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Another mass shooting stuns us

Once again, our nation has sat back, stunned, in front of our television sets as reports came out of Orlando, Florida, of the most massive shooting in our country’s recent history.
Questions abound: was the shooter a member of a terroristic organization? Was he, as his parents claim, repulsed by gay people? How did someone who was, at least at times, on the fringe of the FBI’s radar get an assault gun?
And, once again, the debate regarding gun control rages unabated in both traditional and social media.
Do we need more gun control? Should we ban the sale of what some term “assault” rifles? Do we need better background checks?
There are plenty of arguments on both sides of the issue. Some will argue that an armed, rational person could have stopped the assailant sooner. Others argue that were there a ban on guns, the incident never would have happened.
The problem here is that we are all looking for a simple solution to a complex problem — how to prevent someone fueled by anger, hatred and idealism from attacking their fellow man? There aren’t enough laws, enough mental health centers, enough law enforcement officials to fix the problem.
The complexity of the problem has us feeling hopeless. A large array of solutions have been offered: better background checks on gun buyers, more restrictions on visitors to the U.S., a more aggressive military attack against terrorist cells, a ban on assault weapons.
Let’s hope our nation’s leaders can find the right mix of responses to at least deter, if not prevent, massive killings in our country. There has simply been too much bloodshed to do nothing.