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City of Brownton-Notice

City of Brownton
Brownton City Council
June 5, 2018
Resident reported their children cannot walk on the sidewalk past their neighbor’s property and the City, being aware, hasn’t done anything to remedy the problem. City reported the neighbor was given until June 11 to clear the walk past their property. The City voted in May, 2018, to remove a boulevard tree causing the sidewalk to heave and also voted at that time to replace the sidewalk that was once removed, past the neighbor’s property.
Consent agenda presented; question raised regarding the proposed 20% Engineer project rate increase due to added amendments to the PER. Chris Knutson (SEH) assured Council this is a proposal; actual increase will be presented as it is determined.
Justin McGraw (CDS Auditor) presented the 2017 City Audit results. Council approved the audit; no non-compliance issues were noted. Audit is available at the City Office for review.
Shannon Sweeney (DDA Finance) presented finance information. Bremer Bank was awarded the bid for financing, there loans are approved with them.
° 1) 2018 A.G.O. Temporary Utility Revenue Bond in the amount of $4,718.560 at 2.75% interest rate, which will be paid back by USDA after the work is completed.
° 2) 2018B.G.O. Improvement Bond in the amount of $230,000 at 3.3% interest rate, for street reconstruction that is not utility related and not USDA fundable.
° 3) 2018C.G.O. Utility Revenue Bond in the amount of $855,000 at 3.85% interest rate, for utility work not USDA refundable.
Ashley Latzke introduced herself to Council, she is running for State Representative.
Chris Knutson of SEH presented Change Order #1, to replace a new hydrant at 5th Street North and 4th Avenue North, in the amount of $7,014.16, which was reviewed and approved. Pay Application #1 in the amount of $216,404.75 was reviewed and approved. Also presented and approved was Change Order #2 to add a gate valve onto the main at 6th Street South and Division in the amount of $4,410. Tree clearing/grubbing included a few extra trees that were removed per City request; Council stated dissatisfaction with the grubbing equipment as it was slow and messy. Residents had issues with tree grindings on their yards. Cost stated for traffic control is based on MNdot schedule. All the construction signs are covered under this traffic control task; the City gets charged each time they move the signs. Property owner at 528 3rd Street North to meet with the Zoning Committee with plans to divide his property and be allowed to stub in utilities. Council also recommended getting payment to stub in the utilities upfront as it’s not an existing hookup. Resident at 645 3rd Street North requests to move his driveway. Council agreed to no cost for curb cut, but homeowner will incur cost and responsibility for concrete apron. Additional street proposals will need an amendment to the PER. If approved, improvements need to be added to the final assessment roll, amended to the feasibility study and presented in a public meeting all by July.
Public Works Draeger presented an installed quote of $3,825 to replace a damaged fire hydrant. Two fence quotes were received from Century Fence and Fenc-co, Inc. to house forfeited cars for PD. Council approved to purchase a 40x80 fence in the amount of $9,330 from Century Fence. The double doors in the Community Center are installed, but are not the correct doors; working with company on rebate. Draeger will plywood windows at the East School to fix windows broken by vandals. Wood chips in playground areas need to be replaced; Draeger to price out rubber vs wood chips. RS Fiber hasn’t returned to patch yards/alleys as promised. Gravel has been added in alleys ; Clerk will send RS Fiber a bill for five loads of bitcon plus $250 for the truck’s service. Grass clippings in the street are a problem. PD will take names and addresses and will ticket offenders if/as necessary. Owners of forfeited houses need to clean up properties; other properties will also be inspected for blight and notices will be sent.
Should we require conditional use permits, with specific terms, to permit home businesses? Clerk to check with building inspector and other cities for input.
Police Chief Bauer reported much activity on the roads resulting in 11 mutual aids. Dog bites are on the rise, two of the forfeited cars are ready to move (allow owners to buy them back).
Council approved the exempt permit for the Fire Department Gambling (calendar raffle).
Council approved the liquor license for the BFD to sell beer at the mini rods and street dance activities on August 10 and 11.
House at 204 1st Avenue South can be demolished per court order; Rickert Excavating was awarded the bid.
Upon motion the meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted
Ella Kruse, City Clerk
(Published in The McLeod County Chronicle June 13, 2018)