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Running to reduce government, preserve liberty

To the Editor:
Hello, neighbor!
My name is Kevin Masrud, and I live with my family in Stewart. I’m running for McLeod County’s Board of Commissioners here in the 3rd District.
There are two reasons I’m running for County Board. The first reason is because I believe that government has become too big, and too expensive. The money our government spends is taken from people against their will in the form of taxation. If we’re going to tax people it had better be for things which are absolutely critical. Not just for pet projects.
And yet government continues to grow, increasing the tax burden, accumulating more debt, increasing regulations, and even directly competing with the free enterprise.
My friends, it doesn’t have to be this way. We can have a government with strictly defined roles and responsibilities.
Government has “one job”: to secure our rights to life, liberty and property.
Which leads me to the second reason I’m running.
In 2013, when President Obama was attempting to enact further unconstitutional “gun control,” our County Board passed the “2nd Amendment Preservation Resolution” pushing back against Obama’s lawlessness, and declaring all such tyranny “null and void” in McLeod County — an elegant and powerful statement securing our God-given rights.
And yet I was shocked to discover that my commissioner, Mr. Paul Wright, had voted against this resolution. The people of my district will not surrender their rights to some tyrant from afar, and yet Mr. Wright failed to vote to preserve our Second Amendment rights.
So that's why I’m running — to shrink government and secure our liberties.
In the 1700s, the fathers of our Republic had to fight a bloody war to get King George off their backs. Now all you have to do … is get out and vote on Aug. 9!
Kevin Masrud