, front row, left to right, Brandon Ebert, Brody
Bratsch, Reed Dunbar, Travis Rothstein, Derek Bratsch
and Luke Weiers. In the second row are Teddi Grego, Kelly
Beneke, Kristen Grack, Lexi Wendlandt, Shannon Twiss,
Katie Urban, Katie Cohrs and Mercy Rakow. In the third
row are Samantha Iverson, Brooke Kaczmarek, Sarah
Clark, Kurtis Kunkel, Joe Fehrenbach, Ray Eberhard, Nick
Jenkins and Kaitlyn Boesche. In the fourth row are Ashley
Schaefer, Ashley Hall, Krissy Garbers, Mackenzie Ma-
tousek, Eric Thalmann, Oakley Clark and Patrick Fehren-
bach. In the fifth row are Jayden Tschimperle, Ashlyn
Ratike, Lexi Kerslake, Tate Lilienthal, Ashley Miller, Je-
nessa Urban and Rachel Rusten. In the back row are Mark
Lueders, Dylan Schuth, Michael Schaefer, Lindsay Wedin,
Michael Boesche and Kyle Beck.
36 BPA students
advance to state
The Glencoe-Silver Lake
chapter of Business Profes-
sionals of America (BPA)
competed at the region compe-
tition Jan. 28 at Eden Prairie
High School, and 36 students
will now advance to the state
BPA competition March 7-9 at
the Hyatt Regency Hotel in
Mary Eckhoff is the BPA
adviser at GSL.
The BPA Region 1 results
Kaitlyn Boesche, first place,
desktop publishing, third place
advanced word processing.
Derek Bratsch, first place,
integrated office procedures;
alternate advanced spread-
Katie Cohrs, first place,
medical office procedures.
Reed Dunbar, first place,
basic office procedures.
Joe Fehrenbach, first place,
database; sixth place advanced
Sam Iverson, first place, ad-
vanced desktop publishing;
third place, graphic design;
third place, legal office proce-
Ashley Schaefer, first place,
advanced office procedures;
sixth place, integrated.
Oakley Clark, second place,
administrative support re-
search; second place, adminis-
trative support concepts; fifth
place, desktop publishing;
sixth place, business meeting
Krissy Garbers, second
place, administrative support
team; fifth place, database.
Ashley Hall, second place,
administrative support team;
alternate in database.
Kurtis Kunkel, second
place, administrative support
team; second place, database.
Mackenzie Matousek, sec-
ond place, advanced office
procedures; fifth place, eco-
nomic research.
Mercy Rakow, second
place, medical office; second
place, advanced word process-
ing; second place, Parli Pro
Concepts; third place, parlia-
5-year plan
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Turn to page 2
Page 2 — Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, February 7, 2013
Bill and Joyce Ramige, Publishers;
Rich Glennie, Editor; Brenda Fogarty,
Sales; Alyssa Schauer, Staff Writer/Of-
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tion. Please bring any grievances
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ences continue, readers are encour-
aged to take their grievances to the
Minnesota News Council, an organi-
zation dedicated to protecting the pub-
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unfairness. The News Council can be
contacted at 12 South Sixth St., Suite
940, Minneapolis, MN 55402, or
(612) 341-9357.
Press Freedom
Freedom of the press is guaranteed
under the First Amendment to the U.S.
“Congress shall make no law re-
specting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
or abridging the freedom of speech, or
the press…”
Ben Franklin wrote in the Pennsyl-
vania Gazette in 1731: “If printers were
determined not to print anything till
they were sure it would offend nobody
there would be very little printed.”
Deadline for news and advertising
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Tuesday. Deadline for advertising in
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Silver Lake Leader
Business & Professional Directory
Gerry’s Vision
Shoppe, Inc.
“Your Complete Optical Store”
(with In-House Lab)
Call for Appointment
1234 Greeley Ave.,
115 Olsen Blvd., Cokato
320-286-5695 or 888-286-5695
*Paul G. Eklof, O.D.
*Katie N. Tancabel, O.D.
Kid’s Glasses
Evening and Saturday
appts. available
Wk 1
Driveways, Basements,
Shed Sites, Landscaping,
Farm Drainage
Septic Systems &
Snow Removal
Jay & Julene Borka
Winsted • 320-395-8355
Tire Service
719 Chandler, Glencoe
(320) 864-3615
Check out
our website:
• 5” Seamless Gutters
• 6” Seamless Gutters
• K-Guard Leaf-Free
Gutter System
(lifetime clog free guarantee)
For All Your Insurance needs
Home, Auto, Farm, Commercial
Call an Agent today
Citizens Bank Building
P.O. Box 339 – 102 Main St. S, Hutchinson, MN 55350
Toll-Free: (888) 234-2910 www.ciahutch.com Fax: (320) 587-1174
The Business and Professional
Directory is provided each week
for quick reference to businesses
and professionals in the Silver
Lake area — their locations,
phone numbers and
office hours.
Call the Silver Lake Leader
(320-327-2216) or
McLeod County Chronicle
offices for details on how you can
be included in this directory.
Your Ad
Could Be Here! Increase exposure by advertising in a future directory.
For more info, call
Ask for Brenda Fogarty
or e-mail her at
Silver Lake
“Biggest LOSERS”Challenge UPDATE
Weight Loss Percentage for February 5, 2013:
Total Weight Loss: 736.20 lbs.
Jan. 22: 438.22 lbs. • Jan. 29: 567.60 lbs.
Top Individual Weight Losses:
1) 25.6 lbs. 2) 19.4 lbs. 3) 15.8 lbs.
* Percent of weight loss per team is the competitive number used.
Panther Field House
Good Luck to our teams! Watch for weekly results to be posted.
presented by the Panther Field House and the McLeod County Chronicle
1) Slimsons 30.71%
2) Got Fat? 24.81%
3) Less than Yesterday 19.19%
4) Slimpossibles 18.66%
5) Goodbye Love Handles 18.45%
6) Heartrate Beaters 15.61%
7) Melt Aways 15.6%
8) Polo’s Muffin Tops 14.53%
9) That’s not sweat
that’s my fat crying 13.84%
10) Junk in the Trunk 13.73%
11) The Committee 12.46%
12) Perfection in Progress 11.13%
13) Waddle in Walk Out 10.45%
14) Excess Baggage 10.4%
15) Losin on a Prayer 9.44%
16) WII Not Fit 9.23%
17) Sweet 60’s 9.01%
18) Gym class Hero’s 8.98%
19) Slimmetts 8.89%
20) Slim Gyms 8.74%
21) Scrubs 8.46%
22) Pretty Girls 7.98%
23) Chunky Monkey 7.33%
24) Bicks Babes 7.16%
25) The Munchies 6.55%
26) We Be Back 6.08%
27) Bod Squad 5.91%
28) Weapons of Mass
Reduction 5.11%
29) No Flab Just Fab 5.09%
30) Thy Fat Be Gone 5.09%
31) Muffin Tops 4.85%
32) Stride Rights 4.18%
33) Wannabe’s 3.97%
34) Flab-U-Less 4 3.13%
35) Slim Credibles 2.85%
36) Rehab 4 Fatties 2.58%
37) Misfitters 2.36%
38) Bust A Gut Buds 1.87%
39) Hot Tamales 1.83%
40) Whoosh 0%
January Panther Pride winners at GSL’s Helen Baker Ele-
mentary School included the following students, front
row, left to right, Mariah Gutknecht, Abigail Ziegler, Bray-
den Mathwig, Larissa Holmstrom, Alberth Lorencez, Olivia
Wanous, Blake Goettl, Maxton Hansch, Geniess Balderas,
Dulce Diaz, Ava Ranzau and Aiden Fearing. Middle row,
Stuart Rosenlund, Kody Leske, Esteban Garcia, Desyree
Rhode, Nathan Wilson, Aden Carrigan, Lola Strey, Omar
Martinez, Cavin Streufert, Lacie Blackowiak and Trace
Otto. In the back row, Parker Simonson, Alexa Forar, Mya
Dahlheimer-Brown, Tristan Ronngren, Kimberly Ruiz,
Treighton Wemhoff, Vicente Garza, Adan Cortez and
Christopher Garcia.
Submitted photo
Panther Pride for January
Faith Lutheran fish fry set
Faith Lutheran Church of Hutchinson will host its 20th-
annual fish fry at the church Friday, Feb. 8 from 11 a.m.
to 7 p.m. The menu includes Alaskan Pollock, cole slaw,
homemade baked beans, potato salad, and a variety of bev-
erages. Tickets can be purchased at the door. Carry-outs
and call-ins are available, with deliveries between 4 p.m.
and 5:30 p.m. Proceeds help support Green Lake Bible
Camp and other Faith Lutheran ministries.
Intro to Medicare is offered
The Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging®, Inc., will
be teaching an introductory class on Medicare. If you are
getting close to age 65, new to Medicare or just want in-
formation about benefits, this class is for you. The class
will be held at the Hutchinson Senior Center, 1005 Hwy.
15 South, Suite 15, Hutchinson, on Feb. 20, at 1 p.m. For
more details and to reserve a seat, contact Ashley Ronglien
at 1-800-333-2433, extension 82024.
Seniors to meet Feb. 11
The Silver Lake Senior Citizens Club will meet Mon-
day, Feb. 11, at 1 p.m., at the Silver Lake Auditorium.
Hutchinson Auxiliary to meet
The regular monthly meeting of Hutchinson American
Legion Auxiliary Unit 96 will be held Monday, Feb. 11,
at 7 p.m., at the Hutchinson Legion Post 96. The executive
board will meeting at 6:15 p.m. Please renew your mem-
bership dues. Dues help pay donations to non-profit or-
ganizations such as Legionville, Girls State and Dollars
for Scholars.
Senior dining birthday party
The Silver Lake senior dining site will hold its February
birthday party on Thursday, Feb. 14. There will be music
at 10:15 a.m. and bingo at 11 a.m. The menu includes roast
turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, stuffing,
cranberry garnish, and angel food cake with strawberries.
Call Manager Pearl Branden to order your meal before
Feb. 13 at 320-327-2536 or 320-327-2621.
‘Singing Valentine’ program
The McLeod County Historical Museum is hosting a
“Singing Valentine” fund raiser Thursday, Feb. 14, from 9
a.m. to 5 p.m. For just a $50 donation to the McLeod
County Historical Society, you can send a song and a rose
to your loved one on Valentine’s Day. For questions, call
320-587-2109 or e-mail at asa@hutchtel.net.
GSL FFA ‘Barnyard Day’ set
The Glencoe-Silver Lake FFA Chapter is hosting a
“Barnyard Day” on Tuesday, Feb. 19 at the Glencoe-Silver
Lake High School in Ag Room 341 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Come see cows, horses, chickens, sheep, and much more.
Upcoming Events
5-year plan Continued from page 1
Also on the calendar for
2014 is $396,350 for “in-pave-
ment marking,” funded mostly
through a federal grant of
$350,000, with the county
kicking in $46,350.
Brunkhorst said the in-pave-
ment markings use new tech-
nology to imbed striping, lane
markings, etc., into the pave-
ment rather than painting on
the surface, which he said
should extend the life of road
There are also six bridges to
be replaced in 2014, contin-
gent on bridge or bond fund-
ing, with four township-owned
bridges — two in Lynn Town-
ship and two in Round Grove
Township — as well as two
county-owned bridges.
Brunkhorst said the bridges
to be replaced are either cul-
verts or metal arches.
If the County Road 3 project
gets shifted to 2015, that will
be the only construction proj-
ect that year.
Slated for 2016 is the reha-
bilitation of County Road 4
from County Road 3 north to
Highway 7, and the grading of
County Road 15 from County
Road 22 to Highway 7. The
surfacing of that road is slated
for 2017.
Also in each of the years are
the annual maintenance items
of seal coating, pavement
markings and spot repairs.
mentary procedures team.
Ashlyn Ratike, second
place, integrated office proce-
dures; alternate in advanced
word processing.
Michael Schaefer, second
place, information technology
concepts; third place, funda-
mental spreadsheet; fourth
place, fundamental word pro-
Eric Thalmann, second
place, administrative support
team; third place, Parli Pro
Concepts; fourth place, ad-
vance office procedures.
Shannon Twiss, second
place, legal office; third place,
administrative support con-
cepts; fifth place, business
meeting management; third
place, project management
Lindsay Wedin, second
place, basic office procedures;
third place, integrated office
Kelly Beneke, third place,
advanced desktop publishing.
Michael Boesche, third
place, keyboarding.
Sarah Clark, third place,
parliamentary procedures
Pat Fehrenbach, third place,
parliamentary procedures
team; sixth place, Parli Pro
Brooke Kaczmarek, third
place, parliamentary proce-
dures team; sixth place, desk-
top publishing.
Rachel Rusten, third place,
basic office procedures; fourth
place legal office procedures.
Katie Urban, third place,
desktop publishing; third
place, advanced office proce-
Alexis Wendlandt, third
place, medical office proce-
Brody Bratsch, fourth place,
Alexis Kerslake, fourth
place, desktop publishing;
fourth place, basic office.
Tate Lilienthal, fourth place
advanced spreadsheet, sixth
place, basic office.
Mark Lueders, fourth place,
fundamental spreadsheet; sixth
place, fundamental word pro-
Ashley Miller, fourth place,
integrated office procedures.
Travis Rothstein, fourth
place, medical office proce-
Brandon Ebert, fifth place,
advanced office procedures;
alternate in keyboarding.
Nick Jenkins, fifth place,
medical office procedures.
Kristen Grack, sixth place,
advanced word processing.
Jenessa Urban, sixth place,
advanced office procedures.
BPA Continued from page 1
The Mid-Minnesota Devel-
opment Commission, in part-
nership with the Kandiyohi
County and city of Willmar
Economic Development Com-
mission and MinnWest Tech-
nology campus, are hosting a
free “Agricultural Business
Resource” seminar on Thurs-
day, Feb. 7, at 1 p.m.
The seminar will be held at
the MinnWest campus audito-
rium, located at 1800 Technol-
ogy Dr. NE, Willmar.
The seminar will be of inter-
est to anyone in agribusiness
and will highlight programs
centered on agriculture and
There will be representa-
tives speaking from the Min-
nesota Department of
Agriculture, Agricultural Uti-
lization Research Institute,
United States Department of
Agriculture, and the Univer-
sity of Minnesota Extension.
For more information, go to
Mid-Minnesota hosts
ag business seminar
Lenten meals,
services begin
at Grace Bible
Each Wednesday night, be-
ginning Feb. 13, during the
Lenten season, Grace Bible
Church in Silver Lake will
host a 5 p.m. soup supper
(free-will offering) served by
members of the Living Water
Puppets team.
The meal will be followed
by a 7 p.m. church service.
This year’s Lenten theme is
“Fear Not!” and will involve
an examination of selected in-
dividuals or situations in the
Bible when God told His peo-
ple to not be afraid.
Speakers will include vari-
ous members of the church
The public is invited to at-
tend. Grace Bible Church is lo-
cated in Silver Lake at 300
Cleveland St., next to the city
water tower.
Sounds like
It’s newspaper talk for a
one column by 2 inch ad.
Too small to be effective?
You’re reading this one!
Put your 1x2 ad
in the Silver Lake
Leader today.
Call: 320-327-2216
Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, February 7, 2013 — Page 3
Come out for an evening of exciting
sounds of the metro area band
–playing top 40 hits of pop, rock & country–
Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013
8:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.
Doors open at 7 p.m.
Silver Lake Auditorium
Sponsored by the Silver Lake Fire & Rescue.
Belgian Waffles
Sponsored by the Area Faith Mission Group
Pre-Valentine’s – Saturday, Feb. 9, 2013
4:30-8:30 p.m. Holy Family Church, Silver Lake
6.50 in advance /
7.00 at the door, 5 & under FREE
All You Can Eat!
Auction Sausage &Fresh
Huge Bake
Sale Too!
Annual Knights of Columbus
Council No. 4842
Pla-Mor Ballroom, Glencoe, MN
Friday, Feb. 8, 2013
Serving from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
or until fish is gone
Take-outs served throughout the day inside and at our drive-thru.
9.50 Advanced •
10 at Door • Children 5-10
5 • Preschoolers FREE • Takeouts
Menu: Fish, cole slaw, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, milk, coffee, bread & butter.
Music by
4-7 p.m.
Door Prize Door Prize
Basketball is probably one
of my favorite sports and this
week, I was lucky enough to
squeeze in two games — the
Timberwolves and the Mon-
dovi Buffaloes.
The Timberwolves game
was exciting, of course, as the
game kept me on my toes until
the last second. And though
we lost by two points, the
game was incredibly fun, be-
cause they always know how
to keep the crowd entertained
with halftime games and gim-
Though it’s fun to watch
Ricky Rubio pass the ball and
Dante Cunningham dunk, I’d
have to say my favorite part of
the game is the “Howl-O-
Meter” that appears on the
JumboTron during free
For those of you who might
not know, the “Howl-O-
Meter” triggers the crowd to
start howling, and as the howl-
ing grows louder, the gauge on
the meter moves from green to
yellow to red. Of course, I
joined the crowd and howled
at the top of my lungs to try to
move the meter.
I was nearly out of breath
holding onto my high-pitched
"Oooowwwooooo!" It helps
that we have a beagle at home
who taught me the ways of
And I even carried my
howling into the high school
boys’ basketball game at Mon-
On Tuesday, I drove nearly
three hours to Wisconsin to
see my littlest brother,
Mitchell, play basketball. He
happens to play sports year
round — football, basketball,
and baseball — and so I head
home at least three times a
year to see him play.
As I said, basketball is my
favorite sport to watch, with
its high energy and “anything
can happen in a second” men-
It was Parents’ Night, so the
gym was packed, and the en-
ergy was buzzing throughout
the bleachers. I sat with Dad
(Mom was sick) and the rest of
the parents in the “Adults”
section, cheering on the boys.
Before I knew it, I was stand-
ing right up next to Dad
yelling, “That was a techni-
cal!” and “COME ON, REFS!
What kind of call was that?”
and of course I threw in some
“BOO!”s when I saw a bad
Poor referees, but honestly,
did they see those elbows?
As I watched the boys drib-
ble up and down the court and
charge to the hoop, I couldn’t
help but think of my senior
year at basketball games. Our
boys were doing well that year
— they were regional champs,
and then at a heartbreaker of a
game, lost to a team of giants
in sectionals.
That was also a memorable
year, not only because I at-
tended every high-energy
game, home and away, but be-
cause I attended the games in
a buffalo suit.
Yes, I was Buffy, the high
school mascot my junior and
senior years and it was an ex-
perience I’ll never forget.
So as the mascot, I dressed
in the buffalo suit that consists
of a foam chunk of padding
for a belly that hung off my
shoulders and tied around my
waist, a furry brown one-piece
jumpsuit that zipped in the
back, and a huge, paper mache
buffalo head with black horns.
The suit is probably 40
years old and I can’t tell you
how many times I used
Febreeze odor cleaner to try to
remove that sweat stank from
the foam belly.
Although it was kind of
smelly and extremely warm to
wear in the crowded gym, it
was one of my favorite expe-
riences in life.
At football games, I would
dance around the sidelines in
front of the bleachers and at-
tempt cartwheels on the track
around the field, and greet the
little Buffalo fans who would
crowd around me for hugs,
high fives, and hand shakes.
On those cooler fall nights,
it was the perfect outfit to
wear to a football game, but
once basketball season started,
I had to invest in heavy-duty
Like the football games, I
pranced around the sidelines
and attempted to join the win-
ter dance team in their per-
formances and cheers.
And of course, at one away
game against Spring Valley, I
butted heads with another
Spring Valley’s large red
cardinal mascot was prancing
around the other side of the
gym, and the crowd cheered
me on to, “Fight! Fight!
We ended up competing
over dance moves, and who
can ignite the loudest cheering
Of course, the Mondovi
Buffaloes were the loudest
fans, and I was beaming under
my furry suit.
As the Buffalo boys’ basket-
ball team got better throughout
the year, the excitement and
energy grew each game, and
pretty soon, the gym was over-
flowing with fans shouting
“Go Blue!”
And because their season
was going so well, the boys
started a “We Believe” motto
for the season that spread like
wildfire, and pretty soon, fans
were donned in royal blue
shirts that read “We Believe!”
And as the mascot, I was
lucky enough to join them in
this “We Believe” excitement
of the starting line-up. The an-
nouncers named off the play-
ers and their positions, and
they all gathered in a circle
around me, putting their heads
in the middle, arms over each
others’ shoulders, and swayed
back and forth with increasing
speed, chanting “WE BE-
It was a memorable year,
and on Tuesday, as I sat on the
bleachers cheering on my
brother and his team, I
couldn’t help but feel that
same energy and wonder
where that costume ended up.
I found out that Mitchell ac-
tually wears it to some of the
girls’ basketball games on his
off nights and riles up the
crowd with his cheers and
Hearing this, I burst with
pride. Like sister, like brother.
I couldn’t be more proud of
Back home where the buffalo roam
The Travel Section
By Alyssa Schauer
February is here, and I
thought I would give you
some of the highlights of the
school year thus far.
With about four months to
go in the school year, we look
forward to the many success
stories that will happen.
Things at GSL are going great,
and we have lots to be proud
During the recent visit from
the commissioner of educa-
tion, we had an opportunity to
show her firsthand how great
GSL is.
Many of you have heard
about our iPAD initiative in
our third and fourth grade
math program. This has been
very successful and something
that our students are very ex-
cited about. We look forward
to expanding this program to
our fifth and sixth grade next
Watching our students in
math class is truly amazing!
Who said that math can’t be
Students are engaged in
their lessons, and using this
technology only accelerates
their learning.
Another program that has
been successful is the “Power
of the ICU” at Lincoln Jr.
The core of the program is
making all students do all of
their assignments. Conceptu-
ally, it makes sense; however,
reality tells you that it is a little
more difficult.
All across our state, in many
schools, the grading system
deals with an accumulation of
points in order to receive a
grade. While this is a method
to get a grade, the actual letter
grade should reflect on what
the student has learned, not on
how many points they gath-
This concept, along with a
support structure for every stu-
dent to do all of their work, is
proving to be successful in our
junior high.
From the classroom to the
“activities classroom,” GSL
has a lot to offer. We have
after-school programs to pro-
vide the extra support for the
classroom and a wide range of
activities that involve academ-
ics, the arts and athletics.
These learning experiences are
valued, and it allows many
students to be involved at GSL
with opportunities outside of
the classroom.
Finally, we are very excited
about the Early Childhood
Learning Center that we are
building at the Lincoln site.
This facility will house our
ECFE (Early Childhood Fam-
ily Education), ECSE (Early
Childhood Special Education)
and School Readiness.
Having a 21st century learn-
ing facility to meet the needs
of our youngest learners will
be a true asset to the district.
Stop by the upcoming Glen-
coe Expo on Feb. 16-17 at the
Panther Field House for more
information and to see the
plans, it is very exciting!
As stated earlier, things are
going well at GSL, but please
know that we should always
be looking for ways to im-
prove our school for all of our
We have a school that we all
can be very proud of, and we
look forward to making it even
better. If I can ever be of assis-
tance, please don’t hesitate to
call or e-mail, and I will be
happy to assist you as best as I
Great things happening at GSL
GSL Superintendent
By Chris Sonju
Silver Lake Leader photo by Alyssa Schauer
3rd-grade Panther Paws winners
Last Friday, Lakeside Elementary held
their monthly all-school meeting in the
gymnasium and announced the January
Panther Paw winners for all grades. Above
are the third-grade winners, and in the
front are Alyssa Zellmann, Caroline Major,
Kalista Willhite and Alexandria Menning.
In the back are Abigale Boetel, Malayh
Metcalf, Breanna Adams, Francesca
Comelli and Zachary Reichow. Missing
was Dale McCrea III.
Silver Lake Leader photo by Alyssa Schauer
4th-grade Panther Paw winners
At the all-school meeting held last Friday
at Lakeside Elementary, the fourth-grade
Panther Paw winners were announced. In
the front, from left to right, are Katelyn
Lemke, Emma Petersen, Callie Potter and
Cordella Armstrong. In the back are Rylan
Hedin, Kristina Roush, Luke Mattson,
Caleb Schmeig and Mitchell Brenhaug.
Missing was Matthew Millard.
Eight boys and girls, ages
10 to 14, were named local
champions of the 2013
Knights of Columbus Free
Throw Championship and
have now earned the right to
compete at the regional level.
The Knights of Columbus
sponsored the district compe-
tition in Winsted last Sunday.
Winners from the local com-
petition held Jan. 27 partici-
Katelyn Fiecke was the 10-
year-old girls’ champion, and
Riley Ruzicka was the winner
of the 10-year-old boys’ divi-
In the 11-year-old division,
Chelsea Bandas was the girls’
champion, and Brandon Felt-
mann was the boys’ cham-
The winner for the 12-year-
old girls’ bracket was Christie
Payton, and in the boys’ 12-
year-old bracket, Jeremy
Shimpa was the winner.
In the 13-year-old division,
Nick Schmidt was the winner,
and there were no girls partic-
ipating in that division.
The champions for the
girls’ and boys’ division for
the 14-year-old bracket were
Grace Wickenhauser and
Daniel Witaker.
These winners will move on
to the regional free-throw
competition at Norwood
Young America on Sunday,
March 10. Registration starts
at 1 p.m. and shoot time be-
gins at 1:30 p.m.
KC free-throw
winners earn
trip to region
GFWC holds meeting, discusses events
GFWC Silver Lake held its
meeting Monday, Jan. 29, at
Cedar Crest of Silver Lake.
The club members enter-
tained many of the residents by
playing card bingo. Each par-
ticipant received many prizes.
After the games, the resi-
dents were treated to refresh-
Following the activity, Pres-
ident Margaret Benz opened
the meeting. The Pledge of Al-
legiance and the Club Collect
were recited.
The Silver Lake Winter Fest
held in December and the Sil-
ver Lake Business Expo in
January were discussed.
Many favorable comments
from club members about the
group’s participation in these
events were discussed.
A basket of items worth $25
will be donated to the Area
Faith Guatemala Mission
Group for its silent auction in
conjunction with the Belgian
waffle supper on Saturday,
Feb. 9
Samantha Johnson and
Kayla Schermann of Glencoe-
Silver Lake High School
spoke to the club about their
trip to Europe this June.
The club will donate the
proceeds from the spring
garage bake sale to the group.
Several members of the club
will be attending the Hutchin-
son GFWC meeting on Thurs-
day, Feb. 7
The next meeting is set for
Monday, Feb. 25, at 6 p.m., at
the Legion Club rooms. The
group will be working on Op-
eration Smile quilts, “smile”
dolls, and hospital gowns.
Page 4 — Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, February 7, 2013
Laurie Mickolichek Ins.
is the new representative for
Progressive Insurance
**Very competitive rates**
Insurance for all ages - young and old
Policies include:
Personal Auto • Commercial Auto
Recreational Vehicles
Call Laurie at 320-327-3173
Brian Mikolichek: Owner • Bonded-Insured
Residential Remodel
Service Light Commercial
Complete Plumbing and Heating Systems
Air Conditioning Installation
Winsted, MN 320-395-2002
Plumbing & Heating
Paul Pokornowski
320-286-6570 Cokato, MN
• Central Air Conditioning
• Air Duct Cleaning
• Service Work
or Gaylord 507-237-2330
2110 9
St. E. • Glencoe
Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Thank You
We would like to extend our
thanks to everyone who of-
fered sympathy and kindness
during the loss of our wife
and mother, Edna Anderle.
Your thoughtfulness warms
our hearts and eases the pain
we feel.
Our sincere thanks to all
who helped us with arrange-
ments, especially Father Tony
Stubeda, Father Patrick
Okonkwo, and Father Paul
Schumacher, Alice Nowak &
adult choir, Celia Knoll & adult
choir, and Holy Family staff.
Thanks also to the CCW
women who served the fu-
neral lunch, it is greatly appre-
ciated. Bless You!
The family of
Edna Anderle
Thank You
Thank you to the Silver
Lake and Hutchinson Am-
bulances and all other
emergency responders for
their quick response to the
construction accident on
our farm.
We are all very fortunate
to have volunteer emer-
gency responders in our
town of Silver Lake.
Paul & Shari
Schultz fa mily
A memorial service for
Marilyn J. (Hager) Hultman,
82, of Edina, will be held Sun-
day, Feb. 10, at 1 p.m., at the
Cremation Society of Min-
nesota, 7110 France Ave.,
Edina, with a gathering of
family and friends immedi-
ately following the service.
Interment will be held at a
later date at Lakewood Ceme-
Mrs. Hultman died Jan. 29,
2013, after a short, courageous
battle with brain cancer.
Mrs. Hultman was born
June 24, 1930, in Hutchinson,
and was raised in Silver Lake,
where she graduated from
high school.
She enjoyed numbers, and
after graduation from business
school, worked in many posi-
tions utilizing her numerical
abilities, eventually retiring
from a position as office man-
ager at Rudy Luther Toyota.
Soon after she retired, she
married Rick Hultman. The
Hultmans had an enjoyable
life together that included nu-
merous vacations, and homes
and friends in South Padre Is-
land, Texas, and Shell Lake,
Wis. The Hultmans loved the
Minnesota State Fair, and it
was not uncommon for them
to attend the fair for six days
in a row.
Mrs. Hultman was a smart,
strong-willed, independent,
and hard-working woman. She
arranged Hager family get-to-
gethers and was a great help-
mate and support to her
husband, Rick, who has strug-
gled with Alzheimer’s for the
last seven years.
Survivors include her hus-
band, Rick Hultman; sister,
Carol Carroll; brother, Orrin
(Marianne) Hager; sister-in-
law, Phylliss Hager; sister-in-
law, Rosemary (Mike Rygg)
Hultman; brother-in-law,
Roger Hultman; and many
nieces and nephews, their re-
spective familes, and many
Preceding her in death were
her mother and father, Lydia
and Orrin Hager; mother-in-
law and father-in-law, Mary
and Paul Hultman; brother,
Duane Hager; sister, Claire
Baumgartner; brothers-in-law,
Robert Hultman, Dick Carroll
and James Baumgartner;
nephew, Mike Hager; and
niece, Lynne Richter.
Marilyn J. Hultman, 82, of Edina
A Mass of Christian Burial
for Monica M. Remer, 72, of
Waverly, will be held Friday,
Feb. 8, at 10:30 a.m., at St.
Mary’s Catholic Church in
Wa v e r l y.
The Rev.
K e n n e t h
O ’ H o t t o
will be the
M r s .
Remer died
by her lov-
ing husband
and children
on Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013, at
her home.
Visitation will be Thursday,
Feb. 7, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.,
at St. Mary’s Catholic Church
in Waverly. Further visitation
will be Friday morning, Feb.
8, one hour prior to Mass.
Pallbearers will be Gilbert
Remer, Sheldon Remer, Roger
Gravelle, David Cartwright,
Jacob Forcier, Ryan Gravelle
and Brandon Gravelle. Inter-
ment will be at St. Mary’s
Monica M. Reznick was
born Oct. 17, 1940, in Silver
Lake, the daughter of Bernard
“Bennie” and Margaret
(Nowak) Reznick, VanAllen.
On July 11, 1959, Monica
M. Reznick and Arnold L.
Remer were joined in holy
marriage at the Cathedral in
St. Paul. God blessed their
marriage with five children.
Mrs. Remer loved to spend
time with family and friends.
She enjoyed her dogs. She en-
joyed fishing, planting flow-
ers, gardening, listening to
polka and old-time music and
feeding the squirrels and birds.
She was a faithful member
of St. Mary’s Catholic Church
in Waverly and its serving cir-
Survivors include her loving
husband of 53 years, Arnold
“Arnie” L. Remer; four chil-
dren, Debbie (Dave)
Cartwright of Silver Lake,
Gilbert Remer (Pat Lindquist)
of Waverly, Tina (Roger)
Gravelle of Montrose and
Sheldon Remer (Barb Dircz)
of Howard Lake; grandchil-
dren, Jacob and Nikki Forcier,
Tiffany (Mark) Torkelson,
Amanda Goulet, Ryan, Bran-
don and Tara Gravelle and Sa-
vannah Remer; great-grand-
children, Courtnie, Jack, Isaac
and Dylan Forcier, Brooke
Mercado, Kaleb Torkelson and
Audrianna Wold; a sister,
Sandy (John) Bennett of
Brooklyn Park; a brother,
Johnny (Peggy) VanAllen of
Delano; and special friend,
Doug DeMarais of Waverly.
Preceding her in death were
a son, Arnold “Arnie” E.
Remer Jr. in 1979; stepgreat-
grandson, Tyler; her parents,
Bernard “Bennie” Reznick
and Margaret (Nowak)
Reznick, VanAllen; father-in-
law and mother-in-law, Steve
and Florence Remer; and other
loving relatives.
She is so loved by family
and friends; her hugs and
smiles have touched so many.
No words can describe how
deeply she will be missed. She
will live forever in our hearts!
The Chilson Funeral Home
in Winsted is serving the fam-
ily. Online condolences may
be made at www.chilsonfu
Monica M. Remer, 72, of Waverly
300 Cleveland Ave.,
Silver Lake
Dr. Tom Rakow, Pastor
Sat., Feb. 9 — Men’s Bible
study, 7 a.m.; women’s Bible
study, 9 a.m.
Sun., Feb. 10 — “First Light”
radio broadcast on KARP 106.9
FM, 7:30 a.m.; pre-service prayer
time, 9:15 a.m.; worship service,
9:30 a.m.; Sunday school, 10:35
a.m.; open shooting for Center-
shot graduates, 11:45 a.m.; Cen-
tershot Archery Ministry, 1 p.m.
Mon., Feb. 11 — Church board
meeting, 7 p.m.
Wed., Feb. 13 — Soup and
chili supper, 5 p.m.; confirmation
class, 6 p.m.; Lenten service, 7
Dial-A-Bible Story, 320-327-
108 W. Main St.,
Silver Lake
Fax 320-327-6562
E-mail: faithfriends
Mark Ford, Pastor
Carol Chmielewski, CLP
Office hours: Tuesdays and
Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 5
p.m. and Sundays
from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Sun., Feb. 10 — Handbell prac-
tice, 8:45 a.m.; worship service
with fellowship to follow, 10 a.m.;
deacons’ meeting set after church.
Wed., Feb. 12 — No WOW
classes; Ash Wednesday service,
6:30 p.m.
700 W. Main St.,
Silver Lake
Anthony Stubeda, Pastor
Fri., Feb. 8 — Mass, 8 a.m.
Sat., Feb. 9 — Reconciliation,
5:30 p.m.; Mass, 6:30 p.m.; AFC
Mission Group waffle supper,
4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Sun., Feb. 10 — Mass, 8 a.m.
and 8 p.m.; confirmation retreat at
St. Pius X, 2 p.m.
Tues., Feb. 12 — Mass, 8 a.m.;
adoration, 8:30 a.m.-10 p.m.;
quilting, 9 a.m.
Wed., Feb. 13 — Ash Wednes-
day Mass, 7:15 p.m.; no religious
education classes.
Thurs., Feb. 14 — Mass at
Cedar Crest, 10:30 a.m.; area wor-
ship, 7 p.m.
Fri., Feb. 15 — Mass, 8 a.m.;
Stations of the Cross, 6 p.m.
950 School Rd. S.W.
E-mail: infor@
Jim Hall, Pastor
Sun., Feb. 10 — Worship, 9:30
a.m. and 6 p.m.
770 School Rd.,
Kenneth Rand,
Branch President
Sun., Feb. 10 — Sunday
school, 10:50 a.m.-11:30 a.m.;
priesthood, relief society and pri-
mary, 11:40 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
20924 State Hwy. 7 W.
E-mail: assembly@
Dr. Lee Allison, pastor
Sun., Feb. 10 — Worship, 8:30
a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
Wed., Feb. 13 — Family night
activities, 6:30 p.m.
31 Fourth Ave. S.W.,
E-mail: jmm@hutchtel.net
Sun., Feb. 10 — Sunday
school, 9 a.m.; worship, 10:15
1014 Knight Ave.,
Anthony Stubeda, Pastor
Thurs., Feb. 7 — No morning
prayer; no Mass; Gayle “Fuzzy”
Blasing visitation in gathering area
of church, 9:30 a.m.; Blasing fu-
neral Mass, 10:30 a.m.; fund-
raiser night at Pizza Ranch; CCW
meeting, 7 p.m.
Fri., Feb. 8 — Morning prayer,
8 a.m.; school Mass, 8:20 a.m.;
33rd-annual KC fish fry, Pla-Mor
Ballroom, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.; CCW
bake sale in conjunction with fish
fry; Spanish Mass, 5:30 p.m.
Sat., Feb. 9 — Mothers group
rosary, 9 a.m., and meeting, 9:30
a.m.; Hispanic ministry assembly,
9 a.m.-noon; AFC mission group
waffle supper and auction, 4:30
p.m.-8:30 p.m.; reconciliation, 4
p.m.; Mass, 5 p.m.
Sun., Feb. 10 — CCW Mission
of Love Valentine sale; Mass, 9:30
a.m.; Spanish Mass, 11:30 a.m.;
Spanish religious education
classes, 12:45 p.m.; confirmation
retreat at St. Pius X, 2 p.m.-7:30
p.m.; Mass at Holy Family, Silver
Lake, 8 p.m.
Mon., Feb. 11 — No Mass;
scheduling of liturgical ministers
begins; Mission Club, 1:30 p.m.;
Schoenestatt group meeting, 3
Tues., Feb. 12 — Morning
prayer, 7 a.m.; Mass, 7:20 a.m.;
junior choir practice, 2:50 p.m.
Wed., Feb. 13 — Morning
prayer, 7 a.m.; Mass, 7:20 a.m.;
kindergarten through sixth-grade
religious education classes, 7
p.m.-8 p.m.; seventh- through
11th-grade religious education
classes, 7 p.m.-8:15 p.m.
1215 Roberts Rd. S.W.
Rick Stapleton,
Senior pastor
Adam Krumrie,
worship pastor
Tait Hoglund,
Student ministries
Thurs., Feb. 7 — Senior high
free lunch, 11 a.m.; worship team,
6 p.m.
Sun., Feb. 10 — Worship, 9
a.m. and 10:30 a.m.; Sunday
school for all ages, 9 a.m.; Cou-
ples Connect, 4 p.m.
Mon., Feb. 11 — Women’s dis-
cipleship, 6:30 p.m.
Tues., Feb. 12 — Women’s dis-
cipleship, 9 a.m.; Young at Heart
lunch, noon.
Wed., Feb. 13 — Release time,
9 a.m.; AWANA, 6:30 p.m.; mid-
dle school youth group, 6:30 p.m.;
senior high youth group, 7:30
Thurs., Feb. 14 — Senior high
free lunch, 11 a.m.; worship team,
6 p.m.
77 Lincoln Ave.,
Lester Prairie
Bethany Nelson, pastor
Sat., Feb. 9 — Sweetheart din-
ner, 7 p.m.
Sun., Feb. 10 — Worship with
Holy Communion, 9 a.m.; coffee
and fellowship, 10 a.m.; Sunday
school, 10:15 a.m.
Wed., Feb. 13 — Office hours,
3 p.m.; Ash Wednesday service, 7
p.m.; council meeting for all
members, 8 a.m.
Church News
75 YEARS AGO - FEB. 12, 1938 — The
Village Council voted to allot funds for the pur-
chase of a powerful siren for the fire department
and for installation with controls in the fire hall
and in the telephone office. The siren will be
mounted on the water tower.
A Siren Benefit Dance, sponsored by the Sil-
ver Lake Fire Department, will be held on
Valentine’s Day, Monday, Feb. 14. Music will
be furnished by Jerry Dostal and his Orchestra.
Tickets are 40¢ and 10¢. Proceeds from the
dance will be used to aid in the purchase of the
new fire siren.
The Farmers Produce Co., at its annual meet-
ing held last Tuesday, reported another success-
ful year with dividends being paid out. Peter
Wawrzyniak was elected to the board of direc-
tors, replacing Stanley Pokorny. Will Zanda,
John Schultz, Dana Lord, Dewey Born, Leo
Zanoth and Joseph Mickolichek were re-elected
to their positions.
Mr. Morse of the University Farm will give a
meat-cutting demonstration at Lowy’s Food
Store on Thursday morning, Feb. 17. A free
lunch will be served at noon.
The Silver Lake Fire Department made a run
on Monday afternoon to the Sylvester Mallak
home near the Dahlin Skimming Station to ex-
tinguish a chimney fire.
Members of the Silver Lake unit of the 4-H
Club and all boys and girls interested in joining
the local club are asked to meet at the Richard
Penaz home on Thursday evening, Feb. 17.
The Young Ladies Sodality of St. Adalbert’s
Church have organized a Glee Club under the
direction of Sister Albertine. They also started
a library with 30 books, which will be increased
to 100 by the Sodality.
Mrs. Frank Vacek, 69, died at her home in
Glencoe on Jan. 30. Funeral services were held
on Tuesday morning, Feb. 1, at the St. George
Church in Glencoe.
50 YEARS AGO - FEB. 7, 1963 — Temper-
atures are up in the 20s and 30s, but the thawing
of the past few days has made for slippery driv-
ing and walking.
The Pioneer Telephone Company of McLeod
County presented the science class of Silver
Lake High School with two kits containing all
materials for conducting operating experiments
for energy from the sun and from sun to sound.
The Silver Lake Farmers Cooperative Live-
stock Shipping Association will hold its annual
meeting on Saturday, Feb. 9, at the Silver Lake
Auditorium. Election will be held to fill the ex-
pired terms of directors Edward Hlavka and
Leonard Fiala.
The senior class of Silver Lake High School
will hold a pancake supper on Monday, Feb. 11,
in the high school cafeteria. Tickets for the all-
you-can-eat pancakes are $1 for adults and 50¢
for children under 12.
The Silver Lake Fire Department made a run
to the Esther and Marvin Eggert farm, northeast
of Silver Lake, on Sunday night at about 8 o’-
Edward Mallak has been named as clerk in
the county treasurer’s office.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Ruzicka observed their
golden wedding anniversary on Sunday, Jan. 20,
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ruzicka.
Marie Artmann and Gerald Kaczmarek were
united in marriage on Saturday, Dec. 29, at the
Church of the Holy Trinity in Winsted.
25 YEARS AGO - FEB. 11, 1988 —Silver
Lake Lions fund-raising chairmen, Stan Drahos
and Joe Gehlen, announced their first fund-rais-
ing effort for the Silver Lake Centennial in
1989, a 30-30 Model 94 Winchester gold-trig-
gered rifle with a hand carved scene of Silver
Lake. Chances for the rifle are $5. The tentative
date to award the rifle is Easter.
The Silver Lake City Council approved the
lease between the city of Silver Lake, d/b/a Sil-
ver Lake Municipal Liquor Store, and the Silver
Lake Lions Club for rental of space for the sale
of games of chance from May 1, 1988, to April
30, 1989.
Tuesday morning, at 4:50 a.m., the Silver
Lake Fire Department was called to a chimney
fire at the Ken Baumann farm.
The Pearl Nuwash Estate Auction will be held
on Thursday, Feb. 18, at the Silver Lake Audi-
The senior class of Silver Lake High School
is sponsoring a Valentine Day brunch on Sun-
day, Feb. 14, at the multi-purpose room.
Frank W. Chrast, 74, passed away on Jan. 29,
at a Las Vegas, Nev., hospital. Spring burial will
take place at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Silver
Frank D. Konerza, 99, passed away on Thurs-
day, Feb. 4, at the Delano Nursing Home in De-
lano. Funeral services were held on Sunday,
Feb. 7, at the Czech Brethren Presbyterian
Church in Silver Lake.
Dr. Ben Wrbitzky, 94, passed away on Satur-
day, Feb. 6, at the Hutchinson hospital. Funeral
services were held on Tuesday, Feb. 9, from the
Congregational United Church, Hutchinson.
A daughter was born to Michael and Karen
Navratil on Jan. 9.
Down Memory Lane
Compiled by Margaret Benz
At the Silver Lake blood
drive last Tuesday, 52 whole
units of blood and six double-
red donors for 12 whole units
were collected, for a total of
64 units of blood donated. Six
donors were deferred.
Milestone pins were given
to Luann Kucera and Brenda
Fogarty, one gallon; Pat Foga-
rty and Cheri Knudson, three
gallons; Patty Flieschaker, 11
gallons; and Emily Krohn, 15
Double-red donors were
Larry Lhotka, Chad Poko-
rnowski, Judy Penas, Dave
Kelly, Jim Wendolek and Dar-
rell Kaczmarek.
A first-time donor was John
64 units of collected
at recent blood drive
Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, February 7, 2013 — Page 5
GSL Panther
07....at Watertown-May.. W,80-63
11....at Bl. Jefferson.....L,64-57
13....Hutchinson .........W,65-64
15....New Ulm.............W,77-67
18....at Waconia...........L,91-69
21....Rocori .................W,67-60
........GSL tourney:
28....vs. Spectrum......W,86-36
29....vs. HF Catholic...W,72-59
05....Jordan .................L,66-55
08....at Dassel-Cok.....W,74-60
11....at Mound-Wtka. ..:L,86-78
12....NYA Central........W,66-46
15....N.London-Sp. ......L,65-63
18....Orono ..................L,79-64
19....at Faribault ..........L,67-64
22....at Litchfield ..........L,58-40
25....at Hutchinson ......L,69-68
29....at Annandale .......L,72-49
01....HF Catholic ........W,73-70
09....Mound-Wtka. ............7:30
11....at Sibley East............7:30
14....at N.London-Sp. .......7:30
19....Litchfield ...................7:30
22....Delano ......................7:30
26....Annandale ................7:30
Section 5(AA) Tourney
07....1st Round
27....at St.Peter............L,69-48
29....at Jordan .............L,69-35
04....at Belle Plaine .....L,58-54
06....Marshall ...............L,68-38
11....New Prague.........L,59-45
14....at Annandale .......L,55-42
20....Mayer Lutheran..W,46-37
28....vs. Luverne.........W,39-26
05....at New Ulm.........W,51-29
11....at Mound-Wtka. ..W,75-62
12....NYA Central........W,73-64
15....at N.Londn-Sp. ....L,73-59
18....at Orono ..............L,53-36
22....Litchfield ..............L,41-29
25....Hutchinson ..........L,41-37
29....Annandale ...........L,62-55
01....at HF Catholic......L,70-35
07....at Dassel-Cokato......7:30
09....Mound-Wtka. ............6:00
12....N.London-Sp. ...........7:30
19....at Litchfield ...............7:30
22....at Delano ..................7:30
Section 2(AAA) Tourney
26....1st Round
Section 2(AAA) Tourney
02....2nd Round
01....at Becker Inv. ...................
08....at Northfield Inv................
13....at WM triangular ..............
15....at St. Peter.......................
08....at Litchfield ......................
19....GSL Invite .........6th,118.9
24....Delano .............................
26....at Northfield Inv................
01....Mound-Wtka. ...................
06....at NL-Spicer..............6:00
Section 2(A) Meet
15....at Watertown.............TBA
01....GSL-Don Hall Inv. .......4th
08 ...at Andover Inv. ...........2nd
13....at Litch: vs.DC....W,42-30
........vs. Litchfield .......W,53-14
15....at Richfield Inv. ....2nd,2-1
20....at Hutch: vs.NLS ...L,66-9
........vs.Ann/ML .............L,60-8
03....GSL: Waconia ....W,42-30
05....at Ogilvie Inv ...............1st
08....at WM .................L,36-28
........vs.LeS-Hend. ....W,60-12
10....GSL: Delano.......W,63-11
12....at Zim Invite.. ..............1st
19....at LCWM Invite...........6th
22....St.Peter ..............W,44-31
24....Mound-Wtka. ......W,35-33
25....at N.Prague .........L,39-32
........vs.M’nkatoWest ..W,42-18
29....at Tri-City United....W,39-31
31....at HLWW............W,54-20
01....WCC. at Delano .........3rd
08....at MW Invite..............5:00
09....at DC Invite.............10:00
Section 2(AA) Tourney
14....Teams, 1st rounds ....TBA
22-23..Indys, at Waconia..TBA
Jacob Jewett
Mitchell Hartwig
Jewett, Hartwig claim
WCC championships
By Lee Ostrom
Sports Editor
Mitchell Hartwig and Jacob
Jewett won Wright County
Conference championships at
their respective individual
weights, and Michael Donnay
and Dalton Clouse also earned
spots on this year’s All-WCC
team, as the GSL/Lester Prairie
wrestlers stood up and were
noticed at last Friday’s (Feb. 1)
league tournament in Delano.
The Panthers, who shared
second place with a 6-3 mark
in regular-season WCC duals,
finished third with 160.5 points
at the conference meet — a
scrawny half-point behind
team runner-up New London-
Spicer (161.0).
Hutchinson/Buffalo Lake-
Hector-Stewart, which was 9-0
in duals, won the tourney with
187 points. Fourth-place An-
nandale/Maple Lake tallied 22
fewer points than GSL/LP.
The Panthers filled all 14
weights while producing two
firsts, two seconds, one third,
two fourths, two fifths and two
sixths. Of the three Panthers
who did not place, two still
helped their team by winning
A few highlights:
• Hartwig, a senior, now
sports a 30-2 season mark after
defeating Jordan Hanan of An-
nandale/Maple Lake, 6-2, in
the finals at 152 pounds.
Hartwig had never before
beaten Hanan, who most re-
cently edged the GSL/LP ace,
3-2, on Dec. 20, 2012, in the
teams’ league dual.
Hartwig reached the finals
by pinning Cole Schmidt of
Dassel-Cokato (1:38) and deci-
sioning Mason Hemze of Wa-
conia (3-1).
• At 106, Jewett took his sea-
son record to 28-4 by pinning
Hunter Martin of DC (1:24),
decisioning Thomas Stage-
board of NLS (6-2) and stop-
ping top-seeded Tucker
Sjomeling of Delano (5-4).
• Michael Donnay notched
his 75th career win last Thurs-
day at Howard Lake. After
winning twice at the WCC
tourney, where he placed sec-
ond at 120 pounds, he is 31-4
for the 2012-13 season.
• Brandon Richter, who
placed 5th at 126 in Delano,
picked up his 60th career win
Jan. 31 at HLWW.
• Dalton Clouse and Nate
Tesch each hauled a 25-7 sea-
son mark out of the WCC tour-
nament. Clouse placed second
at 195 pounds, while Tesch
took third at 138.
• Richter (27-9) and Aaron
Donnay (21-12) defeated
Hutchinson wrestlers who had
pinned them earlier this winter.
Richter decisioned Tyler Karl,
5-4, in the 126-pound match
for fifth place. Aaron Donnay
pinned Logan Wadsworth
(4:53) in the wrestlebacks at
• At the state tournament for
ninth-graders, GSL/LP’s Nick
Brelje (160 pounds) and Tris-
tan Weber (170) each placed
third with a 3-1 record. Alex
Mielke also qualified for state.
He went 0-2.
• First-round matches and
quarterfinals of the Section 2
(Class AA) team tournament
are at four locations Thursday,
Feb. 14. The final four advance
to Saturday’s final two rounds
at Waconia.
Currently, the top four seeds
look like New Prague, Water-
town-Mayer, Scott West and
Hutchinson, with GSL/LP
probably a fifth seed.
Keaton leads Panthers
Silver Lake Leader photo by Lee Ostrom
Slashing wing Keaton Anderson, a GSL
sophomore, tries to split HFC defenders
Justin Dahl (52) and Matt Tucci (5). WCC
action took place last Friday in Glencoe.
— Anderson finished 12-for-
14 from the field and 3-for-5 at
the line. He made both triples
he attempted.
— Litchfield knocked off
Delano, 60-49, in a WCC fea-
ture Feb. 1. The Dragons, 11-4
overall, have lost twice in the
league, each time by a point.
Delano dropped to 16-2.
By Lee Ostrom
Sports Editor
eaton Anderson tal-
lied 29 points, in-
cluding 17 of
Glencoe-Silver Lake’s last 26
counters, as the Panthers ended
a six-game losing streak by de-
feating Holy Family Catholic,
73-70, last Friday in Glencoe.
“It was a big win,” said An-
derson, one of the Panthers
who stepped up his game after
fouls reduced senior guard
Ethan Maass’ playing time.
Going lengthy stretches with
their all-conference ace occu-
pying bench space, Robb
DeCorsey’s boys still managed
to score on 21 of 31 second-
half possessions (67.7 percent).
As a result, GSL improved to
2-6 in the Wright County Con-
ference and 9-10 overall. This
week, the Panthers remain at
home for league games with
Dassel-Cokato on Friday
evening and Mound-Westonka
the following night. GSL is at
Sibley East on Monday, Feb.
Holy Family, whose league
wins are over Orono (74-54)
and Mound-Westonka (72-61),
is 6-12 overall. The Fire is 0-2
against GSL, having also
dropped the championship
game of the Panther boosters’
holiday tourney, 72-59,
Maass was whistled for his
third foul with 7:56 still to play
in the first half. On GSL’s next
possession, Anderson nar-
rowed the Panther deficit to
one (23-22) by swishing a
triple out of the right corner.
Later, with time in the half
about to elapse and Fire de-
fenders in his face, Anderson
banked in another three.
At intermission, HFC led,
The Fire still led, 48-47,
after Colton Stenerson coaxed
down a pair of free throws with
8:16 to go in the second half.
But GSL crashed the Fire’s
defensive board to open a little
lead. First, Anderson converted
at the end of a four-chance pos-
session. Then, following Sten-
erson’s missed shot, the
Panthers raced to the other end,
where 6-foot-5 senior Trent
Draeger tipped in a teammate’s
The Panthers led, 51-48.
Anderson, a 6-foot-2 sopho-
more lefty with hops, went the
back side to receive an in-
bounding feed from Reed Dun-
bar; then finished the play for a
53-50 lead.
With 5:55 to play, Anderson
connected from the left elbow
for a 55-52 lead.
After Draeger put back his
own miss for a five-point ad-
vantage, GSL went back to An-
derson, who worked without
the ball, off screens set by GSL
posts, for close-range cripples.
The second, off a nifty feed
by Dunbar, gave GSL a 61-55
lead with 3:43 to go,
“I just took what they gave
me,” said Anderson, who
slashed to the hoop for a deuce
and came off one of Draeger’s
back screens — clean! — to
take another pass from Dunbar
and tally two more for a 68-60
bulge with 1:21 to go.
But HFC kept up the fight.
Five straight points by 6-4
Joe Hanel— the last, a three-
point play that drew Maass’
fifth foul — closed the Fire to
within 71-70 with 17.2 seconds
still showing.
However, freshman guard
Teddy Petersen poured down a
pair of crucial free throws and
GSL’s perimeter defense frus-
trated Holy Family Catholic’s
final attempts. Anderson raved
about Petersen.
“Those (free throws) were
huge,” he said.
GSL girls deliver a scare
By Lee Ostrom
Sports Editor
Annandale sopho-
more guard Kaytlin
Kuefler tallied 31
points, including 18
from long distance, as
the Cardinals rallied to
defeat host GSL, 62-55,
Jan. 29 and extend a win
streak to 10 games.
Following a 68-60
win at Waconia, Annan-
dale was 8-1 in the
Wright County Confer-
ence and 16-3 overall.
GSL — which led 25-
22 at halftime and
stayed close deep into
the second half, trailing
by only 48-47 with 5
minutes remaining —
dropped to 1-8 in the
WCC. With its 70-35
loss at Holy Family
Catholic, the Panthers
are 5-13 overall.
Prior to a Feb. 5 home
game with Spectrum,
GSL was mired in its
second six-game losing
skid this season.
Yet, you would not
know it watching the
Panthers battle with An-
nandale last Tuesday.
With it 22-22, there
was GSL gem Clarissa
Ober giving her team its
intermission bulge with
a three-point play off the
offensive glass.
With Annandale
ahead 34-31, there was
Samantha Lange pop-
ping a triple that tied the
score with under 12:00
to go.
And with Annandale
ahead 48-44, there was
eighth-grader Maddie
Monahan collecting a
long D-board and solo-
ing for another three-
point play with 5:02
But the Panthers
could not slow down
Kuefler, who hit a triple
on Annandale’s next
possession to start a 10-
2 surge.
— Ober finished with
17 points and 12 re-
bounds. Junior Steph
Klockmann had 16
points and 11 boards.
— GSL and Mound-
Westonka varsity teams
will play a double-
header Saturday in
Glencoe. Opening tip
for the girls’ game is 6
Annandale gets away with 62-55 triumph
Long-armed Clarissa
Ober plays post defense
against Annandale.
Page 6 — Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, February 7, 2013
Hutch couple welcomes son
Jaclynn Condon and Ryan Debner, both of Hutchinson,
are proud to announce the birth of their son, Wyatt Ethan
Debner, on Jan. 15, 2013. Wyatt weighed 9 pounds, 2
ounces, and was 22-1/4 inches long. Grandparents are Ken
and Debra Condon of New Germany and Jane and Randy
Debner of St. Bonifacius.
Shellum receives scholarship
Katherine Shellum of Silver Lake is one of many stu-
dents to receive scholarships from the University of Min-
nesota-Morris for the 2012-13 academic year. Shellum is
the recipient of the Carrie Wickstrom scholarship. Selected
for academic merit, recipients are students pursuing edu-
cation licensure. Shellum will graduate from Morris in
2013 with a degree in elementary education.
Mahon named to dean’s list
Michael Mahon of Silver Lake was named to the Drake
University dean’s list for the fall 2012 semester. Students
must achieve a grade-point average of 3.5 or above to earn
this honor.
UW-Superior names honors
Mallory Engen of Hutchinson was among students
named to the fall 2012 dean’s list at the University of Wis-
consin-Superior. Students must have completed 12 degree-
seeking semester credits and achieved at least a 3.5
grade-point average to be named to the dean’s list.
Krull honored to dean’s list
Sally Krull of Lester Prairie was named to the Univer-
sity of Wisconsin-La Crosse fall 2012 dean’s list. Krull is
a psychology major.
Gustavus 2012 fall dean’s list
Gustavus Adolphus College of St. Peter announced the
following students to its 2012 fall semester dean’s list:
Cokato: Jacob Volness; Glencoe: Marley Clark and
Alexis Quale; Hutchinson: Lauren McCaughtry, Mark
Nissen and John Yost; Stewart: James Brooks; and Win-
sted: Madison Wroge.
Students on UW-EC fall list
The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire named the fol-
lowing local students to its 2012 fall semester dean’s list:
Mary Gamradt and Joseph Meier, both of Hutchinson, and
Miriam Unseth of Lester Prairie.
Iowa State lists fall honors
More than 6,669 Iowa State University undergraduate
students have been recognized for outstanding academic
achievement by being named to the 2012 fall semester
dean’s list, including local students Nicholas Otto John
Clobes and Danielle Kaye Penke, both of Hutchinson.
Holy Trinity honor roll listed
Holy Trinity High School in Winsted announced the fol-
lowing local students to their second quarter honor roll:
“A” honor roll: Eric Klima, senior, son of Jim and Kari
Klima of Silver Lake, and Brandon Schlagel, senior, son
of Art and Debbie Schlagel of Silver Lake; “B” honor
roll: Steph Hoffmann, eighth grade, daughter of Tom and
Bev Hoffmann of Silver Lake; Evelyn Penas, eighth grade,
daughter of Bob and Peni Penas of Silver Lake; and Craig
Wosmek, senior, son of Brian and Wendy Wosmek of
Mankato names dean’s list
Megan Bassler, Amy Blazinski and Abby Heil, all of Sil-
ver Lake, were named to the 2012 fall dean’s list at Min-
nesota State University-Mankato. Other local students
include: Brownton: Kristin Jackson; Cokato: Beth
Keskey; Dassel: Amanda Adams, Nathan Clark, Ethan
Germscheid, Hannah Latt, Matthew Rootes and Tanner
Terning; Glencoe: Kaine Dummer, Kyle Eberhard, Angela
Giron, Jordan Junglcaus, Jayme Kohout, Aaron Lueders,
Kyle O’Donnell and Courtney Odegaard; Lester Prairie:
Suhyeon An, Katelin Dietel, Kristi Edblom and Natalie
Lange; Plato: Kali Trukki; and Winsted: Anthony
Ridgewater announces list
Several Silver Lake students were named to the fall
2012 dean’s list at Ridgewater College, including Patricia
Hemerick, Andrew Penas, and Nathan Schermann. Other
area students include: Brownton: Jan Amborn, Mary Kay
Butcher, David Frick, Jean Golde, Jordan Golde, Elizabeth
Hermodson-Olsen and Mark Zaske; Cokato: Brent Aho,
Daniel Gustafson, Elsa Niska and Brooke Sandquist; Das-
sel: Brooke Frazee, Tammy George, Jared Hendrickson,
Emily Horrmann, Jessica Juncewski, Kimberly Juncewski,
Nathan Koistinen, Dennis Plamann, Greta Pudas, Brett
Ressler, Korra-Shay Richards, Anne Rossborough, Tina
Tessman and Abigail Thomas; Glencoe: Joshua Anfinson,
Michaela Boesche, Matthew Bonderman, Samantha Brei-
denbach, Brice Breitkreutz, Mitchell Bulau, Kaleb Don-
nay, Benjamin Eddy, Brianna Elsing, Hailey Farrell, Teri
Friauf, Payton Giesen, Jordan Gildea, Sara Gindorff,
Brooke Henderson, Dan Hilgert, Brianna Ische, Alexander
Kohnen, Winona Krohn, Ashely Kuphal, Brenda La-
tourelle, Devin Nicholson, Gail Rach, Jordan Schuft,
Richard Smith, Trista Tankersley, Genevieve Teubert, Eric
Trnka and Douglas Wosmek; Lester Prairie: Chad
Duenow, Molly Millerbernd, Sky Tervo and Kristina
Zarnke; Stewart: Geraldine Fitzloff, Jeremey Myrick,
Holly Pudwill, James Schloesser Sr. and Luke Zabel; and
Winsted: Christina Donnay, Kendall Halme, Joel Koch,
Darci Scherping, Donna Stifter and Mandy Woltjer.
People News
Happy February, everyone!
We’ll finish the week off on a nice warm note as the
Canadian express has temporarily shut down. A shift to a
more southerly flow will allow temperatures to rise toward
freezing this week as the quick bouts of snow we saw over
the weekend/early week are a thing of the past.
Highs to end the week should stay in the upper 20s to
lower 30s, with lows in the teens to 20s.
There is a lot of disagreement about a possible weekend
storm for the central part of the U.S., so it’s hard to say if
this is something we need to watch. Right now, most mod-
els are keeping the bulk of the precipitation to our south,
but a slight jog north could put us in the strike zone, so
keep posted to more up-to-date forecasts. Timing would
most likely be late Saturday into Sunday the way it looks
The extended will have to take a break this week seeing
as the models can barely agree on a five-day forecast, much
less a 10-day. Have a great week, all!
Ma dobry weekendem Mit dobry vikend
Wednesday night — Lows 17-24; clouds.
Thursday — Highs 25-31; lows 8-14; partly cloudy.
Friday — Highs 27-33; lows 17-24; mostly clear.
Saturday — Highs 30-36; lows 19-25; partly
cloudy/snow late.
Sunday — Highs 25-31; clouds/ snow early.
Weather Quiz: How much snow have we seen this year
so far, and where does this stack up to normal?
Answer to last week’s question: Coldest temperature,
minus 33 degrees (Feb. 9, 1899); highest temperature, 64
degrees (Feb. 26, 1896); most precipitation 1.90 inches
(Feb. 24, 1930); most snow 8.5 inches (Feb. 15, 1967).
Remember: I make the forecast, not the weather!
Weather Corner
By Jake Yurek
All recipes submitted by Joyce Jerabek
Buffalo Chex Mix
4 cup rice Chex cereal
4 cup wheat Chex cereal
2 cup Parmesan Cheez-it crackers
2 cup pretzel sticks
6 tablespoons butter
2-1/2 tablespoons hot sauce
1 package ranch dry dressing
2 teaspoons celery seed
In large microwaveable bowl, mix cereals,
crackers, & pretzels; set aside. In a small mi-
crowaveable bowl, melt butter uncovered til
melted. Stir in hot sauce and seasonings. Pour
over cereal mixture; stir until coated. Mi-
crowave uncovered on high 4-5 minutes, thor-
oughly stirring every 2 minutes. Spread onto
paper towels to cool. Store in airtight container.
Buffalo Chicken Dip
1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese
1 can (10 ounces) chunk white chicken, drained
1/2 cup buffalo hot sauce
1/2 cup ranch dressing
2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Spread cream cheese in ungreased pie plate.
Layer with chicken, buffalo sauce, ranch dress-
ing. Sprinkle with cheese. Bake at 350 degrees
for 20-25 minutes. Serve with crackers.
Crunch Chocolate Peanut Stix
Butter crackers (Club crackers)
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup milk
1-1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup sugar
2 cups finely crushed graham crackers
1-1/4 cup chocolate chips
1 cup creamy peanut butter
Line a 9 x13-inch pan with foil, leaving a few
extra inches on each side. Line bottom of pan
with 30 rectangle butter crackers. In a medium
saucepan, melt 1/2 cup butter over medium
heat. Add milk, brown sugar and sugar. Bring
to a simmer and gradually stir in finely crushed
graham crackers. Simmer, stirring frequently
for five minutes. Pour one cup of mixture over
crackers & spread evenly. Place another layer
of crackers in pan and spread remaining cup of
sugar mixture over crackers, top with another
layer of crackers. Put chocolate chips and
peanut butter in a microwavable bowl and melt
on low until smooth. Start with 30 seconds, and
stir. Spread evenly over top layer of crackers.
Refrigerate for one hour or more until set. Care-
fully lift foil out of pan, peel off foil and cut bars
with serrated knife.
Kitchen Delights
& Other Things
Feb. 11-15
Silver Lake
Senior Nutrition Site
Monday — Chicken and rice
casserole, marinated vegetable
salad, carrots, bread, margarine,
pudding, low-fat milk.
Tuesday — Barbecued pork
chop, baked potato, broccoli,
bread, margarine, applesauce,
low-fat milk.
Wednesday — Salmon loaf,
mashed potatoes, creamed peas,
bread, margarine, peaches, low-fat
Thursday — Roast turkey,
mashed potatoes with gravy, green
beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce,
garnish, angel food cake with
strawberries, low-fat milk.
Friday — Fish patty, oven-
browned potatoes, country-blend
vegetables, bun, margarine, fresh
orange blushing pears.
GSL Schools
Elementary/Jr. High/Sr. High
Monday — Breakfast pizza or
Kix berry cereal and yogurt, apple
juice cup, low-fat milk. (Breakfast
burrito at junior high and high
Tuesday — Pancake on a stick
or Cheerios and apple-cinnamon
muffin, diced peaches, low-fat milk.
Wednesday — No breakfast,
two-hour late start.
Thursday — Breakfast pizza or
reduced-sugar Fruit Loops cereal
and blueberry muffin, orange juice
cup, low-fat milk (egg and cheese
omelet at junior high and high
Friday — Pancakes with syrup
or reduced-sugar Cinnamon Toast
Crunch cereal and yogurt, diced
pears, low-fat milk. (French toast
sticks with syrup at junior high and
high school).
Helen Baker/Lakeside Lunch
Monday — Cheesy chicken and
rice, bread stick, deli combo sub,
seasoned green beans, celery
sticks with dressing, apple wedges,
pineapple tidbits.
Tuesday — Beef soft-shell
tacos, tuna salad sandwich on
whole-wheat bread, refried beans,
lettuce and tomato cup, petite ba-
nana, chilled applesauce.
Wednesday — French toast
sticks with syrup, scrambled eggs,
fun lunch, oven-baked tator tots,
baby carrots, kiwi wedge, chilled
Thursday — Roast turkey,
whole-grain dinner roll, ham and
cheese on a whole-grain bun,
mashed potatoes, broccoli raisin
salad, orange wedges, chilled
Friday — Toasted cheese on
whole-grain bread, turkey and
cheese on whole-grain bread,
tomato soup, jicama cucumber fruit
salad, apple wedges, chilled mixed
High School Lunch
Monday — Spicy chicken patty
on a whole-grain bun, oven-baked
beans, oven-baked tator tots,
sweet corn salad, baby carrots with
dressing, chilled applesauce.
Tuesday — Mexican bar with
chicken fajitas or beefy nachos,
brown rice, southwest corn, black
beans, broccoli salad with raisins,
red pepper strips with dressing, pe-
tite banana, cinnamon apple slices.
Wednesday — Grilled cheese
sandwich, tomato soup, seasoned
peas, celery sticks with dressing,
marinated cucumbers and toma-
toes, apple wedges, chilled
Thursday — Swedish meatballs
in gravy, mashed potatoes, bread
slices, seasoned carrots, chickpea
salad, baby carrots with dressing,
kiwi wedges, chilled pears.
Friday — Pasta bar with chicken
and broccoli casserole or baked
ziti, bread stick, seasoned green
beans, romaine salad with dress-
ing, cucumbers with dressing,
apple wedges, chilled mixed fruit.
Cancer society
receives gift
In January, the American
Cancer Society received me-
morials from family and
friends remembering Keith M.
The American Cancer Soci-
ety receives memorial gifts in
memory of the deceased and
honor gifts as tributes to the
“To make a memorial gift,
the donor need only contact
me with their name and ad-
dress, the name of the person
remembered, and the name
and address of the person to
whom the notice of the gift
should be sent,” said Jeanne
Ray, memorial chair.
Requests should be sent to
Ray at 809 Lindy Lane NE,
Hutchinson, MN 55350.
Please call the American
Cancer Society at their toll-
free number at 800-227-2345
or contact Ray at 320-587-
Silver Lake
Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, February 7, 2013 — Page 7
2001 27ZTS Deere Mini-ex ca va tor.
1,010 Hours, ex cel lent con di tion,
great ma chine for mak ing tile con -
nec tions. Tracks cause less com -
pac tion than a back hoe, good
vis ibil i ty. 60” Front blade helps get
clay into trench be fore top soil
when back fill ing. 24” Buck et with a
tooth cov er plate at tach ment prev -
ents tile dam age when lo cat ing tile.
Hy drau lic buck et side wall scrap er.
2” In su lat ed roof help keeps you
cool! $23,900. Thal mann Seeds,
Pla to, MN, (320) 238-2185.
Call be fore March 9th to sched ule
serv ice on your trac tor and re ceive
free pick up and de liv ery. Full Throt -
tle Serv ic es. (320) 395-2831.
Hay for sale. Large round bales.
(320) 485-3726 or (320) 583-9319.
Want ed: Your OLD TRAC TORS,
any con di tion, make or mod el. We
also spe cial ize in new and used
Call Kyle. Lo cat ed west of Hen der -
son. (612) 203-9256.
Set of four Day to na Tim ber line A/T
tires. Tire size Lt225/75r16. Good
con di tion. Also comes with 4 Che vy
truck rims. $250/BO. (507) 995-0739.
Ad min is tra tive As sis tant and data
en try. Part time, flexi ble hours, pos -
si bly work from home. Must be
com put er lit er ate (Ex cel, Word,
Face book and in ter net.) An droid
and web site knowl edge a plus. For
more in for ma tion email:frank@mol -
ly melt.com.
Life time ca reer in mar ket ing, man -
age ment and ap ply ing “Green” pro -
ducts made in Amer i ca. Full time/
part time. For a free cat a log, call
Franke’s Con klin Serv ice now at
(320) 238-2370. www.frank e mar -
ket ing.com.
House keep er/ care giv er: Fe male
want ed to take care of par a lyzed fe -
male in pri vate home. Will train.
$12.25/hr. Call Kari (507) 426-
HAND Y MAN: Will do re mo del ing of
kitch ens, bath rooms, hang ing doors
and wind ows, paint ing, sheet rock ing,
tex tur iz ing or any minor re pairs in side
or out side. Will also do clean ing of
base ments/ga rag es. Call (320) 848-
2722 or (320) 583-1278.
Fire wood for sale. 100% Ash, split
and dry. Any quant i ty. De liv ery is
avail able. Call (320) 583-1597.
New 95% Good man gas fur nace
with new Fo cus Pro 6000 ther mo -
stat in stalled for only $2,100. J&R
Plumb ing, Heat ing, AC, Lester
Prair ie, MN. Li censed, bond ed, in -
sured. (320) 510-5035.
Stur dy oak TV stand. 48.5” tall x
38.5” wide x 21” deep. Holds up to
35” anal og TV, with shelf and draw -
er. $50. (320) 327-2541.
Think Spring! 20% Off ear ly or der
bare root and pot ted fruit and shade
trees, per en ni als, shrubs, fruits, as -
par a gus, etc. with pre pay. Our Gift
House is filled with new gar den
gifts! This Old House “Gar den and
Gifts,” Ar ling ton. (507) 964-5990.
Min ne so ta Twins sea son tick ets for
2013 sea son. Sec tion 121 seats.
Pack age in cludes 2 seats. 5, 10 or
15 game pack ag es avail able. Con -
tact Rick at (952) 224-6331 for
more in for ma tion.
In va care hos pi tal bed. Very good
con di tion, $200/BO. (320) 327-
We buy used bat ter ies and lead
weights. Pay ing top dol lar for junk
bat ter ies. Pay ing $8 to $24/bat tery.
We pick up. Call 800-777-2243. Ask
for Dana.
Ger man Short hair Point er pups. 3
Males, 5 months old. Ch. Lines,
Wein land, Mi na do and Von Ess er.
Par ents on site, prov en hunt ers and
great fam i ly dogs. Ba sic obe di ence
train ing has been start ed. (320)
864-6649, cell (507) 360-8934.
Sacred Heart, 205 Har ri son St.
Nice 2BR, 1BA sin gle fam i ly. 1,359
sq. ft., de tached ga rage. Own er fi -
nanc ing or cash dis count. $400
down, $259/mo. (803) 978-1542.
2BR Apart ment with ga rage, wa -
ter/sew er/gar bage in clud ed.
$450/mo. New Au burn (320) 327-
Newly remodeled apartments for
rent in Renville. Water, heat,
garbage included. New appliances,
air conditioners. (320) 564-3351.
Vil lage Co op era tive of Hutchin son
(320) 234-7761. 55+ Sen ior liv ing.
Three units avail able (2- 2BR, 1-
1BR.) Call for your tour! Equal
Hous ing Op por tun i ty.
For rent in Oli via: 2BR apart ment.
Ca ble, in ter net, gar bage, and all
util i ties in clud ed. Also, 3BR house
for rent in Oli via. Call (320) 212-
3BR Home in Silver Lake. 3BR
Apartment ready March 1. Call
(320) 395-2684.
Want to rent farm land for 2013 and
beyond. (320) 510-1604.
Want ed to rent: Farm land. Call Paul
Schultz at (320) 327-2763.
Young farm er look ing for pro duc tive
farm land for 2013 and beyond.
Com peti tive rates and ref er enc es.
Call Aus tin Blad at (320) 221-3517.
place or ours. Give Vir gil a call.
Schau er Con struc tion, Inc. (320)
Need trans por ta tion for your next
ev ent? We can help with our limo
bus. Wed dings, busi ness, sports,
birth days, etc. Check us out
www.theur ba nex press.com or call
Dina (612) 940-2184, Glen coe
busi ness. DOT 375227.
Plas tic re pair. Don’t throw it. Let me
weld it. Call Mike, Bird Is land, an y -
time (320) 579-0418.
Farm Equipment
Feed, Seed, Hay
Misc. Farm Items
Parts, Repair
Help Wanted
Work Wanted
Heating/Air Cond.
Household Goods
Lawn, Garden
Wanted To Buy
Want To Rent
Misc. Service
(based on first week pricing)
The McLeod
County Chronicle
Silver Lake Leader
The Glencoe
The Sibley Shopper
Arlington Enterprise
The Galaxy
Week 1/2 Price
All Six Papers Reach Over 50,000 Readers Weekly in over 33 Communities
For 20 words, one time in
ANY TWO PAPERS and on the internet.
30¢ per word after first 20 words.
All ads appear online
at GlencoeNews.com
Silver Lake Leader
To place an ad: Call: 320-327-2216; Fax: 320-327-2530; E-Mail: slleader@embarqmail.com; Mail: P.O. Box 343, Silver Lake, MN 55381
The McLeod County Chronicle Mondays at Noon
The Arlington Enterprise & The Silver Lake Leader Tuesdays at Noon
The Glencoe Advertiser, The Sibley Shopper
& The Galaxy Wednesdays at NOON
This favorite section contains excellent local stories
on the impact of agriculture in our area.
Reach out to the strong agricultural areas of
Renville, McLeod, Sibley & Carver Counties.
Delivered to more than 18,900 homes in 21 communities.
“Ag Scene” will be inserted in the March 2 Renville
County Shopper & March 3 Glencoe Advertiser.
Call 320-864-5518 Fax 320-864-5510
Ask for Karin Ramige Cornwell, karinr@glencoenews.com
Sue Keenan, suek@glencoenews.com
Brenda Fogarty, brendaf@glencoenews.com or
Ashley Reetz, ashleyr@ArlingtonMNnews.com, 507-964-5547.
Final Deadline is Thurs., Feb. 14
Check our Web site to see last year’s edition,
www.glencoenews.com, click on Special Sections.
Delivered to
the entire
Advertiser &
Renville County
Shopper areas
• Arlington
• Bird Island
• Brownton
• Danube
• Gaylord
• Glencoe
• Green Isle
• Hamburg
• Hector
• Hutchinson
• Lake Lillian
• Lester Prairie
• Norwood
• Olivia
• Plato
• Renville
• Sacred Heart
• Silver Lake
• Stewart
• Winsted
• Young
Looking for MN licensed electri-
cians with industrial experience. Travel
will be required. Call 877/499-4998
Qualify for any portion of $.03/mile
quarterly bonus: $.01 safety, $.01 pro-
duction, $.01 MPG. Two raises in
first year. 3 months recent experience.
800/414-9569 www.driveknight.com
Copyrighted smart phone technol-
ogy. Ground floor of a possible IPO.
$25,000 minimum. Information: In-
vestor Relations, 1360 University
Ave, Suite 232, St. Paul, MN 55104
All cars/trucks wanted. Running or not! Top
dollar paid. We come to you! Any make/
model. Call for instant offer: 800/871-9145
Buying crop land, pasture and CRP
land, will lease back. Confidential
612/220-1042. Leave detailed message.
Starting at $19.99/month Plus 30 Pre-
mium Movie Channels Free for 3
Months! Save! & Ask About same
day installation! Call – 866/785-5167
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One phone call & only $249 to reach a
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Great job opportunities at Heartland America! We’re
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Heartland America is a Direct Marketing company offer-
ing brand name and other quality merchandise at value
prices via catalog and internet sales. No
Outbound calling! Great pay and benefits!
Send resume/application or apply in person:
Heartland America Attn: Pam
8085 Century Blvd., Chaska, MN 55318
Website: www.heartlandamerica.com/application
Ph: 952-361-5671 Fax: 952-361-3656 K
K0 ÞK8T3 000NT£8
3KL£3Þ£830N - 3|ewar|
V|dWesl Vacr|rery Corpary, a Jorr 0eere 0ea|ersr|p serv|rg cerlra| V|rresola
lror 9 |ocal|ors, se||s ard serv|ces reW ard used lraclors, racr|rery ard larr
equ|prerl. we oller corpel|l|ve Wages, a greal oerel|l pac|age, ard a sra|| cor-
pary alrosprere W|lr a |arge corpary career polerl|a|.
0escr|pt|on: Respors|o|e lor se|||rg, rece|v|rg, ard de||very ol parls ard acces-
sor|es. Perlorrs |r slore cuslorer serv|ce, overa|| orgar|zal|ora| prorol|or, ard
sloc||rg dul|es. Cors|slerl|y exr|o|ls V|dwesl Vacr|rery Corpary's core va|ues ol
Corr|lrerl, Pass|or, Progress|veress, lrlegr|ly, ard va|ue 0e||very.
3ee corp|ele joo descr|pl|or/requ|rererls, app||cal|or ard surrary ol oerel|ls or-
||re al WWW.r|dWeslracr|reryco.cor (lrer lo||oW erp|oyrerl ||r|s ard c||c| or lre
'3leWarl¨) or al our 3leWarl |ocal|or.
Z8112 Courly Road 20
P0 8ox 19Z, 3leWarl, VN 55385
Prore: 320-5ê2-2ê30 · Fax: 320-5ê2-2ê3Z
Page 8 — Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, February 7, 2013
Waggin’ Tails
Professional Dog Grooming
217 Summit Ave., Silver Lake
Stritesky Trucking
Silver Lake • 320-327-2628
First Community Bank
201 Main St. W, Silver Lake
Edina Realty
Jeanne Ray, Realtor - RSA, Hutchinson
320-583-7184 • rayjea@mchsi.com
Electronic Servicing
216 Grove Ave. SE, Silver Lake
Shimanski Orchard
23808 Jet Ave., Silver Lake
Sumter Mutual
Insurance Company
117 W. Main St., Silver Lake
Harlan’s Auto Repair
211 N. Lake Ave., Silver Lake
Auto & Truck Repair
Main St. & Hwy 7, Silver Lake
320-327-2445 or 327-2516
Schmeling Oil Co., Inc.
Serving the Silver Lake area since 1976
320-587-3361 or 800-578-5636
Crow River Press
170 Shady Ridge Rd., Hutchinson
320-587-2062 • crowriverpress.com
Hutchinson Health
3 Century Ave. SE, Hutchinson
Clinic 320-234-3290
Grandma’s Closet
Costume & Prop Rental
22202 Lace Ave., Silver Lake
Holt Motors
Hwy. 12, Cokato
Your hometown newspaper, the Silver Lake Leader
104B Lake Ave., P.O. Box 343, Silver Lake, MN 55381 • 320-327-2216 • Fax 320-327-2530 • slleader@embarqmail.com
Thanks for an exciting winter sports season!
Presenting the 2012-13 Glencoe-Silver Lake boys’ basketball team. From
left, members are: front row, student manager Beth Bonillo, Trent Draeger,
Reed Dunbar, Brandon Ebert, Ethan Maass, Travis Rothstein, Greg Ober,
Brody Bratsch, Eric Thalmann, student manager Aiyana Goodridge; back
row, assistant coach Dan Meier, Teddy Petersen, Eric Dahlke, Tyler Cuhel,
Keaton Anderson, Garrett Ober, head coach Robb DeCorsey, Cole Petersen,
Jacob Popelka, Colton Lueders, Mason Goettl, Cody Becker, and assistant
coach Scott Tschimperle.
Boys’ Basketball
GSL’s cheerleaders for the
2012-13 winter season. From
left, they are: front row, Zin-
nia Huang, Onnapun
Thararuck; second row, Katie
Urban, Angela Schmitz, Sze-
Kasheena Yeung; back row,
Becca Green, Victoria Var-
land, Shelby Rolf, and Skylar
Meet the 2012-13 GSL competitive dance team.
From left, members are: front row, Karina Arce,
Catie Holtz, Arianna Galvan, Alexis Perez; sec-
ond row, Deanna Bondhus, Emily Oberlin,
Shelby Clouse, Teanna Vorlicek, Hanna Stuede-
mann; third row, Maddie Kjenstad, Elizabeth
Boyum, Courtney Zajicek, Samantha Cornell,
Ariel Simmons, Alicia Fenner, Ashley Alsleben,
Kailey Yurek, Brooke Noeldner; back row, coach
Brittany Johnson, Heidi Hanson, Tara Tankersley,
Alexis Wendlandt, and Mai-Quynh Nguyen.
Photo by John Graupmann, Creek View Images
Girls’ Basketball
Meet the 2012-13 GSL girls’ basketball team. Members, fom
left, are: front row, student managers Allyssa McCain and Kris-
ten Grack; second row, Samantha Lange, Kaitlyn Cohrs, Kelly
Beneke, Clarissa Ober, Steph Klockmann, Madison Monahan,
Madison Kalenberg; back row, coach Matt Ober, Alex
Stensvad, Courtney Wolff, Taylor Breidenbach, coach Zach
Otto-Fisher, head coach Cullen Ober, Jennifer Illg, Erin Nowak,
Brooke Kaczmarek, and coach Dave Wendlandt.
Meet the 2012-13 Glencoe-Silver Lake/Lester Prairie
wrestling team. Members, from left, are: front row,
Tyler Hausladen, Nathan Welch, Tim Lowden, Aaron
Castillo, Dalton Pouliot, Cole Polzin, Tanner
Chmielewski; second row, Calvin Liestman, Dylan
Melchert, Martin Lezama, Michael Donnay, Jacob
Jewett, Aaron Donnay, Brandon Hernandez, Logan Li-
etzau; third row, Paul Lemke, Anthony Lowden, Dal-
ton Kosek, Nicholas Brelje, Tristan Weber, Mitchell
Hartwig, Alex Mielke, Kyle Polzin, Dylan Lesnau,
Nathan Schuch; back row, Christopher Lemke, James
Chelman, John Williams III, Dalton Clouse, Ray Eber-
hard, Peyton Sell, and Nick Jenkins.
Photo by John Graupmann, Creek View Images
inter Sports
Dance Team
Photo by Kim Ruschmeier Photography
2012-13 GSL girls’ gymnastics team. Mem-
bers, from left, are: front row, Shawna Goettl,
Faith Havlik, Paige Anderson; second row, as-
sistant coach Cassie Helmbrecht, Mariah
Koester, Alexa Dubuc, Amanda Anderson,
Camille Borchardt, Erica Hecksel, Alexis
Bergstrom, Samantha Rogney, Sierra
Trebesch, Ellie Schmidt; third row, head coach
Ashleigh Moelter, Kirsten Barott, Cassandra
Shemanek, Isabell Mallak, Chantelle Wolff,
Ashley Petersen*(-captain), Becca Ebbers*,
Cassidy Schrader*, Chrissy Helmbrecht, Faith
Rakow, Jessica Brusven, Emily Popelka, and
assistant coach Chris Moelter.
Photo by Angela Archer Photography
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