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City of Brownton – Minutes

Brownton City Council Meeting
June 7, 2016
Mayor Schwarze called meeting to order.
Resident Jodi Redman addressed speed issues on 2nd Street North.   City will erect stop signs at the intersection of 9th Avenue North and 2nd Street North to stop east/west traffic.  Violators will be ticketed.
Resident Ken Archer reported his street is without a street sign.  City will order and install a street sign on the intersection of 6th Avenue South and 2nd Street South.
Mohammad Noori, owner of Lake Addie peninsula property asked Council for guidance to build a home on the peninsula.   Council said property is not in City Limits and advised him to talk to Sumter Township and McLeod County respectively.  
Owner of Brownton Square, Jason Buxcel, is planning to have his wedding dance in/on said property on August 20 and asked for permission to have a band in the alley.   Council waived ordinance 49 prohibiting liquor and ordinance 77 regarding noise caused by loud music on the evening of August 20 until 12: Midnight.  
Al Frederickson and Gary Asche (Collins Township) explained that various properties incur a 45% increase in market value due to lake shore locality.  They asked Council to consider centering Collins’ fire protection cost on actual market value which would then decrease their fire protection payment by $2,100 annually.  Frederickson and Asche will contact all townships in the Brownton fire protection jurisdiction; if all the other townships approve and each are willing to supplement this $2,100 deficit, Council said they would consider the request.
CDS Auditor Paul Harvego presented the 2015 audit report; audit information is available in the City Office for review.
Discussions regarding zoning ordinances, variances, permits, etc. resulted in Council setting a working meeting to review zoning processes.
City Engineer John Rodeberg reported agreements from RD are not ready for sign off; a special meeting, tentatively set for Tuesday, June 21, is set to approve documents for 2017 Infrastructure Project.  Also reported were discussions with UNG regarding Brownton City leasing the Natural Gas pipeline.  Negotiations are proving optimistic for cost savings for both Brownton and UNG.
Public Works Draeger reported hiring Lonnie Kohls to paint curbs and pedestrian lines.  Maguire Iron completed annual well inspections.  Quade converting remainder of City alleys to underground electric.  Welcome Carsen Streich as Summer Temp.  Council reported the Cemetery looked really nice on Memorial Day, kudos to Chad and Spencer!  City received bids from Mueller & Sons and Caldwell to pave Civic Center and Bruins parking lot.  Council accepted bid from Mueller to pave Civic Center lot at 5 inch bituminous at the cost of $67,640.  Bruins lot to be considered during 2017 construction project.  AVANT Solar Panels to be installed south of the Civic Center/tennis court beginning Tuesday, June 14, 2016.  
Chief Bauer reported the need for speed limit signs on 1st Avenue South.  A six camera system will be purchased and installed at the Community Center for approximately $1200 for rental vandalism purposes.  City Attorney & PD continue working on blight property issues.    
Officer Anderson approached the Council with a Deferred Compensation Plan for City employees; he will research and report back to Council.
Gambling License for the Annual Sportsman’s Alliance Banquet in September was approved.
Fence Guidelines were discussed briefly; Council recommended to discuss further at special working meeting.
Council approved City Employees can carryover a maximum of one year accrued vacation.
Upon Motion, meeting was adjourned.
Respectively Submitted by Ella Kruse.
(Published in The McLeod County Chronicle June 15, 2016)