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City of Glencoe- Council Meeting

City of Glencoe

AUGUST 5, 2019
7:00 P.M.

Vice President Alexander called the regular meeting of the city council to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present: Neid, Lemke, Schrupp and Robeck. Mayor Wilson was absent. Also present: City Administrator Mark Larson, City Attorney Mark Ostlund, Finance Director Todd Trippel, Assistant City Administrator Dan Ehrke, Police Chief Raiter, PW Directors Schreifels and Voigt and Fire Chief Scheidt.
Motion to approve consent agenda with language added for request of backflow preventer cost estimates when survey is complete entered by Councilor Neid and seconded by Councilor Lemke. Members voting in favor Neid, Alexander, Lemke and Schrupp. Robeck entered a no vote. Motion carried.
A. Approve the minutes of the regular meeting of July 15, 2019.
B. Approve the following building permits:
1. Kwik Trip, 2600 11th St E; New Construction
2. Marlan Ziemer, Airport Hangar
3. Christ Lutheran, 1820 Knight Ave N; Fire Alarm
4. Subway, Sign Replacement
5. Matt Rhode, 1327 Owen Ave N; Interior Drain Tile
6. Glencoe WWTP; Fire Protection Permit
7. Dennis Wendlandt, 110 Woodcrest Dr; Interior Drain tile
8. Patty Bulau, 1516 10th ST E; Interior Drain Tile
9. John Winter, 305 16th St W; Interior Drain tile
10. ADM, 1011 Elliott Ave N; Foundation repair
11. Tri Valley, 1828 Knight Ave N; Plumbing Permit
12. Will Freberg, 2608 9th St E; Window Replacement
13. Shaun Gildea, 1406 Elm Ave N; Deck
14. QVF Properties, 740 11th ST E; Remove ceiling tiles, contents, fixtures
15. Wayne Alsleben, 105 Wooddale Dr; Mechanical Permit
16. Jim Kosek, 900 Glenmoor Lane; Siding and Windows
17. Deb Stencel, 1805 1st St E; Deck
18. Ryan Voss, 1010 Reeds Lane; Plumbing Permit
19. Jeff Delwiche, 115 Interwood Dr; Window Replacement
20. Gene Becker, 1405 Elm Ave N; Fence
21. Madison Reed, 918 Baxter Ave N; Plumbing, Mechanical, Foundation repair
22. Ken Farrell, 1620 15th St E; Foundation Repair
23. Jan Crenshaw, 1408 14th St E; Re-roof
24. Travis LaFountaine, 1303 Elm Ave N; Re-roof
25. Gene Konerza, 821 Baxter Ave N; Re-roof
26. Wade Mathwig, 1215 Baxter Ave N; Re-roof
27. Skyler Baker, 204 7th St E; Re-roof
28. Samantha Jung, 310 13th St E; Re-roof
29. Charlie Guerrero, 1421 Stevens Ave N; Re-side
It was recommended to have TC&W prepare a partnership agreement for the replacement of this crossing. The proposal was reviewed for installation of a concrete crossing at Elliott Avenue. TC&W will provide the labor estimated at $24,933.16 and the City will provide the materials and bituminous for an estimated cost of $23,616.02.
Councilor Lemke entered the motion to have TC&W prepare the partnership agreement to replace the Elliott Avenue rail crossing. Councilor Schrupp seconded. All members voted in favor. This project will be completed before the end of 2019.
It was recommended to approve the proposed changes to the City Charter with the approval of the second reading of Ordinance 605 as recommended unanimously by the Charter Commission. The public hearing was held with no public input given.
The changes were requested by the Fire Department members. The request has the support of the League of Minnesota Cities, Fire Chief’s Association and State Fire Marshall’s office. The current election process for members and officers is antiquated and is a potential liability to the City of Glencoe.
Councilor Schrupp entered the motion to approve the second reading of Ordinance 605. Councilor Lemke seconded the motion. Members voting in favor were Neid, Lemke, Alexander and Schrupp. Councilor Robeck entered a no vote. Motion failed to get a unanimous vote as required.
Workshop discussion will be held regarding General Fund Budget, Water, Waste Water, Storm Water and Debt Service. Department Supervisors have turned in their proposed budgets for 2020. The information will be inputted by Finance Department into budget worksheets and will be sent to members Friday.
Fundraising to wrap up for the city center bathroom project September 1st. There is still opportunity to contribute to this project. At this time it appears the goal for funds will be met.
Downtown Redevelopment Committee has set up subcommittees and they have been identifying various projects and will make recommendations to the council at a September council meeting.
Motion entered to approve payment of the city bills was entered by Member Neid and seconded by member Alexander. All members voted in favor.
Vice President Alexander called for adjournment at 7:30 p.m. Councilor Robeck entered the motion with Councilor Neid seconding. All members voted in favor.
The above minutes are the official actions taken by the city council. The complete minutes are on file and available for review in the office of the City Administrator.

(Published in The McLeod County Chronicle August 28, 2019)