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John Kasich may be GOP’s best hope

The headline in a recent British tabloid said it all about the current state of the American presidential campaigning. With a large, full-page photo of Donald Trump, the large headline stated: “Really?”
It sums up a lot of opinions here and abroad.
As the GOP regulars scramble to slow him down, Trump simply lets fly with the latest insults and taunts at his fellow Republican hopefuls. Reality TV at its nastiest. It looks like a bunch of 12-year-olds on the playground flinging juvenile insults at each other.
These Republicans seem to have forgotten the words of the “Great Communicator” (President Ronald Reagan) about the GOP’s 11th commandment: Never say anything bad about fellow Republicans.
This campaign, the “Great Communicator” has just flipped over in his grave.
Not sure anyone else has noticed, but there are actually four candidates, not three, on the GOP stage at each of the so-called “political debates.” Why does the national media only show the three in the middle?
Which brings me back to Reagan’s 11th commandment.
All but Ohio Gov. John Kasich have ignored that GOP commandment. Who? John Kasich and, yes, he is still in the GOP race although nearly invisible.
Kasich also seems to be the only adult in the room, the only Republican hopeful to not be slinging insults, and the only Republican hopeful to actually talk about the issues that this country faces, i.e., growing national debt, the economy, national security, etc. He’s also offered some common sense solutions, but his solutions require bipartisanship, something in scarce supply right now.
Kasich is the most ignored person in the Republican party mainly because he has not jumped into the pig sty with his fellow candidates.
Because Kasich is not flamboyant, the national media has chosen to ignore him completely. Why? He’s not saying stupid things the national media loves to report. He is simply not entertaining enough.
If you really want to find out about Kasich, also a former congressman and former chairman of the House Budget Committee, check out his website. He’s the most qualified of the bunch. He has experience, he has accomplishments, and he is ready to take the reins. He does not need on-the-job training like the others.
But you would never know it from the weekly political polls or recent primary and caucus results.
Because Kasich is not outrageous, that is exactly why we need someone like him to lead this country.
In the end, Kasich may be the best hope for the GOP in November. Otherwise, the bickering Republicans may hand the presidency to the next Clinton. And we thought we didn’t have a royal family in this country!
Since we Americans can agree on so little lately, I have asked for another perspective; one from our neighbors to the north. After all, whatever happens in the United States also impacts Canadians.
I will save these comments from my Canadian friends for next week’s column.
Rich Glennie was the editor of The Chronicle for 23 years. He retired Aug. 1, 2014, but still plans to submit an occasional column.