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GSL School Board- Meeting

Glencoe-Silver Lake School Board

PLACE: GSL Schools Community Room #443/444
DATE January 8, 2018
TIME: 7:00 p.m.

Interim Board Chair Christianson called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. The following board members were present:
Alsleben, Kuester, Twiss, and Lindeman. Director VonBerge was absent. In addition, Superintendent Chris Sonju; Business Manager Michelle Sander, Lincoln Elementary Principal Bill Butler, GSL Jr./Sr. High School Principal Paul Sparby, Administrative Assistant Brenda Langanki, Mike Morris/GSL Technology Staff, Mike Sunblad, Beth Jerabek, Katie Ballalatak, McLeod County Chronicle.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
Officers were elected for 2018. Director Kuester moved to nominate Director Alsleben for the position of School Board Chairperson. Board Chair Christianson declared the candidate elected by acclamation and directed the acting clerk to so record in the minutes. Director Twiss moved to nominate Director Lindeman for the position of School Board Vice Chairperson. Newly elected Board Chair Alsleben declared the candidate elected by acclamation and directed the acting clerk to so record in the minutes. Director Kuester moved to nominate Director Twiss for the position of School Board Clerk. Board Chair Alsleben declared the candidate elected by acclamation and directed the acting clerk to so record in the minutes. Director Christianson moved to nominate Director Kuester for the position of School Board Treasurer. Board Chair Alsleben declared the candidate elected by acclamation and directed the acting clerk to so record in the minutes. Announcements The next regular School Board meeting will be on Monday,
February 12, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the GSL Schools Community Room #443/444. Acknowledgments Superintendent Sonju acknowledged Clark Christianson for his 9 years of service as School Board Chairman. Condolences to the family of Betty Schutte, Betty served many years as a school bus driver for the district. No public input to the agenda was given.
Reports/Presentations, Business Manager
Sander reported that the Helen Baker Library/Storage building was moved from the Helen Baker site to the east side of the High School January 8, 2018. The building fit in the area well and will be anchored in the coming week. Electrical work is scheduled. Door will be re-installed, until that time the building will be boarded up and secured. Principal’s Butler and Sparby reported to the board. There were no student government reports. No committee reports were given. 1. Director Kuester moved to approve the agenda with addendum, seconded by Director Lindeman. All approved, motion carried.
2. Motion made by Director Twiss to approve the Consent Agenda with addendum, seconded by Director Christianson. All in favor, motion carried. Bills: December bills are on file and available for review at the Superintendent’s Office, 1621 East16th Street, Glencoe. Minutes: Regular Board Meeting minutes of December 11, 2017. Hirings: Teresa Salentine- Special Education Paraprofessional at GSL High School, replacing Marilyn Densmore. Tiffany Simonson, with a retroactive hire date of November 2, 2017 as a Special
Education Paraprofessional at Lincoln
Elementary, replacing Dulce Hernandez. Lori Eischens - Special Education/LPN at GSL High School replacing Luz Duvall. Courtney Zajicek as Early Childhood
Special Education Paraprofessional, 9 hrs. per week. Shawn Fettig as Asst. Varsity Football Coach, replacing Dave Dose.
Resignations: Amy Polifka, Special Education Paraprofessional at Lincoln Elementary. Leave Requests: Bertina Miller, Maternity/Family leave beginning approximately March 30, 2018 returning in August for 2018-19 school year.
Community Ed Assignments: Amber
Alsleben as Community Education Fitness Instructor, Traci Schwarzrock as Community Education Gymnastics Lead Adult. No Old Business. New Business: 3. Director Kuester moved to set the regular School Board meetings for the second Monday of each month, beginning at 7:00 p.m. in the GSL High School Community Room #443/444, and if required, a second meeting, held on the fourth Monday at 7:00 p.m. in the GSL High School Community Room #443/444. Director Alsleben seconded. All in favor, motion carried. 4. The Directors discussed the Per Diem rate, noting that the last increase was in 2004, fourteen years ago. Director Lindeman suggested an increase of $50 per month. Director Christianson made a motion to increase the per year rate to $2,600.00 for 2018, and proposed the other meeting rates remain the same as previous years. New rate for attendance at regular and special formal Board meetings: $2,600.00 per year. Rates remaining the same: $35.00 per committee meeting, $50.00 per negotiations meeting, $35.00 Additional pay after three hours for committee and negotiations meetings.
Director Lindeman seconded. All voted in favor, motion carried. 5. Director Lindeman moved to adopt the committee assignments for 2018 as specified by the School Board. Board Committees: Operations (Facilities, Food Service and Transportation), Jamie Alsleben and Jason Lindeman. Finance, Jamie Alsleben and Kevin Kuester. Negotiations, Anne Twiss and Donna VonBerge (Support), Clark Christianson and Jason Lindeman (Certified). Personnel (includes Meet & Confer) Anne Twiss and Clark Christianson. Policy (includes Wellness), Anne Twiss and Donna VonBerge. Board Representatives: MSBA Legislative Liaison: Kevin Kuester. Minnesota State High School League: Clark Christianson. Board Liaisons to
District Committees Community
Education, Jamie Alsleben. Community Schools, Clark Christianson. Curriculum, Donna VonBerge and Jason Lindeman. ECFE, Anne Twiss. Field House, Clark Christianson. Health & Safety, Jason
Lindeman. Insurance, Donna VonBerge. Little Crow ITV Board, Kevin Kuester.
Leadership Teams: District Leadership Team and Board Liaison to District Advisory Group, Anne Twiss. Lincoln Elementary, Clark Christianson. Lakeside-grades 3-6, Anne Twiss. GSL Jr. High School-grades 7-8, Jason Lindeman. GSL Sr. High School-grades 9-12, Donna VonBerge. Staff Development, Donna VonBerge. Technology, Donna VonBerge. Director Kuester seconded. All in favor, motion
carried. 6. Director Twiss moved to authorize Michelle Sander, Business Manager, to make payment (prior to School Board approval) of claims that cannot be deferred until the next Board meeting without loss to the district of discount privileges and, further, authorize Michelle Sander to initiate and transact electronic transfers for the purpose of investing excess monies and for payment of bond principal and interest as provided by M.S. 1996, Section 123.35, Subd. 15. Director Christianson seconded. All approved, motion carried. 7. Director Christianson moved to delegate the following statutory duties of the Clerk to the administrative staff: the keep¬ing of the book of minutes of all School Board meetings, the preparation of reports that shall include the condition and value of school property, receipts and disbursements in detail and such other financial matters as may be called for by the Minnesota Depart¬ment of Education, the length of the school term and the enrollment and attendance by grades, and the names and post office addresses of all directors and other officers, and such other items of information as may be called for by the Commissioner of Education. Director Alsleben seconded. All approved, motion carried. 8. Director Kuester moved to adopt the resolution directing the administration to make recommendations for reductions in programs and positions and reasons therefore for the 2018-2019 school year. Director Twiss seconded. All in favor, motion carried. 9. Director Lindeman moved to set Meet and Confer meeting for Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018 at 3:30 p.m. in the Superintendent’s Conference Room at the District Office. To prepare a recommendation for the school board on the 2018-19 school year calendar, Director Alsleben seconded. All in favor, motion carried. 10. First Reading of Policies, It is the recommendation of the Policy Committee to bring back the following policies for adoption at the next School Board meeting: 103 Complaints-Students, Employees, Parents, Other Persons, 104 School District Mission Statement, 211 Criminal or Civil Action Against School District, School Board Member, Employee or Student. 212 School Board Member Development, 214 Out of State Travel by School Board Members, 401 Equal Employment Opportunity, 402 Disability Nondiscrimination Policy, 404 Employee Background Checks, 405 Veteran’s Preference, 415 Mandated Reporting of Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults, 416 Drug and Alcohol Testing, 417 Chemical Use & Abuse, 420 Students and Employees with Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases and Certain Other Communicable Diseases and Infectious Conditions, 427 Workload Limits for Certain Special Education Teachers, 514 Bullying Prohibition Policy, 522 Student Sex Non-discrimination (Title IX) and Unlawful Sex Discrimination, Towards a Student Report Form, 524 Internet Acceptable Use & Safety Policy and Internet Use Agreement-Student, Form/Employee Form, 526 Hazing Prohibition, 601 School District Curriculum and Instruction goals, 602 Organization of School Calendar and School Day, 605 Alternative Programs, 902 Use of School District Facilities and Equipment, 903 Visitors to School District Buildings and Sites. Motion made by Director Christianson to bring back the policies listed above for adoption at the next School Board meeting, seconded by Director Kuester. All in favor, motion carried. 11. Resolution to Accept Donations - Director Alsleben moved to accept the following donations with appreciation: Silver Lake Lions $ 500.00 - Robotics, Crow River Sno Pros $ 900.00 - Close-Up, New Auburn VFW Post #1766 $ 100.00 – Robotics, Stevens Seminary $ 2,700.00 - Close-Up, Glencoe Lions $ 250.00 - Close-Up, Silver Lake Civic Assn. $ 500.00 - Close-Up, Silver Lake Am. Legion Aux. $ 50.00 – Robotics. Seconded by Director Christianson, and upon vote being taken thereon, the following voted in favor thereof: Kuester, Alsleben, Lindeman, Christianson, and Twiss. 12. GSL High School Technology and Engineering teacher Mike Sunblad, has requested a one year sabbatical to possibly teach at St. Cloud State University, beginning a doctoral program in higher education to obtain a work based learning certificate, which would be beneficial to the students and district of Glencoe-Silver Lake Schools. The agenda item was tabled until the February school board meeting. No action was taken. 13. Director Lindeman moved to adjourn at 8:06 p.m. Director Christianson seconded. All in favor, motion carried.

Glencoe-Silver Lake School District #2859 by: Anne Twiss, Board Clerk

These minutes are unofficial until
approved by School Board action.
(Published in The McLeod County Chronicle December 20, 2017)