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Time for the world to unite against terrorists

Terrorist attacks from hardline Islamic groups continue, seemingly unabated. The attacks by Islamic State in Paris are just the latest in a series of attacks that probably date back to before the 9-11 attacks on U.S. soil in 2001.
Have no doubt, these terrorists consider themselves to be at war. It is time we respond accordingly.
Unfortunately, these terrorists don’t fight war in ways to which we are accustomed — armies and navies going head to head. Instead, these cowards sneak into our countries, and they attack our most innocent, civilians going about the business of living our daily lives.
France has reacted strongly to the attacks on its domestic soil, and is encouraging other nations to fall in line and stand shoulder to shoulder with it as it takes on these terrorists.
President Obama seems loathe to engage in another prolonged war, such as those that we encountered in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. But unless we align our efforts and present a solid front to these terrorists, these attacks will continue unabated.
Whether it has been formally declared or not, we are already at war, and a prolonged one at that.
It’s high time we join with our allies and map out a plan to put an end to this terrorism in a way that is both effective and which spills as little blood as possible.
 We’ve been in this battle for at least 15 years, if not longer. It’s well past time to put an end to it.