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People seem disengaged from election

Have you noticed? There appears to be more yard signs for roofing contractors than politicians this election year. It’s weird.
That said, I’m still at a loss. Who am I going to vote for president on Nov. 8?
There is Democrat Hillary Clinton, a professional politician, who is deemed untrustworthy by many as well as being a Washington insider. Many Democrats don’t like her, either.
There is Republican Donald Trump, an arrogant egomaniac, with lips that move before his brain is engaged. His appeal, apparently, is that he is not a Washington insider nor a career politician. But he, too, has many Republicans squeamish.
There is Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, who has no clue where Aleppo, Syria, is located, or why anyone would even ask about it. So much for being on the big stage.
And there is Jill Stein of the Green Party, who was recently arrested for defacing a piece of equipment during a protest over an oil pipeline in South Dakota. Now she is a vandal, too.
Wow, what choices we have this election cycle!
It appears I’m not alone. Here it is, the middle of September, with very few presidential campaign signs around the area. I spotted my first Trump/Pence sign in Hutchinson recently, and another in Glencoe last week. I haven’t seen any other since. I spotted some Clinton/Kaine signs at the usual places, but not as many as in the past.
It appears the general public, as well as rank-and-file party regulars, are not totally engaged in the process this year. The choice of presidential candidates may be the main reason.
With over 300 million Americans, is this the best we can do?
Some long-time voters have hinted they have no intention of even going to the polls this year.
That would be a shame. The presidential race is just one of many federal, state and local races on the November ballot. Not going to the polls not only neglects one’s civic duties as an American, it also may dramatically impact the state and local races, too.
Those who show up elect our leaders.
I plan to vote to ensure my voice is heard on the state and local races.
My dilemma is whether to cast a vote for one of the above presidential candidates, or write in the best qualified person. I think I’ll do the latter, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich would still be my choice.