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City of Glencoe- Council Meeting

City of Glencoe
JUNE 5, 2017
7:00 P.M.
Mayor Wilson called the regular meeting of the City Council to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present: Ziemer, Neid, Schrupp, Alexander, Robeck. Also present: City Administrator Mark Larson, City Attorney Mark Ostlund, Finance Director Todd Trippel, Ass’t City Administrator Dan Ehrke, Public Works Directors Voigt and Schreifels, Fire Chief Grack, Police Chief Raiter.
Motion to approve consent agenda as presented by Member Neid and second by Member Ziemer. All members voted in favor.
A.  Approve the minutes of the regular meeting of May 15, 2017.
B.  Approve the following building permits:
1. My Own Body Shop, 912 Hennepin Ave N; Paint Booth Installation
2. GRHS, 1805 Hennepin Ave N; Addition and Remodel
3. Ken Custer, 1018 Greeley Ave N; Sign Permit
4. Joshua Schilling, 1910 12th St E; Deck    
5. GSL Schools, 1605 16th St E; Remodel
6. Harpel Brothers, 2305 10th St E; Sign Permit
7. Andrea Mackenthun, 1328 Baxter Ave N; Interior Drain Tile
8. Mark Janke, 609 16th St E; Re-roof
9. Lee Terlinden, 1407 Union Ave N; Window Replacement
10. Leron Sanchez, 1429 DeSoto Ave N; Re-roof
11. Christ Lutheran, 1820 Knight Ave N; Garage Re-side
12. Kermit Terlinden, 1623 15th St E; Re-roof
13. Vernon Draeger, 1708 McLeod Ave N; Fence
14. James Schilling, 1404 Russell Ave N; Re-roof
15. Roger Schultz, 1426 Queen Ave N; Re-roof
16. Jared Heldt, 2011 11th St E; Window Replacement
17. Charles Goff, 1511 Russell Ave N; Re-side, Window Replacement
18. Sue Rosckes, 215 18th St W; Re-roof
19. Ray Dann, 217 18th St W; Re-roof
20. Keith Blaisdell, 607 Park St W; Deck
21. Ruby Pollmann, 919 15th St E; Re-roof
22. Chis Axt, 1405 Armstrong Ave N; Re-side
23. Lou Iacona, 115 Edgewood Dr. Re-roof
24. Abel Guardado, 1328 Armstrong Ave N; Re-roof    
25. Roger Landon, 1618 Ford Ave N; Re-roof
26. Dairy Queen, 227 10th St E; Roof repairs
27. Richard Howell, 405 Interwood Dr; Fence
28. Nicole Weber, 1527 11th St E; Re-roof
Paul Donna of RW Baird presented the summary of the Series 2017B bond pricing for the Baxter Avenue Street and Utility Project. Total borrowing amount is $4,935,000, true interest cost rate is 2.77% and all-inclusive cost rate is 2.89 % making the interest on the special assessment approximately 3.89%. Debt service schedule was presented for the 15 year bond issue.
Councilor Schrupp introduced the following resolution and moved for its adoption:
Councilor Neid seconded the motion and upon a roll call vote Members Neid, Ziemer, Alexander and Schrupp voted in favor. Member Robeck voted no. Whereupon said resolution was adopted and approved.
Russ Runck, pilot and member of the Airport Commission, gave a presentation of the history of the Glencoe Municipal Airport and projects that have been completed since 2011 when the airport became part of the NPIAS system qualifying the airport projects for 90% Federal funding.
He gave a brief update of current projects underway and what needs to be accomplished to continue to improve the airport for more use such as replacing or improving hangars, and extending the runway.
Assistant City Administrator Dan Ehrke presented the summary of the economic development analysis for the two proposals received at the committee’s meeting in April for the Helen Baker School site. Both developers have indicated financial assistance with the infrastructure improvements is a requirement for advancing their proposals. Any financial assistance would require a business subsidy agreement between the City of Glencoe and the developer. As it relates to Option B, Tax Increment Financing (TIF) could be a favorable reimbursement mechanism if financial assistance is to be provided for the site’s infrastructure improvements.
Option A is a proposal to repurpose the building for market rate senior apartment complex. Preliminary estimates for the redevelopment/infrastructure improvements would be $1,137,251.00. This option does not produce any tax increment so there would be no mechanism to be reimbursed for its contribution making it difficult for the City of Glencoe to assist with this project.
Option B is a proposal to redevelop site for new market rate multi-family apartment complex to be built in two phases for a total of 75 apartment units. The remaining land would be retained by the City for developing single-family and townhome lots. Preliminary estimates for the redevelopment/infrastructure improvements would be $1,637,702.00.
Option B would qualify as a Redevelopment Tax Increment Financing District. TIF projection shows that Phase I would generate annual net revenue of $53,295.
The GSL School District was approached to partner with the City of Glencoe on this redevelopment opportunity.
EDC recommends that the City of Glencoe enter into an agreement with the Glencoe Silver Lake School District to complete the site’s Phase I environmental assessment and pre-demolition asbestos/hazardous materials assessment. These costs are assumed to be shared 50/50.
Two quotes for environmental assessment and pre-demolition asbestos/hazardous materials assessment were received. Low quote was from Industrial Hygiene Services in the amount of $14,900.00.
to enter in to a contract with Industrial Hygiene Services for the environmental assessment and pre-demolition asbestos and hazardous materials assessment in the amount of $14,900 of which the GSL School District will pay half upon School Board approval. Councilor Robeck seconded the motion. All members voted in favor.
John Rodeberg, SEH presented the proposed master partnership contract between the MnDOT and the City of Glencoe. This contract provides the framework for MnDOT and local agencies to provide services and payment to each other.
Discussion led to Councilor Schrupp introducing the following resolution and moving for its adoption:
RESOLUTION NO. (2017-22)
WHEREAS, The Minnesota Department of Transportation wishes to cooperate closely with local units of government to coordinate the delivery of transportation services and maximize the efficient delivery of such services at all levels of government; and
WHEREAS, MN/DOT and local governments are authorized by Minnesota Statutes sections 471.59, 174.02, and 161.20 to undertake collaborative efforts for the design, construction, maintenance and operation of state and local roads; and
WHEREAS, the parties wish to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to such opportunities for collaboration, and have determined that having the ability to write “work orders” against a master contract would provide the greatest speed and flexibility in responding to identified needs.
1.  That the City of Glencoe enter into a Master Partnership Contract with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, a copy which was before the Council.
2.  That the proper City officers are authorized to execute such contract, and any amendments thereto.
3.  That the City Engineer is authorized to negotiate work order contracts pursuant to the Master Contract, which work order contracts may provide for payment to or from MN/DOT, and that the City Engineer may execute such work order contracts on behalf of the City without further approval by this Council.
Councilor Neid seconded the motion and upon a roll call vote all members voted in favor. Whereupon said resolution was adopted and approved.
John Rodeberg, SEH presented the supplemental letter agreement providing for the services by SEH to develop the City of Glencoe Wellhead Protection Plan, Part II. Proposed fee is not-to-exceed $13,500.00. Timeline for work items is June through November of 2017.
Councilor Robeck entered the motion of approval of the Supplemental Letter Agreement with SEH for the Wellhead Protection Plan Part II not-to-exceed $13,500.00. Councilor Ziemer seconded the motion. All members voted in favor.
Railroad crossing proposed reconstruction starts Monday, June12th. Proposed detour is Greeley Avenue but City is proposing Armstrong Avenue.
Cooperative agreement with MnDOT is still 3 to 4 weeks out. Project is approved to move forward, so bidding after July 1 has been approved. State is now contributing $251,000 to the project. Time line still allows time to do the project in 2017.
Legislature approved substantial additional WW funding. Glencoe WW funding rated high on the project priority list. Contested case hearing needs to be resolved so permit can be issued to receive the Point Source Implementation Grant.
Need to discuss process and required steps with MPCA to move ahead with construction in 2018 to take advantage of funding.
Local Road Improvement Program grant of $2.35M approved as part of Transportation Bill which is half of the City/County share of $4.7M. Additional railroad funding of $300K is being pursued for crossing. 2019 construction being proposed.  County/City Work Group will be set up – need a couple of council members to participate in this group.
Councilor Alexander enter the motion to approve payment of the city bills. Councilor Schrupp seconded. All members voted in favor.
Mayor Wilson called for adjournment at 8:34 p.m. Member Robeck entered the motion with Member Schrupp seconding. All members voted in favor.
The above minutes are the official actions taken by the City Council. The complete minutes are on file and available for review in the office of the City Administrator.
(Published in The McLeod County Chronicle June 28, 2017)