Denise Rosenau Column, 10/15/2001

Sweeps week has finally come and gone, and now we have an idea of what’s happening with our favorite TV shows this year. What a long wait we’ve had to endure from the end of the season last year to the new season beginning now. I’m not much of a TV watcher, but there are a few that I really […]

Lynda Jensen Column, 10/15/2001

Sound like a mugger or a bank robber? No. A white collar criminal? Close, but guess again. It’s the attitude of someone who does not believe in the public’s right to know – whether it is those who would rather limit the publishing of public notices, down to secretive city councils, who would rather you not ask too many questions […]

HLWW board candidates questioned at forum

Six of eight candidates who filed for two Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted school board positions squared off Tuesday during a forum sponsored by the Howard Lake Business Association. The remaining two candidates did not participate for different reasons. Incumbent Kirk Jensen announced his withdrawal from the election, saying it wasn’t fair to his family or the public at large, because he felt […]

A historical look at doctors in McLeod County

The practice of medicine has changed over the years. Some of the instruments used in diagnosing patients and treating illnesses also have changed. The McLeod County Historical Society presented a look at doctors, past and present, in McLeod County on Monday night. Voices of doctors who practiced in the county from the mid 1800s to recent history were heard giving […]

Staff for Alzheimer’s patients need to ‘live in their world’

Birds chirp cheerfully for visitors who walk through the wide, open spaces and naturally lit rooms of Lakeview Ranch, rural Darwin. Easy chairs abound. Friendly dogs and cats mill about, looking for attention, and perhaps a treat in someone’s pocket. It is here – in this innovative senior care center – that victims of Alzheimer’s spend their remaining days in […]

Waverly wrestles with ‘toxic’ septic

The City of Waverly ordered a property owner to vacate her property during its meeting Tuesday as the result of a long-standing dispute over the sub-standard septic system at 902 Pacific Avenue. The order will displace three renters living at the property, but comes on the heels of the city spending a great deal of time over the past few […]

St. Mary’s offers rehabilitation services for residents and outpatients

St. Mary’s Care Center in Winsted has many things to offer its residents. A few services that have been introduced during the past year include an array of rehabilitation services. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/language therapy are offered to St. Mary’s residents and outpatients. Bringing rehabilitation services to St. Mary’s Care Center took about three and one-half years to […]

Hunters remember when there was more habitat for wildlife than people

Hunting years ago was very different than the busy, bustling Howard Lake of today. Several local hunters remember a time when wildlife habitat was more plentiful than habitat for people in Howard Lake . . . before the crush of development. In those days, the willow marshes, natural pot holes, and wetlands were common, spread throughout the area, said Howard […]