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Trump, media spar over what’s real news

 Our view: Hopefully, the truth will  come out as the result


Watch the Trump Administration and members of the mainstream media butt heads over what is and isn’t news has been almost as entertaining as watching the recent Super Bowl game.
Trump fires off “Tweets” and makes off-the-cuff comments about  how political polls are “fake news,” while his minions talk about “alternative facts” and acuse the press of not covering terroristic acts.
The mainstream press, meanwhile, is firing back with accusations of inaccurate information — most notably the gaffe on the so-called “Bowling Green” massacre, and the supposed lack of news coverage of the St. Cloud mall stabbings.
What we’re not seeing a lot of lately is real news, analysis of the issues at hand. Will or will not a wall between Mexico and the U.S. actually stem criminal activity and drug training? Will it or will it not cost more to construct than its benefits?
Will the bans on travel help us feel safer, or will they only alienate our allies in foreign nations?
While we see a few in-depth articles about these issues, most what we see are analysis of every Trump tweet and every statement that any politician, entertainer, consultant, or man on the street has in response to those tweets.
But let’s not be too hasty to blame the mainstream media for not taking up arms and returning to their roles as guardians of the truth and the chronicler of current events.
The reality is that in this fast-pace world of instant messaging, social media, Facetime and the Internet in general, we have a vast amount of information available at our fingertips when and where we want it.
There is an information overload, and we rarely have the patience to thoughtfully read, consider and weigh in on indepth analysis of what’s going on in the world around us.
While we implore the mainstream media to return to their ethical standards and to be the public’s watchdog, there just isn’t much of a market for that role anymore.
Somehow, mainstream media need to both provide us with the hard-core analysis that we need to make informed decisions and form thoughtful opinions, they also need to cater to our need for speed and our desire to have information readily available at our fingertips. They need to vet information coming from our politicians, break down complicated issues into bullet points we can readily understand and absorb, and still maintain their integrity as the source of truth for our nation and our countrymen.
If there is one benefit to Trump’s jabbing his finger at mainstream media, it’s that they will be stirred up, rise to the occasion, and become the sources of honest, factual, fair, and nonpartisan news that we crave.
— L.C.