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Good news recently from the U.S. Supreme Court

To the Editor:
Which way is the crowd running? For I am their leader and I must lead! Some good things happened a couple of weeks ago that points to hope about the way the crowd is running. People of the same sex who have been denied the dignity and security of marriage now have been given equality. Their commitment to each other is recognized by the law of the land. As always, there will be those who protest, but the crowd has said this is a right that should exist and the Supreme Court of the United States has agreed.
Affordable Care Act was granted a victory by the Supreme Court by allowing federal subsidies to people whose income was such that they couldn’t afford to buy health insurance in all states. To me, this said that kindness and the law won over the persistent talk of repeal. Certainly, there will be improvements and refinements in how the law is interpreted and enforced. Again, there will be the protesters, but the crowd has said it is a good thing – people who weren’t able to get health insurance because of pre-existing conditions are able to now have it. Just a reminder that one of the major causes of personal bankruptcy is the medical bills of a family member.
Sometimes a horrible event will somehow have a good outcome. The killing of nine people in Charleston, S.C., was a shocking reminder of the prejudice and acting out on innocent victims — in a church, during Bible study — a place of comfort and sanctuary. The crowd was shocked, angry and lashed out at the symbol of prejudice and injustice, the confederate flag. There were demands that the flag be removed from where it flew in South Carolina and placed in a museum rather than by the statue in the main thoroughfare. Businesses stopped selling the replicas of the flag and, suddenly, there was a change. This flag represented man’s injustice to his fellow man and people wanted it gone. Again, there was talk of getting guns out of the hands of irresponsible people, and somehow controlling their access.
Society changes slowly and change is hard for everyone, but adaptation to changes is necessary for growth. When your job changed and you had to have retraining, it was difficult, but you overcame and felt good about learning new things. Ideas change, shifts in populations, ethnicity, culture, beliefs — change is hard. But slowly, through communication (yes, those handy little gadgets we all carry) the crowd begins to change. Talking with and understanding the view point of others causes a change in thinking. The Supreme Court articulated the changes, but the crowd caused the changes to occur.
So I remain optimistic and hopeful as I see the crowd ever so slowly changing until some catalyst causes real change to occur. This past week was momentous with change, most of which was for the betterment of society.
Jan Conner