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He’s offended by the faces on currency

I have decided to toss all $1 bills out of my wallet and all quarters are immediately banned from my pants pockets. Nickels are gone, too. And that $2 bill on my dresser? It’s history!
Because the presidents immortalized on them have a tarnished record of being slave owners … more than 200 years ago. It doesn’t matter it was centuries ago and they were founding fathers, in current logic they are still accountable for their actions (by today’s standards).
Americans have selective memories, if they have any at all, and they are not in the forgive-and-forget mood in this country right now.
In fact, many American revisionists and amnesiacs are trying to rewrite our history by whitewashing the past and sanitizing all our flaws, warts and all. The latest politically correct thing to do it to remove all the Confederate statues in the country because … well, we’re offended even though the statues have been around for generations.
Now, all these long-dead Confederates are lumped together as evil slaveowners, Ku Klux Klan members, white supremacists (and some definitely were) or worse in the eyes of today’s do-gooders. Even the venerable General Robert E. Lee, thought by many as the greatest U.S. general of them all, is being assaulted.
I guess if you bury your head deep enough, you can bury history with it, too.
In today’s rush to erase past sins as a nation, revisionists think they can simply vanquish any remnants they don’t like, or feel uncomfortable about, by holding a popularity shouting contest (protest).
All those in favor of forgetting all about the Civil War, shout louder than the person next to you! Those in favor of keeping our history as is, just go sit in the corner. Your opinion is not needed anymore. The revisionists are shouting louder. They win.
I agree with President Donald Trump on almost nothing. But I do agree with him when he said once we remove all the Confederate statues, where do we stop? Is George Washington next or Thomas Jefferson? Both were from Virginia and owned slaves after all.
If we can remove and dismantle all memories of “uncomfortable” American history by simply erasing our collective memory, then I can do my part, too, by ridding myself of most of my cash.
By getting rid of all these $1 George Washingtons in my wallet and quarters in my pants pockets, I am liberating my conscience. And those rare Thomas Jefferson $2 bills? They have been considered bad luck for generations, anyway. And nickels? They aren’t worth much anyway.
I draw a line, however, when it comes to President U.S. Grant’s mug on the $50 bill. That’s too much money for revising history. Despite being considered a “butcher” for his brutal military tactics during the Civil War, General Grant was on the winning side. So we’ll keep him around.
But let’s not stop there, folks!
We can rename Washington, D.C., “The Swamp on the Potomac,” and the state of Washington could become “Buffer,” as in buffer between Oregon and Canada. And capitals like Jefferson City, Missouri, could become “We Can’t Remember Anything, Missouri.”
Oh, and let’s get rid of the Washington Monument and Jefferson’s Monticello home as well.
One cannot stop until all “bad” parts of our history have been revised or forgotten. That ought to bring us together as a nation, don’t you think?
Could I get two of my quarters back? I need a refill at the coffee shop.