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3-7-13 Silver Lake Leader

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Vol. 112 No. 12 • Thursday, March 7, 2013 • Silver Lake, MN 55381
Single copy
‘Zinnia’ gets chance at sports, see clear skies
Silver Lake Leader photo by Alyssa Schauer
Tim and Jennell Johnson are hosting their fifth foreign ex-
change student, Zinnia, this school year. From left to right
are Jennell Johnson, their daughter Sam, Zinnia, and Tim
Johnson. Zinnia is from China, and is staying through
Submitted photo
Linda Jaskowiak, manager of Sumter Mutual, Silver
Lake, has completed her year as chairman of the Min-
nesota Association of Farm Mutual Insurance Compa-
nies, at the 118th annual convention held in February
in Bloomington. Jaskowiak has served on the state as-
sociation’s executive committee for the past three
years. She also serves on the state association’s Gov-
ernment Affairs Committee and Strategic Plan Commit-
tee. Jaskowiak has attained the Professional Farm
Mutual Manager designation through NAMIC, the na-
tional association. At the convention were 410 people
representing 84 member and associate member com-
Hunting &
Fishing Expo
set March 16
at fairgrounds
The Big Little Hunting &
Fishing Expo will be held Sat-
urday, March 16, at the
McLeod County Fairgrounds’
Agribition Center in Hutchin-
This is an event for the en-
tire family! Outdoor-related
booths will fill the building.
Kids will enjoy such things as
a trout pond, marshmallow
gun shooting gallery, fishing
for prizes, minnow races,
hands-on fly-tying, and more.
There will be free seminars
throughout the day on turkey
hunting, bamboo rod making,
fly fishing, walleye fishing,
outdoor photography, goose
hunting, cooking wild game,
tree-stand safety, black-pow-
der hunting and starting a
hunting ministry to the physi-
cally handicapped.
The Minnesota Official
Measurers will score your
buck’s rack for free. There also
will be a favorite buck mount,
favorite buck rack, favorite
fish mount, and favorite other
mount contest voted on by the
public with first, second, and
third place prizes awarded.
Around noon the Christian
Deer Hunters Association will
unveil its newest devotional
booklet, “Devotions for Deer
Hunters” Vol. XVII. A big live
and silent auction will follow.
Admission to the event for
any donation. Parking and
seminars are free. Food will be
served during the day. Doors
open at 9 a.m. For more infor-
mation, seminar times, auction
times, and the exhibitors list
visit www.christiandeerhunt
ers.org, or call 320-327-2266.
The Christian Deer Hunters
Association® is a 501(c)3 na-
tional non-profit, interdenom-
inational, entirely volunteer
organization. The association
distributes free-of-charge a 40-
page devotional booklet titled
Devotions for Deer Hunters
which contains true stories of
how God has worked in the
lives of various hunters.
By Lori Copler
Staff Writer
David Bustos, 45, of Silver
Lake, was sentenced to life in
prison Thursday afternoon
after being found guilty of four
felony murder charges in rela-
tion to the
s t a b b i n g
death of his
gi r l f r i end,
D o mi n g a
Limon, dur-
ing an argu-
ment at her
G l e n c o e
home in
F e b r u a r y
Judge Michael Savre sen-
tenced Bustos on the most se-
rious charge, first-degree
murder while committing do-
mestic abuse with a past pat-
tern of domestic abuse.
Savre said a first-degree
murder charge has a manda-
tory sentence of life imprison-
ment. A person convicted of
first-degree murder must serve
at least 30 years in prison be-
fore being eligible for parole.
The other convictions were
for second-degree murder with
intent, not premeditated; sec-
ond-degree murder without in-
tent, while committing a
felony; and third-degree mur-
der, perpetrating an eminently
dangerous act and evincing a
depraved mind.
Bustos was found guilty of
the four charges during a jury
trial in McLeod County Dis-
trict Court, which spanned
from Feb. 19 through Feb. 25,
with the jury returning its ver-
dicts Feb. 25.
Savre invited members of
Limon’s families to address
the court at Thursday’s hear-
ing, but none did.
McLeod County Attorney
Mike Junge, who prosecuted
the case, asked the judge to
“impose the mandatory life
sentence,” the net effect of
which, Junge said, would be a
minimum of 30 years in
prison, with a credit of just
over a year for the time Bustos
spent in the McLeod County
Jail while awaiting trial.
Frances Eggert, Bustos’
public defender, said he had
“no position” on the sentence.
Bustos also was allowed to
address the court, and did so
through a court-appointed at-
Bustos indicated that he was
being punished for more than
that of which was guilty, and
that the court should take into
consideration his work history
and his responsibility for tak-
ing care of his family.
“I’ve always worked and
given them (family) every-
thing,” said Bustos. “I may be
a drunk, but I’ve always been
responsible for my family.”
Bustos also alleged that
abuse allegations were un-
founded, and were made in
order that Limon could get
asylum in the United States.
That, Bustos contended, was
never investigated, and that he
had never abused his family.
“You’ve asked some ques-
tions I don’t have the answers
for,” Savre told Bustos. “We
don’t know what was going
through Ms. Limon’s mind.”
Savre also said he did not
have “any discretion in this
matter. Minnesota statute man-
dates this sentence.”
Savre also advised Bustos
that any first-degree murder
conviction “is entitled to an
automatic appeal.”
Bustos was sent to the St.
Cloud State Prison.
Bustos sentenced to life in prison
David Bustos
The 26th annual Silver Lake
St. Patrick’s Day parade will
be held Saturday, March 16,
starting at 2 p.m. sharp from
the Glencoe-Silver Lake Lake-
side Elementary School.
All Irish and “Irish in
heart” are welcome to be in
the parade. There are no
forms to fill out and no one
to call — just get out the
green and be at Lakeside
school around 1:30 p.m.
The parade will begin at
Lakeside School and end at
the intersection of Main Street
and Park Avenue, by Kaz’s
Auto Service Station. Respect
for the American flag will be
observed by all as the flag
passes by in the parade.
The “Irish After Glow” fol-
lowing the parade will be held
at the Silver Lake American
Legion Club in the northwest
room for a family-oriented
Everyone is invited to this
Irish festivity for Irish music
and good cheer.
Organizers are looking
for volunteers to help and/or
take over this annual event.
Co-chair Kathleen already
has retired from this event
and Lynn “Duffy” Monger
will retire after this year.
Erin Go Braugh! (Ireland
Annual St. Patrick’s Day
parade set for March 16
The Silver Lake Summer
Recreation Program will have
its sign-up night Wednesday,
March 20, from 6 p.m. to 7:30
p.m., at the Silver Lake Audi-
torium. Programs for which to
sign up include kindergarten
through second-grade baseball,
third- and fourth-grade base-
ball, 14-and-under softball, and
third- through sixth-grade soft-
ball, and sign up also includes
swimming lessons, swim club
and pool passes. All grades are
for the 2012-13 school year.
For summer recreation, kinder-
garten through sixth-grade stu-
dents must have completed
kindergarten this past school
Summer rec. sign up March 20
By Alyssa Schauer
Staff Writer
or the last six months,
Silver Lake has been
home to Chinese na-
tive Qiwei Huang, also known
as “Zinnia,” and in her short
time in the United States, Zin-
nia has grown to love karate,
decorating Christmas trees
and mashed potatoes.
Zinnia, 17, is from Wuhan,
China, and moved to the area
last August as part of the for-
eign exchange student pro-
gram through the STS
Foundation (STSF).
She is living with Tim and
Jennell Johnson, and their
daughter, Sam, 16, and she at-
tends Glencoe-Silver Lake
High School.
Almost immediately, Zinnia
joined extracurricular activi-
ties at GSL.
“She arrived late Wednes-
day due to flight delays, and
on barely five hours of sleep,
she auditioned Thursday
morning for the fall musical,
‘Annie,’” Jennell Johnson
“That was a lot of fun. I
sang a Chinese pop song. This
is my first time here, so I
don’t know too many English
songs,” Zinnia laughed.
Zinnia also said she tried
playing soccer and joined
cheerleading, “but I like
karate best,” she said.
“We are a karate family.
And Zinnia’s already earned
her orange belt,” Jennell John-
son added.
All three of the Johnsons
and Zinnia are part of the
Glencoe Karate Club.
“It’s through the Glencoe
Community Ed program, and
Lisa Bohnert is our sensai,”
Jennell Johnson added.
Zinnia said they don’t have
the opportunity to participate
in sports and other activities
outside of school in China.
“The most new thing for me
is being in sports. In China,
we are always learning. We go
to school early and come
home late,” Zinnia said.
She added that she is not
home until 8:30 p.m. most
days from school.
“There’s no chance to do
sports since we stay at school
all day,” she said.
“Also, because I’m always
at school in China, I don’t re-
ally see movies. I have seen
more movies here than I have
in several years in China,” she
“Yes, we’ve taken her to a
Turn to page 2
lot of movies,” Tim Johnson
“So far, ‘Men in Black’ is
my favorite. Oh, and now it’s
‘Brave,’” Zinnia added.
Zinnia also added that she
“loves cartoons.”
“My favorite is a Chinese
cartoon about sheep. Lots of
sheep and two wise wolves.
It’s really funny,” Zinnia
The Johnsons traveled with
Zinnia to Florida in Decem-
ber, where she experienced
the magic at Walt Disney
World and life on the beach.
“I love Space Mountain,”
she said.
“She screamed the whole
time! It’s one person to a car,
in a line, and we’re sitting
way in front, and she was be-
hind us, but I could hear her
scream the whole time,” Tim
Johnson laughed.
“And we headed to Tampa
and spent time on the beach.
We even did karate on the
beach,” Jennell Johnson said.
“Mmm, I love the beach. It
was cool,” Zinnia said.
The Johnsons also took Zin-
nia to see “their farm” in Per-
ham, the Mall of America, the
Minnesota Institute of Arts
and the Minnesota Zoo.
“We even took her to work
with us,” Jennell Johnson
Jennell Johnson works at
Best Buy Corporate office and
Tim Johnson works for
Rudolph Technologies.
“And she came to a blood
drive with us. She was very
scared watching me, I could
see her concern,” Tim John-
son said.
In December, the Johnsons
took Zinnia sledding to
Rocket Hill in Hutchinson,
and they went to Turk’s Trees
to cut their own Christmas
“When I was 9, my parents
bought a real Christmas tree,
but it was little. The tree we
got this year was big, and re-
ally hard to cut,” Zinnia
laughed. “I felt proud when it
was all decorated.”
Zinnia also has been enjoy-
ing the activities of winter, in-
cluding building snowmen
and participating in snow
“Sam pushed me in the
snow,” Zinnia laughed. “It
was cold! I like the snow, but
I don’t like the cold!”
“We think these two are like
siblings, separated at birth.
They are always teasing each
other and goofing around,”
Jennell Johnson laughed.
Zinnia also experienced the
American Halloween tradi-
tions when Sam took her to a
few houses trick-or-treating,
“just to get a feel for it,” Sam
Johnson said.
“She also carved a pumpkin
for the first time,” Sam John-
son added.
“And I made a pumpkin
pie,” Zinnia said.
The Johnsons said the
karate club has also offered a
lot of opportunities for Zinnia
to experience United States
culture, including a trip to the
Renaissance Festival.
“Through Karate Club, we
did garbage detail one week-
end at the Renaissance Festi-
val. It was filthy, but before
we did that with Zinnia, we
took her to enjoy it,” Jennell
Johnson laughed.
“Zinnia really has an excel-
lent work ethic. She didn’t
mind picking up garbage,”
Tim Johnson laughed.
Tim Johnson added that
Zinnia has not only volun-
teered to clean up garbage, but
was a huge help at the annual
community Thanksgiving din-
ner in Silver Lake. “She
helped peel potatoes,” he said.
“And I was in charge of the
corn,” Zinnia added.
“She is very good at helping
with chores at home, includ-
ing taking out the garbage and
reycling. And she even
cooks,” Tim Johnson said.
“For awhile, we were in the
habit of cooking Chinese food
every Tuesday night. It was
great! And she’d jump in and
want to take over,” Tim John-
son laughed.
He added that Zinnia was a
“good sport” and always tried
everything he would cook.
Zinnia said her favorite
foods so far have been pizza,
potatoes, pasta and turkey.
“Mmm, I love pizza. In
China, pizza is not so good. I
have never tasted pizza so
good until I got here,” Zinnia
Another big experience for
Zinnia has been the change in
climate and atmosphere.
“Wuhan is a big city with a
lot of pollution and gray sky,”
Zinnia said.
“Before coming to Silver
Lake, Zinnia hadn’t seen
white clouds, blue sky, sun-
sets, or stars and the moon at
night,” Tim Johnson said.
“I, maybe, would see one
star in China,” Zinnia said.
“Watching her respond to
things like this that we take
for granted was a new experi-
ence for us. And she asked us
many questions at first, want-
ing to absorb everything. She
is very inquisitive,” Tim
Johnson said.
Tim Johnson added that
Zinnia hadn’t seen much agri-
culture in her own country.
“A lot of fields and cows
here,” Zinnia laughed.
“We are having a lot of fun
with Zinnia. I think the reason
we started hosting foreign ex-
change students is to give
Sam, our only child, the expe-
rience of what it’s like to have
siblings,” Jennell Johnson
“Zinnia is the fifth foreign
exchange student we have
hosted. We have had three
from Brazil, and one student
from Poland. Kari Becker is
our local coordinator, and it
has been great,” Tim Johnson
The Johnsons added, “Zin-
nia has a wonderful sense of
humor and makes us laugh.
We are enjoying our time with
Lions Club to meet tonight
The Silver Lake Lions Club is holding a board of direc-
tors’ meeting on Thursday, March 7, (tonight) at 6:30 p.m.,
with the regular meeting to follow at 7 p.m. in the Legion
Club rooms.
Legion breakfast Sunday
The Silver Lake American Legion is hosting a breakfast
on Sunday, March 10, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Plato Lions spring brunch
The Plato Lions are hosting its 30th annual spring
brunch on Sunday, March 10, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.,
at the Plato Hall. The menu includes all-you-can-eat pan-
cakes, sausages, eggs, toast and beverages. Free will do-
nations will be accepted. Bring items for the food shelf
and the Plato Lions will donate $1 for every pound of food
Senior citizens club to meet
The Silver Lake Senior Citizen Club will have its
monthly meeting Monday, March 11, at 1 p.m., in the Sil-
ver Lake Auditorium.
Lincoln Jr. High concert set
The Lincoln Junior High bands and choirs will present
a concert Monday, March 11, at 7:30 p.m., in the Glencoe-
Silver Lake High School Auditorium. The concert will
feature the seventh-grade bands and choirs and the eighth-
grade bands and choirs. It also will feature some selections
by the combined seventh- and eighth-grade bands and
choirs. The concert is free and open to the public.
GSL High School concerts
The Glencoe-Silver Lake High School bands will pres-
ent a concert on Monday, March 18, at 7:30 p.m., in the
GSL High School Auditorium. The ninth- and 10th-grade
band and the GSL concert band will present their large
group band contest selections, as well as other selections.
The public is invited to attend, and tickets can be pur-
chased at the door.
Hutch Auxiliary to meet
The regular monthly meeting of Hutchinson American
Legion Auxiliary Unit 96 will be held Monday, March 11,
at 7 p.m., at the Hutchinson American Legion Post 96. The
executive board meeting will be at 6:15 p.m.
Degree of Honor meeting
The Degree of Honor No. 182 will meet Tuesday, March
12, at 5 p.m., in the Silver Lake Auditorium.
SLBA to meet March 12
The Silver Lake Business Association will meet Tues-
day, March 12, at 7 p.m., in the Silver Lake Auditorium.
Antique appraisal March 17
The McLeod County Historical Society is hosting an an-
tique appraisal and flea market Sunday, March 17, from 1
p.m. to 4 p.m., at the museum meeting room at the
McLeod County Historical Museum located at 380 School
Road NW in Hutchinson.
Bean bag tourney March 16
The Silver Lake Civic Association is hosting a bean bag
tournament Saturday, March 16, at 11 a.m., at the Silver
Lake Auditorium. Sign up at the Silver Lake Liquor Store
or Kaz’s Auto Service Station.
Auxiliary meeting March 18
The Silver Lake American Legion Auxiliary will meet
Monday, March 18, with a “Happy Birthday Legion”
potluck supper at 7 p.m. The meeting will follow. March
is food shelf month, so remember to bring food shelf
Legion to meet March 18
The Silver Lake American Legion will have its regular
monthly meeting Monday, March 18, at 7 p.m., at the Sil-
ver Lake Legion Post 141.
Parade/pork chop feed set
The Silver Lake Lions Club is hosting a pork chop feed
at 12:22 p.m. on Saturday, March 16, at the Silver Lake
Legion Club. The pork chop feed includes a grilled pork
chop, chips, beans, green sherbet and coffee or milk. Take
outs will be available. The meal will be held before the
26th-annual Silver Lake St. Patrick’s Day Parade, which
starts at 2 p.m. Proceeds go to the Silver Lake swimming
pool fund.
Upcoming Events
Jan Olderness,
68, Silver Lake
Jan Olderness, 68, of Silver
Lake, died Thursday, Feb. 28,
2013, at her home.
A memorial service will be
held Tuesday, March 12, at 11
a.m., at Grace Bible Church in
Silver Lake.
A gathering of family and
friends will be held Tuesday,
March 12, from 10 a.m. to 11
a.m., at Grace Bible Church in
Silver Lake.
Arrangements are with the
Dobratz-Hantge Chapel in
Hutchinson. An online guest
book is available at
www.hantge.com. Click on
obituaries/guest book.
Zinnia Continued from page 1
Remember summer? Dig
out your flip flops, sunglasses,
and shorts for this mid-winter
flashback at Glencoe-Silver
Lake’s Early Childhood Fam-
ily Education Friday, March
15, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., at
the ECFE addition at Helen
Baker Elementary School.
Enjoy sand sculpting, water
play and other beach fun as
you crank up the heat at ECFE.
Bring your beach towel.
There is a small fee to at-
tend. Please call ECFE at 320-
864-2681 to register.
Also, ECFE needs your
input. Take a short online sur-
vey at http://tinyurl.com/
ECFE-Survey. Your feedback
will help determine ECFE’s
future programs, events and
event set
March 15
Page 2 — Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, March 7, 2013
Bill and Joyce Ramige, Publishers;
Rich Glennie, Editor; Brenda Fogarty,
Sales; Alyssa Schauer, Staff Writer/Of-
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The editorial staff of the Silver Lake
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Minnesota News Council, an organi-
zation dedicated to protecting the pub-
lic from press inaccuracy and
unfairness. The News Council can be
contacted at 12 South Sixth St., Suite
940, Minneapolis, MN 55402, or
(612) 341-9357.
Press Freedom
Freedom of the press is guaranteed
under the First Amendment to the U.S.
“Congress shall make no law re-
specting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
or abridging the freedom of speech, or
the press…”
Ben Franklin wrote in the Pennsyl-
vania Gazette in 1731: “If printers were
determined not to print anything till
they were sure it would offend nobody
there would be very little printed.”
Deadline for news and advertising
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Tuesday. Deadline for advertising in
The Galaxy is noon Wednesday.
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Silver Lake Leader
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Leader today.
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Business & Professional Directory
Gerry’s Vision
Shoppe, Inc.
“Your Complete Optical Store”
(with In-House Lab)
Call for Appointment
1234 Greeley Ave.,
115 Olsen Blvd., Cokato
320-286-5695 or 888-286-5695
*Paul G. Eklof, O.D.
*Katie N. Tancabel, O.D.
Kid’s Glasses
Evening and Saturday
appts. available
Wk 1
Driveways, Basements,
Shed Sites, Landscaping,
Farm Drainage
Septic Systems &
Snow Removal
Jay & Julene Borka
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Check out
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For All Your Insurance needs
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Citizens Bank Building
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Toll-Free: (888) 234-2910 www.ciahutch.com Fax: (320) 587-1174
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be included in this directory.
Your Ad
Could Be Here! Increase exposure by advertising in a future directory.
For more info, call
Ask for Brenda Fogarty
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Silver Lake
Brian Mikolichek: Owner • Bonded-Insured
Residential Remodel
Service Light Commercial
Complete Plumbing and Heating Systems
Air Conditioning Installation
Winsted, MN 320-395-2002
Plumbing & Heating
Paul Pokornowski
320-286-6570 Cokato, MN
• Bryant Heating &
Cooling Systems
• Indoor Air Quality Systems
• Air Duct Cleaning
• 24 Hr. Service
With a purchase of a Bryant
heating & cooling system you
can get up to
1,300 in Rebates!
or Gaylord 507-237-2330
2110 9
St. E. • Glencoe
Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
I love food.
I know it seems like such a
simple statement, but I have
been cooking and baking a lot
more lately, and realized as I
was chopping cabbage, celery,
tomatoes, peppers and green
onions to make a soup just
how much I love food.
One of my New Year’s res-
olutions was to be healthier, so
I felt that this vegetable soup
would be a good supplement
to the recent shipment of Girl
Scout cookies sitting in my
With working parents and
three younger brothers, I
started my cooking career at a
young age.
My first invention was
peanut butter sandwiches
stuffed with marshmallows
and chocolate chips, warmed
in the microwave for about 20
seconds before the marshmal-
lows blew up and covered the
appliance in a sticky, white
That was a learning experi-
ence, but the sandwiches were
a hit with my brothers.
As I got older, my menus
grew and soon I was making
all kinds of macaroni and
cheeses, hot dishes, and Ham-
burger Helpers. Soon I per-
fected double-layer cakes, the
softest chocolate chip cookies,
and the tastiest banana breads.
In college, I was known for
my rum cake, which without
the baking secrets of Grandma
Genny, I wouldn’t have per-
fected. But it was probably the
rum that made it so popular.
But I should mention, I have
had my fair share of cooking
and baking mishaps — from
ovens on fire to nearly cutting
my fingers off.
In high school, my senior
year, I took a home economics
class. You know, one of those
easy classes where you bake
and try to sew and goof off
with your friends.
My cooking partner was my
friend, and crush, Zac, so of
course when it was our assign-
ment to bake a pan of brown-
ies from scratch, I was
confident I could win his heart
with my baking skills.
After all, isn’t the way to a
man’s heart through his stom-
Well, I was too confident for
my own good. I never thought
following a recipe was diffi-
cult, but apparently I was dis-
tracted enough to ruin the
brownies in two ways.
First, we started breaking
off pieces of the chocolate
bark and cracking the eggs
into a glass bowl, before we
read that we should have
melted the chocolate before
doing anything.
So we tried to whisk out as
much of the eggs from the
bowl as we could before heat-
ing the chocolate in the mi-
Unfortunately, we didn’t get
all of the egg out of the bowl,
and were left with scrambled
yellow bits of eggs in our
melted chocolate.
Yummy, huh?
We had a laugh about it and
joked we’d probably get a “B”
grade now for our ignorance.
That is until we were done
mixing up the batter, poured it
into our 9x13-inch pan and
shoved it in the oven for 20-25
minutes at 350 degrees.
While waiting for the
brownies, we got to talking
and started goofing around
when we noticed clouds of
gray smoke seeping out the
sides of the oven door.
Our classmates shouted for
Mrs. Bethke, our teacher, as
all sorts of fire detectors
started shrieking in the room.
We grabbed dish towels and
started swiping the air in front
of the fire detectors to quiet
their sirens and to clear the
smoke as we pulled the pan of
charred brownies from the
So much for an “easy” class
and that “B” grade. We left the
classroom that day with an
“incomplete” and another
project. I think it was some-
thing easier, like pasta.
How embarrassing for my
chef skills.
After that, I vowed to al-
ways read the directions first
and to always set a timer.
And ever since I rely on
Betty Crocker for all my pans
of brownies.
Vow to read directions, set a timer
The Travel Section
By Alyssa Schauer
Submitted photo
5th-grade Panther Pride
Fifth-grade Panther Pride award winners
for February at Lakeside Elementary
School in Silver Lake include, front, from
left, Andrew Jungclaus, Kaylee Lemke,
Brittany Richter and Ashley Jasken. In the
back are Keaton Goettl, Katilyn Herout,
Tess Chap and Katelyn Pagel. Missing
were Alec Schrupp and Edwardo Martinez.
The sixth-grade Panther Pride award
winners for February were, front, from
left, John “JJ” Ingeman, Jesse Macken-
thun, Kira Mattson and Coral Duenas. In
the back are Jake Siewert, Jenna Ben-
nett, Molly Green, Bryanna Paul and
Morgan Anderson. Missing was Bailee
Submitted photo
6th-grade Panther Pride
March 11 - March 15
Silver Lake
Senior Nutrition Site
Monday — Turkey casserole,
peas, tropical fruit, bread, mar-
garine, bar, low-fat milk.
Tuesday — Chili, pear sauce,
lettuce with dressing, crackers,
margarine, sherbet, low-fat milk.
Wednesday — Baked chicken,
baked potato, squash, bread, mar-
garine, gelatin with fruit and top-
ping, low-fat milk.
Thursday — Meatballs with
gravy, mashed potatoes, beets,
bread, margarine, fruit crisp, low-
fat milk.
Friday — Crumb-topped fish,
whole potatoes, Prince William
vegetables, bread, margarine, pie,
low-fat milk.
GSL Schools
Elementary/Jr. High/Sr. High
Monday — Breakfast pizza or
Kix Berry cereal and yogurt, apple
juice cup, low-fat milk (breakfast
burrito at junior high and high
Tuesday — Pancake on a stick
with syrup or Cheerios and apple-
cinnamon muffin, diced peaches,
low-fat milk.
Wednesday — Egg and cheese
omelet or reduced-sugar Coco Puff
cereal and string cheese, apple
wedges, low-fat milk (breakfast
pizza at junior/senior high).
Thursday — Breakfast pizza or
reduced-sugar Fruit Loops cereal
and blueberry muffin, orange juice
cup, low-fat milk (egg and cheese
omelet at junior high and high
Friday — Pancakes with syrup
or reduced-sugar Cinnamon Toast
Crunch cereal and yogurt, low-fat
milk (french toast sticks with syrup
at junior high and high school).
Helen Baker/Lakeside Lunch
Monday — Hamburger on a
whole-grain bun, deli combo sub,
baked beans, baby carrots with
dressing, apple wedges, pineapple
Tuesday — Chicken nuggets,
fun lunch, mashed potatoes with
gravy, cucumber slices with dress-
ing, petite banana, chilled apple-
Wednesday — Italian dunkers
with sauce, turkey and cheese on
whole-grain bread, seasoned
green beans, cauliflower florets
with dressing, kiwi wedges, chilled
Thursday — Diced barbecued
chicken on a whole-grain bun, ham
and cheese on a whole-grain bun,
oven-baked french fries, marinated
cucumbers and tomatoes, orange
wedges, chilled pears.
Friday — Tony’s cheese pizza,
tuna salad sandwich on whole-
grain bread, seasoned carrots,
caesar romaine side salad with
dressing, apple wedges, chilled
mixed fruit.
High School Lunch
Monday — Chicken nuggets,
mashed potatoes with gravy, sea-
soned corn, whole-grain dinner roll,
sweet-corn salad, cucumbers with
dressing, apple wedges, pineapple
Tuesday — Mexican bar with
beef or chicken with soft or hard
shell tacos, brown rice, refried
beans, southwest black beans,
baby carrots with dressing, petite
banana, chilled applesauce.
Wednesday — Chicago-style
hot dog with relish, diced onions,
sauerkraut, oven-baked tator tots,
baked beans, red-pepper strips
with dressing, orange wedges,
chilled peaches.
Thursday — Barbecued pork
sandwich on a whole-grain bun,
seasoned carrots, oven-baked
fries, confetti coleslaw, broccoli
with dressing, kiwi wedges, chilled
Friday — Pasta bar with three-
cheese lasagna or pizza casserole,
bread stick, steamed green beans,
caesar romaine salad, baby carrots
with dressing, apple wedges,
chilled mixed fruit.
The following are the win-
ners and prizes from the Silver
Lake Knights of Columbus
Fish Fry held Friday, March 1:
Jane Dennison, $100 cash
donated from Silver Lake
Knights of Columbus Council
1841; Dale and Joanne
Kautz, $75 cash from the Sil-
ver Lake KCs;
Dale Cacka, two 2006 mint
uncirculated coin sets from
First Community Bank of Sil-
ver Lake; Rick Kalkbrenner,
two 2003 mint uncirculated
coin sets from First Commu-
nity Bank of Silver Lake;
Bernie Koktan, Les Kouba
“Trilogy” print, donated by
Schmeling Oil Co. Inc.; Perry
Vacek, Mary Gonzales,
Edwin LaMott, and Brenda
Kotila, $25 cash from Gerald
and Luann Kucera of Pioneer
Jacob Vasek, $25 cash from
Swartzer Sewer Service; Rod
and Deb Weiers, $25 gift cer-
tificate from Molly’s Cafe of
Silver Lake;
Mark Nowak, two 2000
mint uncirculated coin sets
from First Community Bank
Silver Lake; Bob and Val
Shamla, $15 cash from Jeanne
Ray of Edina Realty in
Francis Thurn and Chuck
Shamla, six-month subscrip-
tions from McLeod Publish-
ing, Inc.; John Nowak, Jim
and Joan Lawrence, and
Sam Shimanski, $250 gift
certificates from Custom
Comfort Beds of St. Cloud;
Ken Snegosky and Jeff
Fruetel, six-pack of IBC root
beer from Silver Lake Liquor
Store; Art Nowak Jr. and
Jean Lewandowski, bottles of
Jam Jar Wine from Silver Lake
Liquor Store;
Karen Kaczmarek, $25 gift
card for Molly’s Cafe donated
by Silver Lake KCs.
KC Fish Fry
raffle winners
GFWC Silver Lake met
Monday, Feb. 25, at 6 p.m., at
the Silver Lake Legion Club
The evening began with
club members tying quilts,
stuffing “Smile” dolls, and fin-
ishing “Smile” bags for Oper-
ation Smile.
These items, along with
many other items donated by
club members, will be given to
children in third-world coun-
tries when they have surgery
on their cleft palates.
Following the activity, Pres-
ident Margaret Benz opened
the meeting.
Rose Meehl was selected to
be the club’s “Empowering
Woman” and will be recog-
nized at the state convention
May 3 through May 5 in Mor-
A donation of $100 will be
made to the McLeod Emer-
gency Food Shelf as March is
“Food Shelf Month.”
The club also will continue
to promote recycling in the
city of Silver Lake.
The next meeting will be on
Monday, March 25, at 6:30
p.m., in the Legion Club
GFWC donates to food shelf; promotes recycling
Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, March 7, 2013 — Page 3
Darwin Rod & Gun Club
Friday, March 8, 2013
11 a.m. to 8 p.m. (or until gone)
Adults: $10
Children under 12: $4
Children under 5: Free
Serving: Deep fried smelt,
homemade potato salad, coleslaw,
onions, bread & beverage
Take-out orders: $10
containers will be provided
In Loving Memory of
Stanley Drahos
who passed away
March 11, 2012
We cried when you passed
We still cry today.
Although we loved you
dearly, we couldn’t make
you stay.
A golden heart stopped
Hard working hands at rest.
God broke our hearts to
prove to us He only takes
the best.
So dearly missed,
Emma Drahos
Debi & Polo Ramirez
Tony & Susan Drahos
Todd & Rochelle Drahos
Terry & Susan Drahos
Tara Drahos
Grandchildren and
Silver Lake’s 26
2 P.M.
With a Special
Silver Lake Lions
Club Famous Pork
Chop Feed at
Silver Lake Legion
Club @ 12:22 p.m.
Grilled Pork Chop, Potato Chips, Baked
Beans, Green Sherbet w/ trimming treat,
Coffee or Milk.
7.00 • No advance tickets
2nd chop add
Take-out orders/
carside-to-go available
will go to
the Silver
Pool Fund
2013-14 Faith Preschool
Open House
& Registration
Tues., March 19, 3pm-5pm
Sat., March 23, 2pm-4pm
for more
Faith Presbyterian Church
108 W. Main St. • Silver Lake
We are offering a two-day program for
3 and 4 year olds to prepare them for the
pre-kindergarten class next year.
The Big Little Hunting & Fishing Expo & Auction 2013
Saturday, March 16
Agribition Center at the McLeod County Fairgrounds
9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Trout pond, minnow races and games for kids.
Seminars on fishing, hunting, cooking, photography, & more!
Admission for any donation
Free Parking – Free Seminars
For vendor listing, seminar topics and times, and food served,
visit the website at www.christiandeerhunters.org.
75 YEARS AGO - MARCH 12, 1938 —
Twenty-five big logs were trucked last week
from New London to Frank Bren’s Sawmill at
Silver Lake, where they were converted into
rustic seats which will be placed in Sibley Park.
A veteran CCC Camp is located in the park,
which has been made into one of the state’s
prettiest parks.
The Congregational and Presbyterian
churches have arranged to hold special pre-
Easter services every Sunday evening until
Easter in both churches, alternately with pastors
taking turns in delivering Lenten messages.
Joseph Kaminsky added another big truck to
his transfer services, trading for a two-ton In-
ternational, which will haul bigger loads and
The “Social Justice” magazine, edited by Fa-
ther Coughlin, is sold in Silver Lake by Leonard
Hale Township rolled up a vote of 255 at the
annual township elections held on Tuesday, re-
turning John A. Shimanski to the three-year su-
pervisor position. Adolph Hakel was re-elected
as clerk.
Tony Philipi, Rich Valley’s supervisor, had no
opposition for re-election and Town Clerk Joe
Molva was also re-elected to that position.
Steve Reml became justice of peace and Art
Mraz defeated John A. Jerabek for the two-year
constable position.
Ed Mlinar rented the 40-acre farm now occ-
cupied by Otto Rehman to Gilbert Lawrence.
He has the building site for rent.
E. H. Totushek has tailored to your order all
wool suits or topcoats for $22.75
Horejsi Meat Market has young beef liver for
25¢ for two pounds. The Log Cabin Cafe has a
3-1/2-pound pail of skinless and boneless pick-
led herring for 98¢.
50 YEARS AGO - MARCH 7, 1963 —Sil-
ver Lake was without electricity for about an
hour last Friday evening when the car driven by
Duane Prochaska skidded and broke a power
pole just east of the limits of town shortly before
6 p.m.
Cletus Remer and James Wendolek were in-
volved in an accident due to icy roads a mile
south of town Wednesday.
The annual township elections will be held on
Tuesday, March 12, with hours of voting in
Hale and Rich Valley Townships from 9 a.m. to
5 p.m. There are no contests in either township.
Marine Lance Cpl. Dennis Matuska, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Matuska, is serving with the
First Motor Transport Battalion, First Marine
Division, Camp Pendleton, Calif.
Pvt. Gary Nowak is stationed at Fort Camp-
bell, Ky.
Thomas Metkowski has been accepted for
junior membership in the American Guernsey
Cattle Club.
Mrs. Lydia Eischens, 65, passed away at the
St. Mary’s Hospital in Winsted on Saturday,
March 2. Funeral services were held on Tues-
day, March 5, at St. Adalbert’s Church.
Barbara Mikolichek, 78, passed away on
Sunday, March 3, at the Orrin Wraspir home.
Funeral services were held on Wednesday
morning, March 6, at the St. Adalbert’s Church.
Mrs. Anton Kaczmarek, 67, passed away on
Thursday, March 7, at the Hutchinson Clinic.
Funeral services were held on Monday, March
11, from the St. Adalbert’s Church.
25 YEARS AGO - MARCH 10, 1988 —
Howard and Ruth Staber have opened an an-
tique and collectibles store in the former Old
Log Cabin building on Lake Avenue. They will
be buying and selling antiques and collectibles.
The annual meeting of the Silver Lake
Sportsmen’s Club will be held on Saturday
night, March 12. Following the meeting, the an-
nual He/She Party will start. Saturday evening
the Silver Lake Centennial Rifle winner will be
announced; 500 tickets have been sold and a
drawing from those tickets will be held at the
Silver Lake Sportsmen’s annual meeting and
He/She Party. Tami Victorian, Silver Lake Pola-
Czesky Queen, will be drawing the winner.
Sixty-nine voters turned out for the township
elections in Rich Valley Township where
Myron Ruschmeyer defeated Alan Chastek for
the supervisor position. Elected for clerk by
write-in was Warren Macemon.
Hale Township had 95 voters casting their
ballot. Randy Vasek defeated Lester Lhotka by
write-in for the three-year supervisor position.
Gerald Harris received 34 write-in votes for the
one-year supervisor position. Annette Kamin-
sky won the clerk position with 69 write-in
The Silver Lake High School girls’ basketball
team lost in the District 16A championship
game on Friday to the Glencoe Eagles 48-26.
On Friday night, the Silver Lake High School
boys’ basketball team will play for third place
in District 16A.
Mike & Gladys (Shimanski) Carter and fam-
ily moved to Burnsville from Texas.
Down Memory Lane
Compiled by Margaret Benz
300 Cleveland Ave.,
Silver Lake
Dr. Tom Rakow, Pastor
Sat., March 9 — Men’s Bible
study, 7 a.m.; women’s Bible
study, 9 a.m.
Sun., March 10 — “First
Light” radio broadcast on KARP
106.9 FM, 7:30 a.m.; pre-service
prayer time, 9:15 a.m.; worship
service, 9:30 a.m.; Sunday school,
10:35 a.m.; open shooting for
Centershot graduates, 11:45 a.m.;
Centershot Archery Ministry, 1
Mon., March 11 — Church
board meeting, 7 p.m.
Tues., March 12 — Funeral for
Jan Olderness, 11 a.m.
Wed., March 13 — Soup and
chili supper, 5 p.m.; confirmation
class, 6 p.m.; Lenten service, 7
Sat., March 16 — Men’s Bible
study, 7 a.m.; church booth at The
Big Little Hunting and Fishing
Expo, 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Sun., March 17 — “First
Light” radio broadcast on KARP
106.9 FM, 7:30 a.m.; pre-service
prayer time, 9:15 a.m.; worship
service, 9:30 a.m.; Sunday school,
10:35 a.m.; open shooting for
Centershot graduates, 11:45 a.m.;
Centershot Archery Ministry, 1
108 W. Main St.,
Silver Lake
Fax 320-327-6562
E-mail: faithfriends
Mark Ford, Pastor
Carol Chmielewski, CLP
Office hours: Tuesdays and
Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 5
p.m. and Sundays
from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Sun., March 10 — Handbell
practice, 8:45 a.m.; worship serv-
ice, 10 a.m.; deacons’ meeting
after church.
Wed., March 13 — Presbyte-
rian Women meeting, 1:30 p.m.;
light supper, 5:30 p.m.; WOW
classes, 6 p.m.; Lenten devotional
service, 6:30 p.m.; choir practice,
7 p.m.
700 W. Main St.,
Silver Lake
Anthony Stubeda, Pastor
Fri., March 8 — Mass, 8 a.m.;
stations of the cross, 6 p.m.; RCIA
at St. Pius X, 8 p.m.
Sat., March 9 — Baptism class
at Holy Family, 10:30 a.m.; rec-
onciliation, 5 p.m.; Mass, 6:30
Sun., March 10 — Mass, 8 a.m.
and 8 p.m.
Mon., March 11 — All-parish
staff meeting at St. Pius X, 3:30
Tues., March 12 — Mass, 8
a.m.; adoration, 8:30 a.m.-10
p.m.; staff meeting, 1:30 p.m.;
E&C, 7 p.m.
Wed., March 13 — Mass, 5
p.m.; first- through sixth-grade re-
ligious education classes, 5:30
p.m.; confirmation exams, 7 p.m.;
seventh- through 11th-grade reli-
gious education classes, 7:15 p.m.;
confirmation practice at Holy
Family, 7:15 p.m.
Thurs., March 14 — Mass at
Cedar Crest, 10:30 a.m.; worship
meeting, 5 p.m.
Fri., March 15 — Mass, 8 a.m.;
stations of the cross, 6 p.m.; RCIA
at St. Pius X, 7:30 p.m.
950 School Rd. S.W.
E-mail: infor@
Jim Hall, Pastor
Sun., March 10 — Worship,
9:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.
770 School Rd.,
Kenneth Rand,
Branch President
Sun., March 10 — Sunday
school, 10:50 a.m.-11:30 a.m.;
priesthood, relief society and pri-
mary, 11:40 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
20924 State Hwy. 7 W.
E-mail: assembly@
Dr. Lee Allison, pastor
Sun., March 10 — Worship,
8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
Wed., March 13 — Family
night activities, 6:30 p.m.
1014 Knight Ave.,
Anthony Stubeda, Pastor
Thurs., March 7 — Morning
prayer, 7 a.m.; Mass, 7:20 a.m.;
parent-teacher conferences, 3:30
p.m.-7:30 p.m.; fund-raiser night
at Pizza Ranch; CCW meeting, 7
Fri., March 8 — Morning
prayer, 8 a.m.; school Mass, 8:20
a.m.; stations of the cross with
school children, 2 p.m.; Spanish
Mass, 5:30 p.m.; adoration of the
blessed sacrament after Mass;
benediction, 6:50 p.m.; stations of
the cross, 7 p.m.; RCIA in parish
library, 8 p.m.
Sat., March 9 — Mothers group
rosary, 9 a.m.; mothers group
meeting, 9:30 a.m.; baptism prepa-
ration, lower level, Holy Family,
Silver Lake, 10:30 a.m.; men’s day
of reflection sponsored by KCs,
noon-3 p.m.; reconciliation, 3:30
p.m.; Mass, 5 p.m.
Sun., March 10 — Mass, 9:30
a.m.; Spanish Mass, 11:30 a.m.;
eucharistic adoration, 12:30 p.m.-
5:50 p.m.; Spanish religious edu-
cation classes, 12:45 p.m.;
communal celebration of sacra-
ment of reconciliation, 6 p.m.;
Mass at Holy Family, Silver Lake,
8 p.m.
Mon., March 11 — No Mass;
scheduling of liturgical ministers
begins; principal meeting; mission
club, 1:30 p.m.; Schoenestatt
group meeting, 3 p.m.; AFC staff
meeting, St. Pius X, 3:30 p.m.
Tues., March 12 — Morning
prayer, 8 a.m.; school Mass, 8:20
a.m.; junior choir practice, 2:50
p.m.; parent-teacher conferences,
3:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.; adult choir
practice, 7 p.m.; PAC meeting, 8
Wed., March 13 — Evening
prayer, 5:40 p.m.; Mass, 6 p.m.;
kindergarten through sixth-grade
religious education classes, 7
p.m.-8 p.m.; seventh- through
10th-grade religious education
classes, 7 p.m.-8:15 p.m.; confir-
mation practice at Holy Family,
Silver Lake, 7:15 p.m.
1215 Roberts Rd. S.W.
Rick Stapleton,
Senior pastor
Thurs., March 7 — Senior high
free lunch, 11 a.m.; worship team,
6 p.m.
Sun., March 10 — Worship, 9
a.m. and 10:30 a.m.; Sunday
school for all ages, 9 a.m.; Cou-
ples Connect, 4 p.m.
Mon., March 11 — Women’s
discipleship, 6:30 p.m.; men’s
growth group, 7 p.m.
Tues., March 12 — Women’s
discipleship, 9 a.m.
Wed., March 13 — Release
time, 9 a.m.; AWANA, 6:30 p.m.;
middle school youth group, 6:30
p.m.; senior high youth group,
7:30 p.m.
Thurs., March 14 — Senior
high free lunch, 11 a.m.; worship
team, 6 p.m.
Church News
Submitted photo
3rd-grade Panther Pride
The third-grade students selected as the
February Panther Pride recipients in-
cluded, from row, from left, Cameron
Kaczmarek, Max Davis, Moses Medina,
Makayla Wigern and Allen Ingeman. In the
back are Max Madson, Ashley Wise, Caleb
Besmehen, Ella Malz and Caroline
Submitted photo
4th-grade Panther Pride
The Panther Pride award winners for
fourth graders in February were, front row,
from left, Jasmine Knick, Kennedy
Wraspir, Emma Malz, Brittin Posusta and
Raegan Merrill. In the back are Jorge
Murillo, Keara Baumgarten, Austin Brew-
ton, Dylan Kucera and William Hecksel.
Page 4 — Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, March 7, 2013
Come on, Silver Lake!
Let’s WIN the McLeod Food Drive
Challenge and help fight hunger!
Drop off your donation of non-perishable food, cash (including me-
morial donations), gift cards (Coborn’s, Shopko, etc.), cleaning sup-
plies, or personal hygiene items at the Silver Lake Leader office.
Donations can be made Mon. 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Tues. 8 a.m.-12
p.m., and Thurs. 11 a.m.-4 p.m., March 1–31, 2013 at our office.
Your donation will be matched by Minnesota Food Share, PLUS you can
McLeod Publishing
Silver Lake Leader
104B Lake Ave., Silver Lake • 320-327-2216
As a thank you to our friends
of the Silver Lake Leader’s
Facebook page, McLeod
Publishing, Inc. will donate
$.25 to the McLeod County Food Shelf for each NEW person
who “Likes”our page. (up to $150.00) We will also donate .10¢ for each
of our current “Likes.” “Like”our page and share it with your friends!
Clencoe-Silver Lake Public Schools
"Come and Go¨ Open House
1hursoay, March 14, 2013
5.30 to 7.30 p.m.
Helen Baker Llementary School
405 16th St. L., Clencoe
Reglster your chlld Ior the 2013-2014 klnder-
garten school year lI your chlld ls 5 on or be-
Iore September 1st, 2013.
We invite you and your child to tour the Helen Baker Ele-
mentary School building, to come and meet school staff,
and to enjoy a treat from us.
Ìf unable to attend, please call 320-864-2666 after March
14th for assistance with registration.
We look Iorward to meetlng youI
Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, March 7, 2013 — Page 5
GSL Panther
07....at Watertown-May.. W,80-63
11....at Bl. Jefferson.....L,64-57
13....Hutchinson .........W,65-64
15....New Ulm.............W,77-67
18....at Waconia...........L,91-69
21....Rocori .................W,67-60
........GSL tourney:
28....vs. Spectrum......W,86-36
29....vs. HF Catholic...W,72-59
05....Jordan .................L,66-55
08....at Dassel-Cok.....W,74-60
11....at Mound-Wtka. ...L,86-78
12....NYA Central........W,66-46
15....N.London-Sp. ......L,65-63
18....Orono ..................L,79-64
19....at Faribault ..........L,67-64
22....at Litchfield ..........L,58-40
25....at Hutchinson ......L,69-68
29....at Annandale .......L,72-49
01....HF Catholic ........W,73-70
09....Mound-Wtka. ......W,56-47
11....at Sibley East .....W,85-66
14....at N.London-Sp. .W,74-60
19....Litchfield ..............L,77-53
26....Annandale ...........L,65-45
Section 5(AA) Tourney
07....Round 1: vs.WM.......7:00
09....Quarterfinals, at DC.........
12....Semifinals, at DC.............
15....Finals, at St. Cloud St. .....
27....at St.Peter............L,69-48
29....at Jordan .............L,69-35
04....at Belle Plaine .....L,58-54
06....Marshall ...............L,68-38
11....New Prague.........L,59-45
14....at Annandale .......L,55-42
20....Mayer Lutheran..W,46-37
28....vs. Luverne.........W,39-26
05....at New Ulm.........W,51-29
11....at Mound-Wtka. ..W,75-62
12....NYA Central........W,73-64
15....at N.Londn-Sp. ....L,73-59
18....at Orono ..............L,53-36
22....Litchfield ..............L,41-29
25....Hutchinson ..........L,41-37
29....Annandale ...........L,62-55
01....at HF Catholic......L,70-35
07....at Dassel-Cokato.L,45-29
09....Mound-Wtka. .......L,75-74
12....NL-Spicer. ..........W,46-45
15....Waconia .............W,55-53
19....at Litchfield ..........L,49-42
22....at Delano............W,41-38
Section 2(AAA) Tourney
26....at Mankato W. .....L,50-40
01....at Becker Inv. ...................
08....at Northfield Inv................
13....at WM triangular ..............
15....at St. Peter.......................
08....at Litchfield ......................
19....GSL Invite .........6th,118.9
24....Delano .............................
26....at Northfield Inv................
01....Mound-Wtka. ...................
06....at NL-Spicer.....................
Section 2(A) Meet
15....at Watertown.......117.175
01....GSL-Don Hall Inv. .......4th
08 ...at Andover Inv. ...........2nd
13....at Litch: vs.DC....W,42-30
........vs. Litchfield .......W,53-14
15....at Richfield Inv. ....2nd,2-1
20....at Hutch: vs.NLS ...L,66-9
........vs.Ann/ML .............L,60-8
03....GSL: Waconia ....W,42-30
05....at Ogilvie Inv ...............1st
08....at WM .................L,36-28
........vs.LeS-Hend. ....W,60-12
10....GSL: Delano.......W,63-11
12....at Zim Invite.. ..............1st
19....at LCWM Invite...........6th
22....St.Peter ..............W,44-31
24....Mound-Wtka. ......W,35-33
25....at N.Prague .........L,39-32
........vs.M’nkatoWest ..W,42-18
29....at Tri-City United....W,39-31
31....at HLWW............W,54-20
01....WCC. at Delano .........3rd
08....at MW Invite ...............3rd
Section 2(AA) Tourney
14....M’kato East ........W,58-18
14....Hutchinson ..........L,42-22
22-23..Indys, at Waconia.........
Final Record: 14-7.
Hartwig best in state
Wins twice in OT, finishes 42-2; Jewett is 6th
Photo by Kevin Simonson
GSL/Lester Prairie senior Mitchell Hartwig exalts after
winning a state Class AA championship at 145 pounds.
March 2 action is from the Xcel Energy Center in St.
match with KM’s Schorr, scor-
ing a takedown and a 2-point
nearfall for a 4-0 lead after one
Each wrestler scored a rever-
sal in the second period, and
Hartwig added another in the
third for his 8-2 decision.
• Quarterfinals: Detroit
Lakes sophomore Parker Jack-
son scored takedowns in each
of the first two periods, which
had him out in front, 4-0.
In the third period, Hartwig
got a takedown, let Jackson go,
and eventually received a
penalty point when Jackson
was hit for stalling. A Hartwig
takedown late in the third pe-
riod tied the score at 5-5 and
forced overtime.
After the combatants wres-
tled a scoreless minute of over-
time on their feet, then two 30-
second OT periods on the mat,
the match came down to an ul-
timate tiebreaker. Jackson
chose to ride, but Hartwig es-
caped in the final seconds for a
6-5 decision.
• Semifinals: While Hartwig
pushed the action, it was
Becker’s Zach Zimmer who fi-
nally tallied the initial take-
down, plus a 3-point nearfall,
for a 5-0 advantage.
Zimmer’s lead was only 6-
5, though, after Hartwig scored
an escape point and two take-
downs in the second period.
After a Zimmer escape,
Hartwig knotted the count with
a takedown. When the Panther
wrestler turned Zimmer for
three nearfall points, he moved
ahead, 10-7. A stalling point
and a Zimmer escape made it
10-9, but that was it. It was
Hartwig advancing to the
championship match against
Simley’s Short.
• Finals: When Hartwig and
Short met at the state meet two
years ago, Short notched three
takedowns while winning a 6-
3 decision.
This time, the two wrestled
through a scoreless first period.
After Hartwig won the flip and
chose to start the second period
under Short, he escaped for a 1-
0 lead.
Hartwig rode Short for a
good portion of the third pe-
riod. However, Short eventu-
ally scored a reversal, which
gave him a 2-1 lead. Hartwig
escaped, however, to force
Three scoreless extra periods
followed, setting the stage for
another ultimate tiebreaker.
This time, Hartwig had the
choice, and he opted to ride.
On two occasions, the
wrestlers went out of bounds,
with Short trying to stand, but
Hartwig picking up an ankle
each time; the second time with
nine seconds remaining.
From the middle of the mat,
Short tried for a switch, but
Hartwig stepped over and
buried him.
— A special gathering to cel-
ebrate GSL/LP’s state wrestlers
will be held Saturday, March 9,
at the GSL High School audi-
torium. The event begins at 1
p.m. The public is invited.
By Lee Ostrom
Sports Editor
ou might call
him “The
C o me b a c k
Kid.” “Master
of the Ulti-
mate Tiebreaker” is another
possibility. So is “Champ” —
as in Mitchell Hartwig, 2013
Minnesota high school state
champion in Class AA at 145
Hartwig, who could not get
better than a second seed prior
to this year’s Section 2 tourna-
ment, now is Glencoe-Silver
Lake/Lester Prairie wrestling’s
first state champion since Nate
Matousek won his third of
three in a row in 2005.
Hartwig got his by winning
four straight matches last Fri-
day and Saturday at St. Paul’s
Xcel Energy Center; the last
three being stress-filled white
Indeed, after scoring an 8-2
decision over Branden Schorr
of Kasson-Mantorville in his
first-round match, Hartwig
overcame a 4-0 deficit to win
his quarterfinal in the fourth
overtime; fought back from 5-
0 behind to win his semifinal
by a point; and finally won his
second ultimate tiebreaker to
edge Simley’s Mack Short, 3-
2, in the championship match.
By the last match, Panthers
head coach Lance Wurm said
he was almost calm, having
convinced himself by then that
Hartwig was “destined” to be
the state champion.
“He got stronger as matches
wore on,” Wurm said, noting
that Hartwig’s will to win was
“He made it happen,” Wurm
Hartwig’s 42-2 senior sea-
son allowed him to reach 150
victories for his career — in
194 total matches.
Jacob Jewett, GSL/LP’s
other qualifier for the 2013
Class AA state tournament,
won his first two matches at
106 pounds; then lost his next
three to place sixth.
His 37-7 junior season gives
Jewett a 78-26 overall mark.
A closer look at Hartwig’s
four matches at the state meet:
• 1st round: Hartwig got off
to the fast start in his first
Clarissa Ober
Ober totals: 1,441 points, 1,012 rebounds
By Lee Ostrom
Sports Editor
When Glencoe-Silver Lake
fell 50-40 at No. 2 seed
Mankato East in last Tuesday’s
first round of the Section 2
(Class AAA) girls’ basketball
tournament, the brilliant high
school career of Panther senior
Clarissa Ober (left) came to an
Ober, who plans to continue
playing basketball at South
Dakota State University in
Brookings, graduates from
GSL with 1,012 rebounds,
which is 170 more than any
other girl who has played at
Glencoe, Silver Lake or GSL.
In fact, prior to the Ober years,
only Carolyn Busse (842)
hauled down as many as 700
Ober became GSL’s all-time
leader in blocked shots as a
sophomore, and has been
adding on since. She finishes
with 344.
She also ranks fourth in
steals (229), ninth in assists
(175) and 10th in three-point
field goals (54). She almost
reached all-time scoring leader
Brittany Thiesfeld’s 1,446
points, but instead fell five
points shy — with 1,441.
Beyond all her individual
achievements, Ober is a team-
first leader. Twice this winter,
GSL’s girls endured a six-game
losing skid; and each time they
turned things around with de-
termined performances.
Their final mark is 9-17.
“I’m very proud,” head
coach Cullen Ober said. “They
stuck with it. There was no
quit. ... Every one of them
worked hard.”
— Mankato East got 34
points from Clair Ziegler, a 5-
11 junior post, who offers a
nice shooting touch from 15
feet in, shows “very good foot-
work” and does not shy away
from a physical game, accord-
ing to Cullen Ober.
Yet, GSL trailed by only two
points as the game entered its
final four minutes.
“We gave it a good shot,”
coach Ober said.
Panthers get 3rd seed; Royals here tonight
By Lee Ostrom
Sports Editor
Here is why any of the eight
teams in the South half of the
Section 5 (Class AA) boys’
basketball tournament might
win their subsection and ad-
vance to St. Cloud State Uni-
versity for the March 15
championship game:
— Top seed Jordan is 19-4
overall, but one of its losses
was by a 61-48 tally at Provi-
dence Academy back on Dec.
18. The Lions, 12-10, are the
eighth seeds and Jordan’s first-
round opponent Thursday
(March 7) evening.
— No. 2 seed Howard Lake-
Waverly-Winsted, 18-6, opens
with seventh-seeded Sibley
East, a team it barely eked past,
68-66, during the regular sea-
— The Glencoe-Silver Lake
Panthers, 13-13, suffered more
regular-season losses than any-
one else in the South; yet are
the third seeds. They will tan-
gle wih No. 6 Watertown-
Mayer in the first round.
Who knows? Maybe the
winner of the first-round game
matching No. 5 NYA Central
and No. 4 Mayer Lutheran
winds up taking it all.
At the coaches’ seeding
meeting Feb. 27, GSL head
coach Robb DeCorsey pointed
out that his boys were 3-1
against the subsection —
falling to Jordan, but walloping
Watertown-Mayer (by 17
points), NYA Central (+20) and
Sibley East (+19). The Panthers
also played a grueling 14-game
schedule in the rugged Wright
County Conference, traveled to
Bloomington for a game
against the Class AAAA Jeffer-
son Jaguars, and knocked off
traditional Class AAA power
Rocori at home.
“Nobody else here played
the schedule we did,”
DeCorsey told his fellow
coaches in the South.
DeCorsey’s pitch was a win-
The Panthers now get to play
host to Watertown-Mayer on
Thursday, March 7, in Glencoe.
Opening tip is scheduled for
7 p.m.
If GSL wins, it advances to
Saturday’s second semifinal (8
p.m.) at Dassel-Cokato High
School. The subsection final
tips at 8 p.m. Tuesday, March
12 also at DC. The South win-
ner advances to the Section
5(AA) finals against the North
winner, Friday, March 15, at St.
Cloud State University. That
winner goes to state.
St. Cloud Cathedral and An-
nandale are the top two seeds in
the North.
The Panthers closed their
regular season with losses to
19-5 Litchfield, 22-3 Delano
and 15-9 Annandale. Margins
were 24 points, 17 and 20.
We will have a mostly quiet week behind the large storm
that hit the area early in the week. As I write this, the storm
is just getting going, so it will be fun seeing how much
snow everyone ended up with. The good thing about these
March snowstorms is knowing they will not last long!
Temperatures will hang right around normal for this time
of year, gradually inching up as we move toward the week-
There could be a passing flurry Thursday with a weak
system, but I am guessing it will be dry for us.
The computer models keep us dry for the remainder of
the forecast, but another decent storm will enter the Upper
Midwest’s picture by Saturday-Sunday. Right now, the
models are keeping the storm to our south (Iowa), but if it
decides to move north a little bit, we would be in line for
some more precipitation. If we were to get the storm there
could be a mix early as it will have plenty of warm air to
play with. But like I said, track will be everything.
Have a great week, all, and enjoy the March snow while
you can.
Ma dobry wekeendem Mit dobry vikend
Wednesday night — Lows 7-13; clear.
Thursday — Highs 26-32; lows 18-24; partly cloudy.
Friday — Highs 28-34; lows 16-22; clouds.
Saturday — Highs 30-36; lows 14-20; clouds increase
(storm south?).
Sunday — Highs 30-38; partly cloudy.
Weather Quiz: When will we see our first 70-degree tem-
perature of the year?
Answer to last week’s question: Normal snowfall for
March is about 10 to 16 inches, with the most being 40
Remember: I make the forecast, not the weather!
Weather Corner
By Jake Yurek
Hallahan receives award
Cortney Hallahan of Silver Lake received the Chancel-
lor’s Award for the 2012 fall semester at the University of
Wisconsin-Stout. Hallahan is majoring in business admin-
Schuft accepted at SMSU
Jordan Schuft, son of Gaylen Schuft of Glencoe, has
been accepted for the 2013 fall semester at Southwest
Minnesota State University in Marshall. His planned
major field of study is accounting.
Goodridge to attend UMM
Aiyana Goodridge of Glencoe has been accepted to and
has chosen to attend the University of Minnesota, Morris.
Goodridge, a 2013 graduate of Glencoe-Silver Lake High
School, will attend Morris beginning in fall 2013.
Goodridge is the recipient of an Achievement Scholarship,
renewable up to four years. Achievement scholars are se-
lected based on their academic accomplishments at the
time of application.
People News
In February, the American
Cancer Society received me-
morials from family and
friends remembering Beata
Polzin, according to Jeanne
Ray, memorial chairwoman.
The American Cancer Soci-
ety receives memorial gifts in
memory of the deceased and
honor gifts as tributes to the
“To make a memorial gift,
the donor need only contact
me with their name and ad-
dress, the name of the person
remembered, and the name
and address of the person to
whom the notice of the gift
should be sent,” Ray said.
Requests should be sent to
Ray at 809 Lindy Lane NE,
Hutchinson, MN 55350.
For more questions, call the
American Cancer Society at
their toll free number, 1-800-
227-2345 or contact Ray at
Memorial received in
honor of Beata Polzin
With the challenge begin-
ning this week, local residents
are asked to support those in
need by making a donation to
the McLeod Emergency Food
Shelf. This annual food drive
is designed to restock the
shelves at the food shelf.
The Glencoe Area Chamber
of Commerce, Hutchinson
Area Chamber of Commerce,
Lester Prairie Business Asso-
ciation, Winsted Chamber of
Commerce and Silver Lake
Business Association are
sponsoring this friendly chal-
lenge. Their goal is to raise
more than 100,000 pounds of
donations during March.
“Donations collected during
March are matched by Min-
nesota Food Share Network
making this an ideal time to
donate,” said Marietta Neu-
mann, McLeod Emergency
Food Shelf director.
Non-perishable food, laun-
dry items and other personal
hygiene products are re-
quested. Donations also can be
dropped off at the McLeod
Food Shelf in Glencoe at 808
E. 12th St.
Donations needed for 2013
county food drive challenge
Page 6 — Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, March 7, 2013
Advertisement for Bids
DOCUMENT 00 11 13
SEH NO. SILAK 121498
SAP NO. 43-602-29
Notice is hereby given that sealed Bids will be received by the City Clerk/Treasurer at the Office of the McLeod County
Highway Department, 1400 Adams Street SE, Hutchinson, MN 55350, until 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 28, 2013, at
which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud in the Hutchinson Area Transportation Services (HATS) building
for the furnishing of all labor and material for the construction of Grove Avenue (CSAH 2) Improvement Project. Major
quantities for the Work include:
Quantity Item
7 Each Clearing and Grubbing
5,230 L.F. Remove Concrete Curb and Gutter
12,307 S.Y. Remove Pavement (P)
10,780 C.Y. Common Excavation (P)
6,780 C.Y. Select Granular Borrow (CV) (P)
12,990 S.Y. Geotextile Fabric, Type V, Woven
550 Ton Haul and Dispose of Contaminated Material
2,268 C.Y. Aggregate Base, Class 5
10,684 S.Y. Concrete Pavement
5,280 L.F. 4-inch PVC SDR 35 Pipe Drain
12,539 S.F. 4-inch Concrete Walk
5,119 L.F. Concrete Curb and Gutter, Design B624
1 L.S. Traffic Control
287.4 S.F. Sign Panels Type C
4,658 S.Y. Sodding, Type Lawn, w/4 inches Topsoil
3,659 L.F. Pavement Marking
2,895 L.F. Remove Pipe Sewer (Storm)
2,766 L.F. 12-inch to 42-inch RC Pipe Sewer Design 3006
589 L.F. 44-inch to 51-inch RC Arch Pipe Sewer Design 3006
315.8 L.F. Construct Drainage Structure (Various Design)
10 Each Remove Manhole (Sanitary)
2,680 L.F. 8-inch PVC SDR 35 Sanitary Sewer
850 L.F. 4-inch PVC DR 26 Sanitary Sewer Service Pipe
75 L.F. Construction Sanitary Manhole Design 4007
2,803 L.F. Remove Water Main
18 Each Gate Valve and Box
36 Each Curb Stop and Box
985 L.F. Type K Copper Service Pipe
2,821 L.F. 6-inch to 10-inch PVC C-900 DR 18 Water Main w/Tracer Wire
Bids shall be on the form provided for that purpose and according to the Bidding Requirements prepared by Short Elliott
Hendrickson Inc., dated February 19, 2013.
The Bidding Documents may be seen at the issuing office of Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. located at:
102 Main Street, Suite 211
P.O. Box 308
Hutchinson, MN 55350-0308
Digital copies of the Bidding Documents are available at http://www.sehinc.comfor a fee of $30. These documents may be
downloaded by selecting this project from the BIDDING DOCUMENTS link and by entering eBidDoc
Number 2364144
on the SEARCH PROJECTS page. For assistance and free membership registration, contact QuestCDN at 952.233.1632
or info@questcdn.com.
Paper copies of the Bidding Documents may be obtained from Docunet Corp. located at 2435 Xenium Lane North, Ply-
mouth, MN 55441 (763.475.9600) for a fee of $100.
Bid security in the amount of 5 percent of the Bid must accompany each Bid in accordance with the Instructions to Bid-
This Work shall be subject to minimum wages and labor standards in accordance with the Minnesota Department of Labor
and Industry.
Bids shall be directed to the City Clerk/Treasurer, securely sealed and endorsed upon the outside wrapper, “BID FOR
The City of Silver Lake reserves the right to reject any and all Bids, to waive irregularities and informalities therein and to
award the Contract in the best interests of the City of Silver Lake
Kerry Venier
City Clerk/Treasurer
City of Silver Lake, Minnesota
(Published in The Silver Lake Leader March 7, 2013)
Legal Notices
Notice of Annual Meeting &
Election of Officers
Notice is hereby given to the qualified voters of Hale
Township, County of McLeod, State of Minnesota, that
the Annual Election of Town Officers and Annual Town
Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2013.
In case of inclement weather, the Meeting and Election
will be postponed until the third Tuesday in March
(March 19, 2013).
The election poll hours will be from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00
p.m., at which time the voters will elect:
One (1) Supervisor – Three (3) Year Term
One (1) Treasurer – Two (2) Year Term
The Annual Meeting will commence at 8:15 p.m. to
discuss the usual business of the Township.
The Annual Election and Meeting will be held at the
following location:
Hale Town Hall
9527 220th St.
Silver Lake, MN
Tammy Stifter
Hale Township Clerk
Sounds like
talk for a
one column
8.25 inch
Too small
to be
this one!
Put your
in the
Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, March 7, 2013 — Page 7
2001 27ZTS Deere Mini-ex ca va tor.
1,010 Hours, ex cel lent con di tion,
great ma chine for mak ing tile con -
nec tions. Tracks cause less com -
pac tion than a back hoe, good
vis ibil i ty. 60” Front blade helps get
clay into trench be fore top soil
when back fill ing. 24” Buck et with a
tooth cov er plate at tach ment prev -
ents tile dam age when lo cat ing tile.
Hy drau lic buck et side wall scrap er.
2” In su lat ed roof help keeps you
cool! $23,900. Thal mann Seeds,
Pla to, MN, (320) 238-2185.
Want ed: Your OLD TRAC TORS,
any con di tion, make or mod el. We
also spe cial ize in new and used
Call Kyle. Lo cat ed west of Hen der -
son. (612) 203-9256.
Life time ca reer in mar ket ing, man -
age ment and ap ply ing “Green” pro -
ducts made in Amer i ca. Full time/
part time. For a free cat a log, call
Franke’s Con klin Serv ice now at
(320) 238-2370. www.frank e mar -
ket ing.com.
Full time morn ing milk er want ed.
(952) 467-3705 or (952) 467-2805.
House keep er/ care giv er: Fe male
want ed to take care of par a lyzed fe -
male in pri vate home. Will train.
$12.25/hr. Call Kari (507) 426-
HAND Y MAN: Will do re mo del ing of
kitch ens, bath rooms, hang ing
doors and wind ows, paint ing, sheet
rock ing, tex tur iz ing or any minor re -
pairs in side or out side. Will also do
clean ing of base ments/ga rag es.
Call (320) 848-2722 or (320) 583-
Ko dak all-in-one print er, $25. (320)
Min ne so ta Twins sea son tick ets for
2013 sea son. Sec tion 121 seats.
Pack age in cludes 2 seats. 5, 10 or
15 game pack ag es avail able. Con -
tact Rick at (952) 224-6331 for
more in for ma tion.
We buy used bat ter ies and lead
weights. Pay ing top dol lar for junk
bat ter ies. Pay ing $8 to $24/bat tery.
We pick up. Call 800-777-2243. Ask
for Dana.
Want ed to buy: Junk cars and
trucks. Com peti tive pric ing with
friend ly serv ice. Tow ing avail able.
Call an y time (320) 296-2253.
Reg is tered Sim men tal bulls for
sale. Year ling, both red and black.
Diehn Sim men tals (507) 766-0313.
Ger man Short hair Point er pups. 3
Males, 5 months old. Ch. Lines,
Wein land, Mi na do and Von Ess er.
Par ents on site, prov en hunt ers and
great fam i ly dogs. Ba sic obe di ence
train ing has been start ed. (320)
864-6649, cell (507) 360-8934.
Gib bon: 5BR home, 2 car ga rage,
barns for far row ing and fin ish ing
hogs, grain bin, shed. Exsted Re al -
ty (320) 864-5544.
Zero down RHA fi nanc ing is avail -
able for this prop er ty. 11798 155th
St., Glen coe. Hob by farm for sale.
6 +/- acr es, beau ti ful 4BR home.
Very new out build ings. MLS#
4338091, $275,000. Con tact me for
a pri vate show ing. Paul Krueg er,
Edi na Re al ty, (612) 328-4506,
Paul Krueg er@edi nare al ty.com.
Hutchin son: Large 3BR home com -
plete ly re mo deled with large 3 car ga -
rage. Exsted Re al ty (320) 864-5544.
1120 Grove Ave., Bird Is land. 4BR,
3BA home on 2 lots. $119,000.
(320) 296-1603.
3 Acr es. Two-story brick home,
High way 7, Hutchin son. Close to
town with coun try feel. 3BR, 2BA.
Exsted Re al ty (320) 864-5544.
601 12th St. S, Oli via. 2BR, 1BA,
large din ing/liv ing room. Cen tral air,
at tached 2-car ga rage, steel sid ing.
(320) 522-1593, af ter 6 p.m. (320)
Coun try home for sale by own er.
4BR, 3BA, at tached dou ble in su lat -
ed ga rage, 1 acre, 3 sheds, right of
High way 15. (320) 587-7746.
Well kept 3BR home, 2 miles from
Glen coe. For mal liv ing/din ing, and
fam i ly room on main lev el. Tons of
built-in cab i nets and stor age. 26x32
shop. Brian O’Don nell, Pri or i ty One
Met ro west Re al ty (320) 864-4877.
Big Swan Lake, 390 ft. lakeshore.
Form er Kram er Re sort. Old ca bins,
re pair able 4BR ram bler. Exsted Re -
al ty (320) 864-5544.
11 Acr es, Glen coe. Wil dlife and
new pond, per fect place to build
new home. $99,500. Exsted Re al ty
(320) 864-5544.
13+ Acr es, near Glen coe, beau ti ful
spot to build new home. New dri ve -
way, pri vate pond. $99,500. Exsted
Re al ty (320) 864-5544.
155 Acr es North east of Gay lord.
$5,700 per acre. Exsted Re al ty
(320) 864-5544.
2 Par cels, 14.5 acr es, Hutchin son,
2 build ing eli gi bil i ties, new dri ve -
way, great for walk-out home.
$129,000 each. Exsted Re al ty.
(320) 864-5544.
26 Acr es, Hutchin son, 2 ponds, wil -
dlife, new dri ve way, pri vate! WRP,
RIM Pro grams. Ide al for home.
$129,000. (320) 864-5544.
Se clud ed 14 acr es, $126,000 and/or
11 acr es for $99,900 near Hutchin -
son. Build ing eli gibil i ty, wil dlife area.
Exsted Re al ty (320) 864-5544.
Todd Lake, 26 Acr es near Hutchin -
son, 800 ft. lakeshore. Very pri vate.
$229,000. Exsted Re al ty (320) 864-
23.08 Par cel next to Pla to city lim -
its. Ap prox imate ly 20 acr es til lable
with great fu ture de vel op ment po -
ten tial. Brian O’Don nell, Pri or i ty
One (320) 864-4877.
2BR Apart ment with ga rage, wa -
ter/sew er/gar bage in clud ed.
$450/mo. New Au burn (320) 327-
Newly remodeled apartments for
rent in Renville. Water, heat,
garbage included. New appliances,
air conditioners. (320) 564-3351.
Vil lage Co op era tive of Hutchin son
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Three units avail able (2- 2BR, 1-
1BR.) Call for your tour! Equal
Hous ing Op por tun i ty.
Re mo deled spa cious 1BR up per in
Glen coe. Off-street park ing, wash -
er/dry er hook ups, $400 plus elec -
tric i ty. Avail able im me diate ly. (612)
802-3533, (320) 864-3835.
Want to rent farm land for 2013 and
beyond. (320) 510-1604.
Young farm er look ing for pro duc tive
farm land for 2013 and beyond.
Com peti tive rates and ref er enc es.
Call Aus tin Blad at (320) 221-3517.
place or ours. Give Vir gil a call.
Schau er Con struc tion, Inc. (320)
Need trans por ta tion for your next
ev ent? We can help with our limo
bus. Wed dings, busi ness, sports,
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Plas tic re pair. Don’t throw it. Let me
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Per son al and small busi ness in come
tax pre pa ra tion and ac count ing serv -
ic es. Ran dy Mart ti nen (952) 210-
8721. Email: blu mark@Live.com.
Farm Equipment
Misc. Farm Items
Help Wanted
Work Wanted
Household Goods
Wanted To Buy
Hobby Farm
Lake Homes
Want To Rent
Misc. Service
Tax Preparation
Misc. Service
(based on first week pricing)
The McLeod
County Chronicle
Silver Lake Leader
The Glencoe
The Sibley Shopper
Arlington Enterprise
The Galaxy
Week 1/2 Price
All Six Papers Reach Over 50,000 Readers Weekly in over 33 Communities
For 20 words, one time in
ANY TWO PAPERS and on the internet.
30¢ per word after first 20 words.
All ads appear online
at GlencoeNews.com
Silver Lake Leader
To place an ad: Call: 320-327-2216; Fax: 320-327-2530; E-Mail: slleader@embarqmail.com; Mail: P.O. Box 343, Silver Lake, MN 55381
The McLeod County Chronicle Mondays at Noon
The Arlington Enterprise & The Silver Lake Leader Tuesdays at Noon
The Glencoe Advertiser, The Sibley Shopper
& The Galaxy Wednesdays at NOON
Sports/General News
Must be able to take photos and cover sports and
other assignments as required. Experience a plus
but will consider an enthusiastic sports-loving
newcomer who has working knowledge of
QuarkXPress, Adobe PhotoShop, and social media.
Full-time position with benefits
including 401(k) retirement.
Mail or e-mail cover letter, resume
and writing samples to:
Rich Glennie, Editor
The McLeod County Chronicle
P.O. Box 188
Glencoe, MN 55336
Please submit resume by March 8, 2013.
for order entry, processing, account
reconciliation; minimum 3 years
experience, QuickBooks, Microsoft
Office Suite proficiency preferred. Email
resumes to jobs@octoberafternoon.com
Illustrator/production artist. Profi-
ciency with Mac computers and Adobe
Design Suite required. Bachelor’s De-
gree preferred. Design sense, attention
to detail required. Email resume/port-
folio to jobs@octoberafternoon.com
to take your career to the next level?
Earn your CDL-A and start your driv-
ing career with RDTC! Call Kim -
800/535-8420 GoRoehl.com AA/EOE
Daily or weekly pay. $0.01 increase
per mile after 6 months and 12 months.
$.03 enhanced quarterly bonus.
Requires 3 months OTR experience.
800/414-9569 www.driveknight.com
Commercial and Construction Equipment,
Estates, Fish Houses, Grain Storage.
There is a great demand for land and good
used equipment. 320/365-4120, office.
Visit us @ www.henslinauctions.com
888/497-6111 State Aid Dentists are
available. We will find the best dentist
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All cars/trucks wanted. Running or not! Top
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Truck or Boat to heritage for the blind. Free
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Great job opportunities at Heartland America! We’re
conveniently located in Chaska between Hwy 5 & 41!
Heartland America is a Direct Marketing company offer-
ing brand name and other quality merchandise at value
prices via catalog and internet sales. No
Outbound calling! Great pay and benefits!
Send resume/application or apply in person:
Heartland America Attn: Pam
8085 Century Blvd., Chaska, MN 55318
Website: www.heartlandamerica.com/application
Ph: 952-361-5671 Fax: 952-361-3656 K
Equal Opportunity Employer
Christensen Farms is hiring
Animal Care Workers for our farms
in the Renville and Olivia area.
We offer:
$13.00/hr starting pay
Benefits Package including Health and more!
Opportunity for Monthly Production Bonuses
Opportunity to Advance, Team Approach
Full Time Schedule – Day Time Hours
Daily care of animals in a modern facility which may
include feeding, vaccinations, breeding,
sanitation and care of new born pigs.
Please apply online at
Under Herdsperson-Renville/Olivia listing
If you have any questions, call 800-889-8531.
Now Hiring
Page 8 — Silver Lake Leader, Thursday, March 7, 2013
Name ______________________ Age ____
Parents ______________________________
Phone ______________________________
Ages 3-5
Each age group wins an Easter basket full of goodies!!
Contest Rules:
1. This Easter coloring contest is open to children ages 3–12.
2. All entries must be received by 5 p.m. on Monday, March
25. Bring in, place in drop box or mail to:
Silver Lake Leader,
104B Lake Ave., PO Box 343,
Silver Lake, MN 55381.
3. Pencil, paints, crayons or felt tip pens may be used.
4. Prizes will be awarded to one child in each age group.
5. Winning entries will be listed in this paper March 28.
6. Prizes to be awarded by the Silver Lake Leader.
Ages 6-12
Name ______________________ Age ____
Parents ______________________________
Phone ______________________________
Waggin’ Tails
Professional Dog Grooming
217 Summit Ave., Silver Lake
Stritesky Trucking
Silver Lake • 320-327-2628
First Community Bank
with locations in Silver Lake & Lester Prairie
Edina Realty
Jeanne Ray, Realtor - RSA, Hutchinson
320-583-7184 • rayjea@mchsi.com
Electronic Servicing
216 Grove Ave. SE, Silver Lake
Shimanski Orchard
23808 Jet Ave., Silver Lake
Sumter Mutual
Insurance Company
117 W. Main St., Silver Lake
Harlan’s Auto Repair
211 N. Lake Ave., Silver Lake
Auto & Truck Repair
Main St. & Hwy 7, Silver Lake
320-327-2445 or 327-2516
Schmeling Oil Co., Inc.
Serving the Silver Lake area since 1976
320-587-3361 or 800-578-5636
Crow River Press
170 Shady Ridge Rd., Hutchinson
320-587-2062 • crowriverpress.com
Medical Center
3 Century Ave., Hutchinson • 800-944-2690
Grandma’s Closet
Costume & Prop Rental
22202 Lace Ave., Silver Lake
Holt Motors
Hwy. 12, Cokato
Your hometown newspaper, the Silver Lake Leader
104B Lake Ave., P.O. Box 343, Silver Lake, MN 55381 • 320-327-2216 • Fax 320-327-2530 • slleader@embarqmail.com
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