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Can we take 3-plus more Trump years?

By Rich Glennie
Well, we have three-plus more years of all this chaos. Can we last that long?
Perhaps the best thing that happened to television news and cable talk shows has been the election of Donald Trump as our president. He is an entertainer of the highest quality, whether he intends it or not.
It is with relish that I get up each morning, eager to see what new tweet he has shot off overnight that will add fuel to whatever fire is burning at the time. Pure reality TV at its rawest. Apparently, the Tweeter-in-Chief can’t or won’t stay on script for long, or at all. His ego won’t let him stay silent when silence is needed.
Despite what you think of our unconventional president, you gotta admire his ability to “dodge and weave” on the issues. He is quite adept at starting a new fire to take the heat off the one he started earlier.
The late Mohammad Ali would be proud of his fighting style, except “The Donald” has not learned Ali’s “Rope-a-Dope” … yet.
Nearly half of America wanted a change in the last election. They did not want a professional politician. But they got more than expected.
President Trump is brash, boorish and apparently as stubborn as a mule. Even a rap or two alongside the head with a 2-by-4 by his close advisers does not get the point across. Say less and do more is a style not suited to someone used to getting his way.
As his revolving door of advisers continues, Trump may be running out of people to pick from. If they already know they are apt to be fired, or thrown under the bus, they may think twice when the president comes calling.
But give the president credit: He has tried to fulfill his campaign promises. It’s just the rest of the country, including his fellow congressional Republicans, have not fallen into lockstep with him.
So what will happen in the next three-plus years?
I predicted to my coffee buddies after the election that “The Donald” may not fill out his term. He will most likely quit. Walk away. Throw in the towel. Once he realizes that “draining the swamp” is not as easy as it sounds, he may just trundle off to Trump Towers and leave the mess he created for someone else to fix.
That seems to be part of his persona as well, because nothing is ever his fault.
Rich Glennie was the editor of The Chronicle for 23 years. He retired Aug. 1, 2014.