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GSL’s Knowledge Bowlers tie in Chaska

GSL Knowledge Bowlers made a short trip to Chaska Saturday to find some stiff competition. The teams there were some of the better teams in the state, including Big Lake, Buffalo, Chanhassen, Chaska, Hastings, Holy Family, Holy Angels, Mankato West, St. Thomas Academy and GSL.
The written round was only 50 points, and in the varsity division, Chaska Purple had the high score of 44. Three teams were tied at 39, including GSL Supernova, and all were in Room Two for the first oral round. GSL and Big Lake tied with a remarkable 16 points each, leaving only 8 for Holy Family. In round two, both Big Lake and GSL continued in Room Two, but this time GSL earned 13 while Big Lake scored 11 and St. Thomas got 10 points.
The Big Lake and GSL teams continued in Room Two for the third round, but this time Big Lake outscored GSL 17-14. (Buffalo 2 earned 7.) This finally led to a change in teams for the fourth round, with Big Lake moving up to Room One. Room Two had Buffalo 1 and two GSL teams. GSL Supernova earned 18, Buffalo 12 and GSL Antimatter got 6.
At the end of the meet, Chaska was awarded gold for its score of 111.0, while Supernova and St. Thomas tied for second with 106.0. St. Thomas was awarded silver medals because it had been in Room One for more rounds, and Supernova earned bronze medals. Supernova included Jake Fehrenbach, Katie Twiss, Austin Pinske and Jared Lokensgard. Big Lake’s team earned fourth place with 102.5.
Meanwhile, GSL’s Antimatter had moved up from Room Six to Rooms Four and Three, and finally to Room Two. (In the first oral round Antimatter dominated its room 19-10-7, and in the third oral round it won 17-13-3.) It dropped to ninth with a total of 84.0 after its tough round against GSL Antimatter but they put up a very good fight! The team members were Maggie Petersen, Jake Vasek, Brett Baumgarten and Jacob Reichow.
The junior varsity teams competed with the varsity teams, but prizes were awarded separately. (It was expected that no student above 10th grade would be in junior varsity). The two GSL teams started in Rooms 11 and 12 and moved up until, in the fourth round, they were both in Room Eight. Both teams had some excellent rounds, with GSL Nebula earning 13, 9, 11 and 7 points, while GSL Andromeda scored 8, 15, 10, and 4.
A team from Big Lake earned first place in junior varsity with 73.0 points, and Chaska Blue came in second, also with 73.0. Nebula finished in fourth place in JV (25th overall) with 61.0 points. The team members were Haley Lukes, Nathan Fehrenbach, Lexi Fronk, Abby Gronlund and Cole Janke.
Meanwhile, GSL’s Andromeda tied for fifth place in JV (28th overall) with 59.0 points. This team included Beth Cross, Megan Fehrenbach, Carlee Oberlin, Charles Urban and Dan Cross.
“This meet was definitely more difficult than some we have been to, with the other teams competing well on both speed and knowledge,” said Coach Vicky Harris. She was glad to see that all the teams were up to the challenge and continued to battle for points until the end of the meet.
GSL is now entering the postseason. On Friday, Feb. 24, (if the weather is good), the subregional meet will be held in Granite Falls. From that meet, the top half of teams will move on to the regional meet on March 9 in Willmar, which will determine what teams move on to the state meet.