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City of Glencoe- Council Meeting

City of Glencoe

JULY 16, 2018
7:00 P.M.
Vice president Alexander called the regular meeting of the City Council to order. Members present: Neid, Ziemer, Alexander, Robeck. Absent: Schrupp and Wilson. Also present: City Administrator Mark Larson, Finance Director Trippel, PWDs Voigt and Schreifels, City Attorney Mark Ostlund.
Motion to approve consent agenda as presented by Member Neid and second by Member Ziemer. All present voted in favor.
Approve the minutes of the regular meeting of June 18, 2018.
Approve the following building permits:
Forever Smiles Dental Clinic, 2100 11th St E; New construction & Plumbing permits
Tim Betcher, 1327 DeSoto Ave N; Detached Garage
Jerry Scharpe, 1519 Hennepin Ave N; Garage foundation/slab
Sue Bacon, 1516 Ranger Dr; New Twin Home
Marge Blasing, 1520 Ranger Dr; New Twin Home
Milan Bonine, 620 11th St E; Re-roof
Paul Varland, 919 Hennepin Ave N; Re-roof
Greg Ettel, 305 Edgewood Dr; Addition
Don Petrich, 1407 Birch Ave N; Overhead Garage Doors
1Shopko, 3225 10th St E; Re-roof
Jake Olson, 905 Hennepin Ave N; Re-roof
Connie Plihal, 614 15th St W; Re-roof
Cesar Soto, 1424 Stevens Ave N; Re-roof
Randall Warner, 1822 12th St E; Re-roof
Nancy Ellefson, 1619 Ford Ave N; Drain Tile
Martha Guerrero, 1311 Hennepin Ave N; Re-roof
Adam Fimon, 1419 13th St E; Re-roof
1Louie Matic, 1521 10th St E; Re-side
Aracely Mendoza, 1329 Knight Ave N; Re-roof
Jesus Otero, 1303 Dogwood Ave N; Entry Door
Griffith Properties, 1209 Pryor Ave N; Mechanical Permit
Approve the following licenses:
Casey’s General Store, 801 13th St E and 2101 10th St E; 3.2 Off Sale license renewal
John Rodeberg of SEH presented the plans and specifications and cost estimates for the 14th Street East extension.
Councilor Neid introduced the following resolution and moved for its adoption:
WHEREAS, the consulting engineer retained for the purpose has prepared plans and specifications for the construction of the 2018 14th Street Extension, and has presented such plans and specifications to the council for approval;
Such plans and specifications, a copy of which is attached hereto and made a part hereof, are hereby approved.
The City Administrator shall prepare and cause to be inserted in the official paper an advertisement for bids upon the making of such improvement under such approved plans and specifications. The advertisement shall be published as required by law, shall specify the work to be done, and shall state that bids will be received by the City Administrator until 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, August 14, 2018, at which time they will be publicly opened in the council chambers of the Glencoe City Hall by the City Administrator and engineer, will then be tabulated, and will be considered by the council at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, August 20, 2018, in the council chambers of the Glencoe City Hall. Any bidder whose responsibility is questioned during consideration of the bid will be given an opportunity to address the council on the issue of responsibility. No bids will be considered unless sealed and filed with the City Administrator and accompanied by a cashier’s check, bid bond, or certified check payable to the clerk for 5 percent of the amount of such bid.
Councilor Ziemer seconded. Upon a roll call vote all members present voted in favor. Whereupon said resolution was adopted and approved.
City Administrator Mark Larson reviewed the bids once again with the council. He suggested meeting with the architect and Home Solutions to determine a cost share on the repairs to the Home Solutions building. The contractor has agreed to hold their bid until the first meeting in August. Motion to table entered by Member Neid, second by Member Robeck. All present voted in favor.
Member Neid entered the motion to approve the third reading of the ordinance amending the liquor ordinance to allow for licensing of breweries and taprooms.
Member Robeck seconded. All members present voted in favor. Ordinance will be in force upon publication.
Leslie Schmidt with Center Point Energy presented a check for $750 to replace batteries in the emergency sirens to Chief Raiter, the applicant for the grant.
Assistant City Administrator Dan Ehrke presented a proposal from McLeod Coop Power to purchase six acres in the Glencoe East Industrial Park for $350,000 and for the City to acquire an additional three acres for the relocation of the Coop’s Glencoe Campus. The City would be required to improve the access to Highway 212 with paved turn lanes and improve the entrance road into the industrial park from Highway 212.
Councilor Ziemer entered the motion to authorize the City Administrator to draft a development agreement contingent upon the formal approval of MNDOT to allow for paved turn lanes and the acquisition of the additional three acres. The motion was seconded by Councilor Robeck. All members present voted in favor.
The Mayor and City administrator recommended that the council person that is a member of the Project Management Team be one of the members not up for reelection this year to provide continuity since the study will take over a year to complete. Member Robeck stated that he has mentioned three times that he would like to be the member to serve on the team. He then proceeded to call the City Administrator Despicable and plotting against the City.
Motion to table entered by member Robeck, second by Neid. All members present voted in favor.
John Rodeberg, SEH, reviewed a memo with the City Council regarding the process and timing of the Waste Water Treatment Plant project.
Motion was entered approving the following resolution and move for its adoption by Councilor Robeck.
WHEREAS, under the provisions contained in Minnesota Laws of 2018, Chapter 214, Article 1, Section 22, Subd. #9, the 2018 Legislature appropriated $3,000,000 for a one-time grant to the City of Glencoe to design, engineer, construct, and equip renovation of the municipal wastewater treatment facility and for other improvements to publicly owned wastewater infrastructure. This appropriation is available when the commissioner of management and budget determines that sufficient resources have been committed to complete the project, as required by Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.502; and
WHEREAS, to receive this money, the Grantee must submit required information and enter into a Grant Agreement with the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Glencoe has the legal authority to apply for the grant, and the financial, technical, and managerial capacity to ensure proper construction, operation and maintenance of the project for its design life.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Grant Agreement shall be executed on behalf of the City of Glencoe by the signature of its mayor and its city administrator. In the event of disability or resignation or other absence of either such officer, the Grant Agreement may be signed by the manual signature of that officer who may act on behalf of such absent or disabled officer. In case either such officer whose signature shall appear on the Grant Agreement shall cease to be such officer before delivery of the Grant Agreement, such signature shall nevertheless be valid and sufficient for all purposes, the same as if he or she had remained in office until delivery.
I CERTIFY THAT the above resolution was adopted by the City Council of the City of Glencoe on July 16, 2018
Councilor Neid seconded. Upon a roll call vote all members present voted in favor. Whereupon said resolution was adopted and approved.
PWD Voigt updated the council on the progress of the installation of the new playground equipment in Oak Leaf Park.
PUBLIC INPUT: City Administrator Larson addressed the City Council and stated that in nearly 30 years of making recommendations to this and other City Councils, he had never been so disrespected by a City Councilor. He stated he resented the use of the word “despicable” and “plotting” to describe him. He asked for no response.
Motion to approve payment of the city bills by Councilor Ziemer, second by Councilor Neid. All members present voted in favor.
Motion to close the regular meeting by Member Neid and second by Member Ziemer. Carried in a 3 to 1 vote with Robeck voting no. Reopen motion by Robeck, second by Alexander. All members present voted in favor.
Motion to adjourn the regular meeting by Member Neid, second by Member Alexander. All members present voted in favor.
The above minutes are the official actions taken by the city council. The complete minutes are on file and available for review in the office of the City Administrator.

(Published in The McLeod County Chronicle August 15, 2018)