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Politics as usual, not as designed

To the Editor:
This year’s political nonsense is another wake-up call for citizens. We all shake our heads in disgust as all we hear is how bad “the other guy” is for us. No one even bothers to run on a “platform” anymore. None of them even claim to be a representative for “we the people.”
Am I the only one who wonders how we lost control of our own government? How and when did this happen — that it has gone so far and gotten so far out of control? We the people talk to each other and can see the majority is all on the same track, but nothing comes of it because we are no longer represented.
Once elected, it seems these politicians feel they are on their own and are only concerned about their own opinions and welfare, and their party’s welfare.
Their personal opinions and ambitions are not what we put them in office to convey and follow. They are supposed to be there to represent us and our opinions.
I wish just once someone would run on the idea that he/she has an opinion, but it only counts as a single opinion and he/she will convey the opinion of the majority of the people represented, even when he/she may be of the same opinion. The majority of his/her time is spent gathering information on the opinions of the people he/she is representing. Not just the influential and powerful, but the common person who also pays the bills in this country.
How hard would it be in this day of computers, cell phones, apps, etc., to provide easy access for your “represented” group and get near-instant feedback from a represented population? Include the intention to set up that easy access in the campaign and people might vote for you.
I laugh when politicians refer to the “middle class.” Most of us (the majority) aren’t even in the middle class, but the politicians don’t realize it. Most of us aren’t in the income bracket that is defined as middle class these days. That is how far out of touch these “servants” are.
I also have come to believe the two-party system is detrimental to this country. Many are more loyal to their party than they are to the country. It is a detriment to everyone pulling and working together. I personally resent being classified as a member of any party. We need to be all Americans first and work together. We need to stand together to regain what this nation once was. We need to stand together to keep our nation from being chopped into little pieces by those who don’t understand the price of freedom and prosperity.
Jon Risch