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Losers don’t know how to take defeat

Well, woke up on the morning of Nov. 9, and the sun rose despite the election of Donald Trump as president. Amazing because the pundits were predicting the sky would fall if Trump ever won.
To most of us, the day after the election seemed much like the day before. Nothing in our neighborhoods had changed.
But to some, the sky did fall, and panic set in. They were the losers, and they took to the streets after a social media blitz as if they could change the results of the election somehow. They lost their entitlements with the election loss.
What part of losing do they not understand? We don’t “redo” our elections. There are no mulligans. There is no best two-out-of-three.
Perhaps what these losers need is a reminder that in the United States, we accept the results and support whoever is the winner, no matter how bitter the defeat. That’s what we do in America and have done so successfully for 240 years, the Civil War being the glaring exception.
Perhaps these “victims” and their professional agitators need to take a refresher course in civics and American government to appreciate how we transition power in America. It is done with the least amount of turmoil as possible because the rest of the world is watching us.
It seems today’s losers would rather throw a hissy fit when things don’t go their way. But that seems to be the way to handle disappointment lately. It is easier to march in the streets than go back to work or back to the classrooms after things don’t go their way.
Well, grow up!
What if all us old retired people took to the streets because all we got was a .3 percent cost of living raise in Social Security for next year?
We could line up our walkers and canes along the curb and lock arms in solidarity. Actually, it would be more for stability so we didn’t fall down.
But we could only go for about 20 to 30 minutes before a potty break would be needed with our aging bladders.
Also, we could never match the loud-mouthed protesters of today for fear we might lose our dentures.
And, of course we could not protest after dark because we don’t drive so well at night anymore. But more importantly, we need to be home in time to take our pills before the news comes on and it’s time for bed.
But never underestimate us gray beards and blue hairs, we can still embarrass our children and grandchildren just as much as they embarrass us with their tantrums.
So, in the lexicon of today, let’s all put on our big boy and big girl pants and face reality. Trump won, and that’s a fact. Deal with it!
Rich Glennie was the editor of The Chronicle for 23 years. He retired Aug. 1, 2014, but still plans to submit an occasional column.