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GSL School Board- Meeting

Glencoe-Silver Lake School Board

GSL Schools Community Room #443/444
DATE December 11, 2017
TIME: 7:00 p.m.

Board Chair Christianson called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. The following board members were present: Alsleben, Kuester, Twiss, VonBerge, and Lindeman. In addition, Superintendent Chris Sonju; Business Manager Michelle Sander, Lincoln Elementary Principal Bill Butler, Lakeside Elementary Principal Joy Freitag, Joey Cullen/GSL Technology Staff,
Katie Ballalatak/McLeod County Chronicle. Students: Spencer Lepel and Greg Boyum. Also in attendance community member: Kurt Dahlke. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Announcements The next regular School Board meeting will be on Monday, January 8, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the GSL Schools Community Room #443/444. Acknowledgments Superintendent Sonju acknowledged students from Christ Lutheran for their efforts picking up garbage. Special thanks to Medtronics for a grant of $5000.00 to our schools. GSL Staff was acknowledged for their donations to help families to clear up negative lunch balances. Board member Alsleben noted the passing of Gail Roth, former Business Manager of Glencoe-Silver Lake Schools and acknowledged his years of service to the school district. Alsleben also shared that Elvin “Speed” Holman, local WWII Veteran and former school district employee, was conferred with Frances’s highest honor, the Knight of Legion of Honor Medal, the medal was presented to him by from French Consul General Guillaume Lacroix at a ceremony in November. No public input to the agenda was given. Reports/Presentations Glencoe-Silver Lake students Spencer Lepel and Greg Boyum presented on the “Maker Space Room.” Principal Freitag presented to the board a summary of the 2016-17 Annual Goals and Results report on Glencoe-Silver Lakes/MDE World’s Best Work Force plan. Business Manager Sander reported to the board. Superintendent Sonju gave a building project update, talked about the MSBA (Minnesota School Board Association) convention in January and the upcoming January school board organizational meeting and committee
assignments. Director Twiss reported on the ECFE Advisory committee. No Student Government/Student Activities report.
1.Director Alsleben moved to approve the agenda with addendum, the motion was seconded by Director Kuester. All approved, motion carried.
2.Motion made by Director Kuester to approve the Consent Agenda, seconded by Director VonBerge. All approved, motion carried. Bills: November bills are on file and available for review at the Superintendent’s Office, 1621 East16th Street, Glencoe. Minutes: Regular Board Meeting minutes of November 13, 2017. Hirings: None at this time. Resignations: Mark Wigern, Junior High School Football Coach, Luz Duvall, LPN at Glencoe Silver Lake High School, Dave Dose, Assistant Varsity Football Coach, Marilyn Densmore – GSL Jr./Sr. High School Paraprofessional, Dulce Hernandez – Special Education Paraprofessional, Lincoln Elementary
Leave Requests Alissa K.V. Carlson –7th/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Maternity leave from approximately April 9, 2018 through the end of the 2017-18 school year. Extracurricular Assignment: Brett Hertzog – GSL Jr. /Sr. High School Spelling Bee Advisor. No Old Business.
New Business.
3. Approve University of Minnesota Student Teaching Affiliation Agreement
Motion made by Director Lindeman, seconded by Director Twiss. All in favor,
motion carried.
4. Levy Certification The school district held its annual Truth in Taxation Hearing at 6:00 p.m. The final levy needs to be certified to the home county auditor no later than January 1, 2018. The full levy amount is $ 3,916,669.53. Last year’s levy amount was $3,550,863.92. Information was presented at the Truth in Taxation Hearing. Business Manager Sander
recommended reducing the LTFM Levy by $250,000. This would change the levy to $ 3,666,669.53, or a 3.26% increase. Motion made by Director VonBerge, seconded by Director Kuester to set the final 2017 levy payable 2018 at $ 3,666,669.53.
All approved, motion carried.
5. Approve Teacher Overloads approval of overloads for Trimester 2 in Special Ed department Cassie Morris, 1/3 overload & Samantha Jung. 1/3 overload Motion made by Director Twiss, seconded by Director VonBerge. All Approved, motion carried.
6. Approve Drainage Agreement, Perpetual Easement & Right of Entry. Superintendent Sonju and Business Manager Sander recommended approval of the Drainage Agreement, Perpetual Easement and Right of Entry. The District recently completed the tiling project from the schools wetland property to the East ditch crossing individual property. This agreement is made and entered into with Edward Ide and Diane Ide, Kevin Mathews and Tammy Mathews, Rodney Mathews and Mary Mathews and Anna Mathews. A 50 foot wide easement, for drain tile purposes, over and under and across part of Section 7, Township 115, Range 27 and Section 12, Township 115, Range 28, McLeod County Minnesota, the centerline follows existing tile line. This easement conveys to the School District a permanent easement upon, across and under the property and includes a permanent right of entry. The school district agrees to compensate Ide $3,500 and to compensate Mathews $4,000.00. All parties release the School District from any and all future liability related to any crop damage in the future. A full copy of the easement and Commitment of Title Insurance will be filed with the McLeod County recorder’s office. A full copy of the Easement will be filed with the official school board minutes. Motion by Director Lindeman, seconded by Director Twiss. All approved, motion carried.
7. Resolution Approving the Sale of the Helen Baker Building Motion made by Director Alsleben seconded by Director Kuester, all voted in favor to adopt the “Resolution Regarding Purchase Agreement by and between Independent School District No. 2859 and Ken Polifka, Glencoe, Minnesota.” pending Approval from the School District’s Attorney.
8. Resolution to Accept Donations Member Lindeman moved to accept the following donations with appreciation: Norwood-Young America VFW $ 150.00 to Close-Up, Plato American Legion $ 900.00 to Close-Up, GFWC of Silver Lake $ 200.00 to Lakeside Library, New Auburn Fire Department $ 250.00 to Supermileage, New Auburn Fire Department $ 250.00 to Robotics, Dave & Celine Swift $ 200.00 to Robotics, Thomson Reuter $ 1,000.00 for Girls Soccer, Silver Lake American Legion $ 1,000.00 to Close-Up, American Legion Auxiliary $ 100.00 to Close-Up, Anderson Insurance/State Farm $ 75.00 to Robotics, Midwest Industrial Tool & Grinding, Inc. $ 250.00 to Robotics. The motion for the foregoing resolution was duly seconded by Member Alsleben, and upon vote being taken thereon, all were in favor, whereupon said resolution was declared duly passed and adopted.
9.Approval of Agreement between
Glencoe-Silver Lake and The Jonas Center service agreement for student mental health services for the balance of the 2017-18 academic year. Motion made by Director Kuester, seconded by Director Alsleben. All voted in favor, motion carried.
Miscellaneous None at this time.
Adjournment - Motion made by Director Twiss, seconded by Director Lindeman to adjourn at 8:20 p.m.

Glencoe-Silver Lake School District #2859 By: Anne Twiss, Board Clerk

These minutes are unofficial until
approved by School Board action.

(Published in The McLeod County Chronicle December 20, 2017)