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Trump’s first month like reality TV show

Like him or not, Donald Trump is doing what he promised on the campaign trail. The problem is no one believed he would actually win, let alone fulfill his promises. Keeping campaign promises is not what our politicians normally do.
But then again, President Trump is not exactly your cookie-cutter politician.
First disclaimer: I didn’t vote for him. Second disclaimer: I didn’t vote for Hillary either.
That said, I predicted the first six months of President Trump’s tenure would be interesting. I didn’t expect it to be so interesting so quickly!
The first month of the Trump White House is playing out like a fast-paced reality TV show with a cast of unusual characters.
First, let’s see how many millionaires and billionaires the president can pack into his cabinet, and how long they remain a cohesive team. Umm, it didn’t last long as General Michael Flynn got caught lying and was fired. Not sure the old general lasted more than a week or two on the job.
Second, other nominees have declined the president’s offer to join his ego fest because their past actions may be scrutinized too closely.
Can you imagine the cumulative size of all the egos of these cabinet appointees and nominees? While egomaniac millionaires are one thing, toss in some generals who are used to getting it their own way and … wow!
The new administration is unorthodox to be kind. Like the new White House press spokesman Sean Spicer, who right out of the gate punches the national reporters in their smug mugs at the first press briefing, and then wonders why they are not happy with him.
Or Kellyann Conway, the Trump spokeswoman who likes to control interviews with her constant chatter and keeps inventing new phrases like “alternative facts.”
Uh, what?
Or President Trump’s habit of not accepting the national press as human beings, but simply dismissing many as fakers and liars and their critical coverage of his actions as “fake news.” Is that similar to “alternative facts”?
If this wasn’t so serious, this comedy being played out daily on TV sets around the world would be hilarious.
But sadly, Trump and his fellow egomaniacs are trashing traditions and marginalizing the First Amendment rights of a free press and free speech on a daily basis. But if fellow Americans have no idea of the importance of the First Amendment, then President Trump is their man.
But simply insulting someone who disagrees with you is not very presidential. But then again, President Trump is not your usual president.
Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, another unconventional politician, also belittled the media, and the “jackels” came back to bite him in his rear-end on a regular basis. Perhaps history will repeat itself.
Rich Glennie was the editor of The Chronicle for 23 years. He retired Aug. 1, 2014, but still plans to submit an occasional column.