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How much power does the NFL have?

From Lady Gaga’s “National Anthem” performance to reviews of the halftime show, multi-million-dollar ads and, of course, Carolina quarterback Cam Newton slinking out of a post-game interview, the 50th Super Bowl was very much on the minds of armchair quarterbacks on Monday morning.
Funny that much of the talk was about the non-football aspects of the event, particuarly when it comes to the millions of dollars that were spent — and made — in San Francisco on Sunday.
We do feel the NFL is designed more to make money than to promote the sport of football.
From claiming “naming rights” on publicly-financed stadiums to protecting the video rights to games, the NFL has become an all-consuming control freak that wants to control every aspect of its franchise. Except, of course, when one of its overpaid players gets into trouble and may get yanked off the playing field.
Now, the NFL is battling with Troy Haupt of Manteo, North Carolina.
Haupt’s father recorded the first Super Bowl Game in 1967 on a Quadraplex machine.
That tape is apparently the only known video record of that very first Super Bowl.
The NFL doesn’t want it. Doesn’t want to buy it from Haupt.
But it has warned that the video cannot be sold to an outside party, nor even have its contents shown publicly. The NFL is claiming that it has a copyright to the intellectual property of that game, even though the NFL itself didn’t record it.
The NFL has rendered Hauupt’s inherited treasure meaningless and valueless.
If the tape is truly the only recording of the game, one would think the NFL would be hot to get its hands on it. Just think of the mileage it could get out of the highlights if they were aired at future bowl games. Why doesn’t it just buy the tape from Haupt?
Haupt, of course, probably doesn’t have the financial means to take on a giant like the NFL in the court system.
More and more, professional football has been exposing itself as the greedy franchise as it is, and less and less like an organization that promotes athleticism, good sportsmanship and role models.