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Vote for Byberg when considering pro-life issue

To the Editor:
Noting the silence of Collin Peterson on his support for abortion in America, Craig Bishop, Congressional District 7 chairman, issued the following statement:
When considering the pro-life issue in the November election, please vote for Lee Byberg instead of U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., for the following reasons.
First, consider Rep. Peterson’s support for the ObamaCare legislation of 2010. The National Right to Life letter of March 19, 2010, described the Senate passed bill HR 3590 as a “vote for the most expansive pro-abortion legislation ever to come before the House of Representatives since Roe vs Wade.”
As described in the letter, HR3590 was riddled with loopholes, allowing for abortions through community health centers, direct appropriations for abortions, federally administrated abortion plans, and written authority to HHS to provide for abortions.
Mr. Peterson’s response to this bill was to vote against it, but after it was passed he publicly stated that he did not want to change it because it had already become law.
In fact, on Jan. 19, 2011, Peterson voted against H.R. 2, to repeal the ObamaCare health care law and on April 14, 2011, he voted against blocking funding for ObamaCare.
If Mr. Peterson was sincerely committed to the pro-life cause he would publicly speak against ObamaCare and actively work to repeal it. He can’t have it both ways. We believe Mr. Peterson is playing both sides to support his political career as a congressman.
Additionally, Mr. Peterson continually endorses and votes for radically, pro-abortion leadership in the House, such as Nancy Pelosi. These actions are an impediment to the pro-life movement for the simple reason that these leaders then block every pro-life bill that is proposed. How can he support leadership that promotes abortion when he claims to be pro-life?
Please vote for Lee Byberg on Nov. 6. He has a heartfelt conviction that life begins at conception and will be an unwavering vote for life, from conception to natural death.
Craig Bishop
Craig Bishop is currently a member of the Conservative Liberty Panel and chairman of the 7th Congressional District Republicans. He resides in Hutchinson and is employed at Cash Wise Foods.