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Bash our friends, embrace our enemies?

Not sure why President Donald Trump and his administration punched Canada, our closest ally, in the face recently, and then had the audacity to claim relations between the two countries could not be better. The kick in the face apparently is now considered a term of endearment.
The dust up is all about a trade deficit that Trump and his advisors call unfair. Americans are getting the short end of the trade deficits. So he blamed everyone else, and then slapped tariffs on imported products.
If I’m not mistaken, the trade deficit may be the result of Americans demanding cheap products to consume. In other words, we buy more than we sell to other countries. We are a nation of consumers. I thought we all knew that.
Not our leader, apparently. In Trump’s mind an old adage is applicable: The best defense is a good offense. And Trump is about as offensive as they get.
The Canadians in return shut off their summer cold fronts to the Midwest. They must have because recent temperatures soared into the 90s with high humidity, with no cool relief in sight. While we blame Canada for the cold fronts in the winter time, we praise them for the coolness they send across the border to relieve our summer suffering.
Maybe the Canadians can build a retractable wall along the North Dakota border. Raise it during our summer hot stretch to bottle up those relieving cool fronts. Then lower it to allow the cold air to drift south in the winter.
Speaking of that, the Mexicans and other South Americans weren’t happy with Trump either, so they must have recently sent up a batch of moist, hot, tropical air from the Gulf of Mexico to add to our suffering.
Combined with the lack of Canadian cold fronts, our hemispheric allies made us Midwesterners swelter in the dripping heat and oppressive humidity that nearly melted us into our shoes.
We, in the Midwest, are paying for Trump’s tough trade talks and tariffs, and our neighbors got even with a sucker punch of their own.
So much for tariff wars. Now it’s a battle of weather fronts.
While tough talk on trade is one thing, to bash our NATO allies in Europe is another. Why are we doing that? In Trump’s business world it is all about fairness. In the real world it is sowing the seeds of destruction of our alliances around the world, at the same time embracing brutal dictators like Putin and Kim Jung Un.
Did the rest of us miss something here? We bash our friends, and embrace our enemies? Is this a John Le Carre or Robert Ludlum spy novel? Has a Russian mole burrowed his way into the White House and either become president of the United States or a trusted advisor to the president?
There is another old saying that reality can be stranger than fiction. That could be the case with Donald Trump and his recent trips into fantasy foreign policy.

Rich Glennie was the editor of The Chronicle for 23 years. He retired Aug. 1, 2014.