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Will Morningside really help the city, county?

To the Editor:
Regarding the Morningside project, I don’t think the mayor and the county board chair have the support they think they have. I have talked to maybe 30 folks, who are also taxpayers, in Glencoe, Brownton and Hutch, that are in amazement that this project is still a topic.
You are considering adding a lot of truck traffic to the intersection of Morningside and Highway 212, already proven to be a dangerous intersection.
You are adding a railroad crossing that is questionable as to actual usage and a roundabout on 16th, which, if typical in size, will be too small for semis to negotiate safely, to say nothing of it being a block from the high school and quite expensive.
The intersection a mile north is a four-way stop, loved by all truckers, and the intersection to the west with Highway 22 is a tight corner of less than 90 degrees, which will be a problem for all the truck traffic you forecast. That corner has not been mentioned yet by anyone. Maybe two more roundabouts?
I agree that truck traffic through  Glencoe’s  main street is a big problem, but for the money being spent, you could clear Chandler north of the carwash of houses and businesses, build those two blocks to handle truck traffic and have money left over.
Or, how about a new road west of town straightening out Highway 22 and going straight south to Highway 212? Solves everything.
I think these options have been considered in years past; maybe it’s time to revisit them.
Maybe the mayor and the county board chair could deviate again from their policy of not communicating with us common folk and explain how this project with its accompanying cost is really going to help the city and our county.
Curt Carrigan