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GSL teams sweep Hutch Knowledge Bowl meet

At Hutchinson on Saturday, Dec. 16, Glencoe-Silver Lake (GSL) Knowledge Bowl teams won first place in varsity, junior varsity and junior high.
GSL was missing students at all levels, but the students who remained stepped up and filled in the holes that were left and had the same results that they had the week before with larger teams.
There were only nine teams competing in the varsity portion of the meet. After the 45-question written round, GSL was in first place with 36 points. The team increased its lead during the four oral rounds, winning Room One with scores of 20-13-4, 25-9-5, 26-10-7, and 19-11-6. At the end of the meet, its total score was 132.0. Hutchinson teams took second and third places with scores of 79.5 and 75.5. GSL’s team members were Jack Gepson, Austin Pinske, Jacob Reichow and Abby Gronlund.
GSL provided two of the 15 teams in the junior varsity competition. GSL 1 started the meet in 11th place with 31 points, six points behind the two teams with the highest scores. However, in oral round one, it earned 19 points and climbed into third place and Room One for the rest of the competition. It won Room One during two of the three remaining rounds with scores of 19-13-5, 18-7-4 and 10-17-10, and finished with the first-place gold medals with 101.5 points. New London-Spicer and Willmar teams took second and third places with 96.0 and 94.0 points, respectively. GSL 1 included Haley Lukes, Charles Urban, Eli Kuehn and Paul Sievert.
GSL’s second team also started about halfway down the field, in ninth place, and worked its way up to fifth, competing in Rooms Two and Three for the whole meet. Its final score was 85.5. The team members were Kalie Butcher, Nathan Fehrenbach, Lexi Fronk and Cole Jahnke.
There were 28 teams in the junior high competition. GSL Silver started in second place with 39 points on the written, and stayed in Room One for the whole meet. GSL White was in fifth place at the beginning (37), but moved up to Room One after winning Room Two 24-10-9 in the first round. The two GSL teams competed against each other for three rounds. Montevideo and Lester Prairie also were in the room in later rounds, but always in third place. White won the meet with 108.5 points. The team members were Kobe Boozikee, Kayla Reichow and Rachel Trebesch. Silver finished second with 101.0; that team included Allie Gronlund, Kendra Klobe and Nathan Warner. Both teams were missing at least one team member, but had fantastic results anyway.
GSL Grey began the oral rounds in Room Five, and bounced up and down, first in Room Eight, then in Room Three, before finishing in seventh place with 89.5 points.
“We were proud of this team for hanging in there when things were tough and finishing in the top four,” said Coach Vicky Harris.
The members were Austin Brewton, Summer Hayes, Cade Herrmann, Jon Ramige and Lydia Rakow.
GSL Black started in 23rd, but moved up to 14th place (81.0 points) with oral scores of 12, 13, 9, and 17. Team members were Alexis Dahlman, Emma Gepson, Elida Roskamp, Lucas Brelje and Jesse Dahlke.
GSL Purple started much higher, in fourth place, but dropped to 16th place, only a point behind Black with 80.0 points. (Purple’s oral rounds earned it 9, 13, 10 and 10.) This team included Calista Podraza, Zach Reichow, Zoe Ruschmeier, Aaron Ward and Jenna Neyers.
“Both Black and Purple were entirely composed of seventh and eighth graders, so it was excellent that they finished in the middle of the pack,” said Harris.
“Madeline Kuehn and Scott Kuehn both assisted the team as officials at the meet, and we were very glad to have them,” Harris added.
This was the third meet in GSL’s region this month, and GSL teams took first place in all three divisions at all three meets.
“This is really quite incredible, and reflects both hard work and talent,” said Harris. “We look forward to seeing what happens when the high school teams start to travel more outside our region in January, to St. Francis and Elk River.”
On Monday, the seventh- to ninth-grade students competed against all of Region 6 in Marshall. From that meet, some teams will go on to compete against the best of Regions 6 and 8 in early January.
“We’re looking forward to seeing how many teams are able to advance,” said Harris.