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A Special Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
Page 2 January 26, 2014
Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
Advertising Directory
Alterations Cakes
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Chef Craig’s Caterers ..................5 Coborn’s........................................16 Dubb’s Grill & Bar ........................5 Glencoe Liquor Store..................7 Mackenthun’s..............................15 One Eyed Willy’s ..........................2 Unhinged Pizza ............................6 Red’s Cafe ....................................10
Arlington Community Center 4 Blue Note Ballroom ....................8 Crow River Winery ......................9 Dubb’s Grill & Bar ........................5 Glencoe City Center ....................2 Glencoe Country Club................4 Hutchinson Event Center..........6 Island View Dining ....................15 Unhinged Pizza ............................6 Pla-Mor Ballroom ........................5 Silver Lake Auditorium ..............9
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Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
makes the best fit when weddings are taking place in more formal venues. Outdoor weddings tend to give couples more leeway. But in general couples do not want to choose any music that is too loud or over-the-top for their ceremonies. Keep in mind that while the music played during the ceremony can set the tone for the day, this music can vary significantly from the music played during the reception. A favorite performer may not be appropriate during the ceremony, but that does not mean the couple cannot dance to that artist’s music during the reception. Live musicians can add a more elegant feel to the ceremony, but such performers also can be costly. Playing prerecorded music may not be as elegant as having a live performer, but it can cost a lot less and still make for an enjoyable day and evening. Reception Many couples prefer deejays to live bands for their wedding receptions. Deejays can play favorite songs as couples and their guests know them, while bands can only play their own renditions of those songs. Another thing to consider when choosing between a deejay or live band for the reception is the venue itself. Some venues are smaller and unable to accommodate a full band, while others may not have ideal acoustics, making it difficult for a live band to sound as good
as they might in a more musicfriendly environment. The formality of the event should also come into consideration when choosing between a live band or a deejay for the reception. Deejays spinning the latest top 40 hits may stick out like sore thumbs at especially formal weddings, while a classical orchestra likely will not fit into the laid back theme of a beach or destination wedding. Couples tying the knot outdoors may need to consider equipment when choosing bands or deejays to play their weddings. For example, some venues do not provide equipment, such as microphones and speaker systems, to couples for their ceremonies. Renting such equipment can be costly, but couples can often skirt such charges by hiring deejays or bands who lend couples their equipment during the ceremony. Deejays or bands who will loan and set up the necessary sound equipment for outdoor ceremonies merit extra consideration. When discussing music to be played during the reception, couples must consider their own musical tastes as well as those of their guests. A wide range of popular music tends to go best at wedding receptions, as guests are more likely to dance to songs they recognize. Avoid
January 26, 2014 Page 3
How to approach music on your wedding day
MetroCreativeConnection Music often plays an important role on festive occasions, and wedding days are no exception. The right music can make a wedding day that much more meaningful, while the wrong music can make a couple’s big event memorable for all the wrong reasons. Though music selection might seem like one of the easier decisions couples must make, those about to tie the knot typically must make a host of music-related decisions regarding their wedding day, including whether to choose a live band or a deejay to perform at their wedding receptions. While the reception is when music might be most on display, couples planning their weddings must think beyond the reception when setting the musical tones for their weddings. Ceremony The ceremony itself often sets the tone for a couple’s wedding day. A beach wedding, for example, often creates a laid back atmosphere, while a ceremony held in a large church or temple often sets a more formal tone. Music played during the ceremony also goes a long way toward setting the tone couples hope to establish. When choosing music for the ceremony, couples should first consider the venue where they are tying the knot. Some, such as houses of worship, may have rules pertaining to what can and cannot be played inside the venue. Classical, hymnal or processional music often
any music that has the potential to offend guests, opting for lighter, happier tunes instead. Whether hiring a band or deejay, couples should make a list of noplay songs or artists and make sure that such lists are included in their contracts. Music plays an important role on couples’ wedding days. Though choosing music for the ceremony and the reception is often fun, couples must take such decisions seriously.
How to stay energized throughout your wedding day
MetroCreativeConnection A couple’s wedding day is the culmination of months and months of planning. For most, it is one of the most memorable, magical days of their lives, filled with fond moments of time spent with close friends and family. As enjoyable as a wedding can be, most brides and grooms who have already tied the knot can attest that a wedding is a long, often tiring day. It is very easy for energy levels to wane. To ensure you have enough energy to last through to the final good-bye of the evening, follow these suggestions to remain energized. • Recognize your wedding day is a very long day. It is possible to rise quite early in the morning to begin prepping with makeup, hair styles, wardrobe and more. If the party is an evening reception, it could last until the wee hours of the night. You may find yourself up for nearly 24 hours, when the cameras will be flashing and the video rolling throughout. Naturally, you will want to look your best throughout. • Get a good night’s sleep the night before. Get to bed early the night before so you will get ample sleep and look rested. It is understandable that nerves and excitement may get the best of you and make it difficult to fall asleep. If you often grow anxious and struggle to fall asleep before big events, talk to your doctor prior to the wedding to ask if you can be prescribed a one-time-only sleepthe limousine or another mode of transportation so that you can refuel on the way to the ceremony or in transit to the reception. • Do not overdo it with caffeine. It may be tempting to lean on an energy drink or a super-size cup of coffee to give you the boost you need. But caffeine is only a temporary fix. After the effects of the caffeine wear off, you could find yourself more tired than before and crash at an inopportune time during the day. Instead, a brisk walk outdoors may recharge your batteries. Afterward, time spent on the dance floor enjoying the reception will likely stimulate some adrenaline to keep you going. • Eat dinner. When family is beckoning and the photographer needs to get yet another pose, it is easy to skip dinner. Be firm with your decision to enjoy your meal. After all, you paid for it and it should not go to waste. Besides, sitting down to dinner enables you to rest and absorb the atmosphere of the wedding. • Continue to drink plenty of water throughout the night. Alcoholic beverages may be flowing, but too many spirits can compromise your energy levels. Be sure to balance the booze with hydrating fluids, such as water or juice. Weddings take up the entire day, and it can be easy to succumb to a lack of energy as the day progresses. But by heeding a few tips, it’s possible to remain in top form throughout the entire wedding.
Remembering to eat well and drink plenty of fluids can help couples stay energized throughout their wedding days. ing pill that will ensure you get to sleep promptly. Do not take this medication with alcohol, and be sure to take it only if you can get a full 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Otherwise you may experience medicine hangover. • Enjoy a hearty breakfast. At breakfast on the morning of your wedding, consume a combination of carbohydrates and protein. The carbs will provide the initial burst of energy you need to get going, and the protein will keep you feeling full. A combination of whole wheat toast, fresh fruit and Greek yogurt makes for a filling start to the day. • Stay hydrated. Although drinking a lot of water can result in more frequent trips to the bathroom — which can be cumbersome for brides wearing their gowns — it is essential to stay hydrated. Dehydration can result in headaches, weakness and dizziness and may make you feel cranky. Be sure to consume water throughout the day. • Pack some snacks. The time between breakfast and the cocktail hour of a wedding may be significant. In your wedding “survival” kit, be sure to pack some easy snacks to eat. Trail mix can be nibbled for a boost of energy, and a banana can take the edge off of hunger pangs. Avoid anything messy that can drip onto clothing or get stuck in your teeth. Arrange to have snacks stowed in
Page 4 January 26, 2014
Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
Marriage License information MOMs - Online Marriage Certificate Index
To obtain a Certified Copy of a Marriage Certificate: Effective 8/1/2007 (You may make your request in person or by mail) 1. Send us the full name of the groom, the full maiden name of the bride and the date of the marriage. You must have purchased your Marriage License from McLeod County for us to be able to provide you with the Certified Copy. 2. Send $9.00 for the first copy and $2.00 for each additional copy requested for the same record. Make your check payable to McLeod County Auditor-Treasurer. 3. Send the request and the correct dollar amount to: McLeod County Auditor-Treasurer 2391 Hennepin Ave. N. Glencoe, MN 55336 To apply for a Marriage License: 1. Complete a Marriage License Application. 2. As of August 1, 2009 BOTH parties will need to be present when applying for a marriage license. If you are not able to both be present than the Marriage Application Supplemental form will need to be filled out & notarized. 3. The fee is $115.00 if no pre-marital counseling has been completed. The fee is $40.00 if 12 hours of pre-marital counseling has been completed AND we have a signed & notarized form from the person who provided the counseling. As of August 1, 2009, the form will need to have a notarized signature to be accepted. 4. If either has been divorced, we need the official date of divorce and the name of the court. 5. There is a 5-day waiting period, not including the day that you apply. (On the fifth day you may marry.) 6. The Marriage License is valid for 6 months. You must marry within that time or the license will expire. (No Birth Certificates, Driver's License, or Blood tests are required in Minnesota) Information courtesy of: Check out the site after October 1, 2008: MOMS - Online Marriage Certificate Index MOMS - Minnesota Official Marriage System The Local Registrars for Vital Records for each county within Minnesota are independently responsible for maintaining the county’s marriage records. Frequently, customers are unsure where the marriage certificate is filed which generates a statewide search for the custodial county of the record. In the fall of 2007, the MN Association of County Officers (MACO) eCounties Committee and the MACO Vitals Marriage Subcommittee created a statewide marriage index, the MN Official Marriage System (MOMS). The index will show the bride and groom’s name, the year of the marriage and the county that holds the record. MOMS will enable individual customers to search and order a certificate from the custodial county. All Minnesota counties are participating in this voluntary system. Each county will download specific marriage data into the system. MOMS will eventually contain all the necessary data from the 1850’s to present. The Local Registrars and MACO eCounties are proud to have achieved the creation of MOMS with the joint efforts of county offices and technology. The MOMS index has been completed in less than one year and will be available to the counties and their customers in October of 2008.
Information courtesy of: ,
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themselves in a considerable amount of debt upon returning from their honeymoons. When merging finances, couples should prioritize paying down such debt, as debt is a significant source of stress for newlyweds and long-married couples alike. Newly married couples with little or no debt should avoid spending above their means in the months after they get married. Such spending is commonplace, as newly married couples often want to fully furnish their new homes or reward themselves for pulling off their weddings. But new debt can be just as stressful on a marriage as debt from the wedding, so avoid this potentially problematic pitfall by paying down existing debts with your newly merged finances. • Make note of mutual expenses and open a joint account to pay for those expenses. Mutual expenses like mortgage payments, food and utilities should be the responsibility of each partner, and a joint account should be established to handle such expenses. When opening a joint account, discuss how much and how often each partner will contribute money. One partner might earn considerably more money than another, so work out a reasonable agreement that details how much each partner will contribute each month, and whether such contributions will be made on a weekly,
bi-weekly or monthly basis. • Make concessions for one another. When merging finances, couples often discover that they do not see eye-toeye on how each person spends money. Couples who successfully merge their finances often note the importance of making concessions with regard to their partners’ spending on certain hobbies or luxuries. As long as those hobbies are not putting couples in debt or jeopardizing their financial goals, couples can make concessions so their partners continue to be happy and enjoy their favorite activities. Merging finances is an issue that looms for many newlyweds or couples about to tie the knot. Though it is not always easy, merging finances early and discussing goals can ensure newlyweds get off on the right financial foot.
January 26, 2014 Page 5
Tips for newlyweds about to merge their finances
MetroCreativeConnection Newlyweds often have a lot on their plates upon returning from their honeymoons. One of the more critical issues newly married couples must address is their finances and how those finances will be combined going forward. Combining finances can be a touchy subject for many couples, especially those who had not given much thought to their finances prior to tying the knot. But there are steps couples can take to make the process of merging finances go more smoothly. • Discuss finances early and often. Allowing finances to be the elephant in the room is a mistake, as couples do not want to begin their lives together treading lightly around an issue as significant as finances. Couples should discuss their expenditures and spending habits as early as possible, as one of the biggest hurdles newly married couples must clear is coming to grips with one another’s financial habits. If such habits have already been discussed, then developing a financial plan will be much easier once that time comes. When discussing finances, define both short-term and longterm goals and how each of you can adjust your spending habits to make those goals come true. • Pay off any debts. The cost of weddings has skyrocketed over the last several decades, and many newlyweds find
Merging finances is an issue many newly married couples face upon returning from their honeymoons.
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Tuxedo purchasing pointers
MetroCreativeConnection When purchasing a tuxedo, Gentlemen getting ready to tie the men should choose classic knot will have to make certain wardrobe styles and colors so they can choices so they look their best on their enjoy the tux for years to come. big days. Although many grooms-to-be Opt for a slim-fitting white shirt rent tuxedos on their wedding days, it underneath that will not billow may be more cost-effective to purchase out when jackets are removed. a tuxedo. Men who want to break from Tuxedos are the ultimate formal wear tradition can opt for a shirt that for men. Worn at formal gatherings like is a pale blue or light gray to proms, weddings and lavish parties, tuxewear under the jacket. This is dos have undergone several style still an understated look, but changes over the years. Men interested one with a hint of creativity. in looking polished will find no option A classic, black bow tie is an makes that impression more convincingideal match when purchasing a ly than the right tuxedo. more classic tuxedo. The bow Men frequently called upon to attend tie is back in a big way, and formal events may find purchasing a men who want to spice things tuxedo is a wise investment. There are up can purchase more tradiseveral advantages to owning a tux tional neckties for those occarather than renting one time and again. sions when they do not want Tuxedos typically cost around $1,000, to wear bow ties. whereas renting tuxedos can be $200 or Tuxedos come with different more each time, making it advantageous This is an example of a notch lapel tuxedo, which lapel styles, and it is important for men who frequently don tuxedos to has become the most popular style of recent years. to know the differences. purchase their own rather than rent. Today’s most popular style is Another advantage to owning a tuxe- tons, accessories, and type of lapels on the notch lapel, wherein a triangular inthe jacket. A tuxedo store may have do is the opportunity to wear a tux that dentation is cut where the lapel joins the more styles available for sale than for is custom-made and tailored just for you. collar. This lapel mimics the shape of a Instead of a rental that will merely be rent. If you desire something that fits classic suit. A peak lapel is the quintesstitched temporarily to fit your measure- your personality and your physique persential classic, featuring a broad, Vments, a tuxedo you purchase will be tai- fectly, buying your own tuxedo may be shaped lapel that points up and out just your best bet. lored specifically to your body, increasbelow the collar line. A shawl lapel is a Men worried about purchasing a tuxeing comfort and making you look better smooth, rounded edge lapel. The shawl do only to see their waistlines increase or lapel reached the height of its popularity as well. Men who buy their own tuxedos also decrease should keep in mind that many in the 1950s, but it can still look good tuxedo shops offer free tailoring for as can choose the style, fabric, color, buttoday. long as you own the tuxedo.
Tuxedo History
The origins of the modern tuxedo remains a topic for debate, but one of the more widely known tales of the tuxedo’s beginning traces this classic look to a wealthy tobacco magnate of the 19th century. Pierre Lorillard lived with his family in a residential colony called Tuxedo Park, which was roughly 40 miles northwest of New York City. The Lorillards were popular in social circles, and Pierre helped establish the area as a prime hunting and fishing destination. Lorillard also developed a social organization called the Tuxedo Club, which regularly hosted balls. At the time, men wore dinner jackets with long tails to formal events. However, Lorillard wanted something different and modern, and he commissioned a tailless black jacket to wear to the Tuxedo Club’s Autumn Ball. Lorillard got cold feet in time for the ball and did not wear the shorter jacket. However, his son, Griswold, did wear the shor t jacket and received much praise. Soon the style was copied and worn in various social circles across the country. The “tuxedo” was born, and soon became a timeless classic.
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and raised five children: Charles, Stuart, Ethel, Sherril and Gail. While farming, Carl also worked at American Mutual Insurance for thirty years. “I was his plain housewife and took care of the kids,” Elsa laughed. S h e said she used to can all t h e fruits and
January 26, 2014 Page 7
Wedded Bliss for the past 73 years
By Alyssa Schauer all of their bouquets of fresh lilies, including her own, the total cost was $30. “That Staff Writer was a lot, too,” she said. n May 18 of this year, Carl Sel“Carl wore a dark green pinstripe suit,” chow, 98, and wife Elsa, 94, will be celebrating 73 years of wed- she added. “That cost me $23,” Carl said. ded bliss. Elsa said the couple had a “plain, three“Seventy-three years! And to the same tier cake” that a friend made. “Two or woman!” Carl joked. three of my The couple met aunts cooked at a dance in the reception Plato and were meal. It was a married on a Sunchicken dinner,” day afternoon in she said. May 1941. “It didn’t take “I lived south of too long to plan Plato and he lived the wedding,” nor th of Plato,” Elsa said. Elsa said. “Yeah, you “I always had to planned it all,” go across the Carl added. tracks to see her,” In their alCarl laughed. most 73 years of “ The wedding marriage, the was at 2:30 p.m. couple raised at St. John’s Carl and Elsa Selchow’s wedding day. five kids, farmed Lutheran Church in Plato, and we had the reception on the together, traveled together, bought a lake home, and supported each other in family farm,” Elsa said. “Things were different back then than serious medical conditions before movthey are today. We didn’t have bridal ing into Grand Meadows last March. “We were dairy farmers most of our showers or anything like that. There lives. Our son is on the farm now, and weren’t any big gifts like there are Carl still went out last year to ride along today,” she said. She said her wedding dress cost in the combine,” Elsa said. “You know when you got the farm in $19.98. “But that was a lot at the time,” you because you like to be out working,” she added. Elsa (Miller) had four bridesmaids, two she laughed. The Selchows milked 25 dairy cows junior bridesmaids, and a flower girl. For
Carl and Elsa Selchow vegetables from their big garden, also. “I canned peaches, pears, apples, cherries, Italian prunes, beets, pickles, corn, and lots and lots of tomatoes,” Elsa said. She added: “We had always had a big garden, and ate our own grown food.” The Selchows also worked for 10 years as janitors at their church in Hamburg and were members of the church board and school board. Carl also served as a trustee and an elder. “You have to work hard. I always say, ‘you won’t die from hard work,’” Elsa said. The couple also spent a lot of their time traveling. “Oh we love traveling! I still do actually. We were to Alaska, Hawaii, Germany, the Black Hills three times, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon twice, and Washington, D.C. “But of all the trips, I still like Alaska the best,” Elsa said. The couple said their son also owns his own plane, which they have used to destinations like Michigan. “I love flying. But it’s getting harder to get in and out of the plane, so I think we’re done now,” Elsa said. In their 60s, the couple purchased a lake home in Menahga and visited often for camping, fishing, and hunting. “We had it for 24 years. We enjoyed that cabin,” Carl said. “We did a lot of fishing, and he did a lot of hunting. Before the lake home, we had a camper. I liked that, too,” Elsa said. Later in life, medical conditions emerged, making it difficult for the couple to enjoy their lake home. “Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy. That was in April. Then in that June, Carl had heart surgery,” Elsa said. He said he six or seven bypasses. “We got over it all OK. We made it this far,” Elsa said. Last March, the couple moved from the family farm into Grand Meadows. “We like it here. We know a lot of people, and the meals are good,” Elsa said.
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Page 8 January 26, 2014
which was perfect (one less dress for me to purchase.) As a personal attendant, one’s duties are essentially to “cater” to the bride on the day of her wedding, i.e. bring the coffee, follow every one of her commands, and keep an “emergency” kit of essentials — needle and thread, a stain remover stick, deodorant, chewing gum, chapstick, mascara, chocolate and tissues. But Sami made my life easy as a personal attendant — she only asked that I help lace up her dress and take candid pictures throughout the night. It was in May of 2010 when I started my career as a bridesmaid. My first gig was for my college friend Jessica, who was married on the golf course in the beautiful valley of La Crosse, Wis. She had just three bridesmaids, and we all wore different colored dresses. I was in peony pink, while the other two were in sage green and navy blue. That was probably one of the more unusual weddings I have been a part of — the recessional for the bride and groom was “We Are The Champions” by the infamous rock ‘n’ roll group, Queen, and during the reception, the entire bridal party was introduced with the NFL Sunday Night Football theme song. Jessica may have been the first bride to let her husband plan something for the big day. Then in September of that year, anoth-
er bridesmaid dress was added to the closet for my cousin Michelle’s wedding. She was married in a Catholic church, so there was no Queen playing, but it may have made an appearance at the reception. Thankfully, 2011 was a break for my wallet buying bridesmaids dresses, though I attended four weddings that year for close friends. I got pretty good at searching wedding registries and picking out the perfect sappy (with a hint of fun) wedding card. In 2012, I was asked to be a bridesmaid for my friend Chris. Believe it or not, our dresses for this wedding were black. But I think I truly can “wear it again!” It was a knee-length, bobbin neck dress with an illusion neckline, accessorized with a deep red ribbon around the waist. That might not mean anything to you men out there, but just know it was pretty. Then the big year of weddings came in 2013. Not only was I invited to eight weddings, but I was either a bridesmaid or an usher for four of those eight weddings. So January of that year started out with dress shopping, and actually, I had appointments at David’s Bridal in Richfield two days in a row. On the second day, one of the consultants said, “Hey, weren’t you here yesterday?”
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On my way to own ‘27 Dresses’ closet
ometimes I think my life is mirroring the main character in the movie, “27 Dresses.” Ever see that movie? It’s about a woman who has been in 27 weddings — whose closet is filled with 27 different kinds of bridesmaid dresses. Some of the dresses are outlandishly awful and the running joke in the movie is, “And the best thing is, you can wear it again!” At the age of 27, I’ve been in a total of eight weddings (with more on the way), and so far, I’ve been lucky enough to avoid purchasing any hideous bridesmaid dresses with puffy sleeves, obnoxious colors and unnecessary amounts of ribbon. Nevertheless, my closet is a rainbow of peony pink taffeta, malibu blue, chocolate brown, and plum purple satin, black tuelling, and royal blue polyester. And not to mention, my closet floor is a mountain of silver, gold and black heels and flats. I like to joke that I work to be in weddings, because it seems that most of my checking account pours into David’s Bridal, Mestad’s or the shoe section at Target. My part in weddings began as a cake server for various cousin weddings years ago, and my first “big part” in a wedding was in October 2008, for my best high school friend, Sami Jo. She has four sisters, so there was only room for me to be a personal attendant,
Alyssa Schauer Staff Writer
I said, “Yes, here’s my wallet. Keep it.” Luckily for me, there was a big bridal sale that weekend, though I didn’t find anything for less than $100. These days, however, that is surprisingly cheap for a bridesmaid dress you only wear once. My wedding list for the year started in March, when I “accidentally” became an usher for one of the weddings. My best friend Sarah’s sister was getting married in Destin, Fla. Being best friends, Sarah’s family is like a second family, so naturally, I was invited to join in the big day for the destination wedding. This had to be one of the most romantic ceremonies I have ever been a part of. The couple was married on the white sandy beaches of the emerald green Gulf of Mexico, in the warm sun of a Florida afternoon. In the busyness of setting up chairs on the beach that afternoon and organizing the music, photography, and catering to the bride, she realized there was no one to hand out programs and seashell necklaces for the nautical nuptials.
“On my way...”
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The sales lady said, “Sign here, and here, and here.” I couldn’t read the fine print through tear-glazed eyes and I assumed it was just the routine contract to rent a car. Thankfully I had that extra money from not having to purchase a bridesmaid dress, right? But the hassle was wor th it — Granville is a beautiful village, with rolling green hills, low hanging trees, flower gardens galore, and home to Skipping Rock Farm, the sight of the wedding. This was also a great gig to be an usher. It was my job to hand out programs and guide guests along the trail through the woods, near the pond, over the wooden bridge underneath the willow trees to the scene of the wedding. There were tall cattails and orange wildflowers along the trail and tea light candles in glass mason jars to light the path. Rows of white chairs were placed in front of a rustic, wood shed with stained glass windows; here, the vows were read and the marriage made official. For the reception, we were all gathered beneath a big white tent alongside the woods and served a buffet of woodfired pizza, tortellini salad and jelly-filled cupcakes. The best part had to be the glow of a bonfire at the end of one of the paths, where on one of the benches laid wooden skewers next to jars filled with marshmallows, chocolate squares, and graham crackers for S’mores. It was an enchanting evening, and a day I’ll never forget. And then my eighth and final wedding of the year was in October, for my friend
Heather, who was also married at Holy Family Church in Silver Lake. But guess who screwed up during the ceremony despite knowing the routine in the church? Yep, me. Before the vows, the bridal party is asked to come forward, and then the priest asks the congregation to be seated while we stand up there. Well, I forgot this detail, and when the congregation sat, I took that as cue to return to the pew and sit, also. Halfway into the pew, with two bridesmaids behind me, the bride’s grandma whispers, “You were supposed to stay up there.” Sheepishly I giggled and
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“On my way...”
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Thirty minutes before we head to the beach, I hear, “Al, can you greet people and hand out programs? We don’t have anyone else,” Emily said. I looked at Emily’s stressed face and understood the art of procrastination. Of course I agreed. It was an honor to help (and one of the more fun duties of a wedding.) It seems that everyone loves getting an authentic seashell necklace. The year continued with a wedding in April in Winona, and two in June — one for my great uncle Ron in Lakeville, and another destination wedding in Superior, Wis., for my cousin Ryan. Then it was showtime in June as a bridesmaid for my cousin Tina, who was also married in Holy Family Catholic Church in Silver Lake. That was my third wedding in that church and Father Tony Stubeda looked at me during Friday night rehearsal and said, “You know what you’re doing. Help these guys out.” In September, I had another wedding for one of my best friends from high school, Brady. He and his wife, Abri, asked that I be an usher for their ceremony, and it was another one of the most beautiful weddings I had ever been a part of. Abri was an easy bride — she asked that I just wear a blue dress (for which I wore as an usher in Florida!) That was a nice break in my wallet being I had to rent a car and hotel for the occasion. The ceremony was in Granville, Ohio, which might be the most beautiful city in that state. Granville is 13 hours from Silver Lake, and I made the executive decision that my 1989 Jeep Cherokee wasn’t going to make the trip. So I booked a rental car on for only $11 a day! Only to arrive at the rental kiosk at the airport and find that I wasn’t eligible to rent the car because I don’t have a major credit card. I only use my check card through the bank, and the sales representative wouldn’t take it. Immediately, I called Mom and asked if we could use her credit card over the phone, but that request was denied, too. I was transferred to Budget Rental, for a rental price of $60 plus supplemental insurance that I had accidentally approved in the recent stress of renting a car.
said, “Oops” before heading back to witness the vows. That should be an interesting wedding video. Already, I have four weddings planned for 2014, but luckily for my bank account, I am only invited to them as a guest. But if I’m ever going to reach 27 dresses, I better start saving.
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range from photographers and decorators, to caterers and more! Vendors will be available to answer your questions, address concerns you may have for your big day and help in every aspect of planning your special day. The event is free to the public and we invite everyone who wants to make their dream wedding a reality to attend.
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2014 Glencoe Bridal Expo
By Hannah Huttner-Hallahan City Center Event Coordinator Glencoe City Center he 2013 Glencoe Bridal Expo featured over 35 vendors from Glencoe and the surrounding area. We had dress and formal wear vendors, caterers, decorators, cake decorators, printing companies and other such companies to help local brides find everything they needed for their special day. In addition to helping plan their wedding days, vendors were available to help plan all the pre-wedding events like the bachelorette party and bridal showers. Vendors were available throughout the event to help make brides’ dreams a reality. The fashion show featured bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses from Bride to Be Consignment of Burnsville and Glencoe’s own Temple provided the dashing tuxedos and suits. It was another successful bridal show, and we are excited for the next Glencoe Bridal Expo. The 2014 Glencoe Bridal Expo will be held on March 2, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and will feature a wide variety of vendors ready to help you in planning every aspect of your wedding from bridal showers to the honeymoon and thank yous. Make sure to check out our Facebook page to get all the latest information on who will be in attendance! The expo will include vendors from Glencoe and the surrounding area and
Did you know?
According to, an online resource catering to couples planning their weddings, the most popular day to get married in 2013 was Oct. 12. More than 24,000 couples who used to plan their weddings listed 10-12-13 as their wedding dates. The next most popular date in 2013 was June 1. Though this might lead many to conclude that fall weddings were more popular than summer weddings, that is not entirely true. notes that June was the most popular month to marry in 2013, followed by September and October. In addition, where couples are tying the knot tends to influence when they exchange their vows. For example, November and December are the most popular months to tie the knot in Florida, where late-spring and early summer temperatures can be especially harsh.
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Explore unique cake flavor combinations
MetroCreativeConnection A wedding cake is the piece de resistance of the wedding ceremony. Guests anxiously await the unveiling of the cake near the end of the festivities. Modern cakes are showpieces grander in scale than in years past. As bakers and confectioners hone their skills with fondant, buttercream and gum paste even further, the results are often impressive, awe-inspiring cake designs. While the look of a wedding cake is certainly important, cakes should not only look good, but taste good as well. Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting was once the gold standard. But today’s couples are being more adventurous with their wedding cakes and winning rave reviews from guests along the way. The vast scope of wedding cake flavor choices available to brides and grooms is astonishing. Options may range from the traditional to something adventurous and daring. Keeping in mind that couples will need to please the masses, finding a compromise between plain vanilla and a mocha-chile-coconut surprise is essential. Otherwise, they risk an unpopular flavor and a lot of wasted, expensive cake. Some couples shy away from more adventurous cakes because they fear something chocolately or not white in color will not be well suited to a wedding reception. Such couples should keep in mind that any flavor of cake can be hidden beneath layers of pearly white frosting: Red velvet cake was once a regionally specific staple, but now has grown steadily in popularity across the country. Red velvet has quickly become the new classic, as its vibrant red coloring offers a shock of something different, while the flavor is mild for those who are not comfortable taking risks. The richness and creaminess of cream cheese is irresistible. • White cake with chocolate mousse: Couples who want a bit of chocolate but do not want to be overwhelmed can select a white cake that is filled with light and rich chocolate mousse. It is the perfect blend of vanilla and chocolate for guests who enjoy both. • Variety tiers: Those who cannot settle on just one flavor can have different flavors on each tier of their cakes. This gives guest some flavorful variety and enables them to pick their favorite flavor combination. Brides- and grooms-to-be who have specific flavors in mind can ask their bakers to include two cupcakes with the wedding cake. Then the couple can enjoy their own mini cakes while the rest of the guests enjoy a more classic cake. In addition, an assortment of cupcakes in lieu of one cake can give guests the opportunity to sample several different flavors. Cakes are a par t of many special events, but few cakes are fawned over as much as wedding cakes. Couples can spice things up by choosing a nontraditional flavor combination.
Think outside the cake box when selecting flavors for the centerpiece of the wedding reception. fondant or royal icing. Therefore, the sky is the limit with regard to flavor combinations. Those who might want to veer from tradition can consider these clever cake combinations. • Lemon cake with vanilla buttercream: Lemons are tart, juicy and refreshing, helping to cleanse the palate after a rich meal. Lemon cake, with its summery feel, is tailor-made for summer weddings. The flavor is popular enough to appeal to many, but just a little different to add an unexpected zip of flavor. • Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and mocha filling: True chocoholics will be hard-pressed to resist such a decadent flavor profile. Chocolate can be sweet and satisfying and a welcome change from the vanilla cakes commonly served. For traditionalists, the cake can be covered with a white chocolate ganache. Or couples can ask that the cake be adorned with white sugar roses for an eye-appealing contrast. Chocolate cakes covered with autumn hued flowers go over well at fall weddings. • Red velvet cake with cream cheese
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The drawing was open to any couples who had their engagement announcement in The McLeod County Chronicle during 2013. The two winning couples were able to choose a gift certificate from any business that advertised in the 2013 Bride & Groom supplement.
C h el si m ac h er an d arriage C o d y S ch u m in d ite e un st E v. Enochson wer ir F , 20 13 at . The o n A u g . 17 oe nc le G in rch their Lutheran Chu ve ha chose to s. n’ Schumacher’s emed at Cobor certificate rede
M ic h ae l D re ss el an d Fehlandt wer M in d y e on Oct. 5, 20 united in marriage 13 at Peace Lu Church in H utchinson. Th theran e Dressel’s chose to have their ce rtificate redeemed at Neisen’s, Bis cay.
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good for accountants tallying year-end numbers. Teachers may feel most comfortable tying the knot in the summer when they already have days off. If you run a pool business or a lawn maintenance company, then the summer might not be so good. Keep these factors in mind. Holidays Some people would like to tie their wedding day to a particular holiday. Valentine’s Day is popular for weddings thanks to the romantic sentiments synonymous with the holiday, while some couples prefer Halloween or Christmas weddings. Holiday weddings can be exciting, but they also produce significant obstacles that couples who choose to get married during other times of year do not have to worry about. Guests may not want to travel or spend time away from their families to attend a holiday wedding. Having a wedding during a holiday may mean competing for vendors and reception spaces. Prices on everything from food to flowers to airline tickets could be higher as vendors cash in on customer demand. Day of the week It is less expensive for couples to get married on Fridays and Sundays than Saturday afternoons or evenings. Couples may think that the money saved will be well worth it, but they also should think about how this decision may affect their guests. A Friday wedding requires
people to take off from work or school. Sunday weddings may be slightly more convenient, but those who have to get back to work on Monday may be tired from late-night festivities. Couples should anticipate some guests not making it to their weddings when those weddings are not on Saturdays. Religious constraints Couples having religious ceremonies should consult with their houses of worship as to which dates are acceptable. Some will not have weddings on days of religious observation. It is wise to consult with a church, synagogue or mosque before booking any other components of the wedding so that you are certain your chosen day is acceptable. Any available dates Your wedding date may be dictated by your caterer or wedding hall. If you have a particular venue in mind, you may be limited by their availability. This is a concession you will need to make if your heart is set on this particular location. Planning a wedding can be exciting. But the ball cannot get rolling until couples first choose the day they will tie the knot.
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Choose a wedding date wisely
MetroCreativeConnection Many couples find themselves bombarded with questions the moment they become engaged, and perhaps no questions is more common than, “When is the wedding?” Although a number of couples would prefer to bask in the excitement of their engagement, some couples feel pressured to rush into picking a wedding date. Choosing a wedding date without giving it much consideration may make things more difficult down the road. Rather than jumping head first into any decisions, couples should give thought to any and all dates and decide if there are certain times of the year they want to tie the knot or avoid. Season When thinking about potential wedding dates, it helps to have a place to start. Some couples find it helpful to start with a particular season and then narrow it down from there. Decide if you prefer the lush greenery of summer or the amazing color spectrum of an autumn afternoon. Perhaps you envision arriving at the ceremony with a snowpacked landscape amid twinkling holiday lights? Think about the season when you feel most happy and then determine if that time of year is doable. Month Certain months may seem perfect, but not for busy professionals or those with limited vacation time at their disposal. For example, early spring may not be
MetroCreativeConnection Some couples are excited by the prospect of hosting their weddings during holiday weekends. After all, having off on a Friday or a Monday provides an extra day for recovery or planning the wedding. But holiday weekends might not be embraced by potential guests. Travel costs and accommodations could be higher around holiday weekends, and some people have family traditions or other plans they may not want to miss during a holiday weekend. In terms of obstacles for couples, reception sites and vendors may charge higher fees to book a holiday weekend wedding, or they may be full on the dates you request. Looking ahead to 2015, here are the prominent holidays and when they occur, so you can plan accordingly. Easter: Weekend of April 4 Mother’s Day: Weekend of May 9 Memorial Day: Weekend of May 23 Father’s Day: Weekend of June 20 Independence Day: Saturday, July 4 Labor Day: Weekend of Sept. 5 Columbus Day: Weekend of Oct. 10 Halloween: Saturday, Oct. 31 Veterans Day: Wednesday, Nov. 11 Thanksgiving: Thursday, Nov. 26 Christmas: Friday, Dec. 25 Boxing Day: Saturday, Dec. 26 Quirky numerical dates tend to attract a lot of people who want a memorable date. July 7, 2007 was quite a popular date because it was “777,” or lucky 7s. In 2015, you may want to avoid 12/14/15.
Dates to avoid
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weddings where they may only know a small percentage of the guests. When thanking the guests, be sure to thank the parents of the bride and groom as well. • Explain your relationship to the bride and/or groom. Best men and maids of honor should devote a portion of their toasts to explaining their personal relationships with the bride and/or groom. Introduce yourself and explain how you met the bride or groom. Oftentimes, such stories have a comical twist that can further calm your nerves. • Aim for a jovial toast. Wedding toasts are typically given at the wedding reception, when guests and the bridal party are ready to celebrate. Such an atmosphere lends itself to a jovial toast wherein best men and maids of honor focus on happy times with the bride and groom. Tell a funny anecdote that illustrates the special bond you have with the bride or groom. When choosing a story to tell, remember to keep things appropriate for guests of all ages, including young children. • Steer clear of alcohol before giving your toast. Many people overindulge in alcohol at wedding receptions, but best
men and maids of honor should avoid consuming alcohol until after they have toasted the bride and groom. Horror stories about drunken, inappropriate wedding toasts may seem more like an urban legend than a legitimate possibility, but the tendency for alcohol to lower people’s inhibitions makes it dangerous for men and women to consume it before giving their toasts. • Give your best wishes to the bride and groom before raising your glass. Raising your glass to toast the bride and groom is often the last step before your toasting duties officially end. But before you raise your glass, remember to offer your best wishes to both the bride and groom. Once those sentiments have been expressed, ask the guests to raise their glasses and toast the newlyweds. Toasting happy couples at their wedding receptions can be stressful for best men and maids of honor who are unaccustomed to speaking in front of large groups of people. But following a certain formula and speaking from the heart will ensure such toasts go off without a hitch.
January 26, 2014 Page 13
Tips when toasting the bride and groom
MetroCreativeConnection Toasting the bride and groom at a wedding reception is a responsibility that typically falls on the shoulders of the bride’s father as well as the best man and the maid of honor. Though it is an honor to give a wedding toast, it also can be nerve-wracking, as no one wants to give a toast that is memorable for all the wrong reasons. While the best toasts are often those that veer off the beaten path, coming from the heart rather than from a howto guide found on the Internet, there is a certain formula men and women can follow to ensure their toasts cover all of the appropriate bases without offending the bridal party or fellow guests. • Acknowledge the guests. Families are more geographically diverse than ever before, so more and more weddings host guests who come from far and wide to celebrate with happy couples on their wedding days. It is customary for men and women making wedding toasts to acknowledge the guests, thanking them for being there. This is often a great way for best men and maids of honor to break the ice and calm their nerves, especially at larger
Did you know?
Symbolic gestures are commonplace during wedding ceremonies. The exchange of rings, stomping on a glass and lighting of candles are each among the various traditions associated with different faiths. Couples who would like to try something a bit different can opt for pouring sand. Choose two different colored sands and decorative vessels that can hold the sand until a special time in the ceremony. You also will need another large, clear container that will contain the sand once it is poured. A glass vase or heart-shaped vessel works well. To symbolize the joining of two lives together, both the bride and groom can take one of the colors of sand and begin pouring them together into the larger container. The ribbons of sand will join and meld together, much as the couple’s separate lives will now become one. The finished sand art can be kept on a mantle as a remembrance of the wedding day for years to come.
Save-the-date card etiquette suggestions
MetroCreativeConnection Many couples find that tradition reigns supreme when planning a weddings. Certain traditions, such as fathers walking their daughters down the aisle and grooms sharing a dance with their mothers at the reception, are moments to cherish. Though such traditions have withstood the test of time, couples still have some opportunities to embrace relatively recent traditions. One such recent tradition is the savethe-date card, a precursor to wedding invitations that simply lets guests know when the wedding is so they can clear their calendars and be there on a couple’s big day. While save-the-date cards are best kept simple, there are a few rules couples should follow before sending their cards out to loved ones. • Finalize the guest list before sending save-the-date cards. Couples must finalize their guest lists before sending their save-the-date cards. Doing so avoids the potentially messy situation that would no doubt arise if a person were to receive a save-the-date card but then not make the final guest list. Trimming the guest list often comes down to finances, so couples also want to agree on their budget before sending out their save-the-date cards. Once the guest list has been finalized, couples can send out their save-the-date cards as soon as possible. • Confirm addresses. Couples should confirm their loved ones’ addresses before mailing any save-the-date cards. This can be easily accomplished by sending mass emails to friends and family members or contacting individuals via private messages sent on social media sites. Postage to send save-the-date cards can be costly, especially for couples with large guest lists. Confirming addresses can save couples money on potentially wasted postage should the cards be returned because they were sent to the wrong address. In addition, confirming addresses ensures everyone gets their cards and no one feels left out when relatives receive cards and they do not because a couple did not have their correct address. • Keep things appropriate. Save-thedate cards need not be as formal as wedding invitations, but they should still be appropriate. Guests often keep save-thedate cards on their refrigerators, where people of all ages can see the cards. So while cards can be light-hearted, they should still be family-friendly. For example, photos of the bride- and groom-tobe decked out in swimsuits should be avoided. • Do not overdo it with information. Save-the-date cards do not need to include as much information as the more formal invitations, which tend to include information about the ceremony, reception, hotel, directions, and other relevant wedding details. A save-the-date card only needs to include the date of the wedding, including the month, day and year so guests are not confused if the cards are going out well in advance of the wedding day. Couples can include a link to their wedding Web site on the backs of their save-the-date cards, which makes it easier for guests to learn more details about the wedding without inundating them with information too early.
Wedding Directory
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Our Wedding Directory is a companion to our Bride & Groom Supplement and is printed monthly in the Glencoe Advertiser. Once you have promoted your business in the wedding supplement, have your name listed in our directory as a constant reminder of your products and services. This is a great opportunity to show all newly engaged couples in the Glencoe Advertiser or Sibley Shopper circulation area just what you have to offer them. The following list describes the various products and services that will be highlighted in our Wedding Directory.
• Wedding Attire • Photography Services • Jewelry • Home Furnishings • Florists • Wedding Cake • Financial Services • Wedding Parties • Catering • Hair Care • Wedding Invitations • Travel Arrangements • Videos • Gifts • Entertainment • Dry Cleaning • Reception Halls
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Negotiation know-how: How to get the best deals on wedding services
doing themselves any favors when they MetroCreativeConnection Many engaged couples have express those desires as demands. • Do not be afraid to ask for more. grandiose visions of their wedding days. While such visions typically come to Making demands and asking for more fruition, they often do so only after are not the same thing. When negotiatheavy negotiations with the various ven- ing with wedding vendors, there is no harm in asking for more. For example, the dors necessary to turn a dream wedding worst a deejay can do when asked to into a reality. Negotiating prices with wedding ven- play an extra hour at no additional dors is something brides- and grooms- charge is deny that request. Reception to-be may not anticipate, but the process venues often have the most wiggle room, so do not be afraid to ask for free of negotiation is paramount for couples coffee with dessert or valet parking. Venwho hope to plan their dream weddings dors are often open to suggestion and without ruining their budgets. Though willing to honor requests, but it is not vendors vary considerably with regard to their responsibility to make such offers. their willingness to negotiate, the follow• Make sure all contracts are iteming are a few tips for couples hoping to get the best deals possible on their wed- ized, and read them thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. The negotiding services. ation process is • Prepare, often tedious, prepare, preand contracts pare. Couples should reflect who blindly that. When hirenter negotiaing a wedding tions with wedvendor, make ding venues and sure the convendors are far tract is itemless likely to get ized, spelling a good deal. out in intimate When working detail just what with any wedwas negotiatding vendor, whether it is a Couples who make the most of the negotiation ed and how wedding venue process with wedding vendors often find it easi- much each item costs. representative, a er to make their dream weddings a reality. Couples may local florist or a deejay, couples should know what the even notice items in the contract that can be removed, saving them a few dolgoing rate for the vendor’s services are. Couples who find a venue they like lars as a result. Be especially mindful of should receive quotes from similar ven- extra fees that can add up. For example, ues before negotiating a rate with the some venues try to make up for lower rates couples negotiated by tacking on venue they most prefer. Arming oneself with quotes from competitors increases fees for cutting the cake or other minute details. These fees will be in the contract, the chances of receiving a more couplefriendly quote from the venue liked best, and it is up to couples to have them reas that venue will not want to lose busi- moved before they sign and the contract ness, especially to one of its chief com- becomes official. • Remember there are two parties inpetitors. In addition to pricing, estimates volved in the negotiation process. Venfrom other venues can vary based on dors are not the only ones who might what they include. need to bend a little at the negotiating Even if a favorite venue does not come table. Couples might have to be flexible down much on its original quote, they in order to make their dream weddings a may be willing to add extra services, such reality. Some vendors charge consideras an open bar or an extra hour during the reception, free of charge to match a ably less during certain times of the year competitor ’s offer. But they cannot than they do during peak wedding seamatch such offers if couples do not first son. If couples are finding it impossible to afford the wedding of their dreams durdo their homework and solicit estimates ing peak wedding season, they should from their competitors. consider tying the knot during a less • Avoid making demands. Coming off as too demanding when negotiating popular time of year, when venues and prices with wedding vendors may not vendors can offer them more competitive rates. Brides- and grooms-to-be canproduce the results couples are hoping for. Much like couples do not want to re- not expect vendors to bend over backward for couples who aren’t willing to ceive “take it or leave it” offers, vendors do not want to be given demands they make any concessions themselves, so couples might have to make certain sachave to meet in order to book a wedrifices at the negotiating table when ding. The right tone can go a long way planning their weddings. with wedding vendors, who are typically Negotiation plays a significant role in more willing to work with couples who treat them nicely than couples who enter wedding planning. Couples who take the the negotiation process full of demands. process of negotiation seriously often find the best deals without having to Vendors often like it when couples know make too many concessions. what they want, but couples are not
Wedding Budget
Item Parties:
Wedding Consultant Engagement Rehearsal Dinner Reception Gift Opening
$ _______________
$ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________ $ _______________
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Clothing: Flowers:
Bridal gown Groom’s tux Attendant Dresses/Tuxes
Bride Groom Parents Grandparents Members of Wedding Party Wedding Bouquet Reception Flowers Reception Helpers (hosts, servers, attendants) Readers/Musicians Reception/Rental Cake Beverages
Photographer Photos Books Videography
Photography: Honeymoon:
Travel Transportation Accommodations Food/Beverage
Additional Expenses:
Marriage License Rings Clergy Fees/Church Rental Bridal Party Gifts Hair Styling/Manicures Transportation Guest Book Ring Bearer Pillow Tips/Gratuities Limo/Parking
$ _________
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January 26, 2014 Page 15
* Decorations for Ceremony & Reception * Delivery & Decorating Services Available!
& BANQUET FACILITY give you a wedding to remember ...
(seating for up to 190)
Brides look for ‘something blue’ – and more – in jewelry
MetroCreativeConnection As weddings become more and more personalized to the bride’s own tastes, blue and other colors have been making their way into the bridal picture, both in decor and in jewelry. Sapphire blue stones are now a staple in a bridal collection, with stones set in silver and gold tone metal. Topaz stones set in gold have become popular, and rose gold metal is another color option that brides have gravitated to. These trends also influence jewelry for bridesmaids and every member of the bridal party. While color is making news in bridal circles, pearls will always play a lead role in the world of bridal jewelry. Classic styles like single and double row chokers, often mixed with crystal, are truly classic and always appropriate for brides. But there are now many modern twists, both in design and in ways brides choose to wear pearls. Modern brides often personalize their pearls by wearing bolder, longer styles, by mixing and layering different millimeters and by twisting, tying or knotting them. The variations are endless with a 72” white pearl rope — a staple for any bride — as well as any post-wedding wardrobe. Crystal styles — teardrop earrings and necklaces, delicate Y necklaces, chokers and bracelets in floral designs — are also beautiful and popular choices among brides. They, too, can be layered, mixed and matched with pearls. The bottom line is that brides are more than ever expressing their personal style in ever y aspect of their weddings. Jewelr y selection is a wonderful way to do this because it is a focal point that frames the face and will live forever in glorious photos of the memorable day.
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Our bakery specializes in
! s e k a C t a e r G
We will help you pick out your cake to meet your expectations. Our bakery also can help with sweets, breads and dinner rolls for all of your wedding events.
Our deli specializes in
We can help you with planning for all of your wedding events from the groom’s dinner to the ‘big day’ and after. We can handle full-service weddings with hot foods for up to 400 people.
2211 11th St. East
Glencoe, MN
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